Chapter 183

Xu Ziyan was stunned by Xue Tuan’s actions and he didn’t want Wei Qing to die in the hands of his spiritual pet before getting killed by a monster…if the storyline was like that, it’d simply be too miserable.

Before he had time to scold Snowball, he already saw Snowball biting on its own hoof.

Xu Ziyan was completely shocked. As a foodie, had Snowball already reached beyond its limit? It’s even going to eat itself?

Fortunately, Snowball’s next action immediately stopped Xu Ziyan’s worries, as he saw it putting its injured hoof near the injured area of Wei Qing.

The golden drop of blood looked very thick. Snowball’s hoof was hanging there for a long while before there’s a golden drop of blood flowing out.

When that drop of golden blood dropped on the injured skin of Wei Qing, it immediately merged with his blood, and Wei Qing’s blood also quickly turned from red to golden.

“Meh!” Snowball glanced at Pink Hair proudly and it looked victorious.

Unexpectedly, Pink Hair then looked at it with pity…

Snowball: (⊙_⊙)? What is wrong?

Pink Hair felt pleased when seeing that stupid fool doing so. Although the dragon son was always the first one to be eliminated in a multi-dimensional war, it’s just unlucky. However, as for the gluttonous…Pink Hair sneered when it thought of the number of masters died under this act of “kindness”.

After absorbing the drop of blood of Snowball, there’s more and more aura of real dragon in Wei Qing’s body. The aura of real dragon on the jade pillar almost formed a swirl that’s like a smiling face, being absorbed continuously by Wei Qing’s body.

Xu Ziyan felt more at ease after seeing this change. However, he felt a bit nervous afterwards, as he saw that the golden blood in Wei Qing’s body started to get boiled within a small range.

The more aura of real dragon being absorbed, the more boiled his blood became. Even Wei Qing, being in a coma, started to show a painful expression.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan was scared and hurriedly looked at Snowball.

Snowball was confused…

“Puff…” Pink Hair couldn’t bear with it anymore. It immediately jumped over and kicked Snowball away.

Xu Zirong just brought Le Hu over from the bottom of the mountain. When he approached this small hill before, he suddenly felt that the aura of real dragon on the mountain forming a force of suppression. In desperation, he had to carry Le Hu on his back and climb up the mountain.

As soon as he saw the small platform on the top of the mountain, he heard the scream of Pink Hair and frowned immediately.

“What?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t understand why Pink Hair was yelling. And Snowball still hadn’t gotten up after being kicked away.

“Brother, Pink Hair said that Snowball had given Wei Qing a drop of its blood of real dragon, but its blood is too pure and his body might be repelling it.”

“Ah? How could this happen?” Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that a drop of Snowball’s blood would cause such serious consequences.

Originally, he just assumed that Snowball’s blood must be good stuff since it’s one of the dragon sons. However, it’s just one drop and it’s already too much for Wei Qing…

“Puff puff.” Pink Hair yelled twice. Xu Zirong placed Le Hu next to Wei Qing and continued to translate the words of Pink Hair, “It’s saying that there’s too much energy in Wei Qing’s body. If there’s no outlet soon, soon he’ll absorb even more aura and he’ll just…”

Xu Zirong made an explosive gesture, and Xu Ziyan suddenly felt cold in his heart…

“Has Pink Hair mentioned any ways to channel the energy in his body out?”

Xu Zirong looked at Pink Hair, which then thought about it. It called out twice.

Xu Zirong said, ” Pink Hair said the easiest way is to break his Dantian.”

“No!” Le Hu was the first to disagree. Breaking his Dantian means that Wei Qing would lose all his cultivation base, which would definitely be a heavy blow to him. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like for such a proud person to discover that he had lost all his cultivation base. Unless there was no other way, he would never agree.

Xu Ziyan’s expression also got darker when he heard this suggestion. He knew exactly what cultivation meant to a cultivator, and if it was possible, he would not choose this way either.

“Is there any other way?” Xu Ziyan asked when his look got completely dark.

Pink Hair cried out a few times again before shaking its head. This time, Xu Ziyan understood without Xu Zirong’s translation.

He lowered his head and looked at Wei Qing who was already curled up in pain on the ground. His heart was full of guilt. Although Snowball might have acted out of kindness, this bad consequence really made the whole thing unbearable.

“Puff puff!” Pink Hair suddenly yelled a few times, and Xu Zirong immediately looked at Wei Qing on the ground in surprise.

Xu Ziyan also looked at him and he didn’t know how to react. Just when Wei Qing was struggling painstakingly, the unstoppable aura of real dragon was released from his Dantian and was being absorbed by Le Hu’s.

“This is…?” Xu Ziyan looked at Le Hu dumbfounded, obviously he didn’t know what happened.

“It’s the double lotus…” Xu Zirong couldn’t help muttering to himself when he saw Wei Qing and Le Hu’s bodies being connected by a light green force of clover.

“Uh…do you mean that they ate the double lotus?” Xu Ziyan laughed at herself as soon as he said so. He quickly squatted down, grabbing Wei Qing’s arm and pulling up his sleeves.

A vivid green lotus tattoo was clearly printed on the inside of his wrist. Xu Ziyan pulled up Le Hu’s hand back and saw the same mark on his wrist.

“Have you eaten the double lotus?” Xu Ziyan asked.

“What?” Le Hu was startled, “I didn’t know about that…when I was on the way to transport Wei Qing to the island, I saw two lotus flowers blooming beautifully. I was a little hungry at the time, so I picked them off and ate them…”

Xu Ziyan was a little speechless at once, he would never have expected that this thousand-year-old double lotus was eaten by Wei Qing and Le Hu…what a waste…

Uh…maybe it’s not a waste at all!!!

Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up. The double lotus would be the best cure for double cultivation. In addition to increasing the speed of double cultivation, it could also enable one to share the physical damage of another person. If Wei Qing and Le Hu engaged in double cultivation, they would then be able to share this immense energy.

Although Xu Ziyan felt that this might be a good way to save Wei Qing, he didn’t know whether Le Hu was willing to do so. After all, through his observations these days, Le Hu seemed to have no meaning for Wei Qing in that respect…

Even though it’s a homo world, it doesn’t always mean that everyone is willing. It’s not possible for Xu Ziyan to force someone to do it.

Also, it’s just his speculation. If this method didn’t work, it would have a negative consequence on  both Le Hu and Wei Qing…

He hesitated for a while and told Xu Zirong of his speculation. Pink Hair also nodded when it’s listening aside. It thought that it’s a workable method. Even Snowball, which climbed back up with much difficulty after being kicked away, nodded sincerely.

Although the above was all lengthy description, it was only a moment of a few breaths. When Wei Qing was bearing the pain of the aura of real dragon infiltrating his body, Le Hu also shared some burden despite its small effect.

Xu Ziyan told Le Hu his speculation, who then looked very excited. The corner of his eyes twitched while looking at Wei Qing crying on the ground, his unwillingness suddenly turned into guilt.

Wei Qing became like this and wasn’t it all because of Le Hu? It’s only double cultivation of one time, what’s there to be embarrassed about? It would be just like paying him back for the rescue.

Le Hu took a deep breath and nodded with difficulty.

Xu Ziyan patted him on the shoulder as a gesture of comfort, then he took out a small yellow book from his Qiankun bag and gave it to him. He whispered, “if you don’t know what to do… just read this.”

Le Hu, “…”

“Here you are.” Although Xu Zirong’s face looked as cold as ever, at least there’s less disgust on it. He handed Le Hu a fist-sized bottle. Le Hu opened it and looked at it. It was filled with a kind of white liquid with fragrance.

“You should be able to use it in a while.” Xu Zirong didn’t say much, he just pointed to the small yellow picture in his hand, “if there is anything that you don’t know, you will know by looking at that, as for function of this thing…” He pointed to the bottle, “you’ll find the description inside.”

Le Hu, “…”

Damn it! Why did everybody think that he didn’t know how to do it?

Even though he hadn’t held a girl’s hand so far, there were so many guys in the extreme west, so how would he have no clue about those things at all? He understood it all!

Xu Ziyan thoughtfully left Le Hu some private space, but before leaving, he reminded Le Hu that he had better move faster, otherwise he had no idea what could happen later.

Seeing that everyone on the top of the mountain had left, Le Hu suddenly became clueless as he stared at Wei Qing, who was in pain on the ground.

Although he had just agreed doing so, it still seemed a bit difficult to start from scratch…

No matter how many erotic stories he had heard, it’s still different to do it yourself. He stripped off Wei Qing’s clothes and after seeing a guy’s body just like his, his hands felt numb…

After silently thanked Xu Ziyan in his heart, Le Hu decisively took out the little yellow book. After studying it for a long while, he wiped his face vigorously, took out the vial that Xu Zirong left for him, and slowly opened the lid…

…I am a peaceful dividing line…

When Wei Qing woke up, he only felt sore all over, as if he had been stepped on by a giant golden monster.

He shook his head vigorously, trying to make himself awake, but the picture appearing in his head made him feel like being struck by lightning, disabling him to move…

Hot skin…

Heavy gasps…

Two slender and straight thighs…

Tight and firm lower abdomen…

With more and more images in his mind, Wei Qing’s facial expression also began to change from slightly red to dark red.


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