At that moment, the blond ponytailed man offered Yu an explanation.


“This is our lord, Parsterd.  However, he generally won’t be showing himself.  For now, please follow me to the parlor.  The Madam has been waiting there for a while now.”


Although the man did speak with a very respectful attitude, one would still be able to notice that he was still placing his own position high above.  His words had revealed a kind of forceful attitude.


That said, Yu won’t mind that at all.  After all, no matter how much one could try to puff themselves up, it’s all completely pointless against him.  Thus, Yu merely answered with a “hn” before following the man toward the parlor.  It’s unfortunate that the blond man had his back to Yu though, so Yu and Aegir weren’t able to see that the man had a disdainful expression at that moment.


Yu’s guess is that the blond man should be what’s known among humans as a butler type character.  However, what he found strange was that this castle didn’t have any of those cute maids that were mentioned in his books.


At this moment, a chilling aura filled the air as they walked.  Yu might not have noticed anything, given that his brain was either on Elsa or thinking on why there aren’t any pretty or cute maids here.  Aegir however is different.  As a normal person, this place gave her a very spooky feeling.


“Is Elsa really living in a place like this???”


While Aegir was thinking that, they have already arrived at the door to the parlor.  The butler opened the door before silently motioning them in.


Yu simply walked into the parlor with Aegir without much thought.  However, the moment, he entered, he stopped on the spot, stunned.  At that moment, his gaze was locked onto the woman on the couch.  That woman had beautiful long silver hard cascading down behind her, violet eyes like shining gems, a flawless face like that of a doll, and white skin as delicate as jade.




Yu unconsciously called out Elsa’s name when he saw that woman. It was because she
looked identical to Elsa. That said, if one weree to take a closer look, they would have
discovered some differences between her and Elsa. For example, her figure is a bit more
voluptuous than Elsa. Also, the impression from her gaze is more mature compared to Elsa,
more steady, and also bearing a hint of seductiveness.
The woman with the same face as Elsa simply covered her mouth with her hand and let out a
bell like laugh. Then, she looked at Yu.
“So you’re the boy who stole my daughter’s heart, huh?”
When Yu heard those words, he suddenly remembered the portrait he saw back in the
Lawrence house. The woman before him is the person in that portrait, Elsa’s mother, but if he
wasn’t wrong, that portrait should have been painted before Elsa was born. In that case, why
is it then that a human like her was still able maintain just a young appearance even after so
many years have passed???
Yu and Aegir were both stunned at the sight of Elsa’s mother before them. They completely
didn’t expect Elsa’s mother to be so young, or so seductive looking.
That said, Elsa’s mother seems to already be long since used to this kind of reaction, so she
didn’t say anything about it. She simply slowly stood up from the couch, her snow white legs
peaking out from under her black long skirt. Her figure was completely unlike a mother who
has already had a child, and was instead more like that of an 18 year old girl. She strutted
forth seductively, her alluring shoulders revealed, and stopped before Yu before lightly
caressing Yu’s chin with her pale fingers.

Aegir was already at a loss for words seeing all this. Although this woman really did look
quite like Elsa, her personality is way off. Yu didn’t know what to do now either. Elsa’s
mother is here, so this should mean that Elsa is completely fine. That’s of course great, but
this mother before him seem a bit hard to deal with.
At that moment, Elsa’s mother lightly spoke into Yu’s ears in a soft and gentle tone.
“If you want to take my daughter away, that’s no good at all. However, if you’re looking for a
pleasurable knight, I can accompany you instead~~”
Aegir was completely stunned when she heard those words. Yu on the other hand just felt an
impulsive urge being born in his heart, an urge to push this woman in front of him down.
Anyone else might have already done so, seeing as how that urge is something that any male
would find hard to resist. It was like a lust that came from deep within the soul after all.
Yu however woke up the moment that urge was born though. This was charm magic! It’s a
kind of magic that only succubi of the demon race could use. The woman before him isn’t a
human, but a succubus!!! They’re a kind of demon that likes to tempt men and then drain
away their life to consume as energy.
Thus, Yu simply glared at the succubus who claimed to be Elsa’s mother and spoke.
“You succubi really do have a wide range of hunting targets.”

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