I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Chapter 138


When Ah Heng first talked about it, he did not think much. However, after the incident, he slowly realized the presence of the problem afterwards. Perhaps the reason why his little mermaid made such a request to him was because… he did not want to give birth to tiny mermaids (tiny people)?


Ah Heng had always advocated the equality between the mermaids and humans. He never thought of forcing mermaids to give offspring to humans. Therefore, after thinking of that possibility, Ah Heng did not feel much surprise or disappointment. He just felt that he was too careless for not thinking about that before.


In order to express his apology, when Ah Heng helped Su Yu clean up the fish tail, he solemnly promised, “Lyle, no matter what it is, as long as you don’t want to do it, I will never force you.”


Su Yu was enjoying the meticulous service of his lover. When he heard that sentence, he was taken aback for a moment. After witnessing the scene in front of him, he finally reacted to what the other party meant.


The reason why Su Yu clearly asked the other party to help him clean the fish tail was completely for his main mission. However, he really did not want to experience the process of giving birth. In that way, it turned out to be a beautiful misunderstanding instead.


Su Yu did not explain too much. With a turn of his body, he stretched out his arms to hug his lover, “Thank you, beloved dear.”


Ah Heng hugged Su Yu back, and said in a very gentle voice, “I am very satisfied with you by my side. With just the two of us in this life, it is enough.”


Su Yu looked at Ah Heng with great emotion, and directly swung his tail to knock Ah Heng down.


Back to business.

At the very beginning, all human beings who became mermaids were members of the Mermaid Research Institute or military officials. Therefore, the general public were all watching that event with a mind of excitement. They never thought that kind of thing would happen to them.


As time went by, there were several cases of ordinary people becoming mermaids, and everyone soon panicked.


If that kind of incident happened because of the mermaid’s revenge, shouldn’t the people, who needed to be retaliated, be the members of the Mermaid Research Institute or the military and political leaders? Why did ordinary people have to encounter that kind of thing now?

From having no connections with the matter, to having close relations with the matter, that made the vast majority of people change drastically overnight.


Although they had been shouting, “This kind of thing is a good thing. It’s for the benefit of all mankind” before, they were actually very worried in their hearts that that kind of thing would fall on themselves.


All of a sudden, the trend of people discussing the matter on the Internet also changed.




6th: What is the Mermaid Research Institute doing recently? It’s been so long, haven’t they found out the mermaids that were lost before?


16th: It’s not just the disappearance of mermaids. Now, even the issue of why humans become mermaids has not been solved yet, right?


66th: Can you speed up the research progress? At least let us know how far your current research has progressed. Do we have to wait until all human beings become mermaids before you finally realize the seriousness of this problem?!


116th: I don’t want to become a mermaid. Even if you kill me, I will never want to become a mermaid! It’s horrible to have children or something! QAQ


166th: Lord Mermaids, please don’t find me. I never have a chance to adopt mermaids. I have no chance to treat mermaids harshly either, so please don’t find me! Thanks!


616th: Tsk tsk, human beings are so selfish. I remember a few days ago, most people were still gloating about it, right?


Sure enough, if the matter had not fallen to one’s self, no one would take it so seriously. Now, they finally knew how to be afraid, right?


666th: Do you remember how you guys restrict the mermaids’ freedom and forced them to give birth? Didn’t you still use the banner of ‘caring for each other’? Now that things have fallen to yourself, shouldn’t you feel extremely honored?


Since those rules were made by humans, they should strictly follow them. Human beings who did not want to follow the rules were not good mermaids.


However, to be honest, no matter who planned that matter and what conspiracy lay behind it, it was quite enjoyable. After all, that sight and strong sense of self-slap was also quite interesting.



Just as there were more similar comments on the Internet, while more people become mermaids in reality, Su Yu was thinking about another thing that had nothing to do with that matter.


Although all the mermaids in the Mermaid Research Institute have been liberated before, there was still another batch that was not small in proportion, and might still be in dire straits. They were the mermaids who have left the Mermaid Research Institute.


Those mermaids had been adopted by different humans, from large cages to small cages.


The number of those mermaids was definitely not small. Their situation was more complicated and the problem was even more serious, so Su Yu would leave that issue after liberating other mermaids.


Some of those mermaids were suffering from the torture of adopters, some might have been pregnant, or even conceived offspring for humans. Of course, there might be a very small number of mermaids who lived happily because of the kind treatment of the adopters.


It was precisely because the status quo of those mermaids was different, so their problems were difficult to solve in a unified way. They had to be solved one by one.


During that period of time, although Su Yu had not directly contacted those mermaids or made any actions, he had kept Ball staring at their lives and make detailed statistics.


Most of the mermaids who have been adopted did not live well, and even many mermaids had extremely miserable lives.


Some of them were not valued by the adopters at all, and could only live alone in a small space every day, without freedom at all. Some were harshly treated by the adopters, or even abused or beaten by the adopters. Others even had to watch their adopter express their love to other people, but was left out in the cold instead. They were only used by the adopter as a tool for childbirth or even catharsis…


Su Yu’s anger was seen in those circumstances. He directly asked Ball to pick up the tortured mermaids. As for other mermaids whose living conditions were still harmonious, they also needed to learn more about the situation before making plans.


After the mermaids were picked up, Su Yu did not directly contact them, but let the other mermaids who had been transformed to get along with those mermaids.


In order to make the communication between the two parties more efficient, Su Yu also specially selected a few mermaids with good eloquence and asked them to temporarily refit them with fish tails.


After arranging things there, Su Yu went back and turned all those scumbags into mermaids. Such people should be punished severely. Otherwise, they would not have learnt their lesson at all.


Su Yu’s move was quickly shared on the Internet by relevant people, which also made the “mermaid revenge theory” that had emerged on the Internet before gained a lot of recognition and attention.


It must be because humans were too harsh and abusive to the mermaids, which caused them to be avenged by the mermaids!


Su Yu was glad to hear about that situation. Although that kind of remark did not have a substantial impact on his plan, it was a good thing that it could affect the mood of some human beings.


For most mermaids, there were two main reasons why they could not resist.


First, they did not have human legs, so it was very inconvenient to move. Even if they wanted to escape, they could not find a way at all, so they could only live under humans’ control.


Second, mermaids generally grew up in the Mermaid Research Institute. They had been brainwashed by all kinds of shameless human remarks from the beginning of their records. They thought that they should be in that environment and should give birth to humans, so it was difficult for them to take the initiative to resist that mentality.


For Su Yu, those two problems were not problems at all. He could turn the tail of a mermaid into a pair of legs and also provide them with a freer environment.


As for the second point, Su Yu’s brainwashing technique was no joke. As long as he was given time, it would not be a problem to change the mentality of those mermaids.


Under such favorable conditions, the second batch of rescued mermaids quickly switched their minds, slowly healing the wounds in their hearts, and embracing hope to prepare for a new life.


As for those mermaids who have been adopted by great adopters, since some of them also wanted to get rid of the fate of mermaids, Su Yu would naturally help them.


For the other mermaids who were willing to continue to live with their adopters in their mermaid state, Su Yu did not force them. That was their life, so Su Yu was willing to respect them as long as they clearly understood what choice they wanted.


In that way, Su Yu had finally solved the life choice problem of all mermaids. As for the new life they would start next, it all depended on their own efforts.


In just three months, the progress of Su Yu’s main mission had been increased to fifty percent. Those mermaids would truly usher in a new life of their own.


During those three months, they have received very tough training according to their choices. Su Yu had also arranged them a new identity so they could integrate into human lives more efficiently.


When they were about to separate from each other and start a new life, Su Yu rarely appeared.


Su Yu gently scanned the mermaids and slowly said with a smile, “I told all of you from the very beginning that what I want to see is the true equality between humans and mermaids, so what is true equality?”


At that point, Su Yu paused slightly. Seeing the mermaids’ contemplative faces, he continued, “True equality will neither make you superior to others just because you are a human mermaid, nor will it let you be controlled by others just because you are a mermaid. True equality is that we do anything only because we want to do it, not because we are humans or mermaids. Do you understand?”


The mermaids still did not seem to understand, so Su Yu simply cited a simple example, “Are you still willing to have children now?”


Most of the mermaids shook their heads subconsciously after hearing that question.


Su Yu chuckled and asked, “Think about it carefully. What are you thinking about when you reject this matter? Is it because you hate the matter itself, or because you feel that mermaids should no longer be caught as a fertility tool?”


After hearing what Su Yu said, the mermaids gradually realized what Su Yu wanted to express.


Su Yu further voiced, “If I really like children and would like to have offspring, then why should we give up this obviously beautiful thing just because we are mermaids?”


Whether they chose one thing or reject the other, it was neither because they were mermaids, nor they were human beings, but just because they liked or hated it.


“You are all free, and your choice is also free,” Su Yu’s expression gradually became serious as he said every word, “Don’t be restricted by your identity. This is probably the definition of true equality.”


The eyes of the mermaids were full of longing and epiphany.


In order to change their mind about what they thought about before, Su Yu did list many evil deeds of human beings, and they hated human beings a lot because of that.


If it were not for what Su Yu said that day, they might have been restricted by that kind of thinking like before, which would create another kind of inequality.


The mermaids secretly took a deep breath. They made their own choices regardless of their status. That was probably the best version of themselves.

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