Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens

Chapter 124 The Child of A Succubus


Yu looked at Elsa in a trance. It had been a while since they met and Elsa seemed to be even more charming. At that moment, Elsa slowly walked out of the steam from her bath and showed her fair body in front of Yu.


Seeing that, Yu covered his eyes immediately and quickly said,


“No… No! Elsa, listen to what I have to say! I didn’t know that you were taking a shower!!”


Although Yu was covering his eyes with his hands superficially, he secretly took a few glances through the gaps between his fingers. After all, that was the Elsa who he liked. However, Yu never expected that the reunion with Elsa would turn out to be such a scene. He recalled about how excited he was just now, which made him broke in without knocking on the door. If Elsa hated him because of that, he would really want to weep without tears.


However, when Yu was feeling so worried, he felt that something soft suddenly hit his chest, and the faint scent of lilies rushed into his nostrils in an instant. That was Elsa’s fragrance, the fragrance that Yu would never forget, the fragrance that Yu missed every day. And now, the owner of that fragrance was in his arms. Yu tentatively rested his hand on Elsa’s head slowly, and then wrapped Elsa’s whole body into his arms.


At that moment, Yu’s chest could feel a slight heat of dampness. At first, he thought it was the water droplets on Elsa’s body that had not been wiped dry. However, when he heard Elsa sobbing in his arms, he realized that those were Elsa’s tears…


However, Elsa did not stay in Yu’s arms for too long. Before Yu could keep Elsa’s body temperature on his body, he was pushed away by her.


Yu looked at Elsa in confusion, and noticed that her silver hair perfectly covered the creamy white jade on her chest, while her smooth legs seemed to be covering something. But, even though such a tempting scene was in sight, Yu did not have any bad thoughts, because Elsa’s eyes were red, and her eyes were filled with tears at that instant.


Yu looked at Elsa and was about to say something, but before he could say a word, he was interrupted by her.


“Quick, leave! Get out of here right this instant!! This is not the place for people like you!!”


Elsa lowered her head and shouted in a choking voice.


Yu was stunned when he heard that. He never thought that the first sentence Elsa said when they meet was to tell him to leave. He was obviously full of expectations for that day’s reunion, but why was Elsa unwilling to let him stay for an extra second?


“El…Elsa, what’s the matter?? Have I done something apologetic to you?? If it was about Kerr…”


Yu did not understand what Elsa was doing at the moment. He wanted to ask clearly about Elsa’s thoughts, but before he could finish speaking, Elsa pointed to the door and shouted again,


“That’s right! You can hurry back to Kerr’s side! Don’t pester me again! I hate you!! I don’t want to see you!! I… I…”


Tears welled up in Elsa’s eyes as she spoke. It seemed that only Elsa herself knew how much determination she took for her to say those words.


Yu was someone who always respected Elsa’s decision. If it were normal times, when Elsa would tell him to leave, he would definitely not stay for long. However, it was different that day. Maybe Elsa could fool herself and everyone, but she could never fool Yu. She could not fool the portraits on the table, and she could not fool the sincerity that liked Yu.


Yu did not speak a word. He just walked towards Elsa, step by step. Seeing that, Elsa quickly stepped back, but before she could react, she realized that she had been cornered by Yu.


Yu pushed a hand against the wall and looked at Elsa with his bewitching red eyes. At that moment, Elsa could already see the firm resolution in Yu’s eyes.


“I’m not leaving! If I have to leave, I’m taking you with me too.”


In response, Elsa hurriedly tried to push Yu away with her hands, but Yu’s seemingly not very strong physique was as sturdy as a thick wall at the moment.


“Hurry and leave! Why are you pestering me like this?! I hate you! You need to go, quick!! I’m begging you!! Get out of here now!!”


Elsa was still doing useless work as she never stopped pushing Yu. But at that time, Elsa felt a warm palm supporting her cheek. Soft and warm fingers gently brushed under her eye sockets, wiping away part of her gushing tears.


“I’m afraid even you won’t believe it when you say this.”


Elsa looked at the gentle Yu in front of her eyes, and her tears flowed uncontrollably again. Of course, she could never believe those words. Saying that she did not like Yu was an absolutely impossible thing. In a time frame of more than ten years, Elsa was afraid that she had never liked someone so much in her lifetime. That kind of love came directly from her heart and she felt helpless about it. It was a feeling that she could not control at all.


At that time, Yu looked at Elsa tenderly and continued,


“Can you tell me why you left without saying goodbye? Why have you decided to chase me away? If you lie, then I will stay here forever.”


Elsa looked into Yu’s eyes, full of surprise and anxiety. The surprise she felt was because she never thought that the gentle Yu would become so domineering because of herself at that very moment. Anxiety was her fearing that there would be no way for her to be alive after Yu knew the truth.


After a moment of hesitation in her heart, Elsa wiped away her tears, then looked at Yu,


“Yu… I’m sorry… Some things are never meant to be said…”


If she let Yu know about the secrets of the demons, then her adoptive father would never let Yu get away with that.


Yu looked at Elsa in front of him, thought about what happened before. He felt that Elsa might have troubles herself, so he opened his mouth and spoke,


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it. I’ll ask a sentence, while you just answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”


Elsa was stunned when she heard that, wondering what on earth he meant by that.


However, before Elsa could give some thought about it, Yu said,


“Is that succubus outside your door your biological mother??”




As soon as Elsa heard the word ‘succubus’, her eyes widened in surprise. It was impossible for human beings to know about succubi, but why did Yu know!??


“You don’t need to say much, just tell me ‘Yes’ or ‘No’…”


Yu looked at Elsa in front of her tenderly. At that moment, Elsa was standing against the wall with her back leaning against it. Her shoulders were bare, which was extremely cute.


Elsa hesitated in her heart. The succubus at the door was indeed her mother, but Elsa herself was not a purebred succubus. Her father was a human, out-and-out a human being. However, she was the child born of love between a human father and a succubus mother.


Succubus belonged to the demons, and humans have addressed the demons as devils since ancient times. Not to mention, the succubus had a very special existence amongst the demons. Even many creatures that were also demons would compare the succubus to a lascivious, lowly race. But even though those demons said so, they were still yearning for the body of a succubus behind their backs. However, regardless of whether Yu knew that or not, Elsa was worried that Yu would despise herself, her identity, and her bloodline.


But, she did not want to deceive Yu, not wanting to deceive the person she love the most.


Elsa was seen pursing her lips and humming in a very soft voice,



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