Chapter 175

Wei Qing held his forehead silently. There were so many beauties in the palace, he had no idea how many beauties took the initiative to approach him, yet he always refused them. Previously, he thought that he just wasn’t interested in finding a partner for dual cultivation, but it turned out that none of them suited his taste.

So, why would he be interested in Le Hu?

Wei Qing was annoyed to the extreme, but what annoyed him even more was that – this feeling wasn’t reciprocal!

And it’s really unbearable!

“Okay, since we already know about this, then I’ll go now.” Le Hu felt the change of atmosphere in the room because of Wei Qing’s silence, and he left decisively.

Wei Qing looked at the leaving figure of Le Hu with resentment, and he’s thinking about how to get Le Hu.

The days on the boat stayed peaceful, so peaceful that Mo Ziyuan couldn’t believe that they were in a dangerous situation.

A few days ago, he and Bai Hua were chased and became targets for murder. The days when they had to run for their lives were almost like a dream. Those fierce sea beasts never showed up again, only some low-level fishes would follow the boat and became everyone’s delicacy.

Everyone on the boat was very satisfied with these days, except for Bai Hua.

He sat quietly in the cabin and watched Mo Ziyuan and Xu Ziyan talk happily on the deck, and he looked very upset. Mo Ziyuan’s attitude towards him had suddenly cooled down these days, no need to think about it, and it’s very obvious that it’s because everyone had known about him seducing Wei Qing.

Although Bai Hua had been prepared for this before he approached Wei Qing, he believed that he had been in contact with Wei Qing for only a short time, yet he’s so unlucky to let Mo Ziyuan see it.

Everyone could see how Mo Ziyuan tried to keep a distance, yet no one could really help…(and actually no one wanted to help anyway).

Bai Hua was very anxious. Every day, he saw Xu Zirong being sweet to his brother, yet he just simply ignored the others. This kind of difference in treatment made him very painful. Also, Mo Ziyuan, who was originally very gentle to him, stopped talking to him too. He just stuck to Xu Ziyan the whole time.

The attitude of Wei Qing was just normal, and as he wasn’t sure of Wei Qing’s preferences, he wasn’t willing to be too enthusiastic either. He could just choose to approach slowly.

What made him more annoyed was that even the barbarian Le Hu, whom he’d despised the most, ignored him as well. What’s even worse was that when Xu Zirong saw him, he’d even sneer, but Le Hu simply treated Bai Hua as air.

He tightly twisted his hands and his slender fingers turned pale because of excessive force. Seeing those guys talking happily but nobody was paying attention to him, Bai Hua felt a raging fire in his heart.

Especially when Xu Ziyan and Mo Ziyuan laughed out loud because of some funny matters, he really hated Xu Ziyan to the maximum!

He already seduced Bai Hua’s mother, and he even seduced another man in front of Xu Ziyan. How come Xu Zirong just loved him so much?!

Bai Hua looked at Xu Ziyan with a strong sense of resentment, then at Xu Zirong. He really didn’t understand what’s so good about Xu Ziyan, how come so many people are fond of him?!

He took out the mirror that he was carrying with him. On the mirror, he saw a handsome face. As he hadn’t recovered totally, he still seemed a bit pale, but it’s exactly this weak expression which could arouse the urge of protection of a man.

Bai Hua didn’t understand it – it had always been easy for him to conquer men, but every time when he encountered Xu Ziyan, he would be in an unfavorable position. Could Xu Ziyan be his nemesis?

“Um…” The jade pendant on his chest once again emitted a scorching heat wave, which other people can’t notice, but as the owner of the jade pendant, Bai Hua could feel it very obviously.

“Need to…give me…a little more…” The clear idea conveyed in the jade pendant made Bai Hua more determined to get Wei Qing in hand.

Whatever the jade pendant needed was with Wei Qing, Although it was a pity losing Mo Ziyuan, he believed that once he got what the pendant needed from Wei Qing, it would be beneficial for him. It might even be better than doing dual cultivation with Mo Ziyuan!

At the same time—

Bai Hua didn’t know that just when his dragon-shaped jade pendant was conveying that idea, a jumping little sheep leaping ran across his cabin roof and ran towards Xu Ziyan’s grilled fish……

“There is an island ahead!” Le Hu roared.

In the past few days, he discovered a very interesting game, which was to climb to the mast of a big ship and look out at the sea from a distance…

This game might be a bit stupid for him, but instead of letting him face Wei Qing who always stared at him with a strange look, he would rather endure this boring game!

“How big is it?” Xu Ziyan asked casually, at the same time started flying in mid-air on his sword.

“Not small. The shape is quite strange.” Le Hu jumped off the mast.

When he heard that it had a strange shape, Xu Ziyan had a basic idea. He then used his divine consciousness to explore and was immediately sure that it’s the Divine Dragon Island that only floated on the surface after several hundred years.

The Divine Dragon Island was ring-shaped, the center of it was a large freshwater lake, and on the center of this island, there was a relatively small island too!

The Divine Dragon Island was like a big island in the shape of a circle. The land between the two entrances was a desolate desert. Nobody knew how there was a desert on an island, but it happened to be distributed like this on the Divine Dragon Island, and it’s puzzling to the others.

“There is a big island in front of us. We plan to go up and take a look. Is cultivator Mo interested to come along?” Xu Ziyan looked at Mo Ziyuan happily.

Mo Ziyuan groaned slightly. He had wanted to be alone with Bai Hua after entering the Lang Yu Secret Realm, and he was actually also looking for opportunities to break through.

Among the many secret realms, the danger of the Lang Yu Secret Realm was relatively low, that’s why Mo Ziyuan had a firmer grasp to explore there.

He nodded and agreed to Xu Ziyan’s proposal. Xu Ziyan turned to look at Bai Hua and asked for his opinion with his gaze.

After so many days of getting along with each other, he had already noticed that Bai Hua really disliked him. Although he wasn’t sure why, he found it still better than having Bai Hua interested in him. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Bai Hua still looked polite and gentle. He smiled and nodded, turned his head slightly to look at Mo Ziyuan, but found that he was looking away.

Bai Hua’s eyes dimmed, he slightly lowered his head and looked upset. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t known his nature for a long time, or even saw him seduce Wei Qing with his own eyes, he might have thought that he’d misunderstood Bai Hua.

Mo Ziyuan turned his head to look at the distant sea horizon. Although he looked calm, he was sneering in his heart. Ever since he discovered the real side of Bai Hua, he had found that his previous action was really weird.

Even if Bai Hua was his type, he shouldn’t have fallen in love so quickly. As a qualified businessman, Mo Ziyuan had long been accustomed to being cautious. Perhaps it was unreasonable to apply caution in romantic affairs, but this already became his habit and he couldn’t change it. However, he still become so madly in love with Bai Hua in just three months, it just didn’t make sense!

Looking back now, he seemed to have a great affection for Bai Hua when they first met, which was quite unusual.

Once he noticed a little clue and give Mo Ziyuan’s wisdom, he soon found more unreasonable points. However, these things didn’t hurt him at all, so he just gave up looking for reasons.

Mo Ziyuan sighed softly in his heart. Mo Ziyuan was indeed a little annoyed. Even if he was infatuated by Bai Hua, his feelings for Bai Hua were real. If he had never discovered Bai Hua seducing Wei Qing behind his back, he might not even care if he knew that Bai Hua had applied tricks on him.

Bai Hua lowered his head slightly, and Wei Qing, who was sitting next to him, could see his perfect profile face. His thin eyelashes trembled slightly, and the corners of his eyes were already flushed.

Wei Qing had to admit that if he hadn’t seen more advanced methods than Bai Hua in the palace earlier, he would definitely not be able to see Bai Hua’s tricks.

Obviously, he was seducing other men behind his lover, but now it seemed that it’s Mo Ziyuan having made himself more distant first, before making Bai Hua approaching him and seeking comfort.

Wei Qing’s corners of the mouth twitched without being noticed, and he had to admit that Bai Hua’s methods were quite advanced. It’s easy to assume that if he entered the palace, he could even become a concubine. However, he’s still a newbie when comparing to Wei Qing’s aunt, who could show her best side whenever and wherever. She’s just so much smarter than Bai Hua whose intentions were simply too obvious.

“Great! I haven’t had anything to do for a long time and my bones are getting loose!” Le Hu was really excited after hearing that they were getting on the island. As a fighter, it was really too difficult for him to just meditate quietly on the boat.

“I agree too.” Wei Qing said concisely.

Xu Zirong always took action according to Xu Ziyan’s desire. After being on the boat for so long, Mo Ziyuan had never seen him refuting Xu Ziyan. Of course, they wouldn’t have any different opinion.

Bai Hua had no idea that his actions were just like a joke in Wei Qing’s eyes. He glanced at Wei Qing, who still looked expressionless. There’s nothing weird on him at all and he just nodded simply.

Everyone agreed, and going to the island became imperative.

But Xu Ziyan was not reckless, even though he had a guide for the Divine Dragon Island, he wouldn’t act recklessly.

In the novel, there was a big chance that Bai Hua could successfully go to the island. Even if he followed Bai Hua’s original route, he couldn’t guarantee that there would be no danger either.

There’s nothing wrong with being too careful. Xu Ziyan had been through so many difficulties to take up a more favorable position when dealing with Bai Hua, and it’d be too pathetic to die there.


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