Chapter 199

If Lin Xiaotian wasn’t speaking, people would usually find him excessively serious and it pressurized people. But when it applied on Xu Zirong with his beautiful face, it usually brought forward a kind of stunning beauty.

Shao Xiuwen once sighed to himself that there’s no need for beautiful people to talk, but now he’d changed his mind, since beauty could very well be just an illusion!

Shao Xiuwen had seen a lot and he’d met with high-level cultivators as well, but he just didn’t know why his back had an inexplicable chill when Xu Zirong, who’s more than a decade younger, was staring at him…

Xu Zirong stared at Shao Xiuwen coldly and gave him enormous pressure. When Shao Xiuwen couldn’t take this pressure anymore, Xu Zirong suddenly smiled.

This faint smile instantly surprised Shao Xiuwen. He’d never expected that the smile of a beauty could be this horrifying.

Shao Xiuwen thought to himself, “what’s up with this stinky kid? How come he’s so scary?”

“Your partner of dual cultivation is a demon cultivator, and he’ll trouble you for the rest of your life!” Xu Zirong left after finishing this sentence and Shao Xiuwen was so confused.

Shao Xiuwen:? ? ?

What does that even mean?

Partner of dual cultivation? Demon cultivator? And for the whole life?

Shao Xiuwen was completely dumbfounded, he didn’t understand why Xu Zirong only told him this after giving him so much pressure.

Was he only kidding?

There’s no way for him to be with a demon cultivator, and even if he’s stupid enough to find one for his dual cultivation, it must be a woman! It’s not like he’s into men!

After seeing Xu Zirong instantly getting closer to his brother after he returned, Shao Xiuwen felt speechless. He decisively chose to ignore what Xu Zirong had said. Never would he believe what this stinky kid’s words. It must’ve been because of his time spent with Xu Ziyan being too long and Xu Zirong did it on purpose to divert his attention.

Shao Xiuwen rolled his eyes helplessly and thought that Xu Zirong was a really troublesome kid. In comparison, his junior brothers in the sect were much more obedient.

Of course, Xu Zirong didn’t make this up. When Tang Tianlang mentioned about the Glaze Sword sect, he knew that he’d heard of it somewhere. After seeing Shao Xiuwen and being with him for a few days, Xu Zirong suddenly recalled a gossip that he’d heard in his previous life.

Duanmu Ning, the famous playboy of demon cultivation, became obsessed with the principal disciple of the Glaze Sword sect, and he even swore to abolish his cultivation for that person. Such news almost shocked the whole demon cultivation.

However, something happened later. Not only Duanmu Ning kept his cultivation level, but he also caught that principal disciple of the sect and imprisoned him.

Later, there was apparently an unpleasant consequence, the Duanmu family and the Glaze Sword sect both forced Duanmu Ning to release this person.

No one knew what Duanmu Ning was thinking, but he ended up resisting the pressure of both parties and refused to release him. He even publicly declared that he had separated from the Duanmu family and that made the patriarch of the Duanmu family, who’s his father, furious to death.

Xu Zirong didn’t know what happened later, he only knew that Duanmu Ning was killed by Bai Hua and his soul was being burnt. It’s said that Duanmu Ning later became a nascent soul and destroyed a middle-level sect in demon cultivation.

At that time, Duanmu Ning was hardly a human anymore. He always carried a huge coffin with him and his whole body was covered with bandages. He’s not as beautiful as Xu Zirong, yet his face was covered with hideous scars, even his eyes and nose became unrecognizable.

No one had an idea why Duanmu Ning, who had so many lovers before, ended up like that. From the scattered information that he’d given, someone from that middle-level sect killed his lover.

Xu Zirong was suffering tremendously at that time, and he could only be distracted a little by the news. Now that he saw Shao Xiuwen again, he suddenly recalled what all happened then. If Shao Xiuwen failed to escape from Duanmu Ning at the time of death, then it’s safe to assume that he would be entangled by a man the whole of his life.

Xu Zirong didn’t have any other intentions besides annoying Shao Xiuwen a little.

That’s all because he’d been with brother for too long these few days! That’s right, Xu Zirong was such a close-minded person!

Facts have proved that Xu Zirong’s method was still very effective. In the next few days, Shao Xiuwen was obviously not so close to Xu Ziyan anymore. It’s not because he believed in Xu Zirong, but every time he talked to Xu Ziyan about something, he had to endure Xu Zirong’s glaring at him, as if he’s saying, “it’s over for you now, you are going to be with a man the whole of your life.” And anyone would find it unbearable.

To be honest, he was really worried that if he continued to be so passionate about Xu Ziyan, that little kid would secretly do something to himself……_(:3∠)_

He couldn’t afford to offend a brother lover! Shao Xiuwen decisively gave in…

“Zirong, do you think there seems to be something wrong with Xiuwen in the past two days?” Xu Ziyan felt a little weird.

Xu Zirong blinked and smiled, “is that so? I don’t think so.”

“Did you do anything to him?” Xu Ziyan asked, narrowing his eyes.

Xu Zirong shook his head innocently, “no, I really did nothing…” He only said something…

Xu Ziyan watched him for a long while and decided that his brother wouldn’t lie. He murmured to himself, “weird, I feel like he’s trying to keep a distance from me…”

“Maybe it’s your illusion.” Xu Zirong said with a smile, “there are only four of us here. I’m with you all day, so he might be embarrassed to leave Lin Xiaotian alone.”

“That’s what I thought.” Xu Ziyan nodded, feeling that his younger brother made some sense.

Xu Zirong almost never talked to Lin Xiaotian. Although Lin Xiaotian found it strange, he wouldn’t keep chasing and asking Xu Zirong. All in all, he had his own proud too, and there’s no way for him to ask, “why don’t you like me?” It’d make him look cheap.

If Lin Xiaotian didn’t ask, then Xu Zirong wouldn’t say either. In his last life, Xu Zirong died in his hands, and even though there’s nothing between them in this life, it was already very generous of Xu Zirong to not seek revenge. It’s utterly impossible for him to be friends with them!

For this reason, Xu Ziyan and Shao Xiuwen were the ones who spoke when they were together. Fortunately, they’d already been used to the cold attitude of Xu Zirong, and they find the environment too embarrassing.

After the battles over the past few days, they have dug out a lot of news, among which nearly 90% were from the casino.

Since that “amazing” first game, Xu Zirong had become famous among the audience. Many of them were amazed by his gorgeous face and cruel methods.

At that time, Xu Zirong was quite worried that his performance would disgust his brother, unexpectedly, Xu Ziyan ended up praising him hard.

“That’s what you should’ve done! Anyone who has a bad idea on you deserves to be crushed to pieces!” Xu Ziyan looked hideous when he said so.

Pet? Sex slave? When it comes to his baby brother, there’s no way for Xu Ziyan to tolerate seeing him being tortured. Anyone who has the slightest idea of that deserves to die!

Xu Ziyan wasn’t a saint!

When things happened in the arena, it’s a matter of survival or death. Although Xu Zirong’s ways were a bit too cruel, it’s an effective deterrent!

Those monsters who had too much sp**m should consider again whether they could really say anything they wanted…

In the fighting tower, the human beings and the demon race had such vigorous fights. In the beginning, Xu Ziyan didn’t understand what it’s about, later he understood that even “ninth-level fighters” wasn’t the highest title, the highest one should be “Battle God”.

There were only three people from each race who could obtain the title of Battle God.

In other words, in the entire fighting tower, there were only nine people who could obtain this title. With such an elimination rate, they had to be sure to pick only the best fighters. After hearing the news, Xu Ziyan knew that there’s very little chance to win.

According to the fighters’ level, God knows how many years they’d require to accumulate the points of a ninth-level fighter, but Tang Tianlang had already said that he’d pick them up after one year.

Through exchanging some news with the others, Xu Ziyan learned that this fighting tower was not available in every realm, or even if there was, most of them were in the hands of some big forces.

Back then, a very prominent cultivator put countless light balls connecting to the fighting tower in different realms. Some of these light balls were already destroyed like the Xuan Yu realm, but most of them were inherited strongly.

No one knew how these light balls were refined, but one had to belong to a big force to own one of them.

It’s extremely rare to send somebody in when the chance was right, like what happened in Xuan Yu realm.

After Xu Ziyan learned the news, he thought that he’s really so lucky. Could he be positively impacted by Xu Zirong’s role as the male protagonist?

Xu Ziyan touched his chin. It’s actually not a wild guess. All in all, novels with the theme of rebirth are very common nowadays, and with Xu Zirong’s stunning looks, it’s completely normal to be such a main role. ╮( ̄▽ ̄\”;)╭

But whether it’s true or not, Xu Ziyan had no intentions to bet his hope on this vague matter.

Rather than waiting for the good things to fall from the sky, it would be better to seize this opportunity to get a good understanding outside the realm.

Since the Xuan Yu realm was quite distant from the others, it was still a peaceful environment inside the realm, but through the information that they got from the fighting tower, they all thought that they’d been too naïve in thinking that the extreme west was brutal enough. According to the cultivators, fights in side these small realms were just like kids fighting with each other. Outside the Xuan Yu realm, countless of realms were involved in big battles between the human race and the demon race.

There were even some realms which got swallowed by the demon realms. Comparatively, fights limited to a front were really nothing.


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