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Infinite Apostle Chapter 122:  Elsa’s Mother!???


After Yu’s roar, the garden fell quiet again.  All that remained was the sound the of ocean winds and tides.


The gate to the castle slowly opened, and a man in a tuxedo with a tailcoat came out from within.  The man had his golden hair in a ponytail and his gaze was filled with an arrogance that seems to be looking down on everything.  After he came out, he merely glanced at Yu before coldly speaking to the Magic Armor.


“Kill him.”


Unfortunately for the Magic Armor, it’s not a living being, so it couldn’t feel Yu’s rage or the pressure he’s giving of.  It merely acts according to its master’s orders.  Yu is an intruder.  Its master has already given the orders.  Thus, it must erase him.


The Magic Armor let out a metallic grinding noise and, in an instant, swung an enormous black blade toward Yu at great speeds.  When this strike lands, it could likely shatter all the bricks laid down within the garden.  Yet, Yu didn’t even bother to pay it any attention.  He simply raised a hand and slashed back at it, launching an enormous sword aura at the Magic Armor.  It was only a single strike, but the Magic Armor that is known as the strongest of the five types was completely ripped apart into scrap before falling to the ground.


The blond, ponytailed man was stunned at the sight.  His eyes, previously arrogantly looking down on everything, was now bulging out like he had seen a ghost.


Then, the blond man spoke to Yu while shaking.


“Who…  Just who are you??”


Yu had by now already released his first seal, so his scarlet eyes were giving off a chilling red light.  He was currently suppressing his rage.  After all, right now, nothing’s been confirmed yet, and Yu’s not the type of person who indiscriminately slaughters the innocent.


Yu simply replied in an icy tone.


“I’m the one asking the question here.  Where is Elsa?”


Hearing Elsa’s name, the blond man froze for a moment before immediately answering.


“E-Elsa?  Milady?  I’ll let the Madam know right away.”


Thus, the blond ponytailed man immediately turned about and ran back into the castle.




Yu was a bit stunned after hearing the man’s words.  That man called Elsa milady?  And he also spoke of letting the Madam know?  In that case, it should mean that Elsa and her family should be fine then.


However, the werewolf had clearly said that the “messenger” was in this castle.  Does that mean that he’s hidden then?  Or is it…


Just as Yu’s thoughts reached that point, the castle gate once again opened up.


The blond ponytailed man came out again and then spoke to Yu in an extremely respectful manner.


“Sir, the Madam asks that you come in and stay a while.”

Yu hesitated a moment in response, but he didn’t say anything about it.  He simply turned his head toward Aegir to signal her to also come along.


Seeing that, Aegir hurriedly followed after Yu into the castle.


After entering the castle gates, the first thing they noticed was a faint herbal scent.  This scent had a faint dirt-like quality to it.  Yu frowned like he was thinking about something, but soon, his attention was instead drawn by the huge portrait hanging in the center of the three way intersection with the staircase.  The man in the portrait wore a red formal outfit that doesn’t match the current times.  His blond hair is peppered with white strands, but his actual appearance is unusually young.

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