Chapter 134


On this day, Su Yu slept for a while, and when he was stretching out and got up from the bed, he saw Ah Heng walking in with a breakfast tray.


“Dear Admiral, good morning.” Su Yu gave a bright smile to Ah Heng.


Ah Heng put down the tray of breakfast, leaned over and kissed the corner of Su Yu’s lips, “let’s have breakfast first.”


His lover in this mission world was very good at cooking. Every day he helped Su Yu prepare a variety of delicious food to meet his needs.


Su Yu tasted the food contentedly, chatted with Ah Heng with a crooked smile, and occasionally used a fork to deliver some food to Ah Heng’s mouth, who looked very pleased.


Ah Heng also looked at the cute look of his little mermaid with satisfaction. After he almost finished eating, he calmly suggested, “Lyle, I just received a notice. Today, people from the Mermaid Research Institute will come over to check your situation. , So you may need to change back to the state of a mermaid.”


Su Yu’s eyes flashed, and he asked as if he hadn’t noticed anything, “after the mermaid leaves the Mermaid Research Institute, isn’t it considered same as the adopter’s private property? This situation seems to have never occurred before.”

Ah Heng lowered his eyes and explained in a deep voice, “it’s probably something that happened before, and since the institute has no clue about this at all, they put the focus on you again.”


“I see.” Su Yu rolled his eyes and said calmly, “then when will they come to check?”


Ah Heng shook his head, “from the notification I received, the specific time isn’t mentioned. Maybe they wanted to reduce our defenses and conduct a surprise inspection. So I suggest you maintain the state of a mermaid all day today. What do you think?”


There seemed to be too big of a loophole in that answer. However, Su Yu didn’t refute directly. After thinking for a while, he nodded, “okay, it’s just for one day anyway. It should be fine.”


Then Su Yu took off his clothes while Ah Heng was looking at him, and turned himself into a mermaid. He was muttering in a low voice, “I’m not used to being a mermaid anymore.”


“It’s just one day.” Ah Heng looked deeply at Su Yu’s fishtail, then stretched out his hand to hug him and walked to the swimming pool where the water had been changed, carefully placing him in the water.

Su Yu swam a bit in the water, then returned to Ah Heng, grabbed the edge of the swimming pool and said, “do you want to come down and swim with me for a while?”


Ah Heng really wanted to interact with Su Yu in the swimming pool for a while, but thinking of what he was going to do next, he could only shake his head with a calm look, “I still have something else to do and I cannot be with you now, sorry.”


Su Yu blinked in the water, bending his eyebrows and said, “then go on, I’ll play with myself here.”


After becoming a mermaid, Su Yu could only stay out of the water for four hours a day, so even if he felt bored, he could only stay inside.


But it wasn’t that boring. Since after Ah Heng left, Su Yu called upon Ball immediately, “Ball, has Ah Heng done anything strange before?”


Ball said with some guilt, “I…I…I haven’t noticed any movements of the male lead these days.”


This made Su Yu slightly raise his eyebrows, since Ball was a highly intelligent system, for it, to monitor the surrounding situation was just a very easy matter, and it has been doing it all the time.


But now, Ball actually said that it hadn’t noticed what Ah Heng had been doing in the past few days.

This automatically reminded Su Yu about that incident, and perhaps he really needed to ask Ball what it had been doing all this time.


At the beginning of this task, for Su Yu, Ball was just a tool to overcome boredom and complete the task, and he was even a bit defensive against it.


However, after they got along with each other longer, and after confirming that Ball was harmless, his attitude also gradually changed.


Although Su Yu still assigned various tasks to Ball and he still deliberately bullied it, it had already become his companion or even a friend.


Even though Ball was really stupid sometimes, Su Yu didn’t dislike it. Also, Ball was entitled to its freedom and space, and Su Yu wouldn’t interfere with its leisure activities.


Since he knew that Ball was in love with the world of fairy tales, he still entered it even though the world didn’t fit his character at all.


Initially, Su Yu didn’t want to interfere too much with Ball’s own affairs, but now, there was obviously a great impact on the whole situation. Su Yu had to ask Ball finally, “Ball, are you hiding something from me?”


Ball shivered in mid-air with guilt and said vaguely: “I, I, I…I’m sorry!”


“I don’t need your apology, and you don’t need to apologize to me, because whatever you want to do is your freedom.” Su Yu’s words were by no means a pity, nor was he deliberately putting pressure on Ball. That’s indeed what he thought, “although our relationship has always been clear, and it is the relationship between a host and a system, you can also treat me as a friend when necessary.”

“Master host…” Ball was moved and it’s almost crying. Its host had never been so sensational.


Su Yu waved his hand lightly, “I just want to tell you that, the question that I just asked you wasn’t from a host to a system, so you have the right to refuse answering me and I won’t get mad at you.”


Ball was so touched that it almost sprayed out its stored data as tears, but after thinking about the matter that it’d been hiding from its master, it really didn’t know where to start. It thought for a while, and it could only said with guilt and sentiment, “master host…I’m so touched, but…I really don’t have the face to say it…”


The reaction of Ball made it look more and more eerie, Su Yu started wondering more what made it that way.

However, if Ball refused to say it, Su Yu wouldn’t force it either. He nodded and said, “you can continue doing your thing, but the mission has to be completed. Understood?”


Ball nodded again and again with sentiment, and it almost immediately pounced on Su Yu, “Hmm, I promise that I will never make this kind of mistake again.”


“Okay, you may carry on.” Su Yu waved his hand, Ball said a few words of gratitude before leaving slowly.


Although there was no help from Ball, Su Yu probably knew what Ah Heng was going to do next. However, it could be done in the human form, so why did he have to turn into a mermaid?


Su Yu really couldn’t figure this out, but the reason was actually very simple. Although Su Yu could change his state at will, for Ah Heng, his original state was still a mermaid.


Furthermore, Ah Heng wanted to prove to Su Yu through this incident that even if he could not become a human being, he still liked him very much and wanted to be with him.


This day, Su Yu spent most of his time in the swimming pool. To prevent him from getting bored, Ah Heng also placed a lot of toys that mermaids liked playing with in the swimming pool, as well as some electronic devices that humans like.

When night fell, Ah Heng finally showed up by the swimming pool.


Su Yu saw him and swam over immediately. Although there were a lot of things to play with, it’s still too boring to be with himself all the time, “Admiral, here you come finally.”


“I’ve already prepared dinner.” Ah Heng reached out and touched Su Yu’s wet hair.


Su Yu squinted his eyes in a good mood, and he deliberately asked, “has anyone from the Mermaid Research Institute come here?”


Ah Heng’s body stiffened slightly and he calmly answered, “not yet, so you may need to maintain the state of a mermaid for the time being.”


“Okay.” Su Yu lowered his eyes, looking a little bit frustrated.


This look made Ah Heng a bit misunderstood, “Lyle, mermaids and human beings are equal, there’s no need to feel sad of being a mermaid.”


Since arriving his place, Su Yu had kept his human form, and Ah Heng would naturally assume that Su Yu hated being in the state of mermaid.

Ah Heng asked Su Yu to maintain the form of a mermaid and there was another reason for it. He was hoping that Su Yu could understand that he’d always his favored sweetheart whether he’s a mermaid or a human.


For Su Yu, Ah Heng’s idea was obviously unnecessary, but in the current environment, mermaids had always been dominated and controlled by human beings, so it’s normal for Ah Heng to have this idea.


Su Yu blinked. Although he had no such thoughts at all, he still smiled after being comforted, “I know.”


After that, Ah Heng took Su Yu to the dining hall, where exquisite and warm food had already been prepared, and they were all mermaids’ favorites.


Su Yu glanced at the exquisite dishes on the table and became more affirmed of his speculation.


At the dining table, Ah Heng picked up food for Su Yu very considerately and chatted with him some light topics. It was a warm and delightful dinner.


When the dinner was almost over, Ah Heng looked a little nervous, “Lyle, are you used to your current life?”

Su Yu smiled and nodded, “I’m having a great time.”


“Then… what do you think of me?” The admiral, who usually looked serious, was actually very nervous at this time, and he even clenched his fists secretly under the dining table.


Although he made the most meticulous preparations, he never thought of forcing Su Yu anything. After all, Ah Heng was extremely worried to be rejected.


Su Yu blinked and he was thrilled, but he seemed very clueless, “my admiral has always been nice to me.”


“Then you…” Ah Heng felt that his heart was about to jump out since it was his first time saying it. He He watched Su Yu earnestly, asking, “are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”

The author has something to say: 【Small theater】


Little Gong [Seriously]: My dear, even if you are a mermaid and cannot become a human being, I will always love you.

Su Yu [Helpless]: You think too much, you are the one who really has the blood of a mermaid.


Little Gong [Confused]: But I am obviously a human being.


Su Yu [Smiling]: That’s because you lost the memory of ancient times. At that time, you were the prince of the mermaid clan, and it was you who sent me to save the mermaids.


Little Gong [Staring]: Oh…Is it?


Su Yu [Smiling]: Yes, so it should have been me who says it – my dear, even if you are a mermaid, I will always love you.


Little Gong [Too excited]: I love you too!


Su Yu:…

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