Chapter 150

They were usually low-level cultivators who fought with Xu family, and not many cultivators of Qi condensation or above did so, since they were worried about their levels being detected. The ambush that night was prepared long time ago by the Yuan family, and his purpose was to crush the Xu family and not let even one person escape.

They even quietly left manpower at the four gates of Mo Xin City, and after they slaughtered the whole of Xu family, they would kill all the civilians there!

They’d heard that the young master of Liu Guang sect, who’s from the Xu family, hadn’t returned for long. Even if the Xu family asked him for help, what could he find when he’s back and saw everything ruined?

Yuan Feng looked a bit thoughtful, as they still hadn’t found out the background of this elder Luo from Xu family. It’ said that he’d been in Xu family for many years, and he’d even witnessed the growth of Xu Xiao. Since the elder Luo arrived in the Xu’s, he’d been in the Scripture Pavilion, and no one had seen him fight before. At this moment, they still didn’t know what attributes his spiritual power belonged to.

There was a golden giant sword before Yuan Feng, and it’s as wide as a door. The sword looked cold and shiny and had a strong momentum.

Elder Luo walked slowly into the Xu family’s main courtyard, and his domineering spiritual  power forced the cultivators of the Xu family around him to take a few steps back, avoiding to be dragged.

Yuan Feng didn’t say much, he was here today as he planned to kill the whole Xu family, and he didn’t need a reason for that.

Elder Luo also just learnt from Xu Xiao what the intentions of the other party were, and he would of course act accordingly.

There were sparks as soon as the two sides met. One party had a strong sword Qi and the other acted aggressively, it seemed that both sides had similar strength.

“Move!” The cultivators of the Yuan family who had followed Yuan Feng surrounded Xu’s house long ago. A grey-haired old man shouted, and all the cultivators rushed towards the Xu family compound.

“Hmph!” With a cold snort, a tall figure appeared in the small courtyard. Looking at the greedy cultivators from the Yuan family, Xu Xiao smiled sensibly, “since you are here as guests, then don’t leave!”

Before he finished speaking, the Xu family’s compound was suddenly surrounded by a white mist. No one knew where the mist came from, as if it appeared out of thin air…

The cultivators of the Yuan family were shocked after seeing this. In the mist, their vision was restricted, and they couldn’t see their companions. Even their divine consciousness was suppressed, and they couldn’t find their way out.

Before, the Yuan family had also sent people proficient in arrays to explore around Xu’s family, but they didn’t find anything, why would there be an array with such a large range suddenly?

It seemed that the Xu family wasn’t simple at all.

The grey-haired old man also had his eyelids twitched, and he felt a bit anxious. The Xu family’s reaction was beyond their imagination. According to the ancestor’s speculation, the Xu family was only under the control of a small town in the border. Although they had lasted for quite some time, there weren’t many powerful figures. After being ambushed, it’s estimated that chaos would occur in the family even if they weren’t crushed instantly. Unexpectedly, not only the Xu family didn’t panic, but they even started attacking back under the command of their master, it seemed like they already knew what would happen before!

In fact, the grey-haired man thought it wrongly.

The Xu family was prepared not because they knew they were going to attack, but it’s because how careful Xu Xiao had always been. Also, the Xu house was of crucial importance for him, and he wouldn’t relax his defensive measures.

Xu Xiao’s expression was cold, and his eyes flashed with an intention to kill.

He had always thought that the Yuan family wanted to force them to leave Mo Xin city. Now, it seemed that as Xu Ziyan said so, the Yuan family had no intentions to let the Xu family go.

If the Yuan family wanted to wipe off the Xu family, they still needed to check their strength first!

“I’ll leave it to you!” Xu Xiao trusted his son very much, and after instructing the surrounding cultivators to obey Xu Ziyan’s orders, he entered the big array.

This big array was an extremely powerful killing formation, with Xu Xiao’s cultivation level, it could be used to monitor those people, but if he wanted to trap and kill them, he needed to do it himself.

Before entering the array, Xu Xiao winked at Xu Ziyan and quietly told him who the elder whom he suspected was.

Xu Ziyan nodded calmly, letting Xu Xiao leave without worry, and he was faced by a cultivator of Qi condensation from the Yuan family.

This time, the Yuan family was coming out in full force, and coupled with the casual cultivators they forcibly convened in Mo Xin city, it seemed to be quite a vigorous fight.

It’s a pity that they didn’t have any defense against the Xu family, and almost half of their cultivators were killed by Xu Xiao’s big array. Otherwise, the Xu family might face an ultimate disaster.

Elder Luo and Yuan Feng were both cultivators of golden core, and the aftermath of their fight would cause a big damage to the low-level cultivators too.

In order not to injure their own disciples by mistake, the two of them tacitly chose the fight at a higher altitude, and the cultivators of Qi condensation also started fighting each other.

In addition to Yuan Feng, the Yuan family also had two cultivators of golden core, and this did not include the ancestor of golden core who hadn’t shown up yet.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong cooperated to stop the two cultivators in the early stage of golden core. Xu Ziyan shot arrows in the distance, while Xu Zirong controlled eight blood vines, blocking the route of the two cultivators strictly.

There were two cultivators of golden core fighting in the sky. Unless someone wanted to die, no one dared to fly to the sky at this time. Those two cultivators of golden core could only try breaking through on the ground, yet Xu Zirong’s blood vines were extremely tough – even if they broke, they could be resumed in a very short time, which was a big issue for them!

What was even more frustrating was the ubiquitous purple arrow, which was always shot at them at the worst angle. Also, that damn thing was very powerful, and one of the cultivators of golden core went ahead to block it, but then had his spiritual cover destroyed. If that cultivator hadn’t activated a defensive talisman in time, he might even lose half of his body.

“Damn it!” The two cultivators were stopped behind the blood vines, seeing that these two young cultivators of the Xu family had time to set traps to other cultivators of Yuan family besides blocking them.

With the attack power of the cultivator who shot the arrows, none of the cultivators below golden core of the Yuan family could defend themselves.

After seeing those cultivators of the Yuan family getting killed one by one by the two young cultivators, these two cultivators of golden core were so shocked that their eyes almost split.

“You little thieves, die!” One of the golden core cultivators couldn’t help it anymore, and forcibly activated three defensive talismans, he forced Xu Ziyan’s thunder spirit arrow to rush through the blockade of the blood vines.

In order to do this, he paid the price of his left arm being blown up and half of his body burnt.

This golden core cultivator had a hideous look, his eyes looked bloody, and the young people killed by Xu Ziyan were all the foundation of the Yuan family. If they were all killed, what’s the point of those aged cultivators continue living, when they couldn’t break through anymore?

This golden core cultivator had already made up his mind, and his whole body was full of spiritual power. A terrifying aura erupted from him, as he’s obviously intending to explode his golden core.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes condensed, and he paused pulling the bow in his hand. Suddenly, he drew out a flying sword from nowhere, followed by a flash of his figure——

With a bang, the golden core cultivator exploded in a place far away from the Xu brothers, but judging from the extent of his explosion, it didn’t seem like a self-exploded golden core.

“Cousin brother!” The remaining golden core cultivator roared, and he watched the cultivator’s body falling to the ground. There was a big hole in his lower abdomen, and the surrounding area was all scorched, as if it had been charred by something.

Xu Ziyan gasped, panting, and desperately stuffing a pill to replenish spiritual power. Just now, he used the Aurora’s “breaking the sky” attribute to travel directly through space and rush to the old man of golden core.

The old man had just broken through the blockade of Xu Zirong’s blood vines, and he stubbornly resisted Xu Ziyan’s arrow, so he had no defense at all. Xu Ziyan attacked him with the mini version of Thunder Snake, bursting his Dantian directly.

The old man was so stubborn, even at the moment of his death. With his strength, it was indeed hard to defeat Xu Ziyan, but he wouldn’t die so quickly if he was more careful. Sadly, he’d underestimated Xu Ziyan as a cultivator of Qi condensation, who had become much more tactful than before.

“Meh!” Snowball yelled happily, chewing something in its mouth.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but twitched his eyes. He already knew that his spiritual pet was a magical existence, but he didn’t expect it to be so magical… Just when he broke the old man’s dantian, Snowball appeared out of nowhere and acted even faster than Xu Ziyan – it swallowed the old man’s dantian before it was destroyed…

Xu Ziyan had goosebumps all over his body once he thought about Snowball chilling a human cultivator’s golden core, but he wouldn’t blame Snowball, since humans also used cores of monsters to refine pills and weapons. Also, Snowball was just eating his enemy’s golden core, if it let the elder Yumo’s nascent soul escape last time, there might be troubles later.

“Everyone in the Xu family must die! Old ancestor, if you still don’t come out, the foundation of our Yuan family will all be ruined!” The only remaining old man of golden core in the Yuan family roared in the sky and his cheeks turned red.

Immediately afterwards, a heavy sigh came from the sky, “well…I didn’t expect such an ending for the descendants of Yuan Mo, they couldn’t even defeat two cultivators of Qi condensation. In this case, what’s the use of keeping you…”

As soon as he spoke, the golden core cultivator of the Yuan family suddenly had his eyes burst, and blood flew out from his mouth and nose.

His corpse fell to the ground with a slap, leaving a lot of space around him. Both the Yuan family and the Xu family stared at the distant starry sky with a look of surprise – how could this ancestor of Yuan family kill a golden core cultivator so easily and so far away? Could he have broken through the level of nascent soul already?

Everyone in the Xu family had this doubt, and they all felt uneasy.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes sank, and he immediately raised her voice and said, “it’s just a damn old fool! Obviously, he’s going to die soon, and instead of teaching his disciples well, he hurt the foundation of his family for some secret spell. Should he really be doing so as an ancestor?”

The old man sighed, “son, what nonsense are you talking about. You have no respect for  seniors, do you want to die?”

“The hell with respect!” Xu Ziyan laughed, “Senior? You really have the face to say so? Now that you are plotting the lives of everyone in the Xu family, and do you still want me to respectfully call you senior?”

He sneered, “old stuff, why don’t you dare to show up? With your late stage of golden core, the Xu family won’t be able to resist you, right? However, you let the descendants of the Yuan family fight at all costs without helping them. Could it be related to your cultivation?”

Xu Ziyan didn’t finish the words, but half of what he said really inspired everyone.

The people of the Xu family had lost a lot of respect for this ancestor of the Yuan family. Even the disciples of the Yuan family couldn’t help but wonder about the purpose of the fight.

As Xu Ziyan said, the only thing the Xu family could use now was the remaining big array, and Xu Xiao needed to preside over the big array, while elder Luo still needed to deal with Yuan Feng. As long as the ancestor of Yuan family was willing to take action, they could definitely be able to crush all the cultivators of the Xu family.

But for some unknown reason, the ancestor didn’t make a move, but he killed his golden core cultivator. What was it for?

Xu Ziyan sneered secretly. He was not so sure before, but the fact that the ancestor of the Yuan family killed his golden core cultivator confirmed that he was indeed cultivating some kind of evil spell.

Moreover, his situation was probably worse than that of the old man who entrapped Bai Hua in the secret realm, because when that old man met Bai Hua, he still had at least ten years to live, but the ancestor of the Yuan family would die anytime soon.

He was still alive, probably because he’s relying on the blood relatives that he’d refined. He completely relied on his spiritual power to sustain, and if he started fighting, then his body (which was already like a corpse) might decay faster. Unless he could absorb enough spiritual power from other cultivators, him being a cultivator of golden core would be just a joke!

Now in the entire Yuan family, all those who had a certain level of cultivation might be refined by this ancestor. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken away the life of that young cultivator of golden core so easily.

After Xu Ziyan shook his head lightly, he felt inexplicably disgusted by this ancestor who had refined such an evil method. It’s reasonable that no one wants to die, but if you refine your blood relatives just to live for a few more days, can you still be called a human? Demon cultivators might be more humane!

Even an evil tiger doesn’t eat its cub. It’s incredibly disgusting that this ancestor refined his family members as medicine to sustain his life.

Suddenly, Xu Ziyan had an idea. He raised his head and looked at the starry sky, “ancestor of the Yuan’s, tell me if I’m wrong – I’m assuming that you’re dying soon, right?”

“Nonsense!” As soon as Xu Ziyan said so, and even before the ancestor replied, a young disciple of the Yuan’s yelled immediately.

Xu Ziyan ignored him, he just looked at the sky and smiled coldly, “how is it? Do your blood relatives taste good? How many of them did you kill to make yourself live longer? Although I don’t know when you will die, I’m guessing that it’ll happen this month. A golden core can add 10 more days and a Qi condensation can add 3 more days, and it’s just one extra day for a building base, right? If that’s the case…how many cultivators has the Yuan’s lost lately? Or in other words, how many of them were ‘killed’ by the Xu family?”

Xu Ziyan’s words immediately shocked everyone there, and the information revealed made everyone’s jaws dropped.

The cultivators on both sides looked at Xu Ziyan with disbelief, while those of the Yuan family unconsciously looked at Yuan Feng, the head of the Yuan family, who had stopped fighting the elder Luo.

The Yuan family and the Xu family became silent at the same time because of Xu Ziyan’s words, especially the Yuan family. Almost all of them looked at Yuan Feng, who was shocked.

Yuan Feng noticed that everyone in his family was looking at him, and he quickly controlled his emotions. He said in a low voice, “this is all a plot of the Xu’s…”

“Patriarch Yuan, I don’t know how one of your ancestors told you to use our Xu family’s Stage of Being Immortal to repair your son’s spiritual roots? Let’s not even mention if it’s useful or not, but did you know that your ancestor wanted your son’s body to be integrated into his, so that he can live longer or even break through?”

“You…” The patriarch of the Yuan Family looked uncertain, and he seemed to be suspicious of Xu Ziyan’s words. In fact, the ancestors of the Yuan family did tell him that he wanted to rob the Xu family’s Stage of Being Immortal, so that his son’s spiritual roots could be repaired. Otherwise, he wouldn’t agree to use full power to attack the Xu family.

In the eyes of this patriarch Yuan Feng, his son was of course much more important than those of the other sects. In addition, in the previous year, after his son’s spiritual roots got ruined, the disciples of other sects all wanted the position of the patriarch. He was too furious to reject the proposal of the old ancestor at that time.

“You don’t believe me?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and looked at patriarch Yuan Feng with a smile, “it doesn’t matter. I have already heard of the evil cultivation of your old ancestor. If he wants to refine one of his blood relatives, he first has to plant a seed in that person’s body. Once this seed explodes, this person would die from bleeding and all of his cultivation would be absorbed by this seed and sent back to the person who planted it. So you…” He looked at everyone there and smiled, “do you want to check if there’s such a seed in your body?”

It was an ultimate kind of silence. Although Xu Ziyan sounded a bit threatening, a normal person would start having his doubts after hearing this. At this moment, all the cultivators in the Yuan family started checking their bodies.

“I didn’t expect anyone to know this secret spell.” That old, hoarse voice came again, and all the cultivators of Qi condensation in the Yuan family started bleeding and dying, one after the other.

An old man wearing a grey robe with a pale face fell straight from the gloomy sky.

“Old ancestor!” Yuan Feng exclaimed, his face instantly became extremely pale. Although he had already started doubting when Xu Ziyan mentioned that the ancestor was going to die soon, he still couldn’t believe his eyes when the corpse actually appeared in front of him.

At the same time, he was even more convinced of what the kid from Xu family had said just now, and the thought of running away flashed through his mind.

“If you want to survive, leave quickly. The activation of this seed needs to be done within a certain distance. As long as you’re out of this distance, there’s nothing he can do. Don’t forget that he is already dead, those people absorbed by him can only make him last for a few more days! And you might survive too!” Xu Ziyan yelled to the cultivators of Yuan family who were dumbfounded.

Those cultivators recovered from their panic and quickly fled.

The ancestor of the Yuan family turned pale as he’s dead already, now he stared at Xu Ziyan viciously as his biggest weakness was revealed.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, he bent the bow in his hand and shot a purple arrow forward. Yuan Mo’s eyes flashed and tilted his body, avoiding the arrow.

Although Xu Xiao was in the big array, he did not relax his observation of the environment outside. After hearing Xu Ziyan’s words, he decisively opened the blockade of the big array, so that the cultivators of the Yuan family could hear the content inside.

Later, he saw that the cultivators of Qi condensation all died from bleeding, and the remaining disciples all freaked out. For the newly recruited cultivators, although they no longer needed to worry about becoming the nutrients of the old ancestor, how would the Xu family spare them if the Yuan family lost?

Therefore, after Xu Xiao opened the big array, the cultivators of the Yuan family all ran away. And only those who got severely injured couldn’t leave.

Xu Xiao walked slowly to Xu Ziyan’s side, and patted him on the shoulder with appreciation.

After the elder Luo stopped fighting with Yuan Feng, he stood behind Xu Ziyan, and now he looked at his young master with a smile on his face.

Xu Zirong lowered his eyes and subtly pushed away Xu Xiao.

Xu Xiao, “…”

He couldn’t help but frown, this kid was a bit too impolite…


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