I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Chapter 164


Liu Jinjin should be the most possible one who did not know what expression to put on. Wasn’t it because of her that Liu Feng had to fight? What was he finding those unrelated people for?


About a few seconds later, on the outskirts of the crowd, someone shouted loudly, “Great God, Great God! I’m Big Elegant Girl, and I’m here! I can’t squeeze myself in!”


“…” If he heard correctly, the voice seemed to be that of a hundred percent male?


Another man’s voice came from a long distance, “Great God, Great God! I’m Little Elegant Girl, and I’m with Big Elegant Girl! I’m squeezing as hard as I can!”


“…” No wonder Handsome and gentle guy kept saying that those two were lady boys. It seemed that they really were. Considering their tone of voice when chatting on the world channel, Su Yu, who was well-informed and had seen things, large and small, could not bear twitching his eyes.


Although the few remaining people did not react as intensely as those two, they all responded one after another. They all arrived, but they were all trapped outside the crowd, unable to get in even if they wanted to.


Su Yu turned his head to look at the speechless and impatient Flashy Song, and said bluntly, “For a discussion, can you let your people let my friend in first? Otherwise, with so many of you, even if you defeated us both, it’ll seem very unfair, right?”


The virtues of [Flashy Dreams] were only till there. It was common for them to defeat a small number of people with large force, or even one to one. Naturally, there would never have the thought of it being unfair. However, thinking of the scold battle the gang members had with those guys on the world channel before, Flashy Song raised his hand and let them all in.


The crowd spontaneously parted a passage. After those people passed, they immediately closed again.


A few minutes later, Big Elegant Girl and the others appeared in front of Su Yu. Those people had different professions. Some were dressed in white, holding a sharp sword, looking heroic. Some looked scruffy, like a beggar. Some also wore peach red long dress, with gleaming and expressive eyes. Of course, there was someone who also had a hunter costume, which was similar to Su Yu, dressed in black, neat and nimble.


Su Yu glanced over those people and said with a smile, “Are you ready to watch the fun?”


[Hehehehe, let me show you] quickly said, “Great God, we really aren’t here to watch the fun. Although we have very bad levels, we still have a life, right?”


Others agreed one after another, and [Big Elegant Girl] said casually, “Great God, even if we are going to die, we must die together.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a chill down his spine, as if he was being stared at by something terrible. [Big Elegant Girl] was shocked all over, and looked up, only then did he notice the person standing beside the Great God.


That person was dressed in snow-white clothes. His black hair was loose, and his face was exquisite, but he showed a strong sense of indifference. He was obviously a person with a strong presence, but why didn’t he notice his existence just now?


Several other people also noticed Cang Qiong’s existence, and were a little uncertain about the identity of that person for a while. After all, the clothes on him were also white, but were very different from those of a swordsman, which was obviously not the same profession.


According to their understanding, it seemed that the game had not released such elegant-looking clothes. The black jade pendant on his waist and the silver hairband on his head were also styles that no one had ever seen.


For a moment, everyone’s eyes could not help but focus on the existence that they never noticed before, attracting everyone’s attention.


When no one noticed Cang Qiong previously, Su Yu was a little surprised why those people did not notice his magnificent lover. Now that those people, including Flashy Song, were all looking in their direction, he felt a little unhappy again.


How could others look at his lover so casually?


Su Yu stood in front of Cang Qiong. Although he could not hide the faces of the people behind him due to his height, at least he could express his attitude, “Alright, now that everyone is here, we can start.”


At that time, Su Yu did not know that Cang Qiong actually had another skill, called [Hidden Show]. “Hidden” meant that he could naturally hide his body and aura to let others not notice his presence, while “show” was to make him the center of attention and attract everyone’s eyes.


Cang Qiong did not intend to show off at the beginning, so he used the skill naturally. However, after noticing that countless people were looking at him, Cang Qiong became a little unhappy instead, so he used the skill in reverse.


But in fact, even if he did not use his skills, with his current outfit and strong aura, he would definitely become a highly anticipated existence. His skill was just used to strengthen that situation.


Flashy Song waved his hand, and his vice leader, Ruthless Water stepped forward arrogantly, “A Stream of Water, are you ready to die?”


“Wait, if who you are looking for is A Stream of Water, are you looking for the wrong person? Look at my current in-game nickname. It has been changed a long time ago.” Su Yu blinked, enlarged his username several times and pushed it into the air, presenting it in front of everyone.


The three words, [Fried Cang Qiong], were so golden that they almost blind everyone’s eyes.


Ruthless Water was choked himself, but he could not refute it. They did not call that guy by his old username on purpose. It was because they could not bring themselves to call him by his new game username at all.


If they were in a scold battle, the words that were originally very imposing would be laughed at, because it would be turned into “Fried [Beep—] [Beep—]” after his name was said.


They also asked someone to try before, to see if they could change their game username to include those two words, but they all failed without exception. Even if they separated the two words, or added special symbols between, they could not solve the problem either.


Of course, after the failed attempt, they did not forget to make a report collectively. However, without exception, the outcome they got was that everything was normal. It was not a problem caused by a game bug, nor was it a game bug.


How on earth was that not a game bug?!


If it was not a bug, why was he the only one who could be called with that username? Why couldn’t others even say it? That did not seem rational at all!


However, the explanation given by the game was that, no matter how much they objected, there was nothing they could do!


The only thing they could do now was to kill that game bug. One time, two times, three times… It was best to kill him ten thousand times!


And right now was their best opportunity, so after being speechless, Ruthless Water gritted his teeth, “What’s so important about having a smart mouth? If you have the guts, let’s fight and see whose fist is stronger!”


Su Yu suddenly showed an expression as if finally realized something, and said contemptuously, “It turns out that people from your gang have come to trouble me several times, just to bully me with your own fists. Are you all always like this? You see who is easier to bully, so you group of people come all at once just to beat the others up? Tsk tsk, why don’t you change the name of the gang to a Gangsters instead?”


It was no secret that the gang members of [Flashy Dreams] bully the weak, but generally, those who did that kind of thing were ordinary gang members in the gang. They could do whatever they wanted just because they were in the number one gang.


As the vice gang leader, Ruthless Water naturally could not be completely ignorant of that kind of thing, but he usually turned a blind eye and never stopped the members.


However, knowing it was one thing, and being pointed out in person was another, especially now that there were so many people around. Since the other party was also speaking so bluntly, Ruthless Water’s face suddenly showed a little helplessness, “Dog sh*t! I beat you is because you deserve it! Killing you is not an exaggeration!”


Hearing that, before Su Yu got angry, Cang Qiong had begun to exude cold air. Su Yu did not have enough fun, but he quickly took Cang Qiong’s hand and gave him a wink with a smile in his eyes, telling him not to be angry.


For some reason, a moment ago, his heart was still filled with wind and snow, yet the next moment, it returned to calmness. He put away his coldness and squeezed Su Yu’s palm.


Seeing that Cang Qiong was indeed no longer angry, Su Yu looked at Ruthless Water again with peace of mind, “Don’t rush yourself to swear and expose your nature. Since you said I deserve to be beaten, you should first talk about why you think I deserve it. ”


Ruthless Water did not feel weaker because of those words. On the contrary, he accused him more and more confidently, “We already know about you bullying Splendid! A person like you should be tortured to death!”


That was a pun. It was likely to be alluding to the real world, so it seemed too vicious.


Su Yu’s eyes darkened and he was not in a good mood, “Splendid? Are you talking about Splendid Piece of Paper?”


Su Yu glanced at Liu Jinjin lightly, and said in a neutral voice, “Splendid Piece of Paper, can you tell me how I bullied you?”


Liu Jinjin told herself that she finally had a chance to appear onstage, and immediately bit her lower lip. She took two steps forward with big black eyes, and looked at Su Yu with grief, but with a bit of apology, “Stream, I didn’t mean to tell Brother Flashy about you blacklisting me. I didn’t expect him to be so angry after learning about it, I really didn’t…”


Seeing Liu Jinjin’s appearance, Su Yu felt disgusted, so he directly raised his hand to interrupt her unfinished sentence, “Oh, so you are talking about me blacklisting you. I originally wanted to show some mercy, but since you are so ruthless, then you can’t blame me for being unrighteous.”


Ruthless Water thought that Su Yu was speechless, so Su Yu was fooling people with his words. He said with a sneer, “Then why did you blacklist Splendid? Can you tell me how she offended you? ”


“Of course,” Su Yu smiled slightly, and turned to look at Liu Jinjin, “But I have to ask you one last time, are you sure you want me to share some information about this?”


Seeing Su Yu’s calm, even slightly smiling eyes, Liu Jinjin’s heart skipped a beat as an ominous premonition arose spontaneously. Could it be that Liu Feng already knew something?


No… Impossible, he must not know his identity, right? After all, they had never met each other in real life, and they had always hid themselves very well in the game, so it was absolutely impossible for something to go wrong, right?


Just when Liu Jinjin was flustered by that, Su Yu said with a fake smile, “Liu Jinjin, have you really thought about it?”


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