Infinite Apostle Chapter 123:  Mutual Thoughts


“Succubus!??  Is that woman a demon as well?”


When Aegir hear Yu’s words, she immediately drew her weapon, but was immediately stopped by Yu.  Actually, Yu’s original thought was identical to Aegir’s, that a demon had used magic to turn themselves into looking like Elsa.  However, he couldn’t feel a hint to discordance from the woman before him.


And now, the succubus who claimed to be Elsa’s mother was staring at Yu in shock.  Normally speaking, humans shouldn’t know of the race known as succubi, and they’d have even less ability to resist charm magic of this level.  However, Yu did it, and he even broke out the instant he was hit by the magic.


Thus, the succubus withdrew her charm magic and then spoke to Yu with a very impressed tone:


“Hoho~~  My daughter’s got quite the good taste, huh~~”


Succubi are a race that that can naturally seduce those of the opposite gender.  Any male are merely some ** animals in their eyes.  Yet, the moment a male manages to resist their charms, they will end up reevaluating said male.


When Yu heard those words, he frowned while looking at the woman who looked like Elsa with suspicious eyes.  Why does that succubus continue to call Elsa her daughter still at this point?


Yu’s thoughts were practically written on his face, so the succubus quickly guessed it.  Thus, the succubus just gave an alluring smirk as she spoke:


“Stop pondering now.  I am indeed a succubus, but Elsa is also my daughter~~  To avoid any further confusion, allow me to introduce myself then.  I’m Elsa’s mother, Lilith.  As you see, I’m a pure blooded succubus~”


Yu wanted to say something when heard those words, but Aegir shouted out before he had a chance:


“Stop lying!  Are you trying to claim that Elsa’s a demon as well!??”


Yu started thinking back to every single moment he had spent with Elsa, but no matter what, he couldn’t pick out any signs of Elsa being a succubus.


Thus, Yu frowned as he spoke to Elsa’s mother:


“Elsa doesn’t have a hint of succubus traits at all though.  How do you explain that then?”


However, Elsa’s mother simply gave a seductive smile as she spoke in a meaningful tone:


“Is that so?”


When Yu heard that, he suddenly remembered something and immediately touched his own face.  It was where Elsa kissed him back that day, and it was also the first time and place where Yu had made contact with a girl’s lips.  The warmth from that day seemed to still linger, which made Yu remember the abnormality from that day.  Back when Elsa kissed him on the cheeks, he felt as if something within him was also drained away.


Lilith flashed a smile in response to Yu’s stunned state before speaking:


“Elsa’s up in the room up the stairs~  As a reward for resisting my charm, I’ll make an exception and allow you to meet Elsa one last time~”


Yu looked where Lilith was pointing.  It was the final room up above the stairs in the parlor.


Yu withdrew his gaze, looked back at Lilith, and then frowned as he asked:


“Why is it our last meeting?”


Yet, Elsa’s mother simply showed a meaningful smile before speaking in a very gentle tone:


“Elsa will explain it to you.”


Yu was completely confused, but Elsa’s right up above, and he wanted to see Elsa more than anything else.  Thus, he immediately brought Aegir with him up the spiral staircase.


However, when Yu reached the door to Elsa’s room, Aegir stopped of her own accord.


Aegir had lowered her head at that moment, her hair covering her eyes as her hand tightly grasped the bottom of her shirt.  Then, she spoke in a minuscule voice:


“I’ll stay out here.”


Although Aegir also wants to confirm that Elsa’s fine as soon as possible, now that Elsa really is alright, she ended up having very complicated feelings about it.  Yu has Elsa on his mind, and that’s an undeniable truth, but in that case, what about herself then?  Are they just simply friends or teacher and student then?  At this moment, Aegir felt a hard to describe pain in her heart.  It can be said to be admiration, it could also be envy, or it could even be called hate.  However, the target of that hate isn’t Elsa, nor is it Yu, but rather herself.  She hates herself as someone who is someone extraneous no matter where she goes.


Yu of course had no way of knowing Aegir’s thoughts.  He just simply took it as Aegir not wanting to intrude on his and Elsa’s meeting, so he just looked at Aegir and said:


“Be careful on your own then.  If you encounter any danger, then call for me right away.”


Yu’s thought is that Elsa’s mother didn’t seem to have any intention of harming Aegir or himself.  After all, if she was going to do anything, there’s no need for her to wait until now.  Plus, they’d only be separated by a single door, so if the demons tried anything, then he’d be able to immediately notice as well.




Aegir hung her head as she answered in a minuscule voice.


Yu however didn’t notice Aegir’s abnormal behavior.  At this moment, Elsa’s right on the other side of the door.  Yu’s excited emotions could not be held back anymore.


Thus, Yu pushed the door open and walked into the room.


Lilith, who was at this moment standing down in the parlor beneath showed a sorrowful expression as she looked at Yu’s back.  It was a kind of sorrow that came from remembering a certain person, a kind of sorrow from being unable to have that person back.


The moment Yu pushed open the door to Elsa’s room, a familiar fragrance entered his nose.  The fragrance was faint like that of lilies, but it was also something that make one unable to forget it.  It was Elsa’s unique fragrance, a fragrance that he had missed so very much.


This was indeed Elsa’s room, but at this moment, he couldn’t see Elsa’s figure anywhere.  Yu slowly stepped into the room, carefully examining every object in Elsa’s room.  He wanted to understand Elsa.  He wanted to enter Elsa’s life.  It’s fine even if Elsa’s a succubus.  That doesn’t change the love that Yu have towards Elsa.


Then Yu’s gaze landed upon the desk next to the window.  Outside the window was a blue scene as far as the eye can see, accompanied by the constant sound of the tides.  The drawer on the right side of the desk was pulled out slightly though, as if someone had taken something out a moment ago and forgot to close it.  On the surface of the desk is a drawing, and on the paper was still a sketching pen.


Yu slowly walked up to the desk.  His eyes were now staring unerringly at that drawing.  It’s because he was so very familiar with the face drawn on it.


Black hair.  Crimson eyes.


Only when Yu finally picked the drawing up did he finally realize that the drawing was one of himself.


“I think of you, daily and nightly, without being able to see you.  Thus, all I can do is put my thoughts to the pen.”


The Yu in the drawing was like the real person.  It’s so lifelike that it might speak up at any second.  Anyone who saw it would immediately feel the thoughts and feelings of the artist.


While Yu was so intently looking at the drawing, the pen on the table ended up rolling off the table due to Yu picking up the paper.  When Yu heard the sound of the pen landing on the ground, he hurriedly leaned down to find it.  Just then though, Yu accidentally saw what’s in the drawer.  It was a thick stack of drawing papers.  All together, they are thick enough to make a full book of it.  Yu pulled it all out in curiousity, but when Yu’s curiosity was satisfied, he was on the other hand completely stunned.


It’s because the person in ever single one of those drawings is himself.  Plus, every single one is jus so very real and lifelike, like it was the real person standing right there.  At that moment though, a letter stacked in the midst of those drawings quietly fell onto the table.


Yu put down the drawings in his hand and silently picked up the unsigned letter.  The letter was filled with lots and lots of words, but the further down it went, the more blurry the ink got, almost as if some liquid had stained it wet.


Yu’s strong curiosity was aroused, and he started examining every word written in the letter.


It was a letter that Elsa was writing for him.  The first half of it all described just how happy she was at meeting Yu.  It was noticeable just from the handwriting just how happy Elsa’s mood was.  However, when it got to the middle portion, the words started blurring a great deal like it had been stained by tears.  This part seemed to be describing something very important, but Yu couldn’t make out the contents from the blurred writing.  When it reached the end though, the vast majority of it was just the two words “I’m sorry” repeated over and over again.


When he got to that part, Yu lightly folded that letter up and placed it in his shirt pocket.  At this point, Yu was filled with suspicions.  Just what happened to make Elsa feel so apologetic to him?  However, at the same time, his heart was also joyful.  He never imagined that Elsa would be the same as him, both of them thinking of each other in every moment.


Just then, a door opened with a “creak” sound.  Yu was suddenly startled and looked toward the direction of that sound.  Only then did he notice that there was another door at the innermost area of the room.  Steam was pouring out from behind that door, and the sound of water flowing also came from behind it.  It seemed to be a bathroom.


And in front of that door at that moment was a girl surrounded by steam.  That girl had just finished bathing, and her white skin was faintly visible among the steam.  Her silver hair fell in a curtain behind her, still wet with a few remaining droplets of dew.  Under the light, the girl’s violet eyes shone brightly like gemstones.  Then, the moment after, that stream of light fell along down the girl’s pale face onto the ground.  The girl wasn’t especially large, but she was the Elsa whom Yu had been thinking of day and night.  She wasn’t a succubus who looked like Elsa, but the real Elsa.  Her gaze, her scent, her attitude all went to confirm it.  This was indeed Elsa.

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