Invincible Saint Teaser 3


Chapter 267 Albert’s Two Faces



Well, anyway, I couldn’t hear the best information about demons and demonization from Cloud, but even if everyone inside the Hermit’s Coffin -including Mr. Bazak- were to regain consciousness, we’ll have a solution for that.


His Highness Albert seemed rather mentally displeased, so I decided to change his consciousness from the empire to something more familiar.


“By the way, Your Highness… about Melfina and the others…”


“Mel… Melfina?”


It looked like it worked just perfectly.


“Yes. Their consciousnesses were taken over by demons for some time, but they seem to be getting better. What would you like to do about them?”


“Is Melfina really Melfina? Even after turning into a demon some time ago?”


“I don’t know. But I think it’s very likely that she is.”


“I… I see…”


It seemed really hard for him to accept a Melfina with that personality.

He sounded really depressed when speaking, and looked rather shocked.


Would you rather have Melfina to come here and cheer you up a bit?


“I think we should better think about what Melfina thinks of your current state, Your Highness…”




“You have no allies here, Your Highness. And yet you are here, moving around. How you show yourself to others will have a great influence in their imp


“Well, that’s…”


“Let me say this one more time. We are neither your retainers nor your allies. So I shall not interfere anymore…”


His cheerful face rapidly sunk into depression. I think you should better keep in mind how to express yourself without words nor gestures.


“…However, both Raizak -Mr. Balzak’s fake copy- and Gladis have things to ask you about Melfina, so for that reason I’ll have to take you back to the empire… as Your Highness. Please cheer up and go to the empire together with your retainers.”




His Highness kept his head hanging as he started to mutter.

I don’t know if the timing was good or bad, but at that moment, both Gladis and Melfina came out of the Hermit’s Coffin.


“Where are we… Ah, Your Highness Albert? And the sage, as well!”


“Your Highness…”


I imagined that Gladis would come to his senses quickly Since Lionel was the one to make him faint, but I didn’t think that Melfina would wake up so soon.


“So you two are safe.”


His Highness Albert quickly got back on his feet and went back to his usual calm and composed self he had when we first met.


… It was kind of scary to see him change his mood so quickly.


Then, Melfina fell to her knees as if her knees had suddenly given up.

His Highness Albert walked up to her and held her tightly.


“Sage, wasn’t Melfina cured?”


“There was no treatment after her consciousness was taken over by the demons. But I don’t see any reason why she would leave the Hermit’s Casket even though her consciousness is still not clear yet…?


I was quite surprised as well.

Melfina’s appearance, could it be that His Highness Albert…


After calming himself down by seeing such a scene, Gladis opened his mouth.


“Where are we, Your Highness?”


“This is His Majesty’s bedroom. After they took down the emperor through a joint effort some time ago, I shall build a new empire. I hope I can count with your strength from now on as well, Gladis.”


Truly, unlike some time ago, he was giving off an air full of self-confidence.


“… I tried to assassinate my father, an imperial general. If military regulations were to apply, my head should roll on the floor. So please, cut my head off.”


“I will give you a pardon for that. Your teacher, who fought alongside the joint struggle, would want that as well. I will talk to your teacher later as well.”




“Your Highness Albert…”


Melfina called His Highness Albert’s name out directly, probably because her consciousness was still rather hazy.


“I’m here, Melfina. I will build a new empire, so please always stay by my side.”


“Your Highness Albert…”


I decided to leave His Highness alone for a while, so I called out to Gladis.


“Gladis, please tell me everything you know about what happened in the empire. We need to prevent the demon’s powers from doing any further harm.”


“Understood. It may not be atonement enough for me, but I’ll tell you everything I know.”


Then Lionel, who was the one who had apprehended His Majesty the Emperor came over, so we decided to go somewhere else so we could talk.

Perhaps it couldn’t be helped to have Gladis -who would often seem to be waiting for someone to do something wrong and get angry- turned into someone who could laugh a little for a change.


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