Chapter 216

Xu Ziyan gently stroked Zirong’s long hair, letting him act like a baby in his arms. Although it’s a bit too childish to act like that at his age, he’s the only person making it possible to relax for Xu Zirong…

Thinking about it this way, Xu Ziyan became more sympathetic and his actions were much gentler, as if he’s worried to destroy the silence at that moment.

“Ahem, are you two okay?” Shao Xiuwen broke the atmosphere at the moment very inappropriately.

Xu Zirong raised his head abruptly, staring sharply at the Shao Xiuwen.

Shao Xiuwen was very speechless, and wanted to lift a table (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻, do you think I want to remind you? Look at you two! Are brothers supposed to act like that? Look at Lin Xiaotian, his eyeballs are falling out! Do you want the whole world to know or what?

Xu Zirong was still staring at Shao Xiuwen coldly and unfriendily.

Shao Xiuwen:…

(#‵′) He shouldn’t have argued with this stinky kid! What does he know anyway? He might even want to make it public!

After silently seeing Xu Ziyan finally realizing two people were staring at them, Shao Xiuwen tried to convey his thoughts to Xu Ziyan with his gaze.

It’s a pity that Xu Ziyan didn’t have the skill of reading one’s mind through his face. He’s just looking at Shao Xiuwen speechlessly, trying to guess what he’s trying to say…

“You brothers are really close, haha…” Shao Xiuwen uttered these words after holding them back for a long while.

Lin Xiaotian, who’s next to him, showed a shocked look, but then, he seemed to have understood something and he looked plain again.

With Shao Xiuwen’s hint, Xu Ziyan finally understood.

He looked at Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen with embarrassment. One of them was expressionless and another one looked bitter, making him want to scream for help…

So…was their relationship going to be made public or what?

Xu Zirong saw his brother’s guilty look and he lowered his eyes. Although he really cherished his relationship with brother, he couldn’t tolerate his brother being discriminated because of the accusation of “incest”.

“My brother and I are not related by blood.” Xu Zirong said this lightly and completely shocked Shao Xiuwen.

Although Lin Xiaotian was still indifferent, one could feel that he’s also relieved.

Only Xu Ziyan couldn’t act normally in a long while.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian looked at each other and avoided tacitly, leaving space for these two people. This news was shocking enough and they both needed time to digest it.

“What…what’s going on?” Xu Ziyan reacted and he’s staring at Xu Zirong sharply.

Xu Zirong looked away with a rare guilty conscience and said softly, “we are actually not related by blood…”

Xu Ziyan frowned, “How is it possible? When my father brought you back, didn’t he do a test?”

Xu Zirong sneered, “my mother used to do something on me but I’m not sure how, but I’m sure that my father was with someone else.”

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead vigorously, and he felt a little confused in his mind. It turned out that his “brother” wasn’t his real brother at all and he could finally leave the idea of “incest” behind, but he still found it a bit hard to accept.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong bit his lower lip, wrapped his brother’s waist and put his forehead on his head, “do you mind?”

“Mind what?” Xu Ziyan replied casually, feeling a little anxious.

“Mind that I am not your brother?” Xu Zirong asked softly.

“I…” Xu Ziyan wanted to reply that he minded obviously, since he’d “lost” his younger brother and no one could face that calmly. However, he understood that Xu Zirong was never his brother to start with, as he’s not the original Xu Ziyan either, so how could he tell the others that he’s the older brother of Xu Zirong?

Speaking of it, the relationship between them cannot be summed up by the word “brother”. Ever since his transmigration, hadn’t he already made up his mind to “treat” Xu Zirong as his real brother?

Although the relationship was slightly distorted later…the feelings between them had not changed.

Whether they were brothers, their memory of being with each other wouldn’t be lost, so why would he mind whether they were related by blood?

Xu Ziyan smiled suddenly, feeling that he had just complicated everything. In fact, it’d be much better if Xu Zirong wasn’t his real brother, then it’d be perfectly fine to be a couple.

He didn’t expect that his sudden smile shocked Xu Zirong.

He had kept this news from his brother for so long, and that’s all because he wanted to continue being the “younger brother”.

He initially had a strong desire for exclusivity, and he really wished that the whole world was only left with his brother and himself. However, besides him, his brother still had so many “younger brothers”, and those were actually his real brothers and they could enjoy Xu Ziyan’s spoiling legitimately, that’s something that he couldn’t tolerate.

So he thought of hiding the news and enjoying his brother’s love solely, despite his little guilt——→. →

The longer he hid it, the more difficult it would be to say it. Later, although he became the lover of Xu Ziyan, he didn’t want to give up his rights of being the “younger brother” either, so he continued keeping silent.

Anyway, no one knew about this except him, and his legendary father wouldn’t show up until he was upgraded to nascent soul. When that happened, Xu Zirong just had to avoid him at all costs.

Xu Zirong had such a brilliant plan, but he had underestimated the public opinion towards “incest”. Not everyone could disregard it like him. Also, he didn’t want Xu Ziyan to bear the discrimination from the others either, and it’s something that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Xu Zirong actually took a little risk when he announced this. However, according to his understanding of his brother, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t leave him because of that. He might get upset for a few days at most.

However, Xu Ziyan ended up laughing after getting shocked for a moment, and Xu Zirong had never expected that reaction.

Hmm…why was that?

Although it was not his subjective deception, he did hide it on purpose. It’s already weird that his brother wasn’t angry, but why would he laugh? And why would he laugh so easily?

Xu Zirong was completely confused. He stared at his older brother who’s smiling happily, and the corners of his lips raised too.

After noticing that Xu Zirong was smiling, Xu Ziyan realized that he had been too forgiving. This stinky kid had hidden this from him for so long, and if he was forgiven so easily, God knows what would he do in the future?

After coughing twice, Xu Ziyan narrowed his smile and raised his face.

Upon seeing this, Xu Zirong suppressed his smile silently, kneeling down in front of his brother honestly, making a well-behaved gesture.

Seeing his brother acting like that, Xu Ziyan was complaining in his heart. One really wouldn’t know Xu Zirong was so good at acting, and so cruelly too…

“When did you know about it?” Xu Ziyan tried to sound plain, but the displeasure in the tone was obvious.

Xu Zirong replied pleasingly, “someone came to me in my previous life and told me that he’s my father.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. This was never mentioned in the novel, but after another thought, he realized that the novel was centered on Bai Hua. Since Xu Zirong was a villain in it, there weren’t a lot of details about him. He nodded, “and then?”

Xu Zirong choked, then? What then? Then he kept hiding from his brother and didn’t say it. It’s not easy to say this kind of thing so clearly, right?

Xu Ziyan glanced at him, and Xu Zirong quickly showed a pleasing smile.

Xu Ziyan snorted and he could only see the guilty look of Xu Zirong at times like this. Normally, Xu Zirong would act clingy and all after just being hurt a little and Xu Ziyan had to give way every time. Finally, it was Xu Zirong’s turn.

“That means…” Xu Ziyan said slowly, “you knew already that we’re not brothers and you hid it from me?”

Xu Zirong nodded cautiously, then he emphasized, “I didn’t say it at first, because I thought you were the original scumbag, so I naturally couldn’t expose my weakness.”

“And after that?!” Xu Ziyan persisted.

Xu Zirong flashed in his eyes and he was dodging, “then…then…”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan leaned forward slightly, putting pressure on him with his actions.

Unexpectedly, Xu Zirong suddenly stretched out his hands, held his cheek, and kissed him firmly…

“Woo!” Since Xu Zirong “activated” his kissing skills, Xu Ziyan had been much worse in this area, and now he couldn’t even resist one bit.

After struggling for a long time, he was so dizzy with Xu Zirong’s kiss. He finally regained the ownership of his lips, wiped his mouth vigorously and he looked very serious.

Xu Zirong licked his lips regretfully. The sparkling water moisturized his blushing lips. Xu Ziyan’s cheeks turned red, he tried to look away and said coldly, “don’t play games like this. Tell me, why didn’t you tell me after that?”

Xu Zirong blinked and said with an innocent look, “after that, I began dual cultivation with my brother, so it didn’t matter anymore.”

Xu Ziyan nodded. Then, he stared at Xu Zirong in an unfriendly manner, “wait, according to what you said, you should’ve noticed that I wasn’t my original body before turning 18, right? So why didn’t you tell at that time?”

Xu Zirong sighed secretly. After all, he didn’t succeed in deceiving his brother. It seemed that the kiss just now was too weak and he did a bad job in infatuating his brother!


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