Instant Death 106 Part 2

Euphemia and Theodosia stepped up and got in front of Tomochika and the others.


“Well then. There’s only ten of us, and they seem to be well over a hundred. Taking them all with us is going to take some time. If possible, I’d like to take them as unharmed as possible–”

“You know…”


Theodosia interrupted Darian by pulling out her sword.

Her blade of darkness released a flash of black light.

That black light was aimed at everyone. A shockwave big enough to mow down all ten of the riders ran through the entire grasslands.

However, her sword of darkness was unable to hurt a single one of them.

Not a single soldier, nor a single horse. The moment the shockwave touched them, it vanished.

However, almost as if she had been expecting that, Euphemia raised one of her hands in preparation for an attack.

A red light surged from her hand. It rose towards the sky and branched out into myriads.

A shower of red light came down onto Darian and his party like a waterfall.

It covered everything in front of them in red light.

Just how hot was each of those rays of red light? The grasslands around them were gouged out, covered in flames, and evaporated, and then everything was covered in white smoke.


“You did it!?”

“It may be too early to say that, Tomochika.”


Still, regardless of what anyone could have said then, their fate seemed to be sealed.

That was the result of them doing as much as they could.

The white smoke began to clear out, and the silhouettes of the horse-riders started to appear behind it.

But they hadn’t been destroyed. Moreover, neither of them had a speck of dust over their uniforms.


“If I may say so myself, we’re not known as ‘The Invincible Army’ just for show. I’m very good at making magical tools. These uniforms and our horses’ armor are capable of blocking all sorts of physical and magical attacks.”

“Don’t make fun of us… There can’t be such a thing…!”

“Feel free to try us, then. Go ahead and attack us however you’d like. Then, once you’ve realized there’s nothing you can do, you’ll come with us, right?”


Something sprouted out from the ground under Darian and his party. Several spear-like things that looked like human spines appeared, going through their armored horses.

However, the moment they touched the horses’ armor, they shattered.

Euphemia kept on attacking using her spears created with her blood, and Theodosia continued attacking with her sword. They tried every single skill they knew.

It was almost embarrassing.

While they were frantically attacking, Darian and his party just stood there looking at them as if they were bored, without moving an inch.

Seeing that, the rest of the half-demons began to feel something changing.

They started to feel that they were no match for them.

They started to take a few steps back, and then all of them began to run away at full speed.




The bored Darian muttered a single word.

At that very moment, something began to coil around Tomochika’s body.

It looked like a chain made of light that wrapped itself around her, rendering her unable to move.

The same happened to the hundred half-demons, except for Theodosia and Euphemia.


“They can’t escape. I hope they finally understand they’re no match for us and agree to come along nicely.”

“Your magic really is something out of this world, Lord Darian… To be able to restrain this many people at once so easily…”

“It’s not that difficult, really. Even you can use Bind, Jolt.”

“But its success rate is low, and no one should be able to target these many people at once.”

“Is that so? For me, it’s just a matter of picturing my targets’ position in my head.”

“Something like that is impossible for ordinary people like us…”


Darian and Jolt were chatting so casually that no one would ever believe they were under a barrage of devastating attacks just a few moments ago.


“What’s this!? I can’t move at all!”


The chains of light that suddenly appeared around her were no different than actual chains made of steel.

Both her arms and legs were restrained along with her body.

No matter how much effort she put into it, her movements had been completely restricted.

Tomochika had remained standing still thanks to her excellent sense of balance. Everyone else affected by the chains fell to the ground on the spot.


『Huh? This is terrible!』

“Can you feel it? Do something about it!”

『Do something, you say? Well, there may be something I can do…』


『My analysis of the Battle Song has been effective to some extent. This system has some security holes. If I were to try to break through one of them, I might be able to render the system ineffective for a period of time.』


The Battle Song was a system installed into all classmates the moment they were summoned to this world.

And most of the powers based on gifts and magic spells used in this world are said to work based on that system.


“Well then, what are you waiting for? Give it a go!”

『But I won’t be able to hold it off for long. We need to do this at the right moment.』

“How long?”

『The time limit is thirty seconds. We won’t be able to escape with that little time. Our only choice would be to neutralize Darian and the others, but can we do than in that time?』


Would they be able to render Darian powerless in thirty seconds after being able to move?

Tomochika believed that they could do it as long as she could manage to touch him in that time.

But distance was an issue.

Darian was a few feet away, so most of the thirty seconds would be spent just getting close to him.


“What’s going on?”


Tomochika turned around as she heard that voice behind her.

Yogiri was standing there, still half asleep.

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