Chapter 237

Xu Ziyan’s speculation was correct. Since Jiang Ying was worried that Fang Tianrui would leave him when he woke up, he made a blood contract of dual cultivation for themselves. This kind of blood contract had the highest binding force among all the contracts, and it’s also the most effective.

After using this kind of blood contract, the spiritual power of both sides would naturally merge. Jiang Ying’s spiritual power flew in Fang Tianrui’s body very smoothly. Not only wasn’t there any trace of resistance, but it also nourished some damaged meridians.

With the fusion of two surges of divine consciousness, Xu Ziyan lent his to Jiang Ying. Therefore, Xu Ziyan could see very clearly whatever Jiang Ying could see.

Along those damaged meridians, he soon saw the spiritual power raging in Fang Tianrui’s body.

“Be careful, wrap that spiritual power with your spiritual power first. This could prevent it from further damaging Fang Tianrui’s body.”

Jiang Ying concentrated on controlling his own spiritual power, and rushed towards the wind-type spiritual power.

The wind-type spiritual power was extremely tyrannical, and Jiang Ying spent a lot of effort to wrap it up with his spiritual power.

“Destroy them little by little.”

Jiang Ying wiped the sweat on his forehead and began to use his spiritual power to destroy the wind-type spiritual power. He also showed a somewhat relaxed look.

Unexpectedly, at the moment when he was slightly relaxed, the situation suddenly changed. In that surge of wind energy, there was a golden breath of sword that suddenly burst into a golden light, breaking through Jiang Ying’s surrounding environment and moving towards the Dantian of Fang Tianrui.

Jiang Ying’s divine consciousness was damaged, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. However, there was no time for him to care about his damage at all. He was just staring at the golden breath of sword blankly.

If it was allowed to rush into Fang Tianrui’s Dantian…

Jiang Ying simply didn’t dare to think about what would happen next.

“Brother!” Seeing Jiang Ying spurting a mouthful of blood, Xu Zirong immediately panicked. Once this secret method was used and if the user’s divine consciousness was attacked, the person using the method would bear heavier damage than the one receiving it.

Now that Jiang Ying was injured, Xu Zirong was naturally more worried about his brother.

“It’s fine!” There was some bright red blood in Xu Ziyan’s mouth. His straight brows frowned tightly and he was worried beyond belief.

He manipulated his divine consciousness to block that breath of sword. When he’s without the assistance of spiritual power and only with his divine consciousness, it was a huge burden on him.

Fortunately, the quality of his divine consciousness had always been far superior to that of the others. He was therefore able to block that breath of sword outside Fang Tianrui’s Dantian.

However, it didn’t bring any actual use besides delaying time. Xu Ziyan’s application of divine consciousness completely came entirely from the spell for cultivating spiritual consciousness that Snowball gave him. He already tried his best in blocking it, yet he had no ways to completely destroy it altogether.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan was not fighting alone. His mind changed, and the Green Spiritual Divine Thunder in his Dantian sensed the call of its master. It instantly followed his divine consciousness to rush into Fang Tianrui’s body.

The Green Spiritual Divine Thunder was such a particular existence. Xu Ziyan witnessed people cultivating Purple Spiritual Divine Thunder, but he’d never heard of anyone using it to integrate into another cultivator’s divine consciousness.

On the other hand, not only could his Green Spiritual Divine Thunder swim freely in his Dantian, but it could also roam in his sea of consciousness. If it wanted to, it could even integrate into his spiritual power or leave his body. It’s really beyond strange.

Xu Ziyan silently swallowed a mouthful of blood after thinking about the bossy tenants in his Dantian. Whatever…it’s useless to think that much, since he couldn’t drive them out anyway…╮(╯_╰)╭

Besides, these tenants were still very useful to Xu Ziyan, at least his Green Spiritual Divine Thunder had already saved him from danger for a few times, and it was fine to let it be tyrannical.

He only saw that his Green Spiritual Divine Thunder acted like a bolt of lightning—(Little Greenie: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻I am indeed a bolt of lightning!) and suddenly entered the encirclement of Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness.

When facing the golden breath of sword, little Greenie seemed to swallow it in just one bite.

Xu Ziyan: =. =

Little Greenie, who was full and satisfied, hiccupped with satisfaction. It slowly followed Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness back to his body. After returning to his Dantian, it went to provoke little snail with excitement again.

After everything settled, Xu Ziyan slowly opened his eyes and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He looked stern, as he’d never expected that young guy to be so ruthless. Aside from using the most fatal blow on the arena, he also left such a trap in Fang Tianrui’s body.

If Xu Ziyan’s level of cultivation wasn’t profound enough, they would all have to die there.

“Tianrui! Ziyan, how is Tianrui doing?” Jiang Ying was about to go nuts. The breath of sword just broke through the blockade of his spiritual power, and his divine consciousness was injured and it instinctively withdrew from Fang Tianrui’s body.

If Xu Ziyan didn’t look so determined and calm and if there weren’t any changes in Fang Tianrui’s injuries, Jiang Ying might even get demonic again.

“It’s alright.” Xu Ziyan shook his head at him, “the spiritual power in Tianrui’s body had been resolved, but the injury in his body seemed too serious. I’m afraid that he needs to rest for a period of time.”

“Okay, no problem.” Jiang Ying excitedly held Fang Tianrui’s hand and rubbed his face lovingly, “I’ll take care of him.”

Xu Ziyan took out a bottle of elixir from his Qiankun bag, “take this first. Tianrui’s injuries are too serious, and his internal injury…”

Xu Ziyan paused, “anyway, this is all because of me. I’ll look for the pill that can heal him.”

Jiang Ying didn’t refuse. He took the bottle and slowly calmed down.

He said slowly to Xu Ziyan, “Ziyan, this has nothing to do with you. That brat…” He looked very cold, “I’ll never spare him!”

“No!” Xu Ziyan frowned, “We’re in True Dragon city and violence is not allowed. If you look for troubles from him right now, it’s just like looking for death.”

“Then what can I do? Am I just going to see Fang Tianrui suffer like that?” Jiang Ying looked at Xu Ziyan with his bloody eyes.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression darkened, “of course I’ll not let him go! But never should you act impulsively either. If you lose your mind here, then you’re only provoking the dignity of Wei family. You can’t do it so recklessly unless you’re confident to avoid them.”

Xu Ziyan held Jiang Ying’s shoulders with both hands and stared at him, “you have to remember that you still need to take care of Tianrui. And that kid…”

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a sense of danger, “I won’t let him free for too long.”

Jiang Ying was silent for a moment, then helped Fang Tianrui and carefully fed him a little water.

Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Jiang Ying had temporarily suppressed his rage, but he had to move faster, or he wouldn’t know what Jiang Ying would do.

Watching Jiang Ying carefully put Fang Tianrui on the bed and taking care of him carefully, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong left the room.

Just a few steps out of the door, he spat out a large mouthful of blood. Xu Zirong’s expression changed dramatically and screamed, “brother!”

“Shh, don’t make a noise. Take me back quickly.” Xu Ziyan knew that something was wrong after he vomited blood. He hurriedly covered Xu Zirong’s mouth.

Seeing how tragic the situation had become, Xu Zirong didn’t think twice before holding Xu Ziyan like he’s a princess and rushed towards their room.

While watching how shocked those disciples looked, Xu Ziyan could only smile bitterly in his heart. This time, he’d utterly lost face, yet he couldn’t refuse what Xu Zirong was doing.

Xu Zirong carefully put him on the bed. Seeing that Zirong’s face turned pale, Xu Ziyan looked away with guilt.

“What the hell is going on?” Xu Zirong asked through gritted teeth.

Xu Ziyan touched his nose. Although little Greenie had killed that breath of sword in Fang Tianrui’s body just now, it had also consumed a lot of his divine consciousness. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t practiced the spell that Snowball passed to him, he would have been in a coma now.

Originally, he wanted to hide this from Xu Zirong and just heal himself quietly. He wouldn’t want Xu Zirong to worry. Unexpectedly, he was more heavily injured than expected. And once he moved a little, he felt like his divine consciousness was out of control. He suppressed that feeling with much difficulty and ended up spitting out blood…

He was really unlucky to be caught off-guard!

Fortunately, after spitting out that mouthful of blood, his divine consciousness completely quieted down. He was confident to recover after a few days.

Xu Zirong was not an expert in medicine, but after testing his brother’s pulse, he was relieved to learn that there were not any big issues besides his blood fluctuating a little.

After confirming that his brother would not be in more danger, Xu Zirong immediately turned his attention to the fact that his brother spat out blood.

“Brother! You’d better not lie to me!” Xu Zirong looked so furious that it’s terrifying. He covered the two sides of his brother’s head, looked at him from above and the rage in his eyes was very clear.

His soft hair was swaying softly on Xu Ziyan’s face, and surprisingly…


Xu Zirong, “…”

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong innocently. He didn’t want to sneeze at such a serious moment, but he couldn’t help it when Xu Zirong’s hair was all over his face!


The tense atmosphere in the room disappeared after Xu Ziyan sneezed, leaving an extremely frustrated look on Xu Zirong’s face.

Xu Ziyan felt his heart sinking and he hurriedly pulled Zirong’s hand, yet Xu Zirong gently pushed him away and walked to the side of a window, looking quietly outside.

“Zirong…” Xu Ziyan called him.

Xu Zirong slowly turned around and smiled at Xu Ziyan miserably, “brother, why did you hide it away from me?”

Xu Ziyan choked in his heart. Since it was his first time seeing such an expression of Xu Zirong, he couldn’t continue with his lie.

“Brother…We are the two closest people in the world. I don’t understand why there are still secrets between us.” Xu Zirong said in depression.


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