Chapter 236

“Tell me what I should do then! You made it sound so easy, but how can I find the position of the wind element spiritual power?!” Jiang Ying was already beyond anxious.

After seeing his reaction, Xu Ziyan was a little dumbfounded, “what? Are you telling me that you can’t check his body by your divine consciousness?”

Jiang Ying was immediately pissed off, “I’m not a golden core, how can I do that?!”

Xu Ziyan knew that he was anxious, so he didn’t care about his tone, but this matter that Jiang Ying brought up really became a difficult matter.

If he wanted to save Fang Tianrui, he had to rely on external spiritual power to expel the wind-type spiritual power that was constantly destroying his meridians. But that wind-type spiritual energy was constantly moving, and if he couldn’t find his location accurately, trying to expel it would be nothing short of a fantasy.

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while, and before Jiang Ying collapsed, he finally grabbed Jiang Ying’s shoulder and looked at him seriously, “do you trust me?”

Jiang Ying was stunned for a while.

Xu Ziyan quickly explained, “I know a secret method that can merge the divine consciousness of the two of us in a short time. And if we succeed, then you can find the…”

“I don’t agree!” Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xu Zirong with a sullen face.

He also knew the secret method that his brother mentioned, and the effect was indeed amazing, but the requirements for casting the spell were very strict.

The first point was that the person being merged, and that’s Jiang Ying, had to entirely trust the one merging them.

The process of merging was also very dangerous. Once Jiang Ying’s heart fluctuated and he reacted with resistance, those consciousnesses that Xu Ziyan merged would be immediately repelled, causing damage to Xu Ziyan’s consciousness.

It was very difficult to recover one’s spiritual consciousness, and even if Jiang Ying integrated Xu Ziyan’s spiritual consciousness without any resistance, Xu Ziyan’s vitality would be severely damaged after healing Fang Tianrui, and he might even have to stay in bed for a period of time.

Whether as a younger brother or a lover, Xu Zirong could not allow his brother to take such a big risk to save Fang Tianrui.

In his opinion, although Fang Tianrui was seriously injured, there might still be other ways to save him, but if his brother was injured, it was definitely something he cannot tolerate.

“The objection is invalid! Tianrui was injured this time because of me, do you want me to watch him turn into a cripple like this?” Xu Ziyan’s tone was heavy, and for the first time he refuted Xu Zirong bluntly.

Xu Zirong was unhappy, “he may not…”

“I won’t bet my friend’s body on this possibility!” Xu Ziyan interrupted him directly.

Then, he turned to look at Jiang Ying, “I’ll ask you again, do you trust me?”

Jiang Ying stared blankly at Xu Ziyan’s dark eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded vigorously.

For a person like Jiang Ying who was naturally suspicious, it was very difficult to trust a person, but Xu Ziyan’s actions just now won his trust.

Although he had never heard of this kind of secret spell, it was not difficult to see from Xu Zirong’s actions that this secret method would definitely damage Xu Ziyan’s body, but even so, in order to save Fang Tianrui, Xu Ziyan still told everyone about it. Judging from that alone, Jiang Ying should really trust him.

Xu Ziyan looked at Jiang Ying’s trusting eyes, patted his shoulder vigorously, and taught him the secret spell. The two immediately sat cross-legged face to face, placing Fang Tianrui’s body between them. They began to use the magic formula to let the two people’s consciousness merge with each other.

As the passive bearer, Jiang Ying didn’t really need to do anything. He just had to open up his sea of consciousness as much as possible and let Xu Ziyan invade his brain.

It sounded so simple, yet operating it wasn’t easy at all.

A cultivator’s sea of consciousness was the second most important part of his body after Dantian, and every cultivator instinctively protected these two areas at all costs.

Although Jiang Ying was awake and actively cooperated with Xu Ziyan, Xu Ziyan still dared not to slack off. He carefully tried not to touch those sensitive places, so that his sense of consciousness could slowly match that of Jiang Ying.

Xu Zirong stood guard aside, looking gloomy. Although he was very dissatisfied with his brother for taking such a risk, after so many years together, he knew how determined his brother had always been.

He knew that he could not stop his brother from taking risks, so he could only try to provide a relatively safe space.

“No one is allowed to come in to disturb, and anyone who violates it will be killed!” Xu Zirong unceremoniously ordered the disciples of the Liu Guang sect who were guarding the door.

As a golden core cultivator, he had enough confidence to say so. He didn’t have to care about the mood of the disciples of Liu Guang sect.

“Back off!” he shouted in a gloomy tone.

Xu Zirong didn’t care whether the disciples had withdrawn enough distance, and immediately stimulated several bright red seeds.

The house they lived in was surrounded by some vines that suddenly appeared in just a few breaths, and the whole room suddenly fell into darkness.

From the outside, this room seemed to be wrapped into a huge tree cocoon by countless tangled vines, and even the houses on the east and west sides were brutally destroyed by those tyrannical giant vines, just to create an entirely private space in the middle.

After all the vines were tangled together, they immediately changed their forms. The emerald green vines changed into a faint blood color. There were also countless sharp thorns on the vines and cold light emerged from them.

In addition to the giant vines condensed into tree cocoons, there were countless bright red vines with the thickness of fingers raising high, swaying gently in the wind. At the top of each vine, there was a huge mouth full of sharp teeth. No one would expect these fierce-looking vines to have good temper…

One of the disciples of Liu Guang sect who retreated a little slower was almost bitten by the vines with huge teeth. If his companions didn’t react quickly, he would be dragged back by these vines and turned into fertilizer…

The disciples of Liu Guang sect, who were looking aside, looked very pale. They clearly realized that what Xu Zirong said wasn’t a joke. Anyone who stepped forward could indeed be killed.

Some disciples felt resentment in their heart, so they went to report to the golden core uncle who was stationed there.

Unfortunately, before they could finish speaking, they were instantly kicked out by the golden core uncle.

After the disciple who reported was kicked out, the golden core cultivator stationed in True Dragon City wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. It was also a golden core cultivator, but his strength wasn’t as high. Furthermore, since Xu Zirong managed to grow so many vines in a short time, the one stationed there naturally perceived himself as inferior…

Wood-based spells have never been good at attacking, but after looking at those sharp teeth, who would still believe that they weren’t dangerous?

This golden core uncle, who was stationed there since he had no ambition, could almost determine who’s stronger. He knew perfectly what he needed to do and decided to ignore the slightly arrogant comments from the disciples.

After expelling the disciples stationed there, Xu Zirong silently squatted beside his brother.

At this point, Xu Ziyan and Jiang Ying had already entered the most critical step of merging their divine consciousnesses. If they were disturbed, the fusion would fail at light level, and at worst, both divine consciousnesses would be injured.

This was definitely an unacceptable result for Xu Zirong, so he could only expel everyone in advance, so that there would be no accident leading to uncontrollable results.

At the same time–

Seeing Xu Ziyan and Jiang Ying sitting on their foreheads, Xu Zirong couldn’t help the jealousy feelings burning in his heart. Even though he knew that Jiang Ying was in love with Fang Tianrui, he still needed to mark it down!

(Jiang Ying, who was innocent as hell: ==b)

At this moment, Xu Ziyan felt very nervous. Even though he looked very calm just now, it was his first time using the secret spell and he wasn’t sure to what extent it could work.

If they could still wait for Fang Tianrui to be cured, he really wouldn’t risk using this method.

He was fully concentrated on controlling his own consciousness and Jiang Ying’s consciousness slowly merging together, this process of integrating another person’s consciousness was definitely not pleasant.

Occasionally, in the process of entanglement of consciousness, he would also see some memory fragments of Jiang Ying, which really embarrassed him. He never knew that this kind of secret spell would have such side effects.

He tried hard to control himself not to look at Jiang Ying’s memories, but with this fusion of divine consciousness, it’s entirely impossible not to notice them.

With a subtle guilty conscience, Xu Ziyan saw many fragments of Jiang Ying’s childhood. Most of the time, the content of the fragments was that Jiang Ying was alone in a small room, and he saw Jiang Ying slowly growing into a handsome young man.

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a little sad. Although no one abused Jiang Ying when he was growing up, it was still impossible for a child to grow up normally in such a lonely environment.

Compared with Xu Xu Zirong’s painful childhood, Xu Ziyan really didn’t know which one was crueler…

With a sigh in the bottom of his heart, Xu Ziyan merged the last ray of divine consciousness into Jiang Ying’s sea of consciousness.

With a loud bang, Jiang Ying only felt as if he had opened a door, and the whole world became much clearer at this moment.

“Concentrate! Do as I say!” Xu Ziyan’s voice woke him up in time, and Jiang Ying immediately realized that the most important task now was to save Fang Tianrui.

“Poke your consciousness through Fang Tianrui’s meridians.”

Jiang Ying controlled his consciousness and carefully probed into Fang Tianrui’s body.

At this time, Fang Tianrui’s body was just like a piece of ruins.

The place where the wind-type spiritual power passed was simply a mess, and cracks appeared in a large number of meridians. When Jiang Ying’s spiritual power passed through them, he found it extremely difficult and it was almost blocked.

Jiang Ying wanted to cry. His lover was hurt so badly, but he didn’t even have the ability to save him, he felt extremely guilty.

“Concentrate!” Seeing Jiang Ying being distracted, Xu Ziyan shouted sharply.

Jiang Ying trembled and quickly suppressed those emotions. He controlled his spiritual power to move in Fang Tianrui’s body more carefully.


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