109 Part 1

109 Instant Death


Chapter 5 Act 1

Episode 7 Then You Should Die


“What? A countdown? Good, let me do it then!”

Roberto advanced his horse in front of the boy as if provoking.


Jolt stared at the boy with pity for he did not know what was coming.

Unlike the reincarnated Jolt and company, the boy’s features looked like a Japanese at first glance.

Since the boy was the opponent, there certainly was no room for carelessness. Analyzing his abilities with all possible means necessary was only natural. However, the result turned out to be he was just an Ungifted boy.

Moreover, even if he were to utilize his Gift, it would be futile against Darian who was experienced in handling the Invincible Armor.



The young boy pointed at Roberto.

He looked almost comical. It would be foolish of him to use that as his last attempt of resistance.


Jolt was envisioning what would happen to the boy after that.

The boy would not be destroyed beyond all recognition, because Roberto was well-known for his violent disposition. He would be tormented with an indescribable pain to his limit, but would not be permitted to die even if he begged with his life.


But Roberto fell from his horse.

Jolt could not comprehend what just happened.

Roberto who was charging like a raging bull suddenly fell from his horse and stopped moving.


“I can kill any opponents spontaneously. So, please leave.”

The boy explained simply.

There was no other choice but to give up.

It appeared as if the boy was implying that even if he explained it in detail, no one would understand anyway.


Everyone understood the meaning of his simple words.


Roberto was indeed killed by this young boy.

But no one knew how.


Roberto’s corps uniform integrated into the Invisible Armor that Darian created.

It was like a miracle product. Previously, Darian had once disabled Jolt’s magic for an example and imbued the ability into the corps uniform made with ordinary cloth, so that everyone could use that ability.

The imbued ability could analyze any kind of magic, every conceivable condition abnormality and attack attributes then neutralize it, as well as completely disable physical attack.

That interfered with the system governing this world.

The armor became invincible because of it.

It was Darian’s whimsical creation, yet no one had ever managed to break this armor.

For those trapped in the system, the existence of this armor was beyond imagination.

In this world, Gift was a manifestation of power, and it was nothing more than a phenomenon administered by the system.

Consequently, it would be impossible to break the Invincible Armor with Gift.


“You bastard! What do you take the Invincible Corps for?!”

Jolt blurted in disbelief.

     We are invincible! There was no way anyone could break our armor!


“Very well! Lord Darian, no need to bother with this kind of guy!”

The Ice Flame Mage Irene shouted.

She tried to stop Jolt. This woman was merciless.


If she unleashed her power, a rough storm of absolute zero will blow through this whole region.

Jolt and company might be unharmed for they had their Invincible Armor, but the half-demons that were supposed to be retrieved would be thoroughly wiped out.

But that concern was proven unfounded.

Irene was interrupted mid-action and fell off her horse.


Jolt recognized that two people had died.

Their system status indicated that both of them were dead. Everyone present could confirm the status by consulting with the system status.

All their comrades here as well would recognize that they were dead.


“It’s obvious that if you attack, I retaliate. One more thing, if you run, you won’t be attacked, so you can run with peace of mind.”

The boy explained after killing Irene.


But it was incomprehensible how the boy did it.

Just like earlier, someone dropped dead just after he said it.


“No way ….”

Barnard muttered.

“I will not allow something like this to happen!”

He drew his sword furiously, but then fell off his horse.


The third victim.


There was no more doubt.

The words of this young boy were true. He could spontaneously kill any target and would retaliate against anyone who tried to attack.



Thalia used her magic on those three people that had fallen off their horses.

Her Resurrection magic was second-to-none.

Her Resurrection performed in the past on some dozens of people, who had been destroyed beyond all recognition, had earned her the nickname Balspehmous Mage who toyed with lives.

But the result of that magic did not manifest this time.

In the first place, the cause of their deaths was unknown.

They did not have apparent physical injuries. Nevertheless, they died. They were motionless.

“What’s going on?! Multiple Ressurection!”

That was a forbidden magic performed on living people.

It seemed like an altered ruthless extrapolation of superimposing body and soul.

But the result was the same.

Thalia lost her power and fell off her force as well, and she became motionless.


“Look. Are you guys stupid?”

The boy asked with irritation.


Four people had died.

As expected, no one came forward to lunge in vain anymore.



* * * * *



It was beyond comprehension.

That was Jolt’s candid reaction.

Four people suddenly stopped moving and fell off their horses.

What just happened was completely beyond comprehension.

It was clear the boy did it from observing his speech and conduct.

But it was unbelievable. What the boy had done was unthinkable.

The first person dropped dead right after the boy commanded him to. But what was that all about? A person would not just die after being instructed to.

Neither evidence of magical power consumption, nor visible use of other tools, was present. According to Jolt’s perceptive ability, the boy did not appear to do anything.

There was no other choice but to believe it.

With an unknown cause, four people had died.


It would be unwise to think that it was all right to charge at the boy.

For the time being, the only choice was to blindly swallow the situation, even though none of it made any sense.

It would be safe to assume that all his comrades followed similar train of thoughts. They all arrived at a mutual understanding that trying to do anything more than that would be unwise.

Everyone paused.

Only groans of dissatisfied horses were audible echoing throughout the meadow.


     — It’s weird … there’s nothing good about something like this happening!


Jolt was happy.

He escaped from his decaying previous life and lived a new life.

That turned out well.

His only setback was to abuse his power and did as he pleases. But he found happiness from being especially able to stay under the protection of a greater power.

Jolt felt remorse for behaving abusively.

He would kill people he did not like and dote the women he liked. With the power he possessed, he could do whatever he liked, but it was unclear if that was his intention.

He would be baffled if given unlimited freedom. Jolt was that sort of a person, and he would be delighted to obey a strong man like Darian.

So there was no need for him to think for himself what was right or wrong.

Darian would always be right regardless. And Jolt was satisfied with that.

No matter how you look at it, Jolt was a human who would treat half-demons like tools or kill civilians who got in the way, and be fine with anything so long as it was Darian’s wish.

That would be the typical journey of a group in the reforming world.

Simply put, no matter how complicated and mysterious the situation was, be it the Demon Kins under the command of the Demon King or Vampires who turned up to be their opponents, there was never a problem.

Jolt and his comrades would extravagantly praise Darian who would somehow do something in every situation. It was supposed to be just to that extent.




Four people had died in a blink of an eye.

That was terrifying.

The boy who stood around absentmindedly did not display any intent to kill, but Jolt and his comrades were not allowed to retaliate and just simply died.

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