Chapter 135


Su Yu was stunned for a moment, then he slowly showed a beautiful and charming smile, “admiral, are you proposing to me?”


“Yes,” Ah Heng nodded, his back straightened subconsciously, “so are you willing to accept me?”


Su Yu continued to smile brilliantly, and he blinked slyly, “Of course I am willing to stay by my dear admiral and be your lover. It is my life’s desire, but my dear admiral, there is still something that I don’t understand.”


When he heard this, there’s a different look under Ah Heng’s deep eyes. He stared at Su Yu for a long while before reluctantly suppressing the fluctuations in his heart, but his voice was still trembling a little, “what thing?”


“Why do you have to let me keep the form of a mermaid today?” Su Yu tilted his head and looked at Ah Heng. It’s normal that Su Yu was paying attention to this issue. For him, the two had long been a couple.


Although he was still a little excited when being proposed, he hadn’t lost his ability to think thoroughly.


Ah Heng paused. Although his idea was noticed, he did not feel embarrassed. He just replied in a serious manner, “I just want to tell you that in my mind, mermaids and human beings are completely equal, and you are unique to me. I don’t care whether you are a mermaid or a human, I will always love you, care for you, and be with you.”

In Ah Heng’s view, Su Yu was essentially a mermaid after all. Su Yu had always existed as a human being and that’s because he wanted to hide his identity, which was completely unnecessary for Ah Heng.


And such a little mermaid would make Ah Heng feel even more pitiful.


Although Su Yu had no such thoughts at all, he understood Ah Heng’s worries and concerns. He smiled very softly, “as long as I can be with the admiral, I have no complaints no matter what I become.”


After hearing this, Ah Heng’s eyes became even deeper. He got up and walked to Su Yu, knelt down on one knee, raised his head slightly and watched Su Yu earnestly, “No matter what you become, I will love you forever.”


Su Yu slowly lowered his head and rubbed the tip of Ah Heng’s nose with the tip of his nose: “Me too.”


After the romantic dinner, the two expressed their affection to each other, and certain things happened naturally.


But when Su Yu was put on the bed and watched Ah Heng taking out some props, he was a little dumbfounded, “…what are these for?”

Ah Heng’s ear tips turned a little red, but he still explained with a serious expression, “this is a prop used to protect the body of a mermaid. This lubricant is used to lubricate the fish tail scales to prevent friction from causing the scales to fall off. This ointment has a moisturizing effect and can reduce the loss of water in the mermaid’s body, and this…”


Listening to Ah Heng introducing these props solemnly, but his ears and neck were turning red, Su Yu only felt his heart getting softer. He wrapped Ah Heng’s neck without hesitation and kissed him.


“Compared to these props, I prefer the admiral to take care of me with his body.” After Su Yu kissed Ah Heng, he whispered in his ear.


Ah Heng only felt that something exploded in his heart, and he was unable to wait for another second…


This was the first time that Su Yu had done this kind of thing in the form of a mermaid, and it felt so…exciting.


The feeling of a mermaid is very different from that of a human. It felt different to move a fish tail and to entangle it with a pair of human’s legs, and it also felt different to be…as a mermaid.


Under this situation, the scales on an unspeakable part of the mermaid’s tail would automatically shrink, exposing some more delicate and sensitive skin than the upper body. It’s extremely exciting to just touch it…

Under such strong stimulation, Su Yu and Ah Heng were with each other for more than three hours. After realizing that they both had enough, Ah Heng carried Su Yu into the bathtub and continued inside.


Su Yu was tossed and turned, and at the end of the day, he couldn’t help but start secreting tears.


Why is the lover of this world so cruel!?


When Su Yu was about to lose consciousness, he was really crying in his heart. He should have kept his lover abstained for a longer while!


Obviously, he was too soft-hearted.


When Su Yu regained consciousness again, it was noon the next day. Since he was in a mermaid state, he was still staying in the swimming pool, and Ah Heng was guarding him aside.


Seeing Su Yu rubbing his waist and swimming over while swinging his tail, Ah Heng walked directly into the swimming pool, wrapped his waist and said with a little guilt, “Lyle, do you feel okay?”


Although there was a lot of buffering in the water, Su Yu still felt sore in his waist and he almost couldn’t move his tail anymore.


Su Yu glared at Lyle angrily, “I don’t feel good at all right now, especially after seeing you.”


Ah Heng was stunned, but he felt even better but he didn’t dare to show it. He stretched out his hand to help Su Yu rub his waist and flattered him, “I did get out of control last night. I’m sorry, and I will be more gentle next time.”


“There is no next time!” Su Yu snorted coldly. He had already decided that he wouldn’t let Ah Heng get close again.


Ah Heng certainly would not agree, but instead of refuting, he changed the subject, “I have put pressure on the Mermaid Research Institute to allow those who’ve become mermaids to join the Institute as soon as possible and wait for adoption.”


This was also Su Yu’s idea. If they only turned them into mermaids, there might be some mental shock, but it was still a light punishment.


Since these people were to be punished, they must be forced to live the lives they thought mermaids should live. First, they were locked up alone in the Mermaid Research Institute, then adopted by a complete stranger before entering another cage.

And reproducing seemed to be a good choice as well.


“Well, let them suffer a bit first,” Su Yu nodded, and Ah Heng carried him on the chair in front of the dining table. “Has the place been prepared already?”


Ah Heng sat opposite to Su Yu, “it’s all ready, and the Institute is also ready, and they can start operations at any time.”


“Once the mermaids in the Institute disappear, these people will probably select some new mermaids inside without your pressure.” Su Yu twitched his mouth sarcastically.


That’s human nature. When one day mermaids suddenly disappeared and when humans had the ability to turn into mermaids, there would be internal fight without any external force.


And now, this opportunity was coming.


On the night of the third day, the entire Mermaid Research Institute was silent. Everyone had fallen into a deep sleep except some staff on duty.


At this time, there was a really weird incident occurring in all venues with mermaids at the same time.

Suddenly, most of the water in the glass cabinets was released. After that, all the mermaids,, regardless of their gender or age, turned into a human at a speed visible to the naked eye.


They watched what was happening to them in amazement, their eyes were full of shock, but still they tried their best not to make a sound. It was an order they had received before and they must not let any humans notice.


And after that, the locked glass cabinets were all opened in an instant. The mermaids slowly controlled their brand-new legs with excitement and walked out of the cabinets.


This might seem like a small step, but it represented their new life.


They had never thought that they were able to step out of the glass cabinet in this way in their lifetime.


What happened next was much more ordinary. These mermaids who had turned into humans slowly put on the clothes they had prepared before, followed the people who came to pick them up and left the cage that had imprisoned them for many years.


When the aqua blue building behind them became farther and smaller, many mermaids started covering their faces and weeping. It was the first time they left the institute since they were born.


Some mermaids sighed in a low voice, “I know for the first time that the place where we were imprisoned looks so beautiful from the outside, but it’s a pity that this view is for humans, and what we could see was just rows of glass cabinets.”


It was actually true. Humans claimed that they were protecting the mermaids, and it’s just a statement for themselves.

And such a magnificent and noble building was also built for humans. What does it have to do with mermaids?


Therefore, even with emotions, these mermaids would never regret their decision to leave the Institute. For them, it’s tantamount to get rid of their miserable past to welcome a new chapter in life.


After leaving the Institute, a large number of mermaids were sent to a secret base, where they would learn the way of life of human beings, and in a month, they would begin to integrate into the world as human beings.


After all, it’s just a process. They would not forget their identity as a mermaid, nor would they give up on pursuing their true value as a mermaid.

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