Chapter 207

If he didn’t have to avoid Xu Ziyu, the “abandoned wife”, he really wanted to enjoy those modern facilities again, it’s been over a decade since he last saw those…

“Tell me! Which bitch seduced you?!” Xu Ziyu seemed to have realized that he couldn’t win the heart of Xu Ziyan, so he might as well act like a bitch…

Xu Ziyan suddenly became speechless. He thought that this Heart Demon was so lousily made, as Xu Ziyu’s personality wasn’t imitated well at all!

If the heart demon heard his words, then he’d definitely fight against Xu Ziyan. Even heart demons needed to work hard, understand? Although Xu Ziyan hadn’t killed that many people yet, he’d definitely give the heart demon a thumb down if he died inside just because of how real the environment looked.

“Ok! Stop it now!” Xu Ziyan naturally didn’t know how hard the heart demon worked, but he really felt embarrassed when he was looking at this “Ziyu”, whose personality didn’t match with that of his brother at all.

Obviously, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but when he saw Ziyu again, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but think of his real brother, the one that he’s having a relationship with.

Xu Ziyan started to feel a bit guilty. When he thought of how he had transmigrated to this world, he was planning to project his affection towards Ziyu on Zirong. Unexpectedly, after over a decade, he instantly thought of Xu ZIrong when looking at Ziyu…

“ugh uh…” Realizing that he’d failed to grasp Xu Ziyan’s attention, the heart demon twisted his face and sat on the ground, weeping. “Brother…you…are you in love with someone else? If you do, I’m willing to give way to him…”

Xu Ziyan:…

Xu Ziyan was thinking perhaps to suggest this heart demon to study acting, as his acting skills simply sucks. It’s so obvious that he’s looking at Xu Ziyan through the cracks of his fingers…

After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan still had no idea how to overcome this heart demon thing. He’d discovered quite many flaws, but this heart demon simply had no intention to stop. It’d be better if he tried to react.

“I’m…hey! I do have a lover, and he’s a nice person.” Xu Ziyan paused for a while, “although you’re not the real Ziyu, I do hope that it’s not the case, so that I can introduce him to you.”

“Lover?” Xu Ziyu suddenly jumped up from the ground and asked sternly, “is he really your lover?”

Xu Ziyan stopped suddenly, raised his head and looked at “Xu Ziyu” coldly, “what do you mean?”

Xu Ziyu sneered, “you’re really bold. It’s obvious that you’re brothers but you make it sound like you’re in love. Following this logic, I’m assuming that we’re lovers too, then?”

Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly tightened, he clenched his fists tightly and shouted, “what are you trying to say?!”

“Am I talking nonsense?” Xu Ziyu raised his eyebrows and smiled coldly with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Xu Ziyan was in a trance for a moment. At this moment, this Xu Ziyu really looked a bit like his brother…

“Just admit that you’ve been forced to do so. It’s not a romantic relationship at all, you were just not willing to disappoint your brother. Obviously, you’re into women, and you just wanted to take care of him and you even deceived yourself. Speaking of which, I think you’re such a responsible brother, as you even slept with your younger brother to make him feel better.” The words of Xu Ziyu were like a sharp knife stabbing into Xu Ziyan’s heart.

It pointed right into his soul.

Xu Ziyan looked at this “Xu Ziyu” in a daze and finally realized that the true ultimate move of the heart demon was right there, and all that occurred previously was just foreplay…

“So? Am I saying anything wrong?” Xu Ziyu raised his eyebrows, “just admit it, there’s no love between you and that damned Xu Zirong. It’s only his possessiveness and your sympathy combining here. And it’s so hilarious, as I reckon your brother has no idea that it’s just sympathy on your side?”

Xu Ziyan was silent. Deep down, he also would like to ask himself, “is it considered love between him and Zirong?”

He admitted that at the beginning, his feelings for Xu Zirong were more like brothers, and he’s only with Xu Zirong since he didn’t want to hurt him.

If Xu Zirong hadn’t done those things to him, he might just hide all these things for the whole life and pretend that he wasn’t aware at all.

However, Xu Zirong was never a person who would make himself feel bad. Since he had suffered too much in his previous life, and in this life, he’d never let someone or something escape anymore.

Silently touching his chest, Xu Ziyan asked himself, “does he only feel sympathetic towards Xu Zirong?”

When he thought of Xu Zirong’s smile, Xu Ziyan looked more determined.

Perhaps that’s what he felt at the beginning, but after confirming his relationship with Xu Zirong, he had changed how he thought.

Zirong liked him and relied on him, and he also enjoyed being liked and being relied on.

Xu Ziyan had never been in a relationship, so he had no idea how others’ relationships were like. However, for him, Xu Zirong was the one that he admired and cared for. He didn’t want to analyze whether it’s a sympathetic or brotherly kind of affection. Also, no matter what type of affection it was, it could finally turn into a romantic one.

And if others could fall in love at the first sight, why couldn’t they develop love over time?

And who could say no to Xu Zirong’s such sentimental and passionate love?

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Xu Ziyan slowly raised his head and looked at Xu Ziyu with determination, “I love him. I love Xu Zirong. Perhaps sympathy makes the most part of it, but so what? Who said that it’s forbidden in a relationship?”

Seeing that “Xu Ziyu” was going to say something else, Xu Ziyan stopped him, “I have no idea how others’ relationships are like, I only know that I love Xu Zirong, and as long as he doesn’t betray me, I will never let him go!”

“Xu Ziyu” didn’t say anything further. He just turned into a statue and stood at the same place silently.

The breeze blew and the statue collapsed, splashing flying ash.

“Brother!” Xu Ziyan was slammed down, and before he could react, someone covered his mouth passionately.

His tongue was sucked with force, yet the familiar breath made Xu Ziyan give up on resisting. He just let Xu Zirong licking him as much as he wanted.

“Brother, brother…” Xu Zirong seemed to have lost his speech and he just kept saying “brother”.

His eyes looked affectionate, he had such a bright smile, so bright that it’s almost flashing…

Well, Xu Ziyan’s loving words were all heard by Xu Zirong.

Xu Ziyan’s face reddened and he felt so shy that he just wanted to escape in a corner.

Although a man shouldn’t blush so easily, but it’s indeed very embarrassing to be heard in that kind of situation…

Xu Ziyan looked embarrassed. And while he was looking at Xu Zirong’s bright eyes, he could feel his heart beating like a drum and his face burning.

“You…why are you here?” Xu Ziyan tried to look away and looked at the ceiling…

Xu Zirong kissed him with a smile on his face, “because…this is our common heart demon….”

“Uh…can it be a common one? Wait, have you formed the core too?” Xu Ziyan was shocked, but later showed a surprised look.

Xu Zirong pouted his lips secretly. Was his brother worrying about the wrong stuff? At this moment, shouldn’t he be repeating the same speech with passion?

“Brother, I’m so glad.” Xu Zirong rubbed his cheek on Xu Ziyan and raised his head, “I know that brother loves me, right?”

“Cough cough…” Xu Ziyan’s face started to flush again, but he couldn’t really refute when facing such bright eyes of Xu Zirong.

“Yes… um…” Xu Zirong kissed him again as soon as he said so. The fierce entanglement of lips and tongue seized his breath. He struggled for a long time before he finally managed to escape from the entanglement.

“Stop!” Seeing that Xu Zirong wanted to continue doing something else, Xu Ziyan stopped him and wiped away the saliva on the corners of his mouth. They were still facing this heart demon. This damn kid should know how to behave.

“Okay, okay, I love you and it’s not a weird thing. Shouldn’t you have known a long time ago?” Xu Ziyan stared at his brother helplessly. Although he wasn’t an expressive person, he thought that he’s still quite obvious in his actions.

“But my brother refused to say it…” Xu Zirong said with a disappointed tone, lowering his head.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly, and suddenly reached out and raised his jaw——

Xu Zirong looked at him with amazement, and there was no trace of despair on that gorgeous face!

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and looked at his baby brother with a funny look.

Xu Zirong, who was caught for his acting:…

“Brother…” Xu Zirong decisively acted shamelessly, threw himself into his brother’s arms and refused to get up.

Xu Ziyan was both helpless and pleased. He combed Xu Zirong’s hair and comforted him, “don’t think so much. If I don’t love you, how would I tolerate you doing those things to me?”

When mentioning “those things”, Xu Ziyan blushed again.

“But… I forced my brother at the first place…” Xu Zirong said in a low voice, his face was still buried in his brother’s arms.

Xu Ziyan smiled softly when he heard him, “even you did for the first time, it’s not like you forced me every time afterwards, right? And since I promised to be with you, I wouldn’t give you up, unless…”

Xu Zirong raised his head abruptly, staring at his brother with burning eyes, “I will never betray my brother. Never! Or I’ll be killed!”

Xu Ziyan smiled brightly and said sternly, “no worries. If you betray me, I will fix you.” After saying so, he even made some noise with his purple thunder.

Xu Zirong looked at his brother’s grim smile and shivered, as if possessing his brother might be a scary thing too…

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