Chapter 155

Xu Ziyan was silent after hearing this, and after a long while, he said, “I’m sorry.”

“Brother, why did you apologize?” Xu Zirong kissed the corner of his brother’s lips, “you didn’t do those things.”

Xu Ziyan sighed, “it’s true that I didn’t cause any of these in your past life, but for this life…it’s somehow related to me.”

Xu Zirong smiled, “my brother has nothing to do with it, it’s just that some old fool wants me out.”

Xu Ziyan raised his head in surprise, “do you mean that you know where the rumors are from?”

Xu Zirong nodded, “yes, it’s the elder called Xu Sun.”

“Elder Xu Sun?” Xu Ziyan frowned, and he instantly thought of a chubby, honest-looking elder. He was shocked, “it’s him? Why would he do that?”

Xu Zirong spread his hands, “it’s probably against you, and I guess you didn’t know about that. His daughter is 17 years old, and she’s with both wood-type and earth-type spiritual roots. That old fool thinks that you will have a bright future in Liu Guang sect, and he plans to let her daughter follow you.”

“Even if he wants to marry his daughter to me, what does it have to do with you?” Xu Ziyan wondered.

Xu Zirong smiled and put his forehead on Xu Ziyan’s forehead, “because brother, you’re so good to me, so her daughter got jealous and asked her father for help.”

Xu Ziyan was speechless. After asking about it the whole day, it turned out to be such a ridiculous matter.

He just wanted to say something, yet he found that something was wrong. He looked at Xu Zirong in confusion, “when did you know about this?”

Xu Zirong looked away lightly and turned to look at the ceiling.

Xu Ziyan lowered his face, “you didn’t do anything, yet you already knew about it, it’s all because you wanted to look pitiful in front of me!”

Xu Zirong looked left and right, he dared not look Xu Ziyan in the eyes…

There were blue veins on Xu Ziyan’s forehead, and he knocked on Xu Zirong’s head, “you stupid fool! You didn’t need to do this to look pitiful, do you?”

“Of course I do!” Xu Zirong finally responded. He said in a serious manner, “how would my brother let me do whatever I want if I don’t look pitiful?”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

He felt desperate for this brother who would do anything to get him on bed, as he could even give up on his reputation!

“Brother…I was hurt, and I am very heartbroken. You have to make up for me…” Xu Zirong threw himself into the arms of his brother and said softly.

Xu Ziyan looked at this well-behaved actor, and showed a gloomy smile, “okay! I will make it up for you…You will be abstaining from sex for one month!”

Xu Zirong, who wanted something yet lost more, “…”

“Also!” Xu Ziyan suddenly thought of something when he wanted to kick Xu Zirong out of the room. He stared at Xu Zirong firmly, “don’t you dare to kill anyone! Although they’re evil, they don’t deserve to die. Act lightly even if you want to take revenge!”

After he finished speaking, he slam shut the door. Xu Zirong, who was behind the door, stood for a while, curled his lips slightly, and muttered in a low voice, “brother, I only endure this for you, you have to make up for me…”

This incident ended with Xu Ziyan beating those guys up heavily in the training ground.

None of the fathers of those people dared to come to Xu Ziyan for revenge. Although there were asking Xu Xiao privately for justice, how would Xu Xiao accuse his son for such kinds of things?

Besides, although he didn’t care about Xu Zirong, he’s still someone being protected by Xu Ziyan. If those young disciples dared to talk behind the back of Xu Zirong, it meant disrespect to Xu Ziyan as well.

Xu Xiao certainly wouldn’t allow this.

He severely reprimanded the people who secretly complained to him, and ordered them to go back and take good care of their children. Originally, he didn’t pay attention to such trivial matters at all, but since they came to him proactively, he had to teach them a lesson.

They shouldn’t even have reached him just because they were elders. He had already taken Xu Ziyan as the new master, and no one was qualified to accuse him. Also, they were at the wrong side initially.

The few people left Xu Xiao’s study room sadly. After thinking about it for a while, Xu Xiao thought that something was wrong.

In front of those people, he wanted to protect Xu Ziyan’s dignity, but Ziyan was simply too nice to Zirong, no? Xu Xiao felt a bit uneasy when he thought about those rumors and Xu Zirong’s gorgeous face.

“Assassin!” Xu Xiao shouted in a low voice.

A dark figure emerged from behind him.

“Did you go to see Ziyan these days?” Xu Xiao asked.

The assassin’s voice was still hoarse, “yes.”

Xu Xiao raised his eyebrows. This answer did not surprise him at all. Since Ziyan left his family and headed for Liu Guang sect, the assassin had not been able to follow him behind.

“When you went, did you feel that Ziyan and Zirong looked too close?”

The assassin’s eyelids moved, he raised his eyes and looked at Xu Xiao, there’s a flash of pleasure under his eyes. Then, he slowly shook his head.

Xu Xiao did not expect that the assassin would deceive him. In his view, this figure was like a puppet controlled in his hands. He only showed a slight sense of human emotions whenever Xu Ziyan was mentioned. How could such a man think of deceiving his master?

“It’s okay, you can leave.” Xu Xiao thought for a while, and felt that he’d worried too much. When the assassin went to visit Xu Ziyan, he would never let Xu Ziyan notice him. And if there’s anything strange between the Xu brothers, the assassin would know for sure. Since the assassin had already said that they’d acted normally, it looked like those rumors were just made to destroy Zirong’s reputation.

Think about it, even though he didn’t have much contact with Zirong, he also knew how arrogant that kid was. It’d be impossible for him to act submissively.

The assassination slowly hid in the shadows. After he left Xu Xiao, the pleasure finally revealed in his eyes.

So what if you owned Ziyao? When you made Ziyao so angry, did you ever expect that your sons would be together?

The assassin thought maliciously and he sneered.

He actually had a very ambivalent attitude towards Xu Ziyan. On one hand, he was the child of the woman he loved, and the other hand, he was the child of the man he hated the most.

When these feelings were mixed, he wanted Ziyan to live smoothly, yet not too smoothly.

But now, this problem had been solved!

He was sure that he and Xu Zirong were in love.

In this way, the assassin was relieved that he’s living happily, while he’s also thrilled that there would be no descendants in the Xu family.

The assassin felt that it’s his happiest day after being Xu Xiao’s hidden guard for so long!

The existence of the assassin dispelled Xu Xiao’s doubts, and Xu Ziyan also relied on his performance in the martial arts hall that day to strongly change his image in everyone’s minds.

Those younger disciples of Xu family now admired and feared Xu Ziyan genuinely.

Since that day, they hadn’t dared to spread any rumors against Xu Zirong. No one even mentioned anymore that he’s an illegitimate child of Xu Xiao.

Everyone understood that as long as Xu Zirong did not lose Xu Ziyan’s love, then no one would be able to affect his position in Xu Ziyan’s heart.

Another day later, the daughter of a certain elder from the Xu family tripped while going out, and a cultivator tripped over as well. This was already a very strange thing in itself, but the lady not only fell, she also lost two teeth, which made everyone’s jaw drop.

This lady fell when she stepped out from a store, and everyone saw how her mouth was full of blood and how stupid she looked…

After this incident, this young lady from the Xu family hadn’t stepped out of the Xu house for over half a year. It’s because she really felt too ashamed. She only dared to go out after it was covered by something else.

“You’re just too cruel.” Xu Ziyan knocked Xu Zirong on the head helplessly. Needless to think, there had to be someone setting a trap.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know about this lady’s character, but recently, she offended Xu Zirong on purpose.

“I have already controlled my temper for my brother.” Xu Zirong blinked.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes, how could it be considered as “controlling his temper” by letting a young lady trip in front of so many people?

Uh…well, if it’s Xu Zirong who did it, it’s actually already within limits…

“Okay, don’t try to act innocently anymore!” Xu Ziyan tapped his head lightly, and said affectionately, “go and tell Jiang Ying to pack up. We’ll leave tomorrow and return to Liu Guang sect.”

Xu Zirong’s eyes lit up slightly. He had long wanted to leave the Xu family. Although his life in the Xu family was not bad, the memories from his previous life were too deep. It was really impossible for him to have any good feelings towards this place.

To put it another way, he knew very well that he could live easily in Xu house only with his brother’s protection. Therefore, he was grateful for what his brother had done.

(Xu Zirong thought, “um, I will thank brother some more next time…that’s decided!”)

“I’m going now.” Xu Zirong turned around to inform Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, while Xu Ziyan took advantage of this time to sort out what’s inside Little Square.

Now, after Little Square took the Splitting Sky Slash from Yumo, it seemed to have evolved a bit, but Xu Ziyan hadn’t discovered any new functions.

Xu Ziyan didn’t care about it. It’s because Little Square was already a treasure in itself as it could swallow space spells.

After tidying up the messy items inside, Xu Ziyan was surprised to find that his current wealth still looked so pitiful. _(:3∠)_

After selling the associated ores of the Five-Element Prismatic Crystal, he was once a very rich person, but he gave Yu Hao 300 high-level spiritual stones.

Although those were all early-stage investments, and that he might be profited later, Xu Ziyan still felt pathetic when looking at the empty Little Square…

Poverty is just horrifying…

Xu Ziyan finally realized that it was indeed difficult to change from extravagance to frugality, after getting used to being rich, it’s so heartbreaking to be just with a few high-level spiritual stones.

No way! He had to think of a way to earn money!

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes and began to wonder where there could be a large number of spiritual stones, or a large number of treasures that could be sold into spiritual stones.

Unfortunately, after thinking about it for a long time, he only thought that the most valuable treasures were hidden in the places indicated by the treasure map he bought before, but there’s a terrifying criteria – nascent soul…

Xu Ziyan really wanted to cry in a corner, as he couldn’t achieve it still…

“Brother, what are you doing?” Xu Zirong informed Jiang Ying to pack up, and soon returned to the room. When he came back, he saw his brother squatting in a corner with a distressed look.

“Ah? Nothing. I just feel that we do not have enough spiritual stones.” Xu Ziyan didn’t think much, and naturally told Zirong what he’s worried about.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “didn’t brother already know the location of the Xu family’s secret room? Father also said that you can use the things inside.”

Xu Ziyan still looked distressed, “father indeed said so, but it’s difficult to sell the things inside. Even if I can, I can only sell them at a really low price, I’d rather leave it to the others.”

Xu Zirong smiled upon hearing him, “then let’s take the treasures left by the blood demon.”

Xu Ziyan looked at Zirong with surprise. Then, he understood what Zirong meant – the blood demon that Zirong mentioned was the one from the previous generation. That blood demon had once caused a bloody murder in the Xuan Yu realm several hundreds of years ago, and he later became a monster as he couldn’t fight against the backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. It was finally defeated by both righteous and demon cultivators.

In that battle, that blood demon was seriously injured, but before his death, he managed to resume his consciousness.

He took the opportunity to break through the encirclement of the two streams of cultivation, but he’d reached the end of his life, and he could at most sustain for a few more days. In the end, he died inside the Snake Valley near Mo Xin city.

Xu Zirong was able to obtain the treasure of the blood demon at the age of ten, since the blood demon went there before his death, and he even died before having dug a hole for himself.

Otherwise, the places where cultivators died were usually with a lot of traps, given Xu Zirong’s level of cultivation at that time, he might not be able to get any treasures left by a dying cultivator.

When Xu Zirong mentioned this, Xu Ziyan also realized something. The two immediately went to give Xu Zirong’s titular master a good burial.

=. =

Now that the two people’s cultivation level was high enough to take care of the whole Mo Xin city, and with the protection of Little Square, no one in the Xu family had noticed that the Xu brothers sneaked out in the middle of the night…

After arriving at the Snake Valley, Xu Zirong found the location very skillfully. Seeing that the skeleton that changed his fate in his previous life were still lying alone on the ground, Xu Zirong felt inexplicably touched.

At that time, he was still young, and he only wanted to find a chance to avenge the entire Xu family, so when he saw the Qiankun bag next to the skeleton, he took it without hesitating.

Later, he found a jade slip recording the Blood Sea Heart Sutra in the Qiankun bag. The ecstasy in his heart almost overwhelmed him. When he couldn’t bear it, he immediately immersed himself in cultivating.

In the next few days, he was immersed in the cultivation all day, and he had ignored the skeleton. Before he left, he dug a shallow hole to bury the skeleton.

A ten-year-old kid wouldn’t consider that much. However, Xu Zirong had already become mature and Xu Ziyan had tried to change him, now he had a slight sense of guilt when seeing the skeleton again.

Although they had considered burying this skeleton before they came, Xu Zirong still felt that he owed this skeleton one thing.

He straightened out his clothes, knelt down in front of the skeleton respectfully, and said loudly, “master is here, as a disciple, I will bow you.”

He bowed and knocked his head three times.

When he stood up, Xu Ziyan looked at him with a smile.

Xu Ziyan didn’t pay much attention to form, yet he really agreed to Xu Zirong’s actions.

In his opinion, it was an indicator of his attitude, it’s like a kind of gratitude to the skeleton for having changed Zirong’s fate.

No matter who it was, if someone can change your fate forever, doesn’t he deserve your respect?

Ka ka ka…

Just as the two brothers looked at each other and laughed, the skeleton was undergoing some weird changes.

The mouth slowly opened and made a scary sound.

Xu Zirong looked at the skeleton in surprise. In his previous life, he had never discovered any secrets in the skeleton, yet he managed to get its approval in this life.

With a slap, a bright red bead fell out of the bone’s mouth and made a clear sound.

When Xu Zirong saw the red bead, his pupils shrank suddenly, then he stared at the skeleton with a complicated expression.

“What’s wrong? What is that?” Xu Ziyan asked without overlooking Xu Zirong’s complicated expression.

Xu Zirong walked slowly to the front of the skeleton and bowed respectfully again before picking up the red bead.

“This one…it’s called the blood condensation bead.” Xu Zirong held the bead in his hand, and the round blood bead rolled around in his palm, complementing his fair skin tone.

“Huh? what is the use of this bead?”

Xu Zirong glanced at the skeleton and said softly, “this blood condensation bead is refined by the essence blood of the person cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, if I saw this bead and ate it back then, I’d reached Qi condensation from Qi refining instantly.”

Xu Ziyan glanced at the skeleton in surprise, then nodded, “master, you’re so kind.”

Xu Zirong was silent, but he also secretly agreed. He actually had something else to say. In addition to passing on one’s level of cultivation, this blood condensation bead could also be used to resist the backlash of Blood Sea Heart Sutra. That’s to say, if he swallowed it, then he didn’t need to worry about the backlash anymore.

It’s just that……

It was absolutely impossible!

The backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was not dangerous to him at all, and it’s even the best excuse for him to ask for intimacy from his brother. Every time when it occurred, he could get it from Xu Ziyan. So, how could he give up on this tool so easily? That’s why he shamelessly hid away the largest effect of the bead…

(Lighting a candle for brother…)

After digging a deep pit and burying the skeleton in it, Xu Zirong also dug a huge boulder from the cliff wall and erected a wordless monument for the previous blood demon.

It’s not that he didn’t want to leave a name on the monument, but this Snake Valley was not a particularly dangerous place, and this blood demon was too notorious in the previous generation, if anyone knew that he’s buried there, people who were interested in his treasures might start digging around…

After dealing with the skeleton of the blood demon, the two brothers returned to Xu’s house with the Qiankun bag of the blood demon.

After harvesting the relics of the blood demon, Xu Ziyan could feel himself getting rich again. Not only had he become wealthy, but he could also give Yu Hao more resources.

Early in the morning, Xu Ziyan took a deep breath, and suddenly felt much more relieved with enough stuff in his pocket. He felt incredibly pleased by looking at the amount of high-level spiritual stones in Little Square!

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan took the lead to enter the teleportation array, Xu Zirong, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui followed him.

After turning his head and bidding farewell to Xu Xiao and elder Luo, Xu Ziyan signaled to the person controlling the teleportation array, who had already activated it. When there’s a white light, the four disappeared in the array.

After a trance, Xu Ziyan heard a familiar bustling noise again.

Fa’an City, which was the closest to mountain gate of Liu Guang sect, still looked so prosperous with the hustle and bustle. Countless ordinary citizens and cultivators lived there and fought for their lives.

Xu Ziyan was desperate to return to the sect, and he had no intentions to hang around in Fa’an city. He directly stepped out of the gate and flew towards Liu Guang sect while controlling his cloud shuttle.

They were already in the territories of Liu Guang sect, if anyone tried to rob them there, it’d be like asking for troubles.


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