Instant Death 107 Part 1


I don’t really do much talking to people, so I don’t think I’m the right one to do it



“Ah, Takato! What took you so long?”

“Uh, I thought you knew already, but I was asleep.”

“Even through this ruckus!?”


He did feel a bit sorry after hearing her say that, but the situation they were in didn’t leave much room for apologizing.

Yogiri went around Tomochika and got in front of her.

Tomochika’s state of affairs was worth seeing. The chains of light that bound her were going around above and under her breasts, which highlighted their nice shape.

Though they appear purely magical in essence, the chains do seem to have a physical substance.


“Hey! You didn’t come here to just stand there and watch, did you!?”

“It’s not like that.”


Thinking it was a bit of a pity that he had to do that, Yogiri killed the chains that had Tomochika tied up.

The chains of light simply vanished. After all, they were different from actual chains.

He didn’t release everyone, though. It was simply too difficult to do so.

Yogiri’s power was basically the power to kill living things. When put to practical use, it can also be used in various ways, but it’s not so precise when it comes to killing things that aren’t actually alive.

Therefore, while it was possible to kill the chains that were right in front of him, getting rid of all the chains that bound all of the half-demons which were spread out in a wide area was a difficult thing to do.


“It seems this is a rather tough situation to be waking up to, but what’s going on?”


Tomochika briefly explained the situation.

Fortunately, the enemy hasn’t been paying much attention to the fact that Yogiri had shown up. They seemed more interested in waiting for Theodosia and the others to give up.


“What a bothersome situation we’re in…”


After hearing Tomochika’s explanation, Yogiri seemed very troubled. If they were to go by the law, it would seem that what these Mani Kingdom soldiers say was correct. But was that law legalized and in effect in the first place?

However, there could also be the question of whether Yogiri, who came from another world and knows little about this worlds’ history and circumstances, should meddle with how a country of this world makes its own laws.


–But hey, which one will it be?


Yogiri suddenly remembered about the things that happened to those half-demons in the tower.

Their bodies had been disassembled as if they were machinery while they were alive just to be able to take away their magical powers more efficiently.

The ones who did that may have had their own reasons, but Yogiri still could not forgive them.


“We should try talking about this for now.”

“But we already tried doing that!?”

“If they’re any different than those thick-skulled sages, then at least I could try speaking to them.”

“You think that just because it’s you, you should be able to manage to make it somehow. That’s really irritating, you know!?”


Yogiri approached Darian.

When Theodosia and Euphemia noticed Yogiri was nearby, they stopped attacking and stepped back, getting to Yogiri’s side.


“Can you help us? To be honest, I’ve reached my limit. I’ve used everything I’ve got on him, but nothing seems to work.”

“It’s a bit hard to believe. I didn’t think there was any human capable of resisting my Origin Blood…”

“I’ll try to have a talk with them for now.”in


Yogiri stood a few meters ahead of Darian, who was still on his horse, and looked up at him.

It did look like he was the second prince.

There was some sort of majestic air about him.


“Since it took you so long to show up, can I assume you’re these people’s proper representative?”

“A representative? Is that what you think?”


The fact that Yogiri was standing alone, pretty much ahead of everyone else in his group, did actually give that impression.


“So, do you give up? I don’t want to turn this into a battlefield either. I’d really appreciate it if you’d just come with us nicely. Ah, of course, only the people who had been snatched away need to come with us. After all, any half-demon who doesn’t have an owner, won’t have a place to return to.”


He had a calm and confident attitude.

Darian didn’t have to have a sense of guilt or anything like that.

He had come here as part of his world reformation, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with his actions.


“Like you, I don’t like turning places into battlefields. So can you leave us alone, please?”

“…Hmm. Don’t you understand the situation you’re in right now? You can see clearly enough that none of your attacks will work on us.”

“As far as I know, you haven’t attacked us either, so this isn’t going anywhere, is it?”

“Trying to negotiate hasn’t gotten us anywhere either, though!”


Tomochika retorted as she walked up to Yogiri.


“I don’t really do much talking to people, so I don’t think I’m the right one to do it.”

“Then why did you come here!?”

Tomochika was confused.

He couldn’t just kill an enemy who wasn’t being proactively attacking them.


“I see. Perhaps there isn’t any other way for you to understand the difference in our power. Well, it can’t be helped, I guess.”


Darian stretched his right hand out horizontally.

His right hand then started to generate light, which began to draw complicated geometrical patterns.

It was some sort of magic spell, but Yogiri had never seen anyone casting a spell like that. There seemed to be several kinds of magic.

Would it be alright to say that it was some sort of multi-layered, three-dimensional magic circle? It expanded into some sort of sphere where letters and symbols intertwined, and then it suddenly disappeared.

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