Chapter 206

It’s not some kind of broke joke. Every time, when a cultivator upgraded, it was a huge test for the Dantian. Some even had to break it to create a new one to absorb more spiritual power.

But core formation was an entirely different matter, since the process of core formation required a huge amount of spiritual power to be condensed, there’s simply no spiritual power left to create a new one. Therefore, when the Dantian broke during the process of core formation, then the person would certainly die.

As he couldn’t use his previous experience, Xu Ziyan could only explore new methods carefully.

Fortunately, in the jade slips taught by Big Foot Luo, there was a huge amount of experience and ways of reaching golden core, and that put Xu Ziyan’s mind at ease.

Since he couldn’t copy past experience, Xu Ziyan had to carefully explore new methods.

After carefully recalling the method he had learned, Xu Ziyan finally chose to use the spiritual power vortex to condense the golden core.

The advantage of this method was that once the core was condensed, the subsequent transformation of spiritual power could be carried out automatically without his laborious manipulation, which could save a lot of time. However, it’s more dangerous. If he was not careful, the spiritual vortex in the Dantian would get out of control. Not only would he fail in core formation, but his Dantian would be in danger too.

But Xu Ziyan simply had no other ways – as he had sealed off his senses to the outside world, he had no idea that he was already protected by the sacred tree. He was really worried of any unforeseeable consequences in such a public place.

The core formation had begun, and there’s no way for him to stop. Fortunately, he had chosen a rather quick method, which was still better than nothing at that moment…

Xu Ziyan took a deep breath and pushed the spiritual power in the Dantian to move slowly in a clockwise direction.

At the beginning, he only used a trace of spiritual power, and it only took him a very short time to use this spiritual power to bring upon a wave of it, forming a tiny vortex in his Dantian.

The spiritual power in the meridians gradually poured in from the entrance of the Dantian, and merged into this spiritual power vortex bit by bit. As more and more spiritual power was driven, this vortex was spinning faster and faster, even bringing Xu Ziyan a sense of fear.

When things had progressed this way, Xu Ziyan had no point of turning back. He made a tough decision by pushing the vortex hard, which gradually formed a very deep depression, while the outer vortex began attacking the weak Dantian.

The vortex turned faster and faster, Xu Ziyan’s Dantian had a slight sense of fullness, yet he directly ignored the signal and stirred the vortex more vigorously.

Under his intentional push, the center of the vortex of spiritual power sank deeper and deeper, and the bottom of the center had already condensed to a point.

Xu Ziyan understood that it was the most critical moment. As long as he could condense his spiritual power into a spiritual core, then his core formation could be considered a success.

Xu Ziyan stayed calm and controlled the spiritual power in his body to hit the vortex in turn, accelerating it again. The fiercely rotating vortex brought a great burden to his Dantian. Every time Xu Ziyan hit the vortex with spiritual power, he could feel strong contraction in his Dantian.

At this time, Xu Ziyan wasn’t even worried about the capacity of his Dantian, all his energy was focused on the deepest point of the vortex.

The vortex span faster and faster, and there were more frequent contractions of the Dantian too. However, there was still no spiritual core at the base of the vortex, the one that Xu Ziyan was looking forward the most.

Xu Ziyan felt his heart sink, and regardless of the rejection from his Dantian, he was ready to increase his force of hitting with spiritual power. If there was a crack of the Dantian, he could still repair it, but if he failed in forming the core…

Xu Ziyan dared not think about the consequences if he really failed in core formation. He chose to form the core that way, and that’s because he had no other choice. If he really failed, then he’d surely feel traumatized.

Just when Xu Ziyan was going to make a desperate bet, a drop of bright red blood suddenly appeared in his Dantian, and that drop of blood slowly sank into the center of the bottom of the vortex. With that drop of essence blood as the core, a golden red core was slowly condensed and formed…

Xu Ziyan: (⊙_⊙) Huh?

This…what’s this all about?

Even with someone having no common sense, he’d know that golden core should be golden in color, so what’s with this golden red one? No one ever told him that even the core could turn into another color…?

Besides, where did this essence blood come from? His Dantian was no way a market and it’s not like anyone could just make a tour here…

Xu Ziyan was completely confused with the drop of essence blood. Fortunately, he could still find its trace.

Xu Ziyan was puzzled by this drop of blood that appeared suddenly. Fortunately, although the drop of blood came suddenly, it was not without a trace.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t pay attention just now, as he was focusing his energy on condensing the spiritual core. Now that the core had been formed, he could trace the source of this drop of essence blood more carefully.

Although…he already knew that to whom it belonged to…¬_¬

Except for Xu Zirong, who knew how to use blood-type spells, who’d carry essence blood with him?!

He was exhausted the moment the golden core was formed, and his Dantian managed to survive even though it’s traumatized.

Aurora, which had been shivering and trembling in the corner just now, also regained its spirit and swiftly swayed beside the golden core…

The Purple Night Divine Thunder also swam back from the sea of consciousness. The movement in the Dantian was too much just now and it didn’t want to add more pressure to Xu Ziyan and it could only hide a bit. Now that everything was back to normal, it had to return to re-establish its status as the boss…

Xu Ziyan’s Dantian became empty. Aside from that strange golden red core, there was just a small flying sword and a purple thunder, and…

Oh? (⊙_⊙)?

Xu Ziyan was stunned as he watched a small snail suddenly appear in his Dantian. It tentatively reached out its tentacles, swayed left and right, as if to check the surroundings.

After confirming that the environment was safe, the mushroom-shaped little snail poked its head from under the cap and slowly moved towards the golden core.

Having suddenly a new visitor, the Green Night Divine Thunder was instantly angry. It rushed forward immediately, hitting the cap of the snail like thunder.

Then, something that shocked the little Greenie happened. The Purple Night Divine Thunder, who’d almost never failed a fight, fell down from the “mushroom”. Not only did it fail to cause any damage to the snail, it was also bounced back by the mushroom shell.

The little snail didn’t seem to notice that it had been attacked at all, and it still slowly crawled towards the golden core. Then, it slowly stuck itself onto the golden core, retracting its head, as if it’d treated Xu Ziyan’s golden core as its new home…

Little Greenie was furious. Since it started living inside Xu Ziyan’s body, no one (or nothing) had dared to overlook it like that. It rushed towards the mushroom shell over and over again, yet it was bounced back each time. It’s so persistent that it became a little touching…

Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched and watched the big show in his Dantian. People always say that three women make a great show, and for him, three monsters could as well make a great show!

Silently withdrew his inner vision, he was no longer able to pay attention to the strange things in his Dantian. Anyway, no matter if it’s little Greenie or Aurora, or this new snail who had recently moved in, his Dantian had almost become an apartment for these things.

He couldn’t drive them out anyway, so he just let them do whatever they wanted…

Xu Ziyan was already hopeless for his Dantian. He might as well just let things go. As long as little Greenie was there, those eerie and harmful things couldn’t hurt him, and he’s fine with anything living inside as long as it’s beneficial.

Seeing that the process of core formation was about to settle down, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt uneasy, as if something had been overlooked by him——

Just as he was thinking about what he had forgotten, he suddenly felt a trance. Before he lost his consciousness, he suddenly recalled that soon after a cultivator formed his core, he’d have to face his heart demon for the first time!

Damn it, when one wasn’t clear of his exam rules, he could really get himself killed for unknown reasons!

Xu Ziyan was shouting in his mind, but no matter if it’s his original body’s memory or the explanation of Big Foot Luo, the part about heart demon had never been mentioned.

In Big Foot Luo’s words, the more people one had killed, the more this heart demon would torture him. Therefore, there’s nothing Xu Ziyan needed to worry about.

When Xu Ziyan opened his eyes again, and when he was staring at that familiar face, he suddenly felt speechless, “…”

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Ziyu asked with a look of concern.

“It’s nothing.” Xu Ziyan held his forehead helplessly. The previous second he was still worrying about the heart demon, and he saw his brother the next second. Everyone would know how unreasonable it was!

It’s obviously because Xu Ziyan hadn’t killed enough people for this heart demon to control him. As long as he could see through the surroundings of this heart demon, he thought that he’d already passed the test.

“Brother…” Xu Ziyu’s beautiful face suddenly leaned over and pouted slightly, he’s obviously asking for a kiss.

Xu Ziyan:! ! !

Damn it! What the hell?

He decisively knocked on Ziyu’s head and yelled, “what are you doing?!”

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Xu Ziyu looked at Xu Ziyan with an aggrieved expression and he’s in tears.

Xu Ziyan turned his face abruptly, and he kept telling himself that it’s the tribulation of the Heart Demon, and repeated it ten times so that he could stop himself from throwing up.

One had to know that his dear brother was an evil one, and unless he’s acting, otherwise this kind of expression would never appear on his face!

“Brother, have you…have you found a new lover?” Xu Ziyu accused Xu Ziyan with desperation.

Xu Ziyan looked at his “brother” with a sophisticated expression. What’s that supposed to mean? Could it be that he had a relationship even more intimate than brothers with Ziyu? It’s just impossible!

“What new love? What are you talking about?” Xu Ziyan pushed away Xu Ziyu who’s forcing him to answer, then he slowly got up.

He looked at the surrounding environment, this heart demon was a really ingenious design. It could even re-create the room that he had lived in in modern times.


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