I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Chapter 163


As soon as those words escaped, the entire world channel was immediately filled with the reign of terror.


I have a little secret: Damn it! The Great God is so stylish! Please accept my four knees! Correction, please accept my two knees and two elbows!


Don’t know what to call it: Let’s seize the opportunity to take a group photo. I always have a hunch that this would be a precious one.


Handsome and gentle guy: We have the coordinates, so what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and charge!


Bragging bragging: I’m already on my way, but I’m still struggling with a question. Should I just be a spectator, or should I help the Great God? As you all know, the gang, [Flashy Dreams] is really disgusting.


Why do you worry: I know +1, I also want to help the Great God beat the dog in the water. But, I’m afraid that I will drag the group down.


Little Elegant Girl: I know +2. Eh, Sister, our formation seems to be in a mess.


Big Elegant Girl: I know +3, if there is a mess, so be it. For the sake of everyone’s formation, it’s okay to temporarily sacrifice the small formation.


Handsome and gentle guy: I know +4. For once, I think the two lady boys upstairs are quite cute. Are you interested in making friends?


Hehehehe, let me show you: I know +5. To be honest, I’m not fond of [Flashy Dreams] for a very long time, but who knew they are the largest gang in the East Fantasy Continent? We neither defeat them, nor scold them … Hey, do you think the Great God can really kill those bullies this time?


A little goldfish: I know +6. Yes yes yes, definitely. This time, I stan the Great God!



Just as they were talking, the people from [Flashy Dreams] had already seen the information coming from the world channel.


Flashy~ Unique: I heard a group of dogs barking just now, and I was wondering what was going on. Looks like they were barking here!


Flashy~ Falling Shadow: If you have the ability, let’s PK. If you don’t, then shut up!


Flashy~ Past: Not only did I hear barking dogs, but I also smelled something unpleasant. It turned out that this group of people stink the most. Vomit!


Flashy~ Qianqian: You should have taken action directly at a time like this. What do you have to say to this group of rubbish? These people are so disgusting.



[Flashy Dreams] was the largest gang in the East Fantasy Continent. There were thousands of gang members. Even if one person spat, it could drown the entire world channel.


That was not the first time that had happened. At the beginning, some people were unconvinced. As a result, they were not only scolded in cold blood, but also chased and killed by people from [Flashy Dreams]. Finally, they were forced to quit the game.


Afterwards, there were also a few who were punished for fighting against [Flashy Dreams], and they ended up miserable. Since then, when that kind of thing took place, everyone also learned to lurk silently.


With the mindset ‘You can scold all you want, I can’t defeat you,’ shouldn’t they dodge the bullet?


However, today’s situation was obviously different. Since Su Yu became popular on the world channel a few days ago, he has been regarded as the Great God by countless people. Although it was just an in-game nickname, the players always felt that he was a hacker, which was also approved by the game company.


Under such circumstances, when the gang leader of [Flashy Dreams], Flashy Song made an appointment to challenge the unspeakable Great God, they all tried their best to see what the Great God looked like, and whether he was suit to be Flashy Song’s opponent.


However, the result made them very disappointed. The Great God did not even reply, let alone the beautiful imaginary scene of the Great God beating up Flashy Song.


Although they also knew that the Great God was not to be blamed for that matter, after all, they themselves had such a silent attitude when facing [Flashy Dreams], they could not hide the loss in their hearts.


They would not blame the Great God for that incident, but the rare feeling of hope that finally surfaced after being suppressed for too long had quickly turned into disappointment. They indeed felt a bit uncomfortable.


Sure enough, in the game, was it really all decided by [Flashy Dreams]?


After a few days of silence, everyone seldom mentioned the Great God anymore, because they did not dare to express any hope in their hearts, but it was just a while ago! Just a while ago!!!


The Great God actually responded!


He actually bravely and invincibly accepted the appointment of the vice gang leader of [Flashy Dreams]. His reaction, his attitude, it was really Fried Cang Qiong!


Although the war had not really started, they had already seen the dawn of victory!


Although the Great God might not know who they were at all, and did not know what kind of reaction his actions would trigger, the Great God still almost became their belief in the game!


Therefore, when [Flashy Dreams] flooded the screen again, they were no longer lurking silently like before or hiding their heads like an ostrich, they would want to start fighting back!


A chestnut: Yo Yo Yo, the dogs of [Flashy Dreams] has escaped again. Looks like it’s not enough to bark on their own territory just now, so they went to pollute public places instead now?


Little Elegant Girl: Sister, did you smell that sudden foul stench just now? It really smells bad.


Big Elegant Girl: Sister, I smelled it too. It really is bad. I wonder why these people’s mouths are so smelly. Don’t they usually brush their teeth?


Handsome and gentle guy: I think it’s very possible. Didn’t they often use the strong stench from their mouths to smoke their opponents away before? I have to say that this trick is really useful, but we can’t learn how to be so stinky like their mouths.


I have a little secret: Let me tell you guys a secret. I have a little secret that today’s group of stinky guys will definitely be dealt with by the Great God!


Why do you worry: Why do you worry? The only way to relieve it is by getting rid of this group of dogs from [Flashy Dreams]~


I’m a bug: Come on, Great God! We all support you!


I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me: Great God, come on! It doesn’t matter if you lose, we will always support you!



Su Yu scanned the chat history of the world channel with a smile, and sent a sentence with a grin.


Fried Cang Qiong: Don’t worry. I won’t lose, because I have a cheating weapon.


That time, the world channel exploded even more. Although many gang members of [Flashy Dreams] have gathered on the world channel, and all of them were powerful in combat, the power of a group of people should not be underestimated, especially after watching Su Yu’s speech. They seemed to have been beaten to death, and their combat effectiveness had increased several times.


“What are you looking at?” Cang Qiong was a little dissatisfied that Su Yu kept looking at the panel in front of him, but was ignoring him the whole time. He could not help but asked.


Although his tone was so cold that there was no warmth, Su Yu still caught slight grievance from his words. He stretched out his hand, squeezed Cang Qiong’s hand, and said with a smile, “It’s nothing. I just feel a little happy knowing that I will torture this group of people later. Oh, right, by the way, have you tried the things I asked you to try before?”


When mentioning that matter, Cang Qiong seemed a little unhappy, “Those are just puppets. They don’t have their own thoughts at all and are completely different from me.”


After seeing the reactions of those gate guards, Su Yu already guessed that Cang Qiong’s status in the entire East Fantasy Continent must be unusual, so he asked him to find a few NPCs to try, and the result was naturally good. However, it seemed that Cang Qiong had a misunderstanding.


Cang Qiong had obviously learned about the speeches of those people through his own means before, and he clearly remembered that those people also called him the “NPC boss”. Su Yu said that those empty shells that had no independent thoughts entirely were also NPCs. In his heart, was he the same as those empty shells?


Su Yu instantly understood why Cang Qiong was unhappy. He quickly moved over to comfort his lover softly, “Of course you are different from them, but to me, you are different from everyone else. You are unique and the others are all inferior to you.”


“Really?” Cang Qiong looked at Su Yu uncertainly.


Su Yu nodded again and again, “Of course, in my heart, no one is comparable to you.”


Cang Qiong was immediately on cloud nine. Although he did not show it on his face, the flames in his heart were burning hotter and hotter. His heart softened because of the warmth, “I will help you torture those scumbags.”


With such down-to-earth words from Cang Qiong’s mouth, Su Yu could not help grinning, “You are so cute.”


“Is cute also a compliment for me?” Cang Qiong lowered his head and looked at Su Yu seriously.


Su Yu smiled and nodded, “Of course, because you are cute, I like you even more.”


Cang Qiong was delighted in his heart, and said more solemnly, “Then I will be even cuter.”


At present, Su Yu really laughed so hard that one could hardly see his eyes.


[Flashy Dreams] was the number one gang in the East Fantasy Continent after all, so its mobility was also very strong. Some gangs with low combat effectiveness in the gang over there were still yelling in the world channel, while some gangs with higher combat effectiveness there had already gathered and rushed to the coordinates sent by Su Yu.


The gang leader and vice leader of [Flashy Dreams], Flashy Song and Ruthless Water, were naturally among them. Liu Jinjin, who had already become a member of the [Flashy Dreams] gang, naturally arrived.


From a distance, Su Yu saw a group of dark people approaching on horses, running, or flying. He was not in a hurry, so he sat leisurely on a stone bridge with Cang Qiong, as if enjoying the landscape.


When a group of people arrived in front of them, Su Yu gracefully jumped down from the stone bridge, patted his buttocks and stood up.


Cang QIong had been standing by Su Yu’s side all the time. Even though his surroundings were already messy and noisy, his eyes did not leave Su Yu’s body, as if those people around did not exist at all.


The crowd surrounded Su Yu and Cang Qiong, and at that moment, Flashy Song, Ruthless Water, and Liu Jinjin finally walked out of the crowd and stood in front of Su Yu.


Liu Jinjin bit her lip and looked at Su Yu, as if she had been greatly wronged. She had just uttered two words, and before she had time to show her superb white lotus skills, Su Yu stopped her.


“Don’t be busy talking first, I want to find a few people,” Su Yu said while looking at the chat records, “I love local tyrants and local tyrants love me, I’m a bug, Why do you worry, Little Elegant Girl, Big Elegant Girl, Handsome and gentle guy, I have a little secret, A chestnut… Where are you guys? Didn’t you all say you would support me? Come here quickly.”


“…” Almost everyone felt confused on what emote to put on.


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