Chapter 174

Le Hu was frightened by Wei Qing’s sudden and direct speech, then he hurriedly explained, “no, no…cough! Wait, it’s just that he…um, you know, used that kind of gaze to look at me, and only women would do that to men…” Speaking of which, Le Hu became timid. As a barbarian, he wasn’t adapted to this kind of discussion. Although barbarian girls were quite open, they all showed their affection openly, no one would rarely seduce men like Bai Hua.

Wei Qing’s gaze quickly turned cold, “was he just seducing you with his eyes? He never touched you or anything?”

Le Hu was embarrassed and irritated by Wei Qing’s question and he shoved away Wei Qing’s hand, “believe it or not! Wait, why would I tell you all these? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Bai Hua is not a good person. You’d better stay away from him.”

Afterwards, Le Hu walked away angrily, as he felt like a failure. Obviously, he was there to remind Wei Qing, how come Wei Qing ended up questioning him?


After returning to his room and calming down, Le Hu felt that something was wrong. The tone of Wei Qing just now was like a husband having caught adultery…hell! He’s not Wei Qing’s wife…yet his tone really sounded like that…

Le Hu let out a low growl in annoyance. Ever since that inexplicable kiss, his relationship with Wei Qing became stranger and stranger. After he kissed Wei Qing back, Wei Qing’s attitude became even stranger.

Le Hu put the quilt over his head while feeling irritated. It was all dark in front of him, yet he just became more anxious.

“It’s so annoying! So annoying!” Le Hu hurriedly sat up. Not only Wei Qing became stranger, he also became weird, as he kept thinking about Wei Qing all the time.

“It’s all the fault of that dude!” Le Hu lowered his head, feeling depressed. If he didn’t know that men can be with men, never would he care about Wei Qing so much.

When the four people were on the boat, Xu Zirong was almost pressing his whole body against Xu Ziyan’s. Every time Le Hu looked at him, Xu ZIrong always looked back at him coldly.

Although Le Hu was not afraid of Xu Zirong, he wouldn’t ask for troubles either. All in all, he was only observing Wei Qing alone.

As a result…he seemed to be attracted…

“There must be something wrong with me! I should go and discuss with Xu Ziyan!”

The irritated Le Hu couldn’t’ find a way to get out of his current mindset, so he had to ask some help from his friend. Unexpectedly, in just a few steps, he stopped in front of the door of Wei Qing.

After waiting for a while and making sure that there was no one, he breathed a long sigh of relief and he got dumbfounded, as he realized that he really cared about Wei Qing more and more.

After hurrying through the cabin, he was about to push the door and walk onto the deck, but he was suddenly pulled back and fell into another person’s arms.

“What are you…”


Le Hu was almost about to twist the neck of the person behind him, but he suddenly felt a very familiar breath.

“Don’t talk.” A hot breath blew through his ears, and Le Hu suddenly shivered, as he just realized that Wei Qing had hugged him in the arms. He was about to get up, yet Wei Qing stopped him and slightly pointed out of the window.


Le Hu looked in the direction of his fingers, then opened his mouth in horror. Fortunately, Wei Qing reacted quickly. He knew how Le Hu would react in advance, so he instantly covered Le Hu’s mouth, dragged him back for several steps and hid in the corner of the cabin.

“He… he… they…” Le Hu stuttered and became speechless.

Wei Qing glanced at the tiny vines swaying slightly under the window, and smiled bitterly in his heart, “Xu Zirong…you really spent so much effort in making your relationship with your brother public…”

“Hush!” He hushed in Le Hu’s ear again, prompting him not to speak. Wei Qing dragged him back to his room without hesitation.

After Wei Qing and Le Hu left, the tiny vines swaying back and forth gradually shrank back. At the same time, the entire wooden ship and several vines distributed in different places gradually retracted into the cracks in the wood.

Xu Zirong, who had just successfully sought a kiss, twitched the corner of his mouth and cast his gaze towards the corner where Wei Qing and Le Hu were hiding…

Xu Zirong was very cautious about exposing the relationship with his brother. He would only let people close to his brother know, and he’d never give any chance to the others to insult Xu Ziyan.

After dragging Le Hu back to his room, he happened to meet Mo Ziyuan who was upset and went out for a walk.

When Mo Ziyuan saw Wei Qing half-holding Le Hu, his facial expression became very weird. There seemed to a kind of pleasure and…happy that a bad thing happened?

Wei Qing just nodded to him and dragged Le Hu away. Le Hu, who was too shocked at this time, hadn’t noticed how ambiguous his posture with Wei Qing was, but just followed him away in a daze.

Seeing them leaving behind, Mo Ziyuan’s gaze changed slightly. He frowned, thinking about Bai Hua’s behavior and Wei Qing’s attitude. Vaguely, he seemed to have understood something.

“Okay, now you can ask what you want to ask.” Wei Qing threw Le Hu on his horns and wiped the sweat from his forehead. This guy was really heavy! It would be extremely hard to drag him back by himself.

“He…they…” Le Hu stuttered and couldn’t say a word.

“Well, that’s right, that’s what you think.” Wei Qing looked indifferent.

“Really so…” After hearing Wei Qing’s confirmation, Le Hu wasn’t acting so irritated anymore. He started to calm down.

Wei Qing glanced at him and nodded secretly. He admitted that Xu Ziyan was really good at picking his friends. Although he and Le Hu had a totally different personality, they were very similar when it’s about protecting their friends.

They would never intervene in each other’s lives just because they were friends. Although it was shocking for them that Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were together, he would only get silent and not ask about anything that he’s not supposed to know.

They would usually get their friend’s support, unless it’s something immoral.

“How would it be like that…” Le Hu lowered his voice, feeling disturbed.

Wei Qing didn’t say anything further, as he knew how messed up Le Hu must be feeling. When he knew about this news, the scene was even more explosive…

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help blushing a little. At that time, he was too shocked and hadn’t realized what was going on. After thinking about it, he was actually a little embarrassed, and he didn’t expect Xu Zirong to be so beautiful, but it turned out to be the one above who shocked him. However, after thinking about the two’s personalities, he didn’t find it so surprising at all.

“It’s too surprising…” Le Hu scratched his head, and his feelings of being shocked went quickly as well. As Wei Qing had thought, Le Hu was only shocked about their relationship, he didn’t feel disgusted.

“Actually, it’s not so surprising, is it?” Wei Qing asked softly.

Le Hu thought about Xu Zirong’s stinky expression when he’s around, and couldn’t help twitching his mouth. Well, it’s actually not that surprising. Given how perverted Xu Zirong was, he wanted to stick to his brother all the time, and there’d be no chance for Xu Ziyan to find a partner for dual cultivation.

“But… these two people were too careless. We’re okay with it, but if their relationship is discovered by others…” Le Hu frowned.

Wei Qing was very happy to hear Le Hu mentioning “we” and he smiled softly, “didn’t you see a small vine outside?”

Le Hu froze for a moment, recalling the hot kiss he had just seen and he suddenly blushed. How could he still see vines outside?

When Wei Qing saw Le Hu’s cheeks, he was startled as well. Never had he thought that Le Hu would look so lovely when his cheeks turned red…

After coughing twice to cover up his embarrassment, Wei Qing quickly took his gaze away from Le Hu and said lightly, “given how careful Xu Ziyan is, do you think he’d act so carelessly?”

Le Hu’s eyes rolled and he said in surprise, “you mean that…what I saw…was done deliberately by Ziyan?”

Wei Qing shook his head, “I’m guessing that it’s Zirong who did it on purpose. Ziyan must have known about it, yet he didn’t try to stop.”

Le Hu was silent for a while and sighed, “Ziyan really spoils his brother.”

Wei Qing also remained silent. Initially, they already thought Xu Ziyan was spoiling his brother too much, and now it seemed to have become worse.

In fact, what bothered him mostly wasn’t the fact that his best friend got together with his brother, but the fact that Xu Zirong was going to make it really obvious in the future, given how possessive he actually was.

Wei Qing felt short of breath as he imaged the two showing affection in front of him.

Before, he had never thought of dual cultivation as a thing to be proud of, but he had indeed been feeling a bit lonely lately.

Looking up at Le Hu, who was in a daze next to him, Wei Qing gently touched his chest and sighed silently.

Well, he had to admit that after being saved by Le Hu, he could no longer despise Le Hu like before. Also, after kissing Le Hu, he felt that he actually didn’t hate Le Hu that much.

Wei Qing rubbed his forehead and felt a bit annoyed. After a month of calming down, it would be false to say that he didn’t understand how he really felt, it’s only that he couldn’t admit it so directly, as he was slowly attracted by a “rough” person, as defined by himself previously.

He raised his head and glanced at Le Hu, who’s revealing his chest at this time, and his tanned chest looked very firm. His little scars even made him look more masculine and tough.


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