Chapter 221

“Um… I’m so hungry…” Shao Xiuwen woke up from the cocoon, and the first thing he did was to touch his stomach.

The part of them entering the fighting tower was only their divine consciousness, while their bodies remained in the Xuan Yu realm.

Although they wouldn’t starve to death with the current level of cultivation, it wasn’t a good feeling to starve.

“Meh! Meh!” Snowball kicked forcibly, and in the end, Pink Hair couldn’t handle it anymore. It just kicked Snowball directly off the wall.

As soon as it landed, Snowball rushed to Xu Ziyan’s side again, but this time, it was more obedient. It didn’t jump up to Xu Ziyan’s face. Instead, it was just staring at Xu Ziyan with watery eyes.

Xu Ziyan:…

Well, even without communicating With Snowball, he already knew what it wanted to say. However, after thinking about it, he’d actually not returned for the whole year, and Snowball happened to just be waiting for him. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have rushed to Xu Ziyan immediately once he woke up.

After touching Snowball lightly, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. He searched the Qiankun bag, but unfortunately there was no food suitable for Snowball’s taste. As for the Inedia Pill – even Xu Ziyan wouldn’t eat that thing, let alone Snowball.

“Sorry, there is nothing here, I will make you some good food once I get out.” Xu Ziyan squatted and said to Snowball seriously.

Snowball also understood that Xu Ziyan wasn’t doing it on purpose. It could only wipe its tears, swallow some saliva and wait for Tang Tianlang to get them out. If it wasn’t trapped in this big array, it would’ve gone out and looked for food long time ago…

So…even though the reality wasn’t satisfactory, it’s better not to tell Xu Ziyan this sad story yet. →. →

After calming Snowball, as soon as Xu Ziyan turned around, Pink Hair jumped on Xu Zirong’s shoulder as usual.

Xu Zirong glanced at him faintly, and Pink Hair looked at him innocently…

The human and the rabbit stared at each other for a long while. In the end, Xu Zirong slowly turned away and agreed silently the position of Pink Hair.

Pink Hair calmly clasped his clothes tightly with its paws to prevent itself from falling, and at the same time made a provocative move towards Snowball in the dark.

Snowball: sigh…it’s true that my master doesn’t love me anymore. Even that douche bag has a higher status than mine!

“Hey, Zirong, I remember when you came here, your rabbit was chewing carrots the whole time. So, has it finished all its carrots after a year?” Shao Xiuwen asked casually.

Pink Hair suddenly stiffened when it heard so and it noticed everyone’s curious eyes. It instantly yelled angrily twice, “pu pu!” (What are you staring at? I’ve finished them all, okay?)

Xu Ziyan listened to Xu Zirong’s explanation, suppressed the smile in his eyes and combed the hair of Pink Hair, “it’s really harsh for you as you had to eat carrots of hundreds of years.”

Pïnk Hair: Damn it! Don’t repeat my dark history over and over again! I just want to delete this dark history!

Shao Xiuwen looked at Xu Ziyan with confusion. He didn’t quite understand what that meant. Xu Ziyan had to stop from laughing and explain to them. Since Pink Hair lost its bet, it had to finish all the carrots in a certain space.

“Don’t all rabbits like to eat carrots?” Shao Xiuwen was very confused. What kind of punishment is for an animal that likes carrots to eat carrots?

Xu Ziyan had no choice but to say that Pink Hair wasn’t actually a rabbit and it actually hated carrots to the guts.

Shao Xiuwen watched for a long while, but he still didn’t understand why Pink Hair wasn’t a rabbit except its deer horns…

On the contrary, Lin Xiaotian frowned slightly when he heard about the carrots in a certain space and he looked at Xu Ziyan thoughtfully.

Xu Ziyan looked at him and smiled slightly.

Lin Xiaotian understood it instantly. And when he looked at Pink Hair again, there’s no more disdain in his eyes.

“Well, it seems that you’ve all had pretty nice gains.” It was Tang Tianlang’s voice in the mist.

Everyone was immediately overjoyed and looked in the direction of the voice.

However, Lin Xiaotian seemed to have thought of something. His facial expression instantly changed and he yelled, “be careful!” Immediately afterwards, he stumbled and fell on Shao Xiuwen, who’s about to welcome Tang Tianlang.


The sound of a dragon groaning came from the mist, and Xu Ziyan instantly placed a spiritual shield in front of him.

Xu Zirong’s blood vines broke out of the ground and they surrounded him and his brother, swaying peculiarly. On the top of each blood vine, there was a blue flower bud evolving, each bud opened slightly, and there’s a faint bloody smell from each of it.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian were both sword cultivators and were not proficient in defensive spells. However, they both had countermeasures. After avoiding the first attack, they cooperated with several sword lights to resist the endless breaths of swords.

The golden breaths of sword were like a golden wandering dragon, rushing toward the four of them.

With the cooperation of Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian, they could only withstand some breaths of sword that pierced through the key parts, and the remaining breaths of sword quickly left wounds on their bodies.

The cooperation between Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong was obviously more tacit, and since their level of cultivation was higher, it’s easier for them to resist. Xu Ziyan’s thunder light confronted him, and Xu Zirong’s blood vines could assist from a side and the bloody air released by the flower could corrode the breaths of sword as well.

The four of them were beaten in embarrassment without even seeing their enemy. After being baptized by hundreds of breath of sword, Xu Zirong roared in a low voice, “I’ve got it!”

“I’m coming!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed with excitement, and the long bow in his hand was pulled to the extreme, bursting out a dazzling light.

Hidden in the mist, Tang Tianlang narrowed his eyes slightly, wanting to see what moves Xu Ziyan would make.

However, to his surprise, what Xu Ziyan shot was not the kind of powerful Thunder Spirit Arrow, but a very thin lightning.

A ray of doubt flashed through Tang Tianlang’s eyes, what was that?

Theoretically, the thicker Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit arrow was, the more powerful it would be. So, what effect could this hair-like arrow have?

As the saying goes, anything abnormal must be done by a demon. Although Tang Tianlang didn’t understand Xu Ziyan’s intentions, he noticed some danger. A smile appeared on his face. As a nascent soul cultivator, he hadn’t noticed a similar kind of danger since long time ago.

Perhaps it was because both sides only had the intent to fight and had no intention to kill, Tang Tianlang’s sense of crisis was not strong. However, since Xu Ziyan managed to make Tang Tianlang feel this danger with his level of cultivation as the middle stage of golden core, it’s sufficient to prove that he had the ability to threaten nascent soul cultivators.

And Xu Ziyan was only in his twenties…

Tang Tianlang couldn’t hide the jealousy. He’d also like to know how Big Foot Luo chose his disciples. His Xiaotian was already an elite, but he’s not as good when comparing with Xu Ziyan.

Gee, all kinds of envy and jealousy!

Tang Tianlang felt hurt in his heart and he decided to beaten up Big Foot Luo next time to soothe himself.

It was happily decided! ╮( ̄▽ ̄\\\”;)╭

Although Tang Tianlang thought a lot, it was actually just a moment that had passed. When he swiped his arm lightly, several breaths of sword shot out, facing the extremely thin thunder light.

With Tang Tianlang’s cultivation level, if he could exert 100% of his strength, then the four juniors on the opposite side would just end up lying on the ground In that case, he wouldn’t achieve the purpose of testing them. Therefore, Tang Tianlang had always won by his tactics. The breaths of sword that he shot towards Shao Xiuwen and Tang Tianlang were of the middle stage of Qi condensation, while those shot towards the Xu brothers were of the middle stage of golden core.

Only by doing so could he activate their greatest potential and let Tang Tianlang see for sure whether these guys had improved during this year.

Tang Tianlang raised the corners of his lips. The breaths of sword that he shot were not that powerful, but the angles were quite particular. If all of them hit that thunder light, it would surely be dissipated.

Of course, it had to first hit the thunder light.

Tang Tianlang’s pupils shrank suddenly, as he saw that the thunder light fell straight down before touching the breath of sword and fell to the ground.

=口=Well…what’s that all about?

Could it be that the kid missed the shot? Was that even possible?

Even disciples of Qi refining wouldn’t make such stupid mistakes.

So what about this thunder light…?

Tang Tianlang felt that something was wrong and he instantly placed a layer of spiritual shield on his body. In a hurry, he only placed a layer of spiritual shield, and when it was done, the ground surrounding him instantly exploded, the six or seven tiny but gleaming purple blood vines formed a tree cell around him, and the thunder light on the blood vines gathered, forming a very thin thunder light, which was exactly the one shooting into the ground!

Tang Tianlang immediately gasped. He was really impressed by kids nowadays. As a nascent soul, he hadn’t realized these hidden blood vines at all, and although wooden spells were usually very discreet, he’d usually notice them.

Tang Tianlang sighed, as he realized that he’d really underestimated these kids. If he’d learned the situation more thoroughly, he wouldn’t have let them get near at all.

The thunder light condensed and formed, immediately shooting at Tang Tianlang without hesitation. Tang Tianlang was trapped in the tree cell and had nowhere to hide, so he had to rely on that layer of spiritual shield to resist.

The spiritual shield that was arranged in a hurry was obviously not stable. Although the explosion of the thunder light did not hurt Tang Tianlang, it put him in a messy situation and his body was covered with broken vines.

What made him even more anxious was that he didn’t know what seeds those blood vines were grown from. They happened to stink so much after being broken, and it’s absolutely disgusting when their juice fell on his body.

“Okay, stop!” Tang Tianlang was getting anxious.

Lin Xiaotian stopped immediately, and Shao Xiuwen also stopped in a daze.

Although Xu Zirong’s blood vines stopped attacking, several of them still remained cautious nearby. Xu Ziyan showed a subtle smile and was wondering how he could ask master for a reward after teaching Tang Tianlang a lesson.


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