Chapter 200

After hearing those news, Xu Ziyan was indeed quite shocked. He had to admit that he’d be the one getting the most benefits.

Compared with Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen, the two of them could only train their fighting skills here, but Xu Ziyan combined everything he knew with the novel and the memory of the original body through the information he had acquired.

Finally, with Xu Zirong’s supplementary information, Xu Ziyan had to start worrying about everything he would face in a few decades.

At this time, Bai Hua or NP were no longer the main concerns. The novel already gave hints to him that the demon race would intrude sooner or later.

No matter which realm the demon race wanted to attack, they would first use the blood-sucking worms. It’s actually not that difficult to kill them, one only needed the right method to do so.

It’s a pity that the Xuan Yu realm had been in a state of being damaged because of a great war thousands of years ago, and it is impossible to connect to other realms at all. Although over the past thousands of years, both the demon and righteous cultivation had tried every means to repair them, the Xuan Yu realm did not produce the smoldering stone required to repair the smoldering channel.

Without the smoldering stone, the smoldering channel could not be repaired, and the Xuan Yu realm would remain in a closed state. Although the cultivators of nascent soul could break through the space independently, the space was extremely chaotic. If there was suddenly a space storm, even cultivators of deity might not make it.

For these reasons, the Xuan Yu realm was still in a closed state. Although they sometimes obtained information from other realms, they had no idea that in the center of thousands of realms and among the major ones, the demon race and human beings were already fighting to oblivion…

When Xu Ziyan was analyzing it, he sighed for a long while. Back then, it’s said that Bai Hua read about his methods in an ancient book. Although the blood core could attract female worms, it’s not absolutely necessary to get the blood core on a human cultivator.

Since Xu Ziyan knew what would happen in the future, he had a high consciousness to get news of the demon race in the fighting tower, and it’s commonly known that a blood core could be used to kill herbs of blood-sucking worms. It’s also very easy to cultivate a blood core, as any monsters can create one within a very short time.

Back then, Xu Zirong was really too unlucky. If the Xuan Yu realm wasn’t blocked and if news could spread freely, there’s no need for him to sacrifice.

Thinking about the end of that novel, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help sighing again.

At the end of the novel, Bai Hua became too famous in the Xuan Yu realm, and he also ended up living happily with his three “Gong”. But now, it all seemed that they were happy too early…

They sacrificed Xu Zirong for the first invasion of the blood-sucking worms, so who were they going to sacrifice if there’s a second time?

Among the demons, the blood-sucking worms were only the lowest-level cannon fodder troops. Their biggest role was to use their super reproductive ability to find those hidden realms in the void. As long as the blood-sucking worms entered a certain realm, then the insect king who had been living in the demon realm could immediately determine its coordinates and send more backup.

At the beginning of the war between humans and the demon race, countless realms were destroyed this way. Later, the blood-sucking worms invaded a smaller area, but that area was an important productive region for a super sect.

The invasion of such a place naturally alerted the human race. Through the investigation of this super sect, they finally discovered that many realms had been destroyed by the demon race.

It was precisely this incident that caused the battle between the humans and the demon race and made it a full-blown one, stirring completely the equilibrium of the realm.

In contrast, the Xuan Yu realm, if devoured, would be just like a tiny drop in the ocean…

Xu Ziyan was speechless facing his own speculation…

He and Xu Zirong looked at each other. No one thought that a trip to the tower would allow them to discover such a big secret.

The invasion of the demon race…

Xu Zirong showed a wry smile.

That was exactly the demon race that could fight against the human race for thousands of years without failing. With the strength of the Xuan Yu realm, if it was turned upside down by the cannon fodder troops, then how could it be able to resist a massive invasion?

He originally thought that as long as he avoided Bai Hua, he could live well with Xu Zirong happily ever after, but it seemed that there would be no place for cultivators in the entire Xuan Yu realm. It would be an unrealistic goal to live peacefully with Xu Zirong.

“Damn it, the more you know, the more troublesome it gets.” Xu Zirong rubbed his forehead as he had headache, but it was never his habit to wait for things to occur. Although it was extremely difficult to fight against the demon race by Xuan Yu realm alone, it wasn’t that difficult to kill the blood-sucking worm troops.

Xu Ziyan had an extremely bold thought in his mind – according to the news he inquired, this blood-sucking worm’s mother would fall into a deep sleep after entering the Xuan Yu realm, and it would only wake up after accumulating enough energy to breed offsprings. Then, it would send its coordinates to the insect king and reproduce a high amount of blood-sucking worms.

If this is the case, he could completely kill the mother worm before she woke up. Without knowing its coordinates, the insect king couldn’t find the Xuan Yu realm.

Given the remoteness of the Xuan Yu realm, it was the best place to invade for the demon race, but from another perspective, also because of the remoteness, the demon race couldn’t send troops of higher level without the exact coordinates.

One had to know that the demon race had to rely on a large number of blood-sucking worms to float freely in the void. There was no law at all where they were encountered. It was very rare for a blood-sucking worm to enter the Xuan Yu realm, and it’s impossible for other worms to enter it in a short time unless it was in extremely bad luck.

“It seems that we are going to get busy, as we still need to find the mother worm.” Xu Ziyan said helplessly.

Xu Zirong nodded silently. He knew that once the troops of blood-sucking worms broke out, he would truly be in crisis. Although his Blood Sea Heart Sutra had not been exposed, he knew that he couldn’t keep it permanently. Once it’s exposed in the future, he believed that both the righteous and the demon cultivation were willing to sacrifice him to retain the whole realm.

Even if they spoke about the invasion of the demon race, some people might not believe it. On the contrary, they would be regarded as making nonsense for survival…

“Let’s see. We’ll take one step at a time. In a few decades, we will definitely reach the stage of nascent soul, and if we can’t…then we’ll flee.” Xu Ziyan said this without feeling pressurized.

He never felt that it was shameful to run away. If staying in the realm meant a mortal end, he would definitely run away without pressure. In his view, life was the most precious, and he could only have hope if he survived!

Xu Ziyan had thought so much but it’s just a precaution. No matter what they wanted to do, they had to concentrate on the challenge of fighting tower within that year.

Through contact over the past few days, Xu Ziyan had realized that low-level fighters were not qualified to contact those high-level fighters. Even in those casinos, although there was no fixed number of who could enter and who couldn’t, the three casinos were clearly divided into different levels.

High-level fighters could enter the territory of low-level fighters, but not the other way round.

After thinking about it, Xu Ziyan felt that if he wanted to gain the upper hand in the fight against the demon race, he should at least get in touch with the senior fighters. He didn’t expect to be helped, but it’s still more helpful to know a bit about the demon race’s soft spots.

Day by day and when time passed by, Xu Ziyan and the others were promoted to the third level smoothly.

Under Xu Zirong’s strong request, the two formed a two-person team to started a small team match.

In the team match, thanks to their excellent cooperation, they quickly became famous in the fighting tower. However, Xu Ziyan obviously didn’t get as popular as Xu Zirong, since there were very sharp contrats in Xu Zirong’s looks and means, and he even became a celebrity…

Well, Xu Ziyan just had to admit that some people attracted attention more, even though Xu Zirong usually hid behind him, there’s no way to make him glow less once he’s in the arena…

Back then, the blood demon was so indifferent, but there were still a large number of demon cultivators gathered around him. Those demon cultivators might like being abused, but they were all attracted by Xu Zirong’s special charm.

Now, these demon cultivators were gone, but he had an increasing number of fans in this fighting tower.

Xu Ziyan wouldn’t admit how jealous he was!

And he wasn’t jealous because so many people loved Xu Zirong either!

He…he just felt upset, and it’s all! He felt like his possession was being stared at (#‵′)!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong lay on Xu Ziyan’s back like a koala, rubbing his cheek against the back of his neck.

“What are you doing?” Xu Ziyan was expressionless.

Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen had just left to participate in the battle. There were only two of them in the room, so Xu Ziyan let Xu Zirong do whatever he wanted.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong didn’t say anything, he just called his brother continuously and his tone became sweeter and clingier.

“What…are you doing…” Xu Ziyan felt the warm breathing on the back of his neck, and his heart couldn’t help beating a bit faster.

“Brother, brother…” Xu Zirong slightly bit his brother’s earlobe, feeling the trembling of the person under him with satisfaction, and he smiled softly, “brother, ignore those boring people. I don’t care if they like me or dislike me. The only person I care about is you.”

“Yeah…” Xu Ziyan hummed.

His tone was a little flat and Xu Zirong couldn’t tell anything on the surface, but he could feel the joy in his brother’s heart through Mr. Blood Contract.

He smiled slightly and firmly wrapped around his brother’s neck.


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