Chapter 235

A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he secretly regretted in his heart – it’s a pity that such a beauty was with a useless person like that. What kind of future could there be? It’s just unbelievably pitiful.

The old man didn’t mention the grievance between him and Xu Ziyan to Gao Yi, but just asked him to teach his opponent a lesson in the arena that day.

Therefore, Gao Yi just thought that the people on the other side were all the brothers of Fang Tianrui, who had been beaten up by him. And he automatically assumed that their level of cultivation was only so-so.

He looked away from Xu Zirong a bit regretfully, and followed the old golden core cultivator out of the arena. In the match with Fang Tianrui just now, although he severely injured Fang Tianrui, he also suffered a little from Fang Tianrui’s attack. The competition in the True Dragon City Division began to enter the most intense stage. He didn’t want to lose in the competition of the next day, so he wanted to return home and recover fully first.

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan said coldly as he watched the two leave.

Fang Tianrui, who had fallen into a coma, was covered with a layer of pale green powder. Although the bleeding stopped, there was still a painful expression on his face.

Jiang Ying hugged his lover tightly and looked towards the direction where the two were leaving. His eyes were full of hatred, as his lover was seriously injured. He swore he’d take revenge!

Since flying swords were forbidden in True Dragon City, Xu Ziyan and the others could only run towards the Liu Guang Sect’s station on two legs.

After returning to the station, Xu Ziyan carefully took off his clothes for Fang Tianrui. Just now, he sprinkled a lot of Primordial Powder on Fang Tianrui’s body in order to stop the bleeding. A lot of clothing was stuck to his scabbed skin. Every time a piece was torn off, Fang Tianrui shivered in pain.

Jiang Ying looked very distressed on the side, but also understood that doing so was necessary. Otherwise, if the flesh and the clothing grew together, they’d be in big trouble.

He watched Xu Ziyan relentlessly tearing off the clothes one by one, and his fingers were trembling uncontrollably.

Originally, this should have been done by him, yet he had no choice but to let Xu Ziyan do it.

“Tianrui…you will be fine.” Jiang Ying sat on his knees and held Fang Tianrui’s hand, as if this would give him strength.

“That bastard, I will never let him go.” Jiang Ying’s gentle tone changed abruptly, and his beautiful face became sinister and eerie.

“Okay, don’t make any more trouble for me!” Jiang Ying’s expression suddenly changed, and it turned into a worry just now.

The two completely different personalities of Jiang Ying were all paying attention to Xu Ziyan’s expression at this time.

“Not looking good.” Xu Ziyan didn’t say those empty words to comfort Jiang Ying. After he dealt with Tianrui’s clothes, he carefully checked him again.

As he found out in the arena, Fang Tianrui’s body contained an extremely violent wind-type spiritual power, which was destroying everywhere in Fang Tianrui’s body. In addition to the damage to the meridians, even Fang Tianrui’s Dantian was also crumbling, and it seemed that he was on the verge of collapse at any time.

Jiang Ying was desperate when he heard so. He reached out to grab Xu Ziyan’s shoulder, “what’s wrong with him? Make it clear!”

Xu Zirong’s expression changed, and a blood vine snapped in front of Jiang Ying, stopping him immediately.

Jiang Ying realized what he was doing instantly. He looked at Xu Zirong with a pale face, silently retracted his hand, bit his lip, and looked at Fang Tianrui who was still in a coma.

Xu Ziyan didn’t care about Jiang Ying’s actions, he understood why Jiang Ying would be so agitated, and it’s completely normal to feel like that.

“The external injury can be cured, and the internal injury can be treated with enough medicinal herbs. But his opponent was too vicious, since he retained a wind-type spiritual power in his body. This spiritual power is destroying everywhere in Fang Tianrui’s body. If this force enters his Dantian, then I’m afraid…”

When Jiang Ying heard Xu Ziyan, he became hopeless.

The result of a broken Dantian would be total loss of cultivation. He didn’t care about the level of cultivation of Fang Tianrui, yet Fang Tianrui must be caring about it.

Also, he intended to be with Fang Tianrui forever, and he’s now a cultivator in the middle stage of Qi condensation. His lifespan had reached at least 300, but if Fang Tianrui became a mortal, there’s no way they could be together forever.

As long as he thought about the lonely life after Fang Tianrui’s death, Jiang Ying felt desperate, he couldn’t imagine such a life at all.

If that’s the case, why not…

Jiang Ying’s eyes were fierce, and they were full of determination.

Xu Ziyan was still diagnosing Fang Tianrui’s pulse, but he suddenly noticed the surrounding spiritual power fluctuating violently.

He saw that Jiang Ying’s breath was very unstable, and he was shocked and angry when he saw that Jiang Ying was about to turn into a demon again. He instantly slapped Jiang Ying’s face.


This time, Xu Ziyan was really angry, and he didn’t show any mercy at all.

After being slapped, Jiang Ying slammed into the wall, and when he got up, half of his face was swollen.

“What do you want to do? Huh? Become a demon then seek revenge from that jerk?” Xu Ziyan glared at Jiang Ying and cursed with hatred, “believe it or not, you can’t even exit this door, and you’ll be killed by the elder who’s stationed here!”

Jiang Ying’s face was swollen, and there was a little blood on the corner of his mouth. He silently lowered his head and said nothing. His eyes looked dull like a pool of stagnant water.

Xu Ziyan was pissed off by Jiang Ying’s reaction. He’d always thought Jiang Ying to be quite smart, and he’d never expected Jiang Ying getting so desperate.

“Do you think you can take revenge for Fang Tianrui?” Xu Ziyan said with a sneer, “then what? You’ll be beaten by death. And when Tianrui wakes up, how am I supposed to tell him how you looked for death yourself?”

When Xu Ziyan mentioned about Fang Tianrui again, there were some subtle changes on Jiang Ying’s expression.

“How capable you are!” Xu Ziyan almost pointed at Jiang Ying’s forehead and cursed, “at this time, you aren’t thinking about how to save him but you’re looking for death yourself. How come I never found out how stupid you are? You can’t even think now!”

Jiang Ying did not say a word and he looked very gloomy. However, when he heard Xu Ziyan mentioning saving Tianrui, there were finally some changes on his facial expression.

“Tian Rui…can he be saved?” Jiang Ying’s voice trembled a little.

“Bullshit!” Xu Ziyan shouted angrily, “and it all depends on what you’ll do! I only know that he’s still alive, and you’re already asking to be killed! Imagine if Tianrui finds out that you’ve sacrificed yourself for him!”

Jiang Ying’s heart twitched violently, and the bitterness in his heart spread little by little.

He knew exactly what kind of a person Fang Tianrui was, and if he really chose to sacrifice, Fang Tianrui would definitely do the same.

“Just look at what you’re doing!” Xu Ziyan scolded again as he’s desperate for Jiang Ying to be tougher, “didn’t I just say that his meridians got injured? And his Dantian is still intact. Even if it gets broken, I’m not saying that it’s fatal! Don’t you think that it’s too early to get hopeless?”

Jiang Ying was silent. He moved to Fang Tianrui’s side, gently pulled his hand and kissed the back of his hand.

Seeing that he seemed to have calmed down, Xu Ziyan was relieved and winked at Xu Zirong to monitor Jiang Ying, while he continued to observe the spiritual power in Fang Tianrui’s body.

The wind-type spiritual power was extremely destructive, and the meridians it passed through were severely damaged. If Fang Tianrui hadn’t instinctively used his own spiritual power to resist the intrusion of this wind-type spiritual power even in a coma, his Dantian had already been overwhelmed and shattered.

Xu Ziyan looked solemn and he deeply frowned.

The situation in Fang Tianrui’s body was worse than he had expected, because the previous battle had caused him to lose a lot of spiritual power, and now his body’s power to resist the wind-type spiritual power was already in jeopardy.

Once his own spiritual power collapsed, not only would he not be able to keep his dantian, but he might even lose his meridians and completely become a crippled person.

What a vicious attack!

The anger in Xu Ziyan’s heart burned again, and his hatred for the old and the young cultivator reached the highest level!

A little dispute led to this poisonous attack. He even chose to hurt his friends after knowing that he couldn’t touch Xu Ziyan. He was sure that he’d make them pay!

“Brother, how is Fang Tianrui?” Xu Zirong stood beside Xu Ziyan, noticing that his brother in a bad mood and he asked gently.

“Not looking good.” Xu Ziyan shook his head. If there was no way to expel that wind-type spiritual energy, Fang Tianrui would have to spend his life lying in bed.

He pondered for a long time but couldn’t think of any way to expel this spiritual power. However, when he saw Jiang Ying’s sad face, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He almost forgot that ordinary people instinctively expelled spiritual power that did not belong to them, so even if he wanted to help Fang Tianrui to expel them, he couldn’t do it. However, things were different with Jiang Ying, since there was a blood contract between him and Fang Tianrui.

The so-called double cultivation is to let the spiritual power form a big cycle in the body of the two to increase the spiritual power, which naturally meant that Fang Tianrui would never reject Jiang Ying’s spiritual power.

“Come on, you do it!” Xu Ziyan immediately pulled Jiang Ying over and instructed him in detail how to expel the spiritual power in Fang Tianrui’s body.

When Jiang Ying heard that this was a way to save Fang Tianrui, he naturally listened very seriously, but when Xu Ziyan finished explaining, he was still confused.

“Come on, you cannot be so dumb right?” Xu Ziyan sighed. Jiang Ying was usually quite smart, how come he didn’t even understand a word now?

Jiang Ying was very anxious, but he really had no idea how to execute the method that Xu Ziyan mentioned. He could indeed use his own spiritual power to expel that wind-type spiritual power, but he couldn’t see where that wind-type spiritual power was at all.

At this moment, the meridians in Fang Tianrui’s body were already very fragile. If his spiritual power rampaged in it, it would probably create the opposite effect. However, he couldn’t operate the super easy method suggested by Xu Ziyan at all. This in turn made him feel like ants on a hot pan.


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