Chapter 156

After a stick of incense was burnt…

“You bastard, how dare you still have the face to come back!!!” Elder Luo roared with all his strength and it’s definitely deafening.

“Master…long time no see.” Xu Ziyan smiled with a look of guilt.

“You still know that we haven’t seen for a long time?” Elder Luo was pissed off by Xu Ziyan’s attitude and he knocked on Xu Ziyan’s head, “stinky kid! I was just asking you to be a messenger. Tell me, how did you end up being in the territory of demon cultivation?”

Elder Luo was actually very happy with Xu Ziyan as a disciple, yet he wasn’t as satisfied with Xu Zirong. However, he cared about all his disciples, as long as Xu Zirong didn’t kill anyone randomly, he wouldn’t judge Xu Zirong so easily.

He was obviously pissed off after his disciples got bulled in Wuti city. Wild Ghost, who hadn’t protected his disciples, was taught a fierce lesson by elder Luo.

Wild Ghost was a golden core cultivator, yet he had no ability to resist elder Luo at all. Even when his black leopard was in front of elder Luo, he dared not act recklessly. The black leopard was just watching its master getting scolded to death by elder Luo. In the end, he even got “assigned” in the extreme west for 10 years. It’s just because his level of cultivation was still not sufficient, and he had to train even further in battle grounds.

The black leopard almost bid farewell to Liu Guang sect in teary eyes and followed its master to the extreme west. When it thought about having no good food, good wine or beautiful female leopard there, and when there were only endless battles and blood…

It suddenly felt that its life had become hopeless completely…QAQ

“Cough…master, that’s not what we wanted…but it was…an accident…” Xu Ziyan tried to explain in a low voice.

He could feel that Luo Yun was suppressing his care, and he obviously wouldn’t refute so quickly.

Xu Zirong stood silently behind his brother. Although he knew that Luo Yun cared about his brother, he’s still pissed off by certain behaviors of Luo Yun.

Luo Yun scolded and criticized Xu Ziyan. Of course, Xu Zirong couldn’t escape from the same fate as a disciple.

Although Luo Yun was still a little careful when dealing with Xu Zirong, as he knew that Xu Zirong had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, he still had the right to teach him as a master, even the Emperor would find no problem with that!

So, after being severely criticized by Luo Yun, Xu Ziyan finally received a small compliment, although this tone of complimenting was a bit special…

“Stinky kid! Are you taking some sort of medicine? Why did you reach the later stage of Qi condensation so quickly?” Luo Yun only discovered the level of cultivation of his disciple now, and he turned and looked at Xu Zirong, who again shocked him with his cultivation level.

“Have you taken aphrodisiac with your brother?”

Luo Yun didn’t have any other intentions when he asked, yet it created a specific effect on the Xu brothers. Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed and he became a bit thoughtful. Xu Ziyan only felt his back a bit cold, as he’s afraid that his master had actually inspired Xu Zirong…

_(:з」∠)_, Master, please don’t joke around with this topic, as your disciple will be in danger…

“How did your cultivation level improve so quickly? Could it be…” Luo Yun’s facial expression changed drastically, and before he finished speaking, his hands were already on the brothers’ pulses.

Xu Ziyan already understood what he meant. He was worried that they’d opted some way to exhaust their lives when they were in the Fire Demon Realm.

Almost every sect had that kind of secret spells, yet no one would use those extreme methods if not absolutely necessary.

Luo Yun would think like this, it’s because they were dragged forcibly into Wuti city back then. If they had encountered any danger like force majeur, then these extreme methods could be useful.

It’s just that…

Luo Yun sighed softly in his mind. If their level of cultivation improved so quickly because they’d exhausted their potential, then they would have a difficult path ahead…

“Huh?” Luo Yun’s spiritual power wandered unimpeded in Xu Ziyan’s body. Xu Ziyan trusted him without reservation.

Luo Yun checked even the most subtle meridians, but he clearly didn’t even find any hidden injuries.

“Zirong, come here.” Luo Yun thought for a while, then called Xu Zirong over.

Xu Zirong couldn’t tell how he felt about Luo Yun, his master. His level of vigilance was very obvious, yet he’d never treated Zirong badly in any other aspects.

He even got many answers related to his previous life from his master. Luo Yun had done his best for Xu Zirong, and Xu Zirong was therefore still very respectful when dealing with his master.

Xu Zirong stretched out his wrist generously, not worrying a bit that his master would set him up. Luo Yun didn’t think much either, he just felt a bit strange – wasn’t Xu Zirong acting a bit weirdly?

Back then, Xu Zirong was just like a hedgehog, and he refused anyone to get near him except his brother. However, he’s acting so generously and posed no threat at all.

Of course, there wouldn’t be any good consequences if he’s treated like a weak guy. Still, Xu Zirong had sort of changed in his eyes.

Luo Yun also wanted to know what had happened to Xu Zirong to cause these changes.

After his spiritual power went through Xu Zirong’s meridians, he found no hidden injuries in Xu Zirong’s body either.

Luo Yun took his hand back and thought for a while, “not bad, I could see that you didn’t rush through your cultivation. Although I was shocked to see you improve so quickly, there’re full of possibilities in the world of cultivation. So, it’s still quite normal. However, I do hope that you can stay at home for some time starting from now.”

After hearing what his master said, Xu Ziyan abandoned his original plan of heading to the extreme west.

He believed that Luo Yun just wanted the best for him and Xu Zirong, as their level of cultivation increased too quickly, and it’s really better to settle down in Liu Guang sect for a while.

“Master, there is still something that I need help from you.” Xu Ziyan laughed and took a plate of chicken with wine in his Qiankun bag.

This dish of chicken with wine was made by him in the kitchen before leaving Xu’s house. The ingredients were very delicate and the taste was simply great – just by looking at Snowball, who couldn’t take its eyes off the dish, one already knew how delicious it was.

“Hey!” Snowball looked at the plate of chicken with wine and wanted to rush forward.

In the end, Luo Yun acted as quickly as lightning, and Snowball saw its chicken disappear!

Snowball: QAQ

Before returning to the Liu Guang sect, it had already reached an agreement with Xu Ziyan. It would be responsible in disguising as an ordinary spiritual pet, and Xu Ziyan would cook yummy dishes as a reward.

Seeing the most delectable dish in front of it, Snowball couldn’t control its urge.

“Huh?” Luo Yun had just noticed the fluffy mass that had been squatting next to Xu Ziyan. After seeing that it’s a little sheep, he burst into laughter, “you two are really brothers. Your brother got a pink rabbit and you got such a lovely sheep. Well…are you two really planning to use them to seduce female cultivators? Let me tell you, you will only end up in danger with those women. You must stay away from them!”

Luo Yun said without embarrassment while chewing the chicken.

Xu Ziyan turned his face silently and complained silently in his heart, “master, these two pets are not lovely at all. They are both extremely cruel. Also, neither of us is interested in girls…”

“Okay, for the sake of this chicken, I will forgive you both. Didn’t you say that there is something I should help? Tell me what it is.” Luo Yun put the last bite of chicken into his mouth happily, the whole chicken was turned into chicken bones in a blink of an eye.

Snowball looked at the chicken bones on the ground, then it looked at Xu Ziyan who’s smiling. Then, it rushed forward, held his legs and started yelling.

“Huh? Your spiritual pet is quite interesting.” Luo Yun looked at the little sheep, then looked away and slightly frowned.

“Puff!” (Idiot!) Pink Hair, who’s squatting on Xu Zirong’s shoulder gave the foodie a contemptuous look. It knew long ago that Snowball wasn’t reliable at all!

“Hey!” Snowball’s whole body froze on Xu Ziyan’s legs, then it slowly retracted its hooves, stood behind him obediently, and dared not look at the chicken bones on the ground.

Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball speechlessly and thought, “how dare you expose yourself for one chicken!”

“Your spiritual pet…” Luo Yun seemed to be interested. He squatted and looked at Snowball with bright eyes.

Snowball yelled twice and moved its neck.

“Idiot.” Xu Zirong’s eyes got dark. He walked over and kicked the round body of Snowball, which quickly disappeared in the bushes.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Luo Yun, “…”

Luo Yun wiped away the oil in his hand and stopped asking about Snowball thoughtfully.

And Xu Ziyan also took the opportunity to tell him about Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui. At the present moment, they were only guests in the Liu Guang sect, and they dared not step into the little house of the Xu brothers without the consent of Luo Yun.

“Demon cultivation?” Luo Yun looked at Xu Ziyan in surprise, then at Xu Zirong.

Xu Ziyan hurriedly explained, “since he has a demonic core, he cannot cultivate righteous kinds of cultivation. However, he has never done anything evil, I am assuming that he doesn’t have to be removed?”

“Well, you’re right.” Luo Yun thought and decided that they could stay as disciples of Liu Guang sect. If both of them were reliable, then they could be accepted to the inner sect.

After solving this matter, Luo Yun instructed Xu Ziyan to do closed-door cultivation with his brother, and he was ready to answer any questions that they might have. He was planning to stay in the sect for some time.

Xu Ziyan nodded again and again, then returned to his small hut with Xu Zirong and told Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui about being taken as an outer disciple.

In fact, based on their current level of cultivation, accepting them as outer disciples was a bit underrated for them, but Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui weren’t unhappy at all. After all, Xu Ziyan told them already that it’s just a transitional period, and it’s a way for their master to test them as well.

With Jiang Ying and the others, they went through the entry formalities in Liu Guang sect, and the two headed to the residence of the outer disciples.

Whether it was in the Liu Guang sect or Tian Yu sect, there’s always a huge, invisible gap between outer and inner disciples in all large sects.

The Tianluo Peak, where Xu Ziyan was staying at, wasn’t accessible for Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui as outer disciples. Without the consent of the Xu brothers and Luo Yun, other inner disciples couldn’t even set foot in there.

Before the closed-door retreat, Xu Ziyan paid a visit to Wei Qing and Le Hu. Under the guidance of master, their level of cultivation got to increase as well.

Of course, compared with the Xu brothers who had all the amazing experiences outside, they still had a long way to go. Fortunately, they didn’t get jealous easily, especially Wei Qing who would only work harder after seeing how Xu Ziyan improved. He’d never get jealous.

Since a long time ago, Le Hu had long known that his talent for cultivation was not as good as those talented cultivators, so he did not have the slightest bit of jealousy. He was very clear about his position. He was a fighter from the extreme west, and he would die on a battle ground once he returned there. Therefore, he mostly relied on concrete battles for his usual training, and he rarely learned some redundant spells.

With Xu Zirong’s jealous look, Xu Ziyan was chatting happily with Wei Qing and Le Hu. Although these two people still didn’t get along with each other, there weren’t any arguments yet as Xu Ziyan was mingling between them.

In the entire Liu Guang sect, Xu Ziyan had the best relationships with these two people, and their pattern of life also changed with Xu Ziyan’s presence…

Let alone Le Hu, at least Wei Qing wasn’t an aged person in Liu Guang sect as described in Xu Ziyan’s original memory. Although he’s still as arrogant, he had slowly learnt how to get along with people weaker than him after Xu Ziyan’s violent education. Although he’s still far from being courteous, at least he could control himself from beating people up randomly.

In order to achieve this goal, Xu Ziyan taught Wei Qing many lessons in a violent way. Although Wei Qing was a few years older than Xu Ziyan, he’s very obedient when Xu Ziyan acted seriously, as if he had encountered the worst enemy.

After bidding farewell to Wei Qing and Le Hu, the Xu brothers started their retreat. This time, Xu Ziyan used the experience from last time, he used his remaining divine consciousness to feel the time passing by.

Time flew again, and when Xu Ziyan opened his eyes again, it was already one year later.

“Hmm…” Xu Ziyan twisted his stiff neck with his arms stretched out, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional.

This cultivation was a really amazing thing. If he’s still in modern days, how would he expect himself meditating in one place for a year?

“Brother, are you awake too?” Before the retreat, Xu Zirong’s cultivation level was lower than Xu Ziyan’s, so he took shorter time to stabilize his realm.

After his brother’s five-year closed retreat last time, although Xu Zirong woke up earlier, there wasn’t any backlash of Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

“Huh? When did you wake up?” Xu Ziyan was a little surprised.

“A month ago.” Xu Zirong said with a chuckle, keeping his hands clean and tidying up his brother’s clothes.

“Well, it’s actually been a year, time flies so fast.” Xu Ziyan kissed Xu Zirong’s face very affectionately, and finally was embraced by Xu Zirong, who was dissatisfied with his desire, and kissed his brother fiercely in return.

“Cough cough, okay, okay, it’s enough.” Xu Ziyan patted Xu Zirong’s head, Xu Zirong blinked and looked as if he hadn’t gotten enough.

Xu Ziyan looked away in embarrassment, and whispered, “leave it for tonight.”

Xu Zirong’s eyes brightened, and his brilliant smile almost dazzled the eyes of Luo Yun, who just entered…

“Cough cough.” Luo Yun weirdly looked at the Xu brothers, who were hugging each other. Although he had known already how possessive Xu Zirong was, he still found it extremely strange to see the two brothers being so close. It’s like they had some kind of inexplicable relationship.

“Master, is there anything?” Xu Ziyan lightly patted Xu Zirong’s arms, who let go unwillingly.

Luo Yun couldn’t help but sneered, “how old are you? You are still so close to your brother.”

Xu Zirong glanced at him plainly, “is my master jealous of me because brother will cook something delicious for me today?”

Luo Yun, “…”

He gave Xu Zirong a fierce look and whispered, “traitor!”

After cursing, he turned his head and looked at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan was speechless. It had been so many years, and this master-disciple relationship still stayed the same…

Master, you’re already a few thousand years old, you really think that there’s no problem in fighting with a disciple who’s not even 20 years old?!

“Hey!” Snowball also joined in the fun, tearfully hugging Xu Ziyan’s thigh.

At the beginning, it was not so picky in the secret realm, but since Xu Ziyan turned it into a fussy eater, it had stopped eating when Xu Ziyan was in retreat…

Pink Hair looked at Xu Ziyan and Snowball, then turned away and continued eating its carrots, while yelling in its heart, “it’s not over between us yet!”

After all these troubles made by his master and his spiritual pet, Xu Ziyan had stopped sighing long time ago. He just walked out of the retreat room silently, raised his flying sword and flew to Fa’an City and bought some food ingredients for the feast that night.

From the look of his master, if he didn’t eat well that night, he would call Xu Ziyan a traitor again…

Xu Ziyan wasn’t that quick. After flying out for a while, Xu Zirong followed behind.

After catching up with his brother, Xu Zirong put away his flying sword shamelessly, jumped on the Aurora, and the Aurora trembled uncomfortably. Xu Zirong’s cold gaze made the Aurora calm down completely…

Xu Ziyan silently watched his flying sword with tears – why did Aurora tremble in his hands, while it was so powerful in Bai Hua’s hands?

Could it be that any treasure would be transformed into a second-class weapon when he touched it! QAQ

“Brother!” Xu Zirong hugged his elder brother tightly, absorbing the breath from his body.

They hadn’t seen each other for a year, and he’s flooded with his affection…

The above was just an elegant statement, in more vulgar terms, Xu Zirong was ready to jump into bed anytime now!

Brother, please be careful…

“Don’t mess around. We’re on a flying sword.” Xu Ziyan was speechless. Although he knew what was going to happen after he came out of retreat, Zirong was simply too desperate that he couldn’t even wait until that night.

“Well, I will be patient for the sake of my brother, but my brother will make up for me at night.” Xu Zirong raised his head, showing an evil smile.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

After a big purchase in Fa’an City, Xu Ziyan’s Qiankun bag was filled with all kinds of monster meat.

He usually cooked ordinary meat, yet he really wanted to try some monster meat that day.

As spiritual monsters used their spiritual energy to wash themselves all year round, there’s simply no redundant flesh on their bodies. Also, this kind of meat was of high quality and very delicious, and it’s the best choice for cooking.

Xu Ziyan’s love for cooking did not disappear with time, he had grown more interested as there were more foodies around him…

In the evening, Xu Ziyan cooked a table full of delicacies. If these things were taken outside, it would be enough for more than a hundred people.

However, this kind of quantity was just enough for Luo Yun and Snowball. After Luo Yun ate enough, Snowball simply ate all the rest…

Xu Ziyan was stunned as he watched Snowball’s petite body after it finished all the food. It had swallowed food that’s a few times bigger than its body. It’s really the ambassador of all the foodies.

“Huh, it’s such a great meal. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten so well.” Luo Yun picked his teeth lazily and said with satisfaction.

Snowball also rolled on the ground with a chubby belly, with a comfortable expression on his face.

Xu Ziyan made a pot of tea and put it on the table, Xu Zirong poured a cup for Luo Yun. Although they often argued, Xu Zirong was still very respectful to his master.

“Yeah, not bad.” Luo Yun took a sip of spiritual tea, sighed with satisfaction, and patted his slightly bulged belly. At that moment, he really didn’t look like a nascent soul cultivator…

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