Chapter 136


These mermaids left the Mermaid Research Institute silently and did not cause any disorder, but when dawn of the next day came, the staff of the Institute walked into the selection room, the breeding room and other places, looking at the empty glass. They suddenly realized that a big thing had happened!


They immediately reported this horrifying incident to their superior. In just half an hour, the institute called upon a meeting for everyone and they were all required to attend.


At the same time, the highest-ranking person in the Institute, who still belonged to the human category, immediately sent his security guard to carry out a serious internal search.


All the staff gathered together, accepted the same rigorous investigation and finally confirmed that five members were missing, as if they had disappeared with the mermaids.


The internal search was also quickly completed. Every corner of the entire Institute was rigorously searched, but there were no traces of the mermaids.


“The staff must have stolen them!” The top person in charge said indignantly, but it didn’t help at all no matter how pissed off he felt.

The subordinates standing in front of him did not dare to speak, but they all looked down on this statement in their heart. One had to know that with the undeveloped mermaid, there were thousands of mermaids together, how could five people silently take all these mermaids away in one night?

But now this situation seemed too weird. The mermaids seem to have just suddenly vanished, and he couldn’t think of other reasonable explanations.


The top person in charge knocked the table and shouted even more furiously, “send a request for the highest order to the military department, tell them about this, and get those mermaids back to me no matter what you do!”


The subordinates nodded in response, thought about it and suggested with hesitation, “Are there any other notices to be released? After all, there are still many people applying for adoption.”


Now, all the mermaids in the Mermaid Research Institute were gone, so for those who had previously agreed with the Institute to come and select the mermaids, they had to be notified in time.


In addition, those who have just obtained the qualifications to adopt a mermaid were sending their materials over, so those files had to be handled on time too. Otherwise, shit would happen if those applicants noticed that there were no mermaids available.

The top person in charge waved his hand when he heard so and said sharply, “we can wait. Besides the people that must know of this incident, keep it secret from everyone else. And never can this be announced.”


Although the subordinates felt that it was not appropriate to do this, they didn’t say anything before retreating.


After receiving the notice of this incident, the military officials were also shocked. They applied to call all the surveillance videos of the Mermaid Research Institute, but after some investigation, no results were found.


The mermaids seem to have disappeared all of a sudden at the same time. They tried to look more thoroughly after slowing down the videos and played them for many times, yet they still found nothing.


After that, they conducted a thorough investigation of the Mermaid Research Institute and conducted a precise search of the main roads nearby, but there were still nothing.


So, where did all the mermaids go?


Did they really just vanish?


They didn’t know the answer to the first question. And the answer of the second question was apparently no, but they hadn’t gotten any clues.

And just when the military officials and the Institute were busy with this matter, there was suddenly a new post online.


#Breaking news! Mermaids suddenly disappeared collectively overnight. Where is the future of mankind? #


As soon as this post appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of people, but at the very beginning, most people thought that it was just a prank, as it’s too impossible to happen in their mind.


However, several people were planning to select mermaids those days, yet they were told to postpone it, and they began to believe in it.


123L: Isn’t this true? Otherwise, why did the Institute postpone the selection of mermaid for no reason? A reasonable explanation should always be given for such a big matter, right?


138L: I think it’s also quite suspicious. It seems that this has never happened before, right?

159L: Don’t say anything else, let me shed a handful of sad tears.


In order to be eligible to adopt a mermaid, I haven’t taken a day off in the past 20 years. Now that I can finally adopt a mermaid, I asked for three days’ off and now this happened!!!


The Mermaid Research Institute actually told me to postpone the selection time! Is it even something that a human should do? It’s just like taking away my life!


174L: Don’t get too emotional, upstairs! I just want to remind you that they might want to postpone it ‘til God knows when!


202L: I passed by the Mermaid Research Institute before and saw military personnel performing official duties nearby. Do you think it’s related?


222L: Oh my god! If this is the case, then there is no future for mankind! Without the mermaids, mankind can only wait to be eliminated!

233L: This is definitely revenge from the mermaid! It’s to avenge the deprivation of the freedom and dignity of the mermaid by mankind, and it’s to retaliate for the robbing and plundering of mankind! I feel excited just by the thought of it!


318L: Human beings are just digging their own grave! Why do it at the first place?



Although many people said that humans were just digging their own grave and it’s what they deserve, they were mostly people without qualifications to apply for the adoption of mermaids.


And more people were either complaining about the poor supervision of the Mermaid Research Institute, or they were asking them to find out the cause of this matter as soon as possible and get their mermaids back.


In general, whatever these people said were not useful at all, but they still had a certain impact under some special situations.


For example, this time, the Mermaid Research Institute had to issue a statement to the public because the matter had already become too widely known on the Internet.


The fact that all the mermaids were missing was simply too serious. They dared not tell the truth at all. They only claimed that some internal staff helped the mermaids to sneak away, and they made the matter sound as light as possible.

But soon the Mermaid Research Institute knew that it was wrong, because after making this statement, a new post appeared on the Internet. The content in the post was very exciting, and a video of the Institute was also attached.


It wasn’t a long video, but it clearly recorded every empty glass cabinet in the Mermaid Research Institute, and these empty glass cabinets were enough to show that the mermaids had indeed disappeared.


The disappearance of the mermaid means that human beings could no longer give birth to offspring. Could they accept it?


People on the Internet continued to discuss this matter, and the enthusiasm of this was also getting more and more intense.


Some of them were scolding the Mermaid Research Institute for its ineffectiveness, that they had made such a huge mistake.


Some blamed the mermaids for having disregarded human beings’ care and left the Institute just like that.

There were a very small number of people who had already adopted a mermaid and expressed their happiness that the others couldn’t share the same joy.


A new voice slowly appeared among the discussions.

6666L: Wait! It seems that I suddenly thought of an important question. Do you still remember the group of people who changed from humans to mermaids some time ago? They don’t seem to be in the Mermaid Research Institute, which means that although these mermaids disappeared, there’re other mermaids around us!


After this comment showed up, the direction of everyone’s discussion also changed.


6677L: Damn it! How can I forget such an important matter? Does it mean that human beings haven’t gone into total extinction?


6753L: This is a good reminder, but who can be sure that a mermaid who has transformed from a human to a mermaid has the same fertility as a mermaid? Maybe they just look like mermaids on the surface?


6799L: Then go and check their bodies. Anyway, these mermaids are the last hope of mankind. They must be caught!


6821L: This statement is a bit exaggerated. Now the mermaids are only missing temporarily. Maybe we can still get them back in a few days.

6900L: Hehe, I don’t think it is true. If the mermaid hadn’t come here prepared, do you think the Institute would have been completely unaware of this matter, or even have no direction for investigation? You know, the number of those missing mermaids is huge, that’s more than 1000 of them.


6996L: In any case, we cannot let these humans, who’d turned into mermaids, go so easily. If they are really fertile, then it’s a blessing for the humankind and it’s a kind of glory as well.


7083L: I don’t think that it’s a kind of glory, if it were me, I would definitely feel very aggrieved, but I also agree to let them help humans bear offspring.



The Mermaid Research Institute was being scolded by thousands of people at this time, and now they suddenly saw this opportunity, never would they let it slip.


Regardless of the outcome of the discussion in the previous meeting, they directly issued a second statement stating that they would transfer individuals, who had turned into mermaids from human beings, to the institute for a comprehensive physical examination. They could also be adopted if they were found to be fertile.

It is a pity that people on the Internet no longer trusted the Mermaid Research Institute. They all expressed their unwillingness for the Institute to intervene in this matter. Instead, they chose another more authoritative institution for physical examination.


The Mermaid Research Institute was extremely anxious and annoyed in the response of the online opinion. They would never allow such things to affect the reputation of the institute. They could only make another statement saying that they would disclose the information of the physical conditions of these mermaids online, and nothing would be hidden from them.


They also repeatedly stated that in terms of research, the Mermaid Research Institute absolutely had the most advanced and mature technology, which was impossible for any other institution to surpass.


Under this situation, the public reluctantly agreed.


The two parties reached an agreement with difficulty, but the third party almost collapsed.


After learning that they were about to be sent to the Mermaid Research Institute to undergo a physical examination for fertility, all of these mermaids transformed from humans all felt horrible.




We are actually humans!

Even if they had a mermaid’s body, they still had a human’s heart!


Anyone still remembered that we’re the same kind?


As the same kind, you want us to undergo such an insulting examination, and you even want us to give birth to children?!


Are you sure that this isn’t a joke?


Do you know that this kind of behavior is simply like stepping on our souls and humiliating our bodies?


For the first time, these people finally deeply realized the pain and sorrow of being a mermaid, but in fact, they are now suffering more than a mermaid.


After all, they were the ones setting these rules, but now they have become the ones to be suppressed, from a controller to the one being controlled.


This reversal of the situation, as well as the psychological contrast, was a huge torture for them.


What annoyed them the most was that – it was their own making them fall into this situation, not the mermaids!

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