Scattering IQ 133

Su Yu lived almost as a parasite in Ah Heng’s home, but during this period, there were more and more weird incidents in the outside world.

After General Ivan and the dean of the Mermaid Research Institute, there were many human beings turning into mermaids without reason.

There’s also an amazing and terrifying thing – these people who were fortunate enough to become mermaids were either the staff of the Mermaid Research Institute or the military personnel who had adopted mermaids there. The terms “Mermaid Research Institute” and “military” became popular search, and this caused very intense discussion on the Internet.

# Shocking news! Human beings can become mermaids. Is this a disaster for humans or some revenge from mermaids?! #

1L: This is excellent news, we cannot be happier, happy events come in pairs, I can’t help myself…

The fact that human beings becoming mermaids not only alleviated the huge disparity between the two species, but it also effectively increased the fertility rate of human beings. Isn’t this a good thing for everyone?

2L: The one upstairs, are you serious? If all human beings become mermaids, they will just perish directly, okay? Besides, I don’t want to become a mermaid who has no freedom and dignity at all and can only live in a tank!

3L: Hehe, you now know that mermaid has no dignity and freedom. Weren’t you all supporting the Mermaid Research Institute before? You even said that the Mermaid Research Institute was the best care for mermaids, so is it a kind of revenge now?

4L: I think there must be a conspiracy! Why are the people who’ve become mermaids the staff of the Institute and the military? How can there be such a coincidence?

5L: +1 upstairs, I suspect this incident is a conspiracy of the Mermaid Research Institute.

I have heard before that the Institute was using live mermaids to conduct experiments. Have they been studying how to turn humans into mermaid?

6L: This is too horrible, there’s initially so little mermaids and they are still experimenting with the live ones, it is crazy! If this is the case, then it’s a self-inflicted trouble!

7L: Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand the situation, okay? Who knows if this matter has anything to do with the mermaids? Maybe this is the revenge of the mermaids against the human race?

And don’t forget that you are humans and not mermaids. No matter how you speak in favor of the mermaids, you can’t adopt one.

8L: You sound jealous.

Are you acting jealously because you can’t adopt a mermaid? Let’s discuss this based on facts, it has nothing to do with us being able to adopt mermaids or not, so don’t try to lead the discussion, okay?

9L: Am I the only one who is wondering whether these people who have become mermaids can be adopted?

These mermaids were all high-ranking soldiers in the military. If if these mermaids can also be adopted, this is simply… a kind of mystery!

Ah ah ah… I really want to adopt a mermaid like this!

10L: Upstairs has become crazy. Verification is done and there will be no refusal!

You’re crazy enough to think about adopting these mermaids, and are you sure they have the ability to reproduce?

11L: This idea is indeed horrifying, but I don’t think the matter itself is so serious.

Anyway, those who become mermaids are all high-level military officials, and those from the Mermaid Research Institute have nothing to do with ordinary civilians like us, who have no status at all.

12L: Although doesn’t matter now, who knows if it will matter in the future?

Humans’ absolute control over mermaids has always been deformed, but they have been deliberately ignoring and concealing this for their own benefit. Now that this kind of thing is happening, I think it might be a good opportunity to change the status quo of the mermaids.

11L: Call for the mermaids’ freedom! Call for the peaceful coexistence of mankind and the mermaids! The mermaid should not become the possession of human beings!

12L: The upstairs is sick. Are you a mermaid lurking here? Internet police, please hurry to contact the owner of this account, as never will mermaids enjoy this right!

13L: I think it’s you who’s sick, upstairs. The Mermaid Research Institute has always claimed that mermaids are equal to humans, and that humans should take good care of mermaids. He was just yelling a slogan and you’re here blabbing nonstop. Aren’t you tired?


So, a group of bored people kept quarreling, but it also brought more attention to the matter.

Of course, there was another very important reason why it received more attention, that is, this phenomenon had not stopped, but it was even becoming more widespread.

The background of this world was very wide and it’s with many planets. Therefore, the Mermaid Research Institute was not the only one on the Capital Star. There were also Mermaid Research Institutes of different sizes on other planets.

After there were problems with the Mermaid Research Institute, those of other planets were not spared either, there were just more and more staff becoming mermaids.

There were also more similar cases in the military department, and unlike the small-scale riots of the Mermaid Research Institute, the mermaids in the military department were mostly high-ranking generals, which caused an even greater unrest.

These people looked like individuals, but most of them were those in power in the military. Therefore, after becoming a mermaid, the entire corps would be affected and it even caused internal unrest of a small scale.

In the eyes of most human beings, especially those soldiers who were qualified to adopt mermaids, mermaids should be obediently staying at home to reproduce, and they should have nothing to do with the military either.

But now, their same kind (senior officer) had turned into a mermaid, which was just too hard to imagine!

And it’d naturally lead them to imagine more after such things occurred.

Why did these people become mermaids? Would it be possible for them to change back? And would they end up with the same situation?

Of course, there’s also another important question – after becoming mermaids, were they still qualified to stay in the military and to lead an army?

Although those people used to be their officers, they have become mermaids and they would never be qualified to stay in the military!

There were countless sergeants thinking the same, and that contributed to many unstable factors in the seemingly calm military department.

And the generals having turned into mermaids inexplicably were one of these unstable factors.

Originally, they were high-ranking officers in the military, and they also resolutely opposed the peaceful coexistence of mermaids and humans. Now that they turned into mermaids within one night, it’s such an unacceptable and heavy blow.

At this time, all the generals who were turned into mermaids gathered…in the same swimming pool. They tried to hide their grey fish tails in the water, and they were looking around as cautiously as possible, as if they were still in the military and having a very serious meeting.

Actually, they were in a huge panic.

In such an environment that was serious on the surface but filled with deep panic, they began to speak separately.

General A, “I have learned about the changes that happened to you all. I’ve noticed the similarity in your situations, but besides that, I guess we are still unable to come up with a reason.”

General B, “the results of my physical examination ten days ago were still normal, so I’m sure that this reason must have occurred within these ten days. However, I’ve also noticed something strange – besides some of our bodily changes, our exams showed that everyone else was just normal.”

General C, “I think this is very likely to be done by the Institute. After all, we have all adopted mermaid, and apart from us, the ones having turned into mermaids are all staff of the institute. Never would it be just a coincidence.”

General D, “I agree with you, but after preliminary investigations, the Institute claimed that it absolutely did not conduct any experiments to transform humans into mermaid, and they did not claim any responsibility to this incident.”

General B, “that group of old scholars…how could they take the initiative to admit it? We can only investigate on our own, or we’ll never learn the truth.”

General A, “you’re right, but the institute still controls most of the resources of the mermaids. If we act recklessly, we will just be on the opposite side of the institute and it’s a disadvantage for the military.”

General C, “but we can’t just let this be, right? If more and more people in the military become mermaids, it will definitely cause a big turmoil.”

While thinking about this problem, the generals were silent at the same time. They finally came up with a conclusion, “the investigation aimed at the institute must commence soon, and we have to stop this from occurring again. Otherwise, what we’re facing will be a catastrophe of the humankind.”

This senior military meeting in the swimming pool ended.

Su Yu, who was watching a live broadcast at Ah Heng’s, also laughed and rolled over on the bed because of the scenes that he’d just seen. It’s too hilarious to watch these mermaids discussing under water in a serious manner.

Ah Heng felt a bit speechless, but he still embraced the little mermaid in his arms. He could feel Su Yu’s body temperature through the thin layer, it’s a comforting feeling and it made his eyes flicker slightly.

He had been having this mermaid at home for some time now, and every time when he tried to get more intimacy from Su Yu, he’d always act as if he’s still not adapted to the environment and that he was still weak, making Ah Heng refrain from doing anything further.

But after that, Su Yu would act lively and energetic again, making Ah Heng really helpless.

Was Su Yu simply not like him? And he’d never wish to be touched?

Ah Heng did think like that, but since Su Yu was very clingy to him, it didn’t seem to be the case.

So what’s the problem?

After thinking about it, Ah Heng only thought of one possibility. Maybe the little mermaid from ancient times just didn’t understand how to be intimate at all, and that’s why he was rejected every time.

Ah Heng had another plan in mind. As long as he could make this little mermaid understand that intimacy is a good thing, then he wouldn’t be rejected anymore.

While Ah Heng continued to take care of Su Yu meticulously, he began to check more information and prepare some props, hoping to create a good first experience to his little mermaid.

Ah Heng was so carefully preparing all this, and if he found out one day that Su Yu was just fooling him on purpose, how would he react?

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