Chapter 154

Xu Ziyan had no idea that Xu Zirong’s selection of topics would be so wide. Suddenly, he changed from his painful memory to him reading porn. After being shocked for a short while, Xu Ziyan blushed as he just realized that Xu Zirong mainly wanted to know if he wanted him.

Did he want Zirong?

Xu Ziyan asked himself genuinely.

Of course he did!

As long as he’s a guy, who wouldn’t have any feelings towards his lover?

Even if he only regarded Xu Zirong as his younger brother before, but as everything became much clearer, it would be ridiculous to tell people that they were just brothers, especially after everything that happened!

However, Xu Ziyan felt a bit embarrassed when thinking about going on top of Xu Zirong.

He had never considered having a man as his lover, so he was greatly affected when Zirong did that to him for the first time.

Anyway, at present, even if he wanted Zirong, he wanted Zirong to enter him more, rather than the other way round.

“Cough cough…it’s true that I want you…” Xu Zirong’s words made Xu Zirong suddenly startled and tensed, but what he said next made Zirong relax immediately.

“However, it’s not the way you think.” Xu Ziyan scratched his face with his fingers awkwardly, his eyes wandering, as he dared not lower his head and look at Xu Zirong.

What an embarrassing topic, it’s indeed a challenge to his basic values by admitting that he liked being pressed down by Zirong!

Xu Ziyan discovered that ever since they were together, his basic values were all destroyed, it’s really a tragedy!

“Brother?” Xu Zirong raised his head in surprise and looked at his blushed yet handsome brother, he couldn’t help but kiss him immediately.

Xu Ziyan did not refuse the kiss. He knew that Xu Zirong was emotionally unstable at this time and needed some physical contact to prove something.

He rubbed Xu Zirong’s lips, and cleverly chose an angle that was not so visible to the others.

In this way, if someone ever saw them, he still had a chance to explain, or it would be hard to convince the others that there’s nothing going on between them.

“Brother is the best to me.” Xu Zirong was satisfied and showed a sweet smile on his face, and the grievances accumulated for a day were all gone at this moment.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his hair fondly, and a touch of warmth filled his heart.

He wanted to check out some porn…and it’s because he’s afraid of himself not being able to satisfy Zirong. He wasn’t sure if it’s something inborn with Zirong, or he had studied a lot about it. The different styles of Xu Zirong kind of overwhelmed him!

Xu Ziyan had never been a hysterical person. For him, fun in the bedroom was an important part of a couple. In the modern world, couples usually argue because of the lack of it, and he’d never want to argue with Xu Zirong because of it.

Since he lacked experience, he could only study more by reading porn. He was actually reading it in a serious manner, and he’d even made up his mind to put it into practice!

The Xu brothers kissed each other some more, and Xu Ziyan successfully calmed Zirong’s mind.

Xu Ziyan silently wiped away the nonexistent sweat and took a deep breath. How come Xu Zirong had become even clingier than before?

If he couldn’t confirm that Xu Zirong was really a human, he might suspect that he’s actually a snake spirit reincarnated…_(:3∠)_

After seven days of rest in Xu’s house, Xu Ziyan helped Xu Xiao to deal with some things, confirmed his presence among the elders, then packed his luggage and was ready to return to Liu Guang sect.

As a disciple of Liu Guang sect, his identity was the most important guarantee for the prosperity of the Xu family.

Concerning the situation of the cultivation world, no one dared to provoke the Liu Guang sect. As long as Xu Ziyan’s status remained unchanged, the Xu family would continue to develop under his protection. No one would provoke the Xu family unless there’s someone as crazy as the old ancestor of Yuan family again.

During these seven days, it took Xu Ziyan one day to talk with Xu Xiao secretly. During this day, Xu Xiao told Xu Ziyan some of the secrets of the Xu family that had been hidden for many years, as well as the position of the hidden secret room in the Xu family.

In the previous life, the original body of Xu Ziyan got the location of the secret room from the study room of Xu Xiao, but in this life, Xu Xiao told this secret to Xu Ziyan instead.

From a certain perspective, this was proof of Xu Xiao recognizing Xu Ziyan as the master of the Xu family. All in all, Xu Xiao had only reached the early stage of golden core, while Xu Ziyan might break through his current level of Qi condensation anytime.

“These are the secrets of the Xu family, but among these secrets, some are real and some are fake. That’s what makes them look more confusing. It is a pity that a certain master from a few generations ago had gone mad when he was cultivating outside, and since then, no one had been able to tell whether these secrets were real. Even the Xu family members can’t tell now.” Xu Xiao looked regretful when he mentioned about this incident.

Xu Ziyan nodded thoughtfully, as he knew more about these secrets than Xu Xiao. It’s because Xu Xiao only learnt these from his last master of the family, but Xu Ziyan had learnt about all these, as well as the real inheritance of the Xu family, from jade pendant that had taught him about the Purple Night Nine Changes.

It’s just that he didn’t want to tell Xu Xiao about this. It’s better to do less than more. Judging from the inheritance of the jade pendant, when the old ancestor of the Xu family was forced to leave the Xu family, he actually abducted a lot of stuff. If he let Xu Xiao knew that the branch was existing in Xuan Yu realm, it might induce unforeseeable consequences.

The Xu family had an important position in the Mo Xin city, and its status was relatively stable.

Moreover, with Xu Ziyan’s support in the future, the Xu family could steadily develop the Mo Xin city and expand its area. With its rich resources, as long as they carefully developed it, the Xu family might develop into a big one.

Xu Xiao told Xu Ziyan the location of the secret room, in fact, he also wanted Xu Ziyan to use the treasures in it.

Although he had been told that these treasures could only be used when the Xu family was in danger, Xu Xiao had never been a person who stuck with old rules.

He had sharp insight and could tell Xu Ziyan’s talents at one glance. Golden core was not his last step, according to Xu Ziyan’s cultivation level, he could very well reach nascent soul in a hundred years.

That’d be a nascent soul cultivator!

That was the most important high-end combat power of the Xuan Yu realm. Any family under the protection of a nascent soul could very well develop into one that could control several cities.

Xu Xiao had a great vision, but the Xu family did not have enough resources to support Xu Ziyan.

From Qi condensation to nascent soul, the cultivator not only required a lot of accumulation of power, but he also needed a huge amount of resources.

The Xu family was just a small family, and there were limited reserves in the family, but if they used all of them to support Xu Ziyan, Xu Xiao might not be willing to take such a risk.

There are indeed many risks on the path of cultivation, no one could guarantee his safety until the end. If the Xu family took the risk to use all the resources to support Xu Ziyan, and if anything happened to Xu Ziyan accidentally, the future of the whole family would be over.

As a responsible patriarch, Xu Xiao would not gamble on the future of the family, but in the face of such an opportunity, he would find it a pity if he didn’t bet on it.

In a dilemma, Xu Xiao simply told Xu Ziyan about the secret room of the family and used the treasures in the secret room to support his cultivation. Firstly, it would not affect the normal development of the family. Secondly, even if Xu Ziyan accidentally failed, the Xu family could still get more resources later given how stable they were.

Xu Ziyan would naturally not object to Xu Xiao’s decision, because there were many rare treasures hidden in that secret room.

Now he had two heavy burdens on his shoulders. He felt heavy and pressurized about Bai Hua’s threat and the secret carried by Pink Hair and Snowball.

It didn’t feel good to have empty pockets…

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help sighing. When thinking about that novel, Bai Hua had so many magic weapons. When he was riding a dragon, there’s nothing that could beat him. Xu Ziyan didn’t find it particularly prestigious, yet Bai Hua was indeed rich at that time, he could even just play with the treasures.

He vowed that when he got rich in the future, he’d play with as many treasures as he wanted…

When he looked at the Aurora playing happily with Purple Night, and when he thought about the golden horn bow on his back, Xu Ziyan admitted that he got jealous…

——No way! He had to do it ‘til the end! There wouldn’t be a sense of security for him if he didn’t empty Bai Hua’s pockets.

After talking with Xu Xiao about the future development of the Xu family, Xu Ziyan got an appreciative look of his father.

As a responsible person in charge, Xu Xiao was very satisfied with Xu Ziyan. Although he had always thought that his son was great and reliable, Xu Ziyan’s style of actions and level of cultivations further proved that he would be a great master of the family.

The only shortcoming could be that he didn’t agree with how he should treat Xu Zirong, but it’s just a small matter. Xu Xiao wouldn’t jeopardize his relationship with Xu Ziyan with an expendable person.

During the closed conversation between the two, Xu Xiao also mentioned the issue of Xu Ziyan’s dual cultivation, but he did not propose any specific candidates. After all, the status of his son was already very high now. Many people failed to become Xu Ziyan’s match in Xu Xiao’s eyes.

The content of their conversation fell into Xu Zirong’s ears the next day. When dealing with Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan chose a very candid attitude.

He knew that Xu Zirong was suspicious and insecure. He would try not to do anything that might make him more suspicious. He’d rather not turn Zirong into a real villain…

Except for the day of communicating with Xu Xiao, Xu Ziyan spent the rest of his time on the young disciples of the Xu family.

As a Qi condensation cultivator, his comprehension of cultivation was of great help to those young disciples. Usually, most of the Qi condensation cultivators in the Xu family were busy with their own cultivation. Although they would return to the martial arts hall to explain things to these disciples when they were free, none of them were as explicative and handsome as the young master of Xu family!

Since the battle with the Yuan family that day, Xu Ziyan’s popularity had almost reached its peak among the younger generation of Xu’s family. He had been away from home for ten years, in the minds of these people, master Xu Ziyan had become an abstract term. His re-appearance made everyone feel enthusiastic and they even took him as an idol.

With thunder-type spiritual roots, Xu Ziyan had already reached the later stage of Qi condensation at his 20s. With his young age and level of cultivation, Xu Ziyan was qualified to become their idol. In Liu Guang sect, he could even be ranked among the first three with his performance.

As for Xu Zirong…→. →

When Xu Ziyan succeeded in becoming the idol of the young disciples of the Xu family, Xu Zirong also succeeded in becoming the most annoying person among them.

In Xu’s family, Xu Zirong’s identity had never been a secret, but under the strong threat of Xu Ziyan before, no one dared to raise this issue in front of him.

But this didn’t mean that they weren’t discussing it privately. This time, when Xu Ziyan returned home so proudly, there were naturally many people jealous of him.

They started wondering if they’d become Qi condensation cultivators themselves if they had followed their master to Liu Guang sect.

They found Xu Zirong so shameless, since he was following their master all day long.

Xu Zirong had such an attractive face, and he acted so affectionately in front of his brother despite the fact that he’s usually extremely cold to other disciples. They started wondering if Xu Zirong had already climbed onto the bed of their master.

Many of these thoughts were already rooted in the young disciples of the Xu family, especially the first thought. In their point of view, Xu Zirong’s qualifications weren’t superior, but he managed to become a Qi condensation cultivator in such a short time. They started wondering how many benefits he’d obtained from the master.

Most of these people were jealous that Xu Zirong could be taken care of by Xu Ziyan as an illegitimate child. No matter which era it is, jealousy is always a hidden monster in humans’ mind.

However, even if these people were jealous, they wouldn’t be so stupid to provoke a Qi condensation cultivator, as that was just like asking for death.

However, all kinds of bad rumors started spreading around in the Xu family.

They talked about Xu Zirong depending on his beautiful face to flatter some elder in the Liu Guang sect, so that he could reach his present level. Some other disciples said that he was taking advantage of the kindness of Xu Ziyan to get medicine to raise his cultivation level.

All kinds of rumors existed, but most of them were against the reputation of Xu Zirong.

No one knew how these rumors were formed, and how they could be spread to so many people within such a short time. After Xu Ziyan stayed at home for five days, some people started giving hints to Xu Ziyan to bring them along to Liu Guang sect, and they were even willing to be his servants.

Xu Ziyan was stunned when he first heard someone mentioning this to him.

Liu Guang sect had very strict management rules and it didn’t allow servants at all, even Jiang Ying had to bear the name of a disciple to enter.

How could these people be so confident? What made them think that he’d leave Zirong behind and bring them to the sect?

“Master Ziyan…” The beautiful woman in front of him was Xu Ziyan’s cousin. However, since the Xu family was too big, they usually just called each other by their names, only people like Xu Ziyan would be addressed as “master”. “I…I will definitely serve you well.”

The girl was pretty and she looked a little nervous. When she mentioned this, she was twisting the handkerchief in her hand. From time to time, she would secretly glance at Xu Ziyan, then she’d blush and lower her head shyly.

Xu Ziyan was a little dumbfounded, and at the same time he felt a little dissatisfied. He must have left home for too long, as his control over the family had become so weak.

After hearing this cousin sister, whom he barely knew, that Xu Zirong was so bad, Xu Ziyan felt incredibly furious and frustrated.

In his sphere of influence, how could there be such rumors? Could he be too careless or was there someone making rumors against Xu Zirong on purpose?

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly, his look became very cautious. The young girl in front of her bit her lower lip and she looked uneasy.

As a disciple of the Xu family, she could get very limited benefits. In the battle with the Yuan family, she almost fell in love with the young master at first sight. Later, after hearing many rumors against Xu Zirong, she secretly made up her mind.

If she could follow master Ziyan, then could she become a powerful cultivator as well? Maybe she could avoid the fate of getting married with someone from another family?

Originally, she was merely thinking about it. However, as the rumors about Xu Zirong went wild, she couldn’t help but start thinking that she might get taken care of by the master as well…

“Where did these words come from?” Xu Ziyan sounded cold, and the cheerful smile had disappeared on his face.

The girl was taken aback, as if she didn’t understand what happened.

“I said, who spread those rumors about Xu Zirong?”

When facing the threat of a Qi condensation cultivator, the young girl was in panic and she kept trembling.

“Do I need to ask you the third time?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes were like swords, and the girl felt like her heart was almost jumping out. She was deep in fear.

“I…I heard it from cousin sister Zilian.” The girl shivered and told Xu Ziyan about everything she knew.

Xu Ziyan only looked less frightening when the girl told him all, “Zirong is my brother, and no one can insult him! You – kneel in the punishment hall for three hours!” Xu Ziyan left after saying so, leaving the girl sitting on the ground, looking at the tall, ruthless figure in teary eyes.

After returning to Liu Shang Court, Xu Ziyan was furious. Someone slandered Xu Zirong behind him. This was absolutely something he couldn’t bear!

After he found Ruohua, he made her kneel in front of him without saying a word.

Ruohua looked at the young master with fear, she didn’t know what had happened…

“Ruohua, how about I bring you?” Xu Ziyan sat by the table and knocked on the surface lightly.

All of a sudden, there’s no more knocking sound, making Ruohua incredibly nervous.

“Young master has treated Ruohua very well, and Ruohua will never forget it. Ruohua has always been loyal to master!” After Ruohua heard so, she hurriedly showed her loyalty as she was scared to death.

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan twitched his lips but he’s not smiling, “since you’re so loyal to me, then why wouldn’t I know about all these rumors against Xu Zirong? If no one told me to get rid of that ‘illegitimate child with inferior status and degrading character’, I still wouldn’t know about it!”

Ruohua’s heart jumped suddenly, and she lowered her head, “master…it’s not that Ruohua doesn’t want to tell you, it’s that…master Zirong doesn’t let me to…”

“Zirong?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, he waved and asked her to leave first.

“Brother, what are you thinking about?” Xu Zirong appeared in the room after Ruohua left, hugging her brother from behind.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Xu Ziyan said in a deep voice.

Xu Zirong gently massaged his shoulders and said with a smile, “it’s just a trivial matter, why did you let it upset you?”

“Trivial matter?!” Xu Ziyan’s facial expression darkened and dragged Xu Zirong in front of him, “how could you feel that it’s trivial? Haven’t you heard of how they described you?”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I heard much harsher stuff in my previous life, I can very well take it this time.”


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