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Invincible Saint Teaser 2

Chapter 267 Albert’s Two Faces

Say, we try to form a cease-fire treaty with Roublek kingdom before that happens, although they are financially exhausted, they would see it as the perfect opportunity to be aggressive and will try to be firm with the negotiations.


If that happens, not only would we need to withdraw the generals and soldiers to the empire once, considering the fact that we have taken quite a lot of their land during Lionel’s time here, it is clear that they would come making demands to return the plundered lands.

Those are things won with the empire’s soldiers’ blood and sweat.

If the just enthroned emperor were to accept those terms, not only would he lose his position, there’s also a chance of him being assassinated soon after.


It would have been great if His Majesty Albert, who is now making a very ‘clinging’ expression, had taken actions after thinking that far ahead. However, he was carried by Raizak and the others and either thinks that this was all his doing or that thought was instilled into him…

If this was a hawkish philosophy that aims to unify the continents like in a drama, the empire would still be united, but…


“Your Highness Albert, I am not your retainer so I can’t say much but… life is precious. For what reason you wanted to take hold of the political power from the current emperor, how you will deal with the situation if you are to succeed in doing so and what kind of a future will you be drawing for the emperor — I will be looking forward to these.”


The empire’s problems need to be solved by the empire itself.

Although he can’t read the atmosphere and has kind of an easy-go-lucky personality, I want him to treat lives with care if he loves peace.


As I shifted my sight from His Highness Albert’s hardened expression of despair to the emperor and then to Lionel, I noticed Estia beside him.


After waiting for a fog-like thing to cover the emperor, Lionel started restraining him.

It seems I can leave that to him.


That about sums up the things we needed to do in the empire… or so I would like to think but I also need to ascertain how many more soldiers have been demonized…


After all, there’s always the possibility of the rug being pulled from right beneath my feet… Like in the previous world.

Although I do think that that was a very irregular situation.


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