Instant Death 107 Part 2


The sound of an explosion. A flash of light. A windstorm. A shockwave.


Each of those happened one after the other, shaking Yogiri’s five senses.

Unable to stand, Yogiri fell to his knees on the spot.

Looking for what had happened, he followed the direction at which Darian’s right hand had been pointing.

There was nothing there.

A few moments ago, there was a lush grassland which stretched out everywhere, but now, there was simply nothing there anymore.

The grasslands had vanished.

The grass was gone, the ground under it was gone, and all that was left was an empty darkness.

There was a gigantic hole spreading out as far as one could see.


–Ah, so that’s why I’ve been having this feeling of death for a while now.


Yogiri had actually woken up feeling that deathly presence.


If something like that were to be used in their direction, the entire half-demon camp would disappear in an instant, and due to its range being so wide, there would be no way to escape such an attack.


“Um, why are you standing still, Dannoura?”

“Even if you say that…”


The chains around her were long gone, but she still was rooted to the spot like a tree.


『Could it be that the young master isn’t strong enough to defeat him?』


The half-demons started to sink into despair.

Having never seen anything of such tremendous force made them lose their will to fight.


“That’s our Lord Darian for you!”

“It’s just changing the terrain, don’t make such a fuss about it!”

“We’ll have to rewrite our maps, won’t we?”

“No, I’ve gone easy on that piece of land. It was easy to realize that once I started drawing my magic circle.”

“Gone easy, you say!?”

“And I thought I wouldn’t have to use this against these half-demons… Ah, look at the poor things, they’re petrified.”


On the other hand, the royal army was all cheers. Darian’s subordinates, who had been silent so far, started praising him.


“Hm? Things don’t look good, huh?”

“You’re right. This doesn’t look like the royal army at all.”


When having a conversation with Darian, he sounded dignified. However, his character seemed to change whenever his subordinates started talking.


“So, how’s that? Do you feel like coming with us nicely now?”

“No, not even after your demonstration. You mean to tell me that you want to take these half-demons back with you without killing a single one? Is that what you mean?”


Yogiri got back up and stood straight as he spoke.


“This is quite troubling. I’ve gone this far to show you, and you still don’t understand, don’t you?”

“It’s no use, Darian. These people can’t understand how merciful you’re being right now. People who can’t understand unless you kill one or two people in front of their eyes are nothing but fools.”


Saying that, one of Darian’s subordinates came to the front.


“But… Ah, I see. As long as it’s not one of the stolen half-demons, there shouldn’t be any problem if we kill one or two of these guys. And those half-demons with no owner are as good as wild animals, too.”

“Hey, I think it’s our turn now, don’t you think?”


Yogiri interrupted Darian before he could do anything.



“I’ve come to understand that no matter how much I’ve asked you to leave us alone, you’re not going anywhere. So, leaving you aside, prince, I’ll kill the closest person in front of me. Five.”

“Takato! Wait…”

“I know you want to resolve this by talking, but this is as much as I can do. Four.”


You don’t have to kill anyone.

They haven’t harmed anyone directly so far.

We’re still not sure these guys are actually evil.

That’s what Tomochika must have been trying to say.

Still, siding with the half-demons means to antagonize the kingdom, so for the time being it was important to show their own strength even if that meant driving away the invincible army.

And even if he were to kill only a few body parts of one of these guys, it wouldn’t make Yogiri like that much of a threat, and it could make things worse in the long run. If he wanted to give these guys a proper warning, he had to kill one of them.


“Huh? A countdown? Good, good! Go ahead then!”


The man who had spoken earlier rode his horse even closer to Yogiri in order to provoke him.


“Three, two, one.”

“Come on, what’s wrong? What will you do? What can you do against this invincible armor Darian has made for us, huh? What will you–”



Yogiri pointed at the man so that everyone could see.


“Can you see now? I keep telling you it’s pointless, so–”


Darian’s words were cut short by the man who suddenly fell from his horse.

Then the ambience changed.

The humans in the royal army would never have expected such a result.

Yogiri waited for the shock to sink in.

He could have easily wiped them all out, but he had no intention to do so.

After all, the idea behind this was to make them go away.


“I can kill any opponent in front of me. So please, do us a favor and leave us be.”

『Is he going to kill them all?』

“If we manage to leave the country, they shouldn’t have any reason to come after us.”


Though it could become a problem in the distant future, these people weren’t targeting Yogiri or Tomochika. It felt kind of awkward.


“You bastard! We are the invincible army!”

“You don’t look so invincible to me now.”


It looked like they finally realized what was happening. However, it appeared that escaping wasn’t an option for them yet.


“Okay! Lord Darian doesn’t need to get his hands dirty with this fool! With my magic, I’ll–”


The woman who was standing behind Darian started to talk, but couldn’t finish what she was trying to say.


“This might sound a bit obvious, but if you attack me, I’ll fight back. I won’t be attacking anyone who runs away, so feel free to leave now.”


He tried to sound menacing, but it didn’t seem to have gone so well.

Yogiri realized negotiations weren’t really his forte.


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