Chapter 159

This kind of fish liked to take revenge easily. Once they went to war with this kind of fish, the fish would fight to death. This golden swordfish all had golden attributes, and they were super sensitive to any attack of fire attributes. They could even detect any move of spiritual power of fire attributes hundreds of miles away.

Just now, Wei Qing’s fire dragon attack was so powerful, and it must have shocked the swordfish taking a rest nearby. Xu Ziyan knew very well that they would soon be consumed by these golden swordfish…

“Here they are!” Xu Ziyan sighed helplessly. With his divine consciousness, he already felt a big group of swordfish approaching.

This kind of golden swordfish swims extremely fast on the bottom of the sea, even if they fled with their flying swords, it would still be extremely difficult to get rid of this large group of swordfish. What made Xu Ziyan even more depressed was that this kind of fish was delicious, and many high-level monsters loved eating them. It also meant that once they were there, it would attract the attention of those monsters.

Xu Ziyan believed that if those high-level monsters found out about them, they wouldn’t mind having a few human beings as dessert after feasting on the golden swordfish. As long as they stayed with food, they would be treated as food as well.

—In the novel, Bai Hua encountered exactly the same.

“Let’s run first!” Xu Ziyan had no choice but to put away the big ship and set foot on the flying sword. At the same time, he did not forget to carry Snowball who’s still sleeping…

He never would have expected that the first thing he’d have to encounter was the golden swordfish, he really wanted to beat up someone!

Also, in the novel, it was the last crisis that Bai Hua encountered. At that time, Bai Hua even met a sea monster of nascent soul, and he found out later that this group of golden swordfish was a kind of food deliberately raised, and the monsters would feast on them from time to time…

Xu Ziyan was so speechless that he wanted to kneel down. When Bai Hua was in this secret realm, he could take his time to improve gradually, yet they needed to face the BOSS immediately. Is it all because they aren’t male protagonists?!

The other three people didn’t know how bitter Xu Ziyan felt inside, but they all noticed some changes on Xu Ziyan’s face. They hurriedly got on their flying swords as well and chased after Xu Ziyan.

Soon, looking from afar, there was a golden wave on the sea where they got on their flying swords. A group of huge golden swordfish jumped out of the sea and looked for the enemies that had provoked them.

Soon they confirmed the direction, and they swam after Xu Ziyan, they moved to the east across the golden sea at a lightning speed.

In the process of advancing, there were also other groups of golden swordfish joining, making the golden sea cover a larger area.

“They are going to catch us soon.” Xu Ziyan had the strongest divine consciousness, and he soon discovered the golden swordfish.

The golden swordfish moved incredibly fast, they were almost as fast as them riding on flying swords.

If Xu Ziyan used all the speed of the Aurora, he could very well get rid of all of them. Sadly, he could only bring one person along, but then their destiny would be determined if he left Wei Qing and Le Hu behind.

They might be able to hang in there for a while facing the golden swordfish, but they weren’t sure if they could escape if that sea monster of nascent soul came.

This sea monster of nascent soul was incredibly powerful, it almost reached the level of deity. In the novel, if Bai Hua didn’t manage to use the dragon-shaped jade pendant at once, shocking the sea monster for a moment, he wouldn’t be able to continue his journey…

At a critical moment, Xu Ziyan had an idea, “all of you, come near!”

Wei Qing and Le Hu immediately rushed forward, and Xu Zirong directly jumped on Aurora.

“Get a little closer!” Xu Ziyan roared, there wasn’t much mist with Little Square, there wouldn’t be any problems in covering him and Xu Zirong, yet it would be a problem covering Wei Qing and Le Hu.

In particular, the flying swords controlled by the two still had a certain extent of repulsion between each other. This was originally made to prevent the two flying swords from being too close to disaster, but now it had become an obstacle.

“Idiot, what else are you looking at? Come up now.” Wei Qing hadn’t made a sound, and now he finally couldn’t hold it anymore. He dragged Le Hu over from his flying sword.

Among the four, Le Hu’s flying speed was the slowest. Actually, other people could ride faster if they didn’t have to take care of him.

Le Hu was dragged onto Wei Qing’s flying sword, but he wasn’t pissed off. Although he didn’t get along well with Wei Qing, he still could tell when he should get angry.

At this time, he couldn’t be bothered so much anymore. He just hugged Wei Qing’s waist tightly and save more space.

Wei Qing’s body turned stiff, as no one had ever gotten so close to him since he was a child. He couldn’t help leaning forward when he felt the hot energy behind him. Unexpectedly, just when he tried to lean a bit forward, a big hand pulled him even closer, and there’s a rough voice behind him, “why are you still struggling at this time?”

Wei Qing was silent for a second, and gave up the idea of ​​explaining this to this dumb person. He only decided to teach him a lesson after leaving there.

The four people tried their best to be as close to each other as possible by aligning the two flying swords.

Xu Ziyan moved Little Square above them, and the white mist that was exuded naturally covered them.

“Go down!” Xu Ziyan’s had a sharp eyesight and he found an outline of a small island below. He didn’t think much about it, so he rushed down with everyone.

The white mist of Mr. Little Square could only cover up the divine consciousness at best, but it could still be seen with the naked eye. Those golden swordfish all used the sharp thorns on their noses to attack like the breath of a sword. Even if their divine consciousness was covered, they were only a little inaccurate. The large quantity of the golden swordfish could make up for this loss. When over 10,000 golden swordfish attacked at once, it’s not to be underestimated.

Before the group of swordfish entered their range of vision, Xu Ziyan led the others to land quickly on an island. Although it wasn’t a big one, they could make use of the trees to hide themselves.

“Shhh, don’t make any noise.” After the four of them landed, Xu Zirong controlled the blood vines at the fastest speed and dug a hole under a huge rock. After the four of them hid in, Xu Zirong dragged a lot of trees and put them at the entrance of the hole.

In the dark cave, the four people didn’t even dare to breathe. The golden swordfish was very sensitive to the fluctuations of the fire system’s spiritual power, and even Xu Ziyan couldn’t guarantee that they could hide themselves inside Little Square.

He expanded his divine consciousness to the maximum and stared at the position where he activated Little Square.

A large wave of golden waves roared towards the place where they had just stayed for a short time. When they found that the enemy was gone, they started to circle again in confusion…

Waves of golden fishes gathered in the place where Xu Ziyan and the others had disappeared, and they even formed a large piece of golden seawater. Countless golden swordfish squeezed together one after another, reminding Xu Ziyan of being squeezed like a sardine on a train in modern days…

Of course, these golden swordfish were much more ferocious than sardines, and one was enough to feed everyone there – not including the spiritual pets!

“Brother, what is a sardine?” Xu Zirong suddenly said behind him.

Xu Ziyan replied casually, “a delicious fish.”

“Are those fish resembling the golden swordfish?” Xu Zirong continued to ask.

“More or less.”

Since confessing to Zirong that he came from another world, Xu Ziyan discovered that Xu Zirong was really curious about his world.

Whenever he said something unintentionally, Xu Zirong would question it very seriously.

This time was no exception, so he just replied casually. However, after saying so, he felt someone pulling his pants from behind…

He turned his head.

“Meh!” Snowball looked at Xu Ziyan blankly, as if it’s begging for some delicacies.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it, all foodies around him nowadays… _(:3∠)_

“Meh, meh!” After seeing that Xu Ziyan had no reactions, Snowball started looking at him with watery eyes and it seemed pitiful.

He learnt from Xu Zirong how to cry instantly…

Xu Ziyan slapped Snowball’s head, “be quiet! How come you’re still thinking of eating at this critical moment?”

“Meh…” Snowball curled its lips in grief and licked its wounds at a corner. Master is really bad, as he didn’t want to give me fish!

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly, and continued to pay attention to the golden swordfish.

The groups of golden swordfish circled the place where they disappeared, and even a large number of gold swordfish suddenly jumped up from the sea, shooting the breath of sword towards the place where they once stayed.

Xu Ziyan felt that they were so lucky – fortunately, they had already thought of the hiding function of Little Square, or they would have become the food of those fish!

But now, it seemed that those golden swordfish had not found their traces. They just needed to hold on for a few more days, and Wei Qing shouldn’t use fire-type spells anymore. Then, there should be no issues for them to cross the sea.


Just when Xu Ziyan thought that this crisis was about to pass, Le Hu suddenly roared, and a burst of golden light burst out of his body, suddenly moving towards…

——Xu Zirong rushed over.

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank sharply. He was about to kill Le Hu, but suddenly he noticed something was wrong. A light layer of blood instantly covered his back, and there was a powerful attack immediately behind him. He was thrown out uncontrollably.

“Roar!” Le Hu roared, his golden arms suddenly grabbed a vine that was as thick as a thigh, blocking the attack of this vine against Xu Zirong.

“Tree monster!” Xu Ziyan exclaimed. Just now, his attention was all on the golden swordfish outside, and he hadn’t even noticed the tree monster!

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan cursed out of annoyance. It’s just not a good time for this tree monster to appear. If it was in a normal situation, they could easily kill the tree monster, but at this moment, there were countless golden swordfishes gathered near this small island. They’d have big troubles if the spiritual fluctuations, created by this fight with the tree monster, attracted the attention of the golden swordfish.

“I’ll deal with this one! Think of a way to get rid of it!” Le Hu shouted. The thick vine held him tightly, making it impossible to move.

Wei Qing looked gloomy on the side, he clenched his fists and he almost stuck his fingertips to his flesh; it’s such a strong feeling of helplessness!

Although it seemed that everything happened for a long time, it was just a moment when the tree vines rushed into the cave and entangled Le Hu.

The tree monster could sense its attack being blocked, and there’s immediately another vine coming in from the entrance, rushing towards the others.

Although Xu Zirong was attacked just now, he managed to arrange a layer of blood shield with Le Hu’s reminder. Otherwise, he would’ve been injured if he got hit by the tree monster without any defense.

The tree monster totally relied on its thick vines and it’s a completely physical attack.

Speaking of this, Xu Ziyan would also like to thank God for letting them encounter something like the tree monster that did not use spiritual power to attack, otherwise even if they didn’t make a move, the tree monster’s attack would still attract the golden swordfish.

Le Hu’s cultivation was more inclined to physical cultivation, after all, he’s still much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

The spell that he’s using was a bit like the Buddha’s Vajra Body, with so little spiritual waves that could go unnoticed. However, it’s excellent in defensing.

It’s a pity that this kind of spell required a strong physique, only people like Le Hu, who was born with a strong body, would be fit to use it.

With the strength of the body, he just stopped a tree vine. Without using spiritual power, Le Hu  already achieved the ultimate. Wei Qing couldn’t release the slightest spell, and the Xu brothers could only use some low-level defense spells to block the tree vines.

This cave was originally dug for people to hide. The space inside was limited. There was no more room after four people were inside, and after two more tree vines got in, they found it extremely hard to move around.

In desperation, Xu Zirong had to control the blood vines once more to enlarge the hole, at least not to let them be blocked by a tree monster…

After jumping out of the cave, Xu Ziyan picked up the Aurora and rushed towards the tree monster.

The tree monster’s body looked like a towering tree, the trunk was as thick as three people hugging together. The canopy looked luxuriant, if it weren’t for the two tree vines extending from the trunk, no one would have noticed this tree monster at all.

When they couldn’t use their spiritual energy, they could at least use their flying swords…

Xu Zirong and the others attracted the attention of the tree monster, and Xu Ziyan used the Aurora to cut down the tree.


Well, he knew how stupid he looked, but they were running out of methods…

As a cultivator, if he couldn’t use spiritual power, then there’s really nothing much they could do. At least for him, it would already be problematic to get rid of the tree monster.


Aurora suddenly buzzed, and Xu Ziyan immediately felt the anger coming from the aurora.

As a top-grade magic weapon and a flying sword with rare attributes, Aurora felt humiliated!

Its new owner dared to use it to cut down trees, which was absolutely unbearable!

Aurora’s sword body began to tremble, and Xu Ziyan’s wrist became a little unstable too.

Feeling the anger of the Aurora, Xu Ziyan could only smile helplessly. He really wanted to use spiritual energy too, yet he couldn’t…


A purple light suddenly rushed out of Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, along the meridians in his body, it rushed out from his palm, and hit Aurora’s sword.

Aurora, which was still struggling just now, wilted in an instant, and after a long while, it silently accepted the fact that it’s going to listen to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan covered his face silently, so Aurora was also a spoilt kid, right…Hell! Why come everything that Bai Hua had encountered became so ridiculous in his hands?!

Aurora aggrieved and undertook the heavy task of cutting the trees, but as a flying sword, no matter how reluctant it felt, it’s still a bit difficult to cut down a tree monster.

Although the tree monster was stupid enough, it still knew how to defend when being attacked. Therefore, everyone was looking at Xu Ziyan jumping around the tree monster and he could occasionally cut it once…

By judging at the progress, it’d at least take two hours!

“Meh!” Snowball was originally just watching aside, and it suddenly rolled its eyes.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan turned around in surprise, “have you thought of anything?”

“Meh!” Snowball nodded cheerfully.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, “well, if you can get rid of this tree monster without waking the golden swordfish, then I’ll catch one and roast it for your meal.”

“Meh!” Snowball’s eyes lit up, it immediately nodded and jumped towards the tree monster.

Xu Ziyan’s dodged, avoiding an attack from the tree monster, then took a few steps back from it.

Snowball rushed to the side of the tree monster, it opened its mouth widely and gnawed at the middle part of the tree monster.

The tree monster made a scary and weird sound, and it began to move wildly with the two vines. Le Hu and Xu Zirong didn’t dodge in time and they were beaten twice.

“Get out of the way!” Xu Ziyan shouted.

Xu Zirong and Le Hu quickly gave up their entanglement with the vines and avoided them far away.

As Wei Qing was the most restricted, he had been out of the circle from the beginning of the battle.

It made him feel uncomfortable since he couldn’t join, but he also understood that more troubles would come if he did.

“Kacha! Kacha!” Snowball’s sharp teeth bit down a large tree trunk on the tree monster’s body. Snowball was so tiny, yet the piece that was bitten off was five times its size.

The middle section of the tree monster was bitten off, and it immediately launched a crazy counterattack, but Snowball didn’t care at all – it just jumped to another side and started biting again!


The tree monster began to mourn, and the two tree vines gradually fell to the ground.

Snowball bit the second tree trunk fiercely, and looked at his master proudly.

Xu Ziyan gave him a thumbs up to express his admiration, and Snowball suddenly became more motivated.

Master’s appreciation = delicious food.

While drooling, Snowball bit off the tree as wide as three people hugging together…

“Meh!” After killing the tree monster, Snowball dug in the trunk for a while, and soon dug out its heart. This tree monster wasn’t that powerful, but since it’s so rare, its heart was still considered as a rare treasure in the Xuan Yu realm.

After giving the heart to Xu Ziyan, Snowball licked its mouth and waited eagerly for Xu Ziyan to catch a fish.

Xu Ziyan was no longer surprised by Snowball’s amazing performance. Xu Zirong, on the other hand, had never looked at it directly. He just plainly glanced at Pink Hair and whispered, “if you cannot prove your values to me, then leave!”

The innocent Pink Hair, “…”

If there was no comparison, it would be okay to have such a spiritual pet, but after seeing his brother’s Snowball performing so well, Xu Zirong would of course feel a little unhappy about Pink Hair.

Did it really think that it’s so easy to be his spiritual pet? Even in his previous life, the demon cultivators who wanted to follow him would need to prove their ability or they couldn’t follow him anymore!

Pink Hair thought for a while and nodded calmly. Now that the three dragons were born, it could try to increase its strength for its master.

Both Wei Qing and Le Hu were stunned by the amazing performance of Snowball…

When Le Hu saw Snowball for the first time, he still asked Xu Ziyan worriedly if he’s interested in that female cultivator. Otherwise, why would he get such a big and useless spiritual pet?

It now seemed that he’s the stupid one at that time. He hadn’t understood the real nature of Snowball. It’s actually a horrifying one!

Usually Snowball looked cute without opening its mouth, but Le Hu indeed saw it showing its sharp teeth, right in front of him.

As a warrior of the extreme west, Le Hu had already seen all kinds of monsters, but it’s his first time seeing something with a character so different from its appearance.

“What kind of spiritual pet is this?” Wei Qing asked in surprise.

“I don’t know.” Xu Ziyan shrugged, “when I accidentally entered the demon realm, Snowball just popped out and signed a contract with me.”

Snowball, “…” Although it’s the truth, how come its master made it sound like it’s so worthless?


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