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Chapter 267 Albert’s Two Faces

I will leave the emperor’s matter to Lionel.


The terrified Albert majesty is more of a problem.


He was calling Lionel his teacher but to be honest, it didn’t look like it a bit.


He was just shaking after watching me send the emperor flying.


Although I feel bad, I must tell His Highness Albert even when he is in this condition.


“Your Highness Albert, Lionel is… all my allies here are my family, my friends and my followers. And as such, none of us will be serving the empire.”


“Th-that will be troubling. At least till I become the emperor, please, please…”


His Majesty said with desperate eyes, lowering his head again and again–can this guy really, really become the emperor?–it makes me wonder.


This time, it turned into a joint fight as our interests were same… or actually, even that didn’t happen–in fact, he couldn’t even lead properly and ended up being a burden.


Moreover, Raizak, whom His Majesty Albert was going to appoint as prime minister, went with Cloud and the resistance which was accompanying probably got restrained.


No matter how the base of the resistance is in Ebiza, they were able to keep going carrying His Majesty Albert as they had the emperor goal.


However, now that is going to become a reality, there would come people who would want to steal the rights.


When that happens, will His Majesty Albert be able to stop them? Hypothetically, let’s say that the former saint Melfina-san, the betrayer prime minister Raizak and Lionel’s son–Gradis-dono gets appointed to chief posts in the empire.


It is clear what the people who had stayed in the empire and somehow supported it because of the emperor’s power would think.


Everyone in the management or administration of the current empire, the people at the top and the runner ups of each division will probably come demanding for the same post.


If they somehow mess up dealing with these people even a bit, there will be strikes and even revolts without a mistake.


And even if they are somehow stopped by the authorities displaying power by getting rid of them, the discussions to bring back the previous emperor would accelerate as he at least had good governance and the emperor would ultimately fall into chaos.


Only other countries would be happy with such a situation and even that is thinking of it positively.


In the situation where His Majesty Albert gets enthroned, would he maintain the frontlines against other countries? Or would he gather up the generals? If so, then there’s also the possibility of the frontline crumbling apart.





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