Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens

Chapter 125 Between Life and Death


After Elsa said the word, she lowered her head and did not dare to look at Yu. She was afraid that Yu would despise and loathe her. Her mother once told her that demons were demons, and they must never be with humans. No matter how much they understood each other, no matter how much they loved each other, it was impossible to get together in the end. Her father and mother were the best examples.


At that time, the room was silent. Only the ticking sound of water could be heard from the bathroom from time to time. Elsa lowered her head and remained silent. Time seemed to be still for Elsa at that moment, but she hoped that time would continue to be still, because as long as time stopped, Yu would not despise herself. As long as time stopped, Yu would not leave. As long as time stopped, her adoptive father would not find out about Yu’s existence, and she would not have to go to that master’s side.


But how could time stop? Just when Elsa’s head was filled with thoughts, Yu suddenly hugged Elsa tightly, and then slowly said in Elsa’s ear,


“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’m really worried about you…”




Elsa was stunned when she heard that. She deluded that Yu would leave in fury after knowing the truth. She imagined that Yu would draw a sword against her after hearing her honesty, and that he would feel sorrow.


But, she never expected that even after knowing that she was a succubus, he would hug herself even tighter.


“But… But, don’t you feel like turning your back on me since I’m a demon? Don’t you want to ignore me because I have the blood of a succubus?”


Elsa was hugged tightly by Yu, but her hands were still hanging in the air, not daring to respond to Yu’s hug, because she was afraid that it was just Yu’s impulse. When his mind regained consciousness, he would leave her.


But at that time, Yu said in Elsa’s ear,


“Why should I ignore you? Be it demons or humans, they are all equal creatures in my eyes. And…”


Yu gently put down his arms that were hugging Elsa, and his gaze met with Elsa’s purple pupils. He then stretched out his right hand to caress Elsa’s delicate cheek and said,


“How could anyone despise such a beautiful and understanding Elsa?”


No matter what race, no matter what identity, Elsa was Elsa, and she would always be the Elsa that Yu liked.


When Elsa heard those words, she could not bear the impulse in her heart anymore. Throwing herself into Yu’s arms, she hugged him tightly. She did not want to leave the guy in front of her again. She did not want to say words that violated her self-conscience. She did not want to torture herself like that again. Elsa pressed her skin tightly against Yu’s body. The two lumps of fat on her chest were already leaning against Yu’s body, but Elsa did not care about that at all. With slight blush on her cheeks, she spoke to him softly,


“Yu… I really, really…”


…really, really like you.


However, that sentence did not go on. The moment the word “like” was about to be said, Elsa quickly closed her mouth. She was too excited by Yu’s words that she had forgotten the most important thing, the one thing she could never forget. Who knew she would be overwhelmed by love just now, and completely forgotten about it?


The main reason why she could not be with Yu was not because of race. It was due to the existence of that lord, because that lord was the God of the demons and the real ruler of the demons. She was the very being that the ruler fancy, the woman who was destined to become his dependent and his wife. She was the concubine destined to be given a new life after being sucked off her life by that lord.


She could not be with Yu. She should not fall in love with Yu. That lord absolutely would not allow his woman to be touched by others. If that lord knew, he would have killed Yu without hesitation, and he would have used the cruelest method.


Thinking of that, Elsa quickly tried to push Yu away. But, Yu was holding Elsa tightly in his embrace at that moment. No matter how hard Elsa tried, she could not break free from him.


“Quick! Let me go!! We really can’t be together. If that lord knows, you will die!”


The more Elsa struggled, the tighter Yu hugged her. Yu was not shaken by Elsa’s words at all.


Die? How could Yu be afraid of death? Let alone whether he would die or not, even if he really would die, Yu would not give up on Elsa. It was because he liked Elsa. That was a feeling that could not be changed even if he died.


Yu continued holding Elsa firmly and was unwilling to let go. Elsa finally gave up struggling. At that point, Elsa slightly raised her head, looked at Yu with eyes full of tears and said,


“Yu… I like you… But if we let that lord know, our story will not end well. So please, run away from here as far as possible, then forget about me and don’t come back.”


When she said that, Elsa’s heart was full of despair, pain, and fear of reality. But she never expected that Yu would put his lips next to her ear at that time and speak in a gentle tone,


“Don’t be stupid, I’ll go wherever you are.”


After Elsa heard that sentence, she almost went crazy. Why could Yu not understand what she meant? Why was Yu so stubborn? If he continued his behavior, they were doomed to be a tragedy. Could it be that phrased it in a too-polite way, so that idiot Yu could not get what she actually meant!?

Elsa quickly reorganized the language in her mind, and then said to Yu in a very serious tone,


“Yu!! The lord I just mentioned is the God of the demons! He is the real ruler behind the demons!! If we are together, he will kill you without hesitation!! I don’t want to see such an ending happen to you!”


However, those words were useless to Yu, and he remained having Elsa in his tight embrace, immersed in the faint lily fragrance on Elsa’s body.


Finding that Yu did not respond, Elsa became even more anxious, and hurriedly urged,


“Yu! Do you understand how terrifying that lord is!?”


Yu sensed the dissatisfaction in Elsa’s tone at that moment, so he gently let go of her, then looked at her and said,


“I don’t understand it, and I don’t want to know it. But, if he is still a thing of this world, then I’m not afraid.”


Elsa was about to collapse when she heard that. The lord once said that his name should not be mentioned or revealed. Otherwise, neither she nor her mother’s life would end well. However, if she did not tell Yu now, then he would always stay by her side. She was terrified that the warning about death would just be a joke in Yu’s ears.


Thinking of that, Aisha rearranged her thoughts. She could not proceed with using “that lord” to persuade Yu to leave. Yu never knew how terrible that lord was, so that would not have any real effect on him, so now, she had to use an immediate reason to let Yu leave her.


At that very moment, Elsa was unsure whether she had to be happy or sad, because the reason was there from the beginning. There was no need for her to look for another one. Not to mention, it was precisely for that reason that made Yu and Elsa destined to not love each other.


Elsa raised her pale face to look at Yu, and she said very seriously,


“Yu, we are destined not to be together. Although I have half human blood, I am still a succubus, so I can’t have excessive contact with the opposite gender. Once something happens between us, your life will be sucked away by me involuntarily.”


Elsa remembered the words her mother said, which was to never fall in love with humans. Human life was as short as the blooming of the Queen of the Night Flower compared to the succubus. Maybe the tenacious race of demons could live with the succubus for a long time, but the weak humans could only stay for one night at most. After one night, all human life would be squeezed out by the succubus, leaving no trace behind.


Those were not controlled by the succubus and were not determined by them either. The physique of the succubus already determined everything. Once it had intimate contact with a human being, the life of the other party would be sucked away by itself. Her father was a living example. Her mother once said how much she loved her father, so much that she simply could not extricate herself from it. Meanwhile, her father still loved her so much even though he knew that her mother was a succubus. The two loved each other and spent one spring and one autumn, one season after another. However, it all ended that one night, the night when her mother conceived her.


Human life was so fragile in front of the succubus.


Elsa hoped that Yu could understand this truth. After all, Yu seemed to know a lot about succubus and demons. If that was the case, then Yu must understand what she said.


After listening to Elsa’s words, Yu gave no response. He just stared at Elsa in the eyes and lightly smiled.


How could Yu not know that? The characteristics of succubi were clearly written in the book. The day Elsa gently kissed Yu on the cheek was when Yu had already felt something strange. That day, a trace of his own life slowly flowed away from the place where Elsa’s lips met.


But, so what!??


Life? What was that? [The Infinite Yorman], life was just a number to him, whether it was a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years!! If Yu could give her as much as she could suck, endlessly, as long as the world was still there, Yu would transfer the power of life to Elsa infinitely. Who told him that she was the woman he liked?!


Elsa originally thought that Yu would let go of her and choose to leave upon hearing her explanation. After all, life was not a joke. If he was with her, Yu would definitely die.


Unexpectedly, that time, she guessed it wrongly again. Not only did Yu not let go of her, he suddenly brought her face closer, and pursed her lips with his own in an instant.


That was the first time Elsa has had such close contact with other people, and that was the first time she has felt the warmth of lips other than her own. The other party was not the terrifying person who was always masked, but her favorite Yu, the man she loved most.


At that time, the life in Yu’s body was constantly being sucked by Elsa. She felt something was wrong, and wanted to push Yu away quickly to stop the life absorption. Yet, at that moment, the hands that were pushing Yu were pressed against the wall by him.


Yu, who was usually obedient to Elsa, was so domineering at that instant. Elsa was clueless whether to react pleasantly surprised or dejected, but she finally understood the words her mother said to her when tears welled up in her eyes,


“How can my love for you… be measured with life and death?


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