Instant Death 108 Part 3

The effects of his skill could have been reduced and blocked to some degree with a higher-ranked defensive skill.

But no effect at all? Even if Darian had successfully defended against it, there was no chance he could have protected the buildings and the people around him.


『I’m sorry, but after analyzing your spell, I went ahead and nullified it.』


Jolt’s shoulders felt heavy.

He didn’t think it would be possible to do something like that.

After all, his spells were like skills he could select and activate at will.

He was convinced that something like analysis and research wouldn’t make any sense.

Darian was drawing nearer, but Jolt remained with his head hanging in shame.


『Actually, I messed up the first time. On my first analysis, I was unhurt, but the academy had turned into sand. This was my second attempt. It wasn’t easy to nullify your attack.』


Darian sounded as he was enjoying himself, but his words made a chill run down Jolt’s spine.

If what he said was true, Darian had the ability to control even space and time.

How could anyone stand up to such an opponent?


『What on earth… are you…?』

『Ah, it’s not too big of a deal. Just like your class is Magical Martial Artist, mine is System Engineer.』


It was a class he had never heard of before. But Jolt had a vague idea about what it was.

That must be the power to tap into the System that controls this world.

It could negate spells and skills that operate in the System, and it would also allow him to manipulate time through the System.


『…Kill me…』


What would he ever be able to accomplish in front of such an opponent? Jolt sank into despair.

It was hopeless. To continue to live like this would be a waste of life all over again.


『No, if I were trying to kill you, I wouldn’t be beating around the bush this much.』


Darian crouched and looked at Jolt’s face from the side.


『I’d like you to join me. After all, I can’t leave a reincarnated person such as you to fend for himself.』


Jolt shook his head in confusion.

He couldn’t understand what he had just said.


『Well, obviously reincarnated people could just kill anyone who stands in their path. Still, I think that would be a rather lonely life to be reborn into, don’t you think? Come on, don’t feel bad. I understand your situation.』


Jolt had no choice but to join Darian’s army.




Being under the protection of such an overwhelming being was better than he had ever imagined it would be.

Darian could easily do things that were much more difficult for him to accomplish.

Jolt recognized Darian’s awesome power as his subordinate, but he also admired it and praised it.

He felt incredibly relieved to be near someone as powerful as him.

He had initially thought he would feel uncomfortable being Darian’s subordinate, but nothing was particularly any different than before.

That’s because Darian had the charms and a broad mind to associate himself with several different kinds of people.

One by one, Darian started recruiting more and more reincarnated people.

After all, there were many others like Jolt in this world.

There wasn’t much of a difference between the circumstances of their reincarnation, but their powers would vary depending on how different their previous existences were.

It seemed that, since he hadn’t really accomplished much during his previous life, Jolt couldn’t really compare to other reincarnated people. So they should at least be able to do what Jolt had gone through great efforts to learn to do.

Darian assembled the reincarnated people he met into a team, which eventually came to be known as the Invincible Corps.

They did not seek power. After all, Darian was powerful enough by himself.

He didn’t really understand what his purpose was.

Darian was a member of the royalty, but seemed to have no interest in the throne.

With his power, he should be able to conquer even the Hell that lies under the royal capital, but Darian had never been to Hell in the first place.

According to him, Hell was already part of everyone’s life. He would like to avoid changing the status quo at all if possible. But if he were to go, he should easily be able to seal it off.

He was on a personal quest. A journey around his country for a ‘world reformation’.

It was rather common for the members of the royalty to go here and there within the country, but on the other hand, it was extremely rare for them to leave their borders.

To travel all over the country, learning about suspicious rumors and incidents, and rushing to solve them.

To Jolt, it seemed that Darian was looking for something out there.


“There have been a lot of incidents involving theft of half-demons around here lately.”


One day, Darian found out about the case of the stolen half-demons.

The Invincible Corps wouldn’t move out just to retrieve a couple of stolen things.

Half-demons were seen as mere objects, and even though were generally owned by nobles, it was just a theft case. Something like that should be handled by those concerned.

However, things were different when it comes to serial robberies committed by the same offenders. Moreover, there seemed to be a vampire amongst those criminals.

It would be very difficult for a regular human to handle this situation. That’s why this case called for Darian and his Invincible Corps.

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