Instant Death 108 Part 2




Jolt was dumbfounded as he crawled on the stadium’s floor.

His opponent was supposed to be eating dirt and looking up at him.

He would graciously counter that disgusting senior’s offense and assert his standing in school.

That was something that happened back when Jolt entered high-school in his previous life.

And that was something that wasn’t supposed to happen ever again.

Jolt should have been able to smash that cheeky freshman in front of him.

At the start of the match, he would have strengthened his body with magic. Then, he would have instantly got behind his opponent, and knocked them out in a single hit from his blind spot.

That had been the plan, but when he was about to get behind his opponent, he had disappeared.


“How… How did this happen!?”


He was going to go easy on him.

His opponent was from the royalty. He knew that didn’t matter when they were on academy campus, but he also knew that it would do him no good to overdo things against him.

However, he intended to go serious on him until he had snuck up on him, and then he realized he himself was on the floor.

Jolt should have had an overwhelming advantage over him.

He had been training hard even before others became aware of their surroundings. Instead of doing nothing all day like in his previous existence, he worked hard every day.

Even when he was a baby, and still was unable to walk on his own, he had mastered a powerful defensive spell. After reaching such a level of skill, no attack should have gotten the better of him like that.


『Is “working hard” just selecting a magic spell from a system menu over and over?』


Jolt was surprised by the voice echoing inside his mind, and looked up.

A handsome young boy was standing there. Anyone hearing his voice would have thought he was some kind of prince.

He was Darian, Third Prince of the Mani Kingdom. He was that year’s most remarkable one among the freshmen.


『I’m sorry if I surprised you. But don’t worry. I can only reach the surface of your consciousness through the System. I can’t get deep into people’s hearts just yet.』


Jolt was shocked to know that the voice in his head was Darian’s.

Even though he didn’t remember allowing him to enter his mind, he had so easily done so on his own volition.


『What do you mean, “System Menu”?』


He replied in his own heart. Darian showed a slight smile after that.


『You’re a reincarnated person, aren’t you』


Jolt was confused. He had kept the fact that he was a reincarnated person hidden from everyone. No one else should have known about that.


『What? You’re going to tell me that you’ve never opened your System Menu?』


Of course he had.

That was his advantage over others as a reincarnated person.

There were many people in this world who could use Gifts. But he was supposed to be the only one to make a User Interface for magic skills appear in front of him.

While others need wands, incantations, and magic circles in order to use magic, all he needed to do was to open a System Menu and select a spell from there.

You don’t even need to know anything about magic. The spells there are usable just by selecting them, and their power and accuracy increase just by using them over and over again.


『Well, your spells will get stronger the more you use them. I suppose there is some hard work involved in that.』


Jolt got up reflexively, feeling a scornful laugh about to come out through his mouth..

Then he turned around to face Darian.


『Are you planning to get behind me and knock me down from a blindspot again?』

“Shut up!”


He couldn’t allow himself to lose.

If he were to lose, it would start all over again. Something that has broken could never be truly fixed. He knew that all too well from his previous existence.

Jolt opened up his System Menu and selected the Rank 4 skill, ‘Disintegrate’.

Then, he selected the attack’s range.

Darian was faster than him, so he could probably avoid the attack easily.

In that case…

All he had to do was to set a range wide enough so that no one could ever escape it.

He set a radius of a hundred meters around him as the spell’s effective range.

‘Disintegrate’, as the name implied, was a spell that caused things to crumble down and collapse. It could be focused into a sharp beam to quickly hit a single target, and it could also be used to cause large-scale destruction by expanding its range.

Of course, by doing this, he wouldn’t just be killing a member of the royalty. The school would be completely destroyed, and everything around him would turn into dust, including other people.

But Jolt didn’t care.

He really thought that if he lost then and there, everything would come to naught all over again.


“Take this!”


The skill had been activated.

But the outcome was not the one that Jolt had expected.

Everything was supposed to crumble into dust and turn into a desert. However, the scenery in front of him hadn’t changed at all.

His magic power had been completely reduced.

So the skill had definitely been activated.

And yet, there seemed to have had no effect.

There was a chance it wouldn’t work on Darian.

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