Scattering IQ 132

Ah Heng’s body tightened and he subconsciously stopped his footsteps. Then, he raised his feet quietly and continued to walk forward, while Su Yu continued to lie on Ah Heng’s body, blowing air to his neck.

A few minutes later, Ah Heng, who had left the Mermaid Research Institute, gently and carefully put Su Yu into the suspended spacecraft. As soon as he got in from the other side of the spacecraft, Su Yu leaned on him very coyly, blinking his pair of dark and clear eyes, “Admiral, I don’t want to sit alone, can I sit on your lap?”

Ah Heng’s Adam’s apple moved a little uncontrollably. He looked down at Su Yu with a deep gaze and responded in a low voice, “yes.”

Su Yu climbed onto his lap with excitement and threw himself into his arms in a comfortable position.

Ah Heng became stiff again, then he slowly stretched out his hand to wrap Su Yu’s slender waist. The suspended spacecraft slowly started, moving forward steadily.

Su Yu was very well-behaved along the way, and he didn’t move much, but his fish tail was swaying back and forth slightly. The tip of the tail touched Ah Heng’s calf from time to time, making him numb.

The tip of Ah Heng’s nose felt cool and refreshing, and it’s the scent of Su Yu. The two bodies were sticking to each other, but Su Yu’s body was still slightly cool. Ah Heng felt like he’s using Su Yu’s body to cool himself.

Ah Heng endured it all the way. After he finally got home, he had to continue to endure. Although he had taken the lovely little mermaid home, it was a completely unfamiliar environment for him. At the first stage of their relationship, it had to be as warm as possible.

Although his little mermaid looked very lively and courageous, and there might even be some huge secrets hidden in his body, Ah Heng felt that he should still take good care of him.

And although it’s a good idea, the mermaid that’s supposed to be protected wasn’t cooperative.

After returning home, Ah Heng put Su Yu on the sofa in the living room, and he walked to the pool prepared in advance and put the freshest water in it.

Although the swimming pool was prepared long ago, he did not expect that he would bring the little mermaid back that day, so he had not had time to replace the water in the swimming pool.

When he turned on the water circulation system and returned to the living room, he found that his little mermaid was no longer on the sofa. Ah Heng frowned and he looked around, then noticed that something was wrong.

In the bathroom that should have been empty, the light was on at this time, as the bathroom door was not closed tightly, there was still a slight sound of water coming out of it.

Could it be that the little mermaid needed water, so he ran to the bathroom?

Ah Heng deliberately slowed down and walked to the bathroom. Although the mermaid lived in the water most of the time, he had seen the mermaid living in the glass cabinet at the Mermaid Research Institute before and he noticed nothing weird about it. When his little mermaid appeared in his bathroom, Ah Heng still felt a bit touched and moved uncontrollably.

Ah Heng even made himself breathe more slowly. When he reached the bathroom, he stopped and took a deep breath a few times. He raised his hand, ready to push open the door.

At this moment, the bathroom door was suddenly opened from the inside, and Ah Heng saw a scene that made his blood spurt.

His little mermaid was standing there with wet hair, water was dripping slowly between his hair, some directly flowing down the chest, and some fell on his delicate collarbone.

Ah Heng first looked at Su Yu’s collarbone, then he uncontrollably looked down the collarbone, fell on a certain tempting spot, then he continued looking down…

Then, Ah Heng’s eyes widened in surprise.

Under the flat and soft lower abdomen, it was no longer his cyan tail connecting to the lower part, but a pair of slender and pale legs…

Of course, in addition to these legs, Ah Heng also saw some inevitable part that made the tip of his ears flush.

Su Yu generously allowed Ah Heng to look at him. After a few seconds, he smiled and said, “Admiral, I think it would be too inconvenient to stay at home if I keep in the mermaid state. So, I turned myself into a human first. I suppose you should fine with it, right?”

“Why would you…” Ah Heng tried to control his emotions, but once he started speaking, he noticed that his voice was really hoarse.

“Didn’t I tell the Admiral before? I am a messenger from ancient times. I have a lot of magical abilities.” Having said that, Su Yu deliberately looked up and down on Ah Heng. He said in a low voice, “if Admiral wants a special experience, I can also turn you into a mermaid.”

Ah Heng tightened his body and shook his head, “there’s no need.”

As he said so, Ah Heng’s gaze turned around Su Yu again, and seeing how lively his little mermaid had become, maybe he didn’t need too much time to adapt at all?

As soon as this idea came up, he heard Su Yu speak with a slight sense of frustration, “Admiral, can you lend me a set of your pajamas? I really want to have a good night’s sleep now. I have been staying in the glass cabinet all the time and it’s so depressing.”

After hearing this, Ah Heng immediately suppressed some of his thoughts, he decided that it was still okay to find some benefits for himself.

Ah Heng immediately stretched out his hand and hugged Su Yu horizontally. After walking to the bedroom, he gently put Su Yu on the bed, “I’ll help you get your pajamas, you have to rest first.”

Su Yu laid down and nodded obediently, and when Ah Heng came back with a set of pajamas, he saw Su Yu falling asleep and he looked so comfortable and lovely.

Ah Heng couldn’t help letting out a contented sigh. He put the pajamas next to the bed, and after looking at Su Yu once again, he stretched out his hand and put the soft thin blanket on Su Yu’s body.

“Good afternoon, dear mermaid.” Ah Heng lowered his head and dropped a kiss on Su Yu’s soft black hair, then gently went out of the bedroom.

Since the cute mermaid had turned his fish tail into his legs, the swimming pool would not be useful for the time being.

Su Yu slept for a long time. He had been sleeping in the glass cabinet the past few days and he really needed a good sleep on a soft bed.

As a human being, his favorite way would of course be walking on the ground with his feet. And of course he’d prefer sleeping on a bed.

When Su Yu finally woke up, it was getting dark outside. Su Yu stretched himself with satisfaction and gently called Ball.

What was strange this time was that Ball didn’t show up immediately. Su Yu called twice again before Ball slowly appearing in mid-air. It asked with guilty, “master host, is there anything I can help?”

Su Yu didn’t start the topic directly, but with a little scrutiny, he asked, “Ball, what were you doing just now?”

Ball trembled all over, and after a long while, he said with some guilt, “no…nothing.”

“Really?” Su Yu asked as if he was trying to confirm.

Ball immediately changed the topic, “really, I didn’t do anything. I heard my master host call me, so what is it about?”

“There’s indeed something. I left the Mermaid Research Institute and we can start moving.” Su Yu slowly got up from the bed, picked up the pajamas and put it on slowly.

Ball immediately looked away. Although it’s used to being with its master host all the time, it preferred being an obedient assistant.

Su Yu also saw how well Ball behaved. That’s why he changed in front of it without flinching.

“Okay, I’ll start doing it now, but where shall I start?” Whenever it’s about business, Ball tried to be as diligent and efficient as possible.

Su Yu nodded and said slowly, “let’s start with the people in the Mermaid Research Institute, then the generals in the military who have abused mermaid and opposed the equality of mermaid and human beings.”

Su Yu chose to start with these two, since the Mermaid Research Institute had always attracted the attention of most humans, and the military department was also very concerned. Once there was something wrong, they would naturally receive more attention and discussion from the public.

To put it more straightforward, it’s like killing one of them to warn the whole group.

After getting the public’s attention, he could then proceed forward with his plan.

The first step was to let humans understand that their previous attitude towards mermaids was incorrect and unfair, and they had to be punished accordingly.

The second step was to fight for the freedom of the mermaids, let them slowly integrate into the world of human beings and start a new life.

Both of these two steps could take very long time. The inherent thinking of both human beings and mermaids had been formed for too long, and it would take a long time and a lot of effort to totally subvert it.

However, Su Yu was not in a hurry. He had a lot of time and many means to do this.

At this moment, the bedroom door was pushed open from the outside. Su Yu put away the coldness under his eyes and smiled brightly at his lover, “dear Admiral, I am a little hungry.”

In fact, for Su Yu, the most important thing would be to have someone always by his side.

Ah Heng also smiled at Su Yu, it was a light and gentle smile, “I have prepared dinner, let’s eat together.”

Ah Heng stretched out his hand.

Su Yu suddenly smiled even more brightly. He put his hand on Ah Heng’s palm and said cheerfully, “alright.”

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