Instant Death 108 Part 1


Is “working hard” just selecting a magic spell from a system menu over and over?



Jolt had a memory about his previous life.

He had reincarnated, so to speak.

In his previous existence, Jolt had wasted his life.

He had had a relatively good childhood, but failing an exam during high-school had cast a shadow on his life. It made him fall into such despair that he ended up withdrawing himself from society, and by the time he had become a middle-aged man, he had still not been able to recover.

His unprosperous parents had started to see him as a nuisance –a parasite– due to his lack of productivity. That seemed to be the way society had started to see him as well.

Of course, his own opinion of himself did not necessarily match with how society had seen him. Even as he was approaching his fifty years of age, he still thought he had potential.

Perhaps Jolt’s cause of death during his previous existence was starvation.

As he continued to carry on a socially withdrawn life, on one occasion he found himself realizing that his food had not arrived on time.

It was time for his food, but it simply hadn’t come. He stomped on the floor many times over, waiting for a response that never came. But even then, he hadn’t thought about heading downstairs to see why his food hadn’t arrived.

For someone who had the mindset of a chick, who simply waits with his mouth open waiting for food to be poured in, even something as simple as that was a nuisance.

Then, after two days straight without having his meal delivered, he finally lifted his heavy body. He got out of his room and headed downstairs. It had been the first time he had done that in twenty years.

He dragged his fat body all the way to the living room.

There he found her mother, curling up on the sofa with the TV still on.

She was unexpectedly older than he had remembered her to be.

Was she this small? That thought drifted through his mind for a brief moment before being blown away by an intense anger.

How dared she doze off like that without properly preparing his food?


“Hey, you hag! Where’s my food!?”


But there had been no response.

He shook her mother as if to wake her up, and a shiver ran down his spine. Her body was too light and unresponsive.

Jolt’s withdrawal had caused his family to collapse, and his mother’s mind and body might have reached their limits after struggling to keep the household by herself for so long.

Of course, Jolt had paid no mind to her mother’s hardships. Even in that situation, his only concern was his food.

And then, Jolt died as well.

As silly as it sounds, he just couldn’t leave his house.

There was food in his house, but after he ate all of it, that was it.

He couldn’t make himself go out after such a long time, and even if he were to order food online, he would not be able to bring himself to the door to face the delivery person.

People often say that there’s always a way of doing things when it’s a matter of life and death.

But Jolt couldn’t. That’s all there had been to it.

Fortunately, his memories about his previous existence did not include those he experienced moments just before his death.

Had he been able to remember, he would have been tormented by the memory of starving to death as he was being reborn.

Before he realized, he had become a baby.

He was confused at first.

He couldn’t see, he couldn’t move, and he wasn’t aware of having been turned into a baby.

He wasn’t able to understand what had happened until he was finally able to stand up for himself.

He was quick to learn how to speak, probably because he had memories of his previous existence.

He wasn’t in Japan anymore. He was in a world with monsters and magic.

He was born as the third son of a prosperous nobleman of the Mani Kingdom and given the name ‘Jolt’.

He was able to learn that by overhearing the conversations around him.

Still finding it hard to believe what had happened, Jolt was thankful to God. He saw this as his chance to start over.

He had lost his way in his previous existence due to his negligence. But since he had been able to remember everything about his past life ever since he was a baby, he would probably be able to do things right this time around.

That’s what he believed.

He was glad about having been reborn into a noble family.

Even though magic existed in this new world, it wasn’t just for everybody.

In this world, there are supernatural powers called ‘Gifts’, since they can only be used once someone has given them to you, and powerful Gifts are handed down in noble families.

Jolt’s class was ‘Magical Martial Artist’, as passed down by his family.

It was a battle-focused class that can use both hand-to-hand combat and powerful magic, giving him a wide array of abilities to help him deal with enemies both at close range and at long range.

Jolt was called a prodigy.

Even since his time as a baby, he had always been in pursuit of knowledge, and he had the power of comprehension of an adult, thanks to his memories of his previous existence.

This new life would be a smooth one. That’s what Jolt thought at first.


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