Chapter 137


However, no matter how angry, how humiliated, how desperate they were, they couldn’t avoid the tragic fate of undergoing a fertility test as a mermaid.


What made them even more desperate was that their physical examination results turned out to be exactly the same as a mermaid, and they even had stronger fertility than the ordinary mermaids!




How could they be even more fertile than ordinary mermaids?


After knowing this result, these humans were so overwhelmed that they almost passed out. They absolutely couldn’t accept such a horrible result, and they couldn’t even imagine themselves having to reproduce for other human beings, it’s just like the end of the world!

However, one’s feelings towards certain things were just relative. Just when they felt devastated about it, the other members of the institute, including those netizens, were thrilled about it and even cheered for it.


Although most of the good-looking mermaids were gone, at least they still had only a little hope left. Although these mermaids had gray tails and their looks weren’t satisfying, they were super fertile!

This alone was enough to make up for their huge shortcomings in other areas. Countless people who met the requirements for adopting a mermaid began to apply for it frantically, hoping that they would have the opportunity to adopt a mermaid of their own.


Now there were only such a small number of mermaids left, if they did not apply quickly, they might not have any offspring’s for the rest of their lives.


The remaining staff of the Mermaid Research Institute got busy at once. They seemed to have completely forgotten that most of these mermaids were once their colleagues, and they were now in the position of dominator and controller just like them.


At this time, they just wanted to bring back the reputation of the Mermaid Research Institute among humans as soon as possible, and these former colleagues (now mermaids) would be their most useful tool.


In just three days, the Institute had already screened out ten adopters who could come to choose their ideal mermaids, and they also confirmed the exact time to adopt them.

On the day they had agreed upon, the ten adopters who had passed the application came to the Mermaid Research Institute early, and they would enter the selection room one by one in order to select the mermaid that would soon belong to them.


When the first adopter walked into the mermaid selection room, he heard someone very fiercely disputing about something.


Grey mermaid A, “we used to be your kind! How could you treat us like this? That’s really too much! And it’s really insane as well. There will be karma!”


Grey mermaid B, “I will never accept being adopted by humans! I will never accept it!”


Grey mermaid C, “how can you let me give birth to humans? This is supposed to be the responsibility of mermaids, not us!”


Grey mermaid D: “let us out! We shouldn’t be locked in a glass cabinet, this is a place where only mermaids can stay!”


After hearing this, the adopter who walked in to pick the mermaid couldn’t help but ask, “But aren’t you a mermaid now? You have fish tails and have strong fertility. So, aren’t you a mermaid?”


As soon as he said so, the entire mermaid selection room all became quiet. The mermaids with grey fishtails in the glass cabinet looked like they were strangled. Although their faces were red and they were eager to say something, yet nothing came out of their mouth.

The adopter walked slowly between the glass cabinets, with a casual smile on the corner of his mouth, and he said in a cruel manner, “you were indeed humans, but now you are indeed just a mermaid, so what you should obey the rules of mermaids that you set for yourselves, isn’t it?”


“Of course not! We have become mermaids but that’s just our state on the surface. What you have to do is to find a way to turn us into humans again, rather than treat us as mermaids!” One of the mermaids with a grey tail argued and he didn’t sound so confident in his tone.


The adopter sneered and asked unapologetically, “when you are a mermaid, what you think about is how to turn yourself into a human being, but when you were a human, did you ever think of freeing the mermaids and turning them your kind?”


“That’s different. They were originally mermaids, but we should have been humans!” Another mermaid argued stubbornly.


“It’s really different,” the adopter did not refute, but he nodded with a smile, “they were born mermaids and have been suppressed and bullied by the human beings since the beginning. One day, they’ll get rid of this situation and regain freedom and self-esteem. But you…”


Speaking of this, there’s obviously resentment and disdain in the adopter’s eye. He glanced at the glass cabinets and said clearly, “although you could once do whatever you wanted, you’re now only a toy for your own kind. You are going to pay the price for what you have done during your whole life and you’ll be imprisoned by your own rules. You can only live without any respect, and try the pain and suffering that you once imposed on the mermaids…”


His voice seemed to have some magical power. Every sentence and every word hit the bottom of the mermaids’ heart, creating endless pain and despair.

One of them even broke down uncontrollably and burst into tears. He slapped the transparent but solid glass wall and wailed, “No! I don’t want to lose my freedom, I don’t want to reproduce, just let out! Please let me out quickly, please…”

The adopter watched this scene coldly, his gaze swept across these people and their pale faces, and there’s a meaningful chuckle on his face, “this is just the beginning. Please slowly enjoy the evil results you have planted.”


Afterwards, he turned around and walked outside. After leaving the selection room, he directly told the staff outside, “these mermaids are so ugly, I really can’t choose any. You can go on choosing your own.”


After that, he left the Mermaid Research Institute without looking back, stunned the staff behind him, who didn’t know what expression to make.


After leaving the Mermaid Research Institute, the adopter in casual clothes got into a spaceship, and he instantly looked more alive, “dear admiral, let’s go.”


The expressionless face was undergoing subtle changes and it was a delicate and cute expression in the end.


Ah Heng stretched out his hand and rubbed Su Yu’s short black hair, he said with a smile, “are you happy now?”


Su Yu pouted, “I’m alright, there will be better days for them! Comparing to those, there’s nothing significant about my action today.”

As the spacecraft started moving slowly, Su Yu whispered and complained, “also, it’s them urging me to come over, otherwise I would never do so.”


After being brainwashed by Su Yu, the mermaids gradually understood how bad their previous situation was. Now they found human beings very disgusting, and they deliberately asked Su Yu to help them take revenge.


Ah Heng looked at Su Yu very lovingly, “naughty you, you obviously wanted to come over too, right?”


Su Yu tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, “do I look like I like pranks that much?”


“No.” Ah Heng shook his head. Su Yu just wanted to smile and he heard Ah Heng continue jokingly, “because that’s what you are like originally.”


“…” Su Yu glared at Ah Heng helplessly, “it’s not my fault. Although I know that they’re not having a good time, I have to check it myself to put myself at ease.”


Su Yu liked this kind of plot the most. He especially liked seeing scumbags getting abused, so he had to watch it.


After the first adopter who “couldn’t find his choice”, the next nine people all adopted their own mermaid happily, and with the help of the staff of the Institute, they brought their mermaids home.

The reason why the help of the Institute was required was because these mermaids weren’t willing to be adopted. They kept crying and yelling and the adopters had no ways to touch them directly.


Under this situation, the Institute could only take the initiative to help these adopters send the mermaids home, together with the firm glass cabinet.


After that, more and more people were lucky enough to adopt these “unique” mermaids.


Gradually, some hot topics appeared on the Internet, and most of them were about the discussion of these mermaids.


These topics mainly included #Have your mermaid scolded (beat) you today? #、#How to punish my disobedient mermaid at home? #、#I regret adopting this kind of mermaid#、#Can I return an adopted mermaid? #


In short, for those human beings who have adopted a mermaid, there were really new surprises every day. As for other people, they were naturally happy to watch it aside.


At the same time, Su Yu finally turned his attention to his main task.

Although he had done it with Ah Heng already, Ah Heng didn’t help him wash his fish tail, which was a very unnecessary thing for him.


Su Yu also found it unnecessary, but in order to complete his main task as soon as possible, he still requested it bravely to Ah Heng and in a very direct manner, “after we do it every time, you have to clean my fish tail.”


Ah Heng’s eyes flashed after hearing such a request, as it was absolutely fantastic for him, “okay. Aside from that, do you need any other services? My hands are flexible and I can satisfy all your needs.”


Su Yu couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “there’s no need at all!”

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