Chapter 220

Fortunately, the old man did not force him. After seeing that he really had no intention in joining the organization, he smiled and sent him out of the arena.

Things like this happened occasionally in the past. This old man didn’t care about it. It’s just a pity that he didn’t have the opportunity to win Xu Ziyan over. Otherwise, their organization would inevitably gain the greatest benefits in this battle between the human race and the demon race!

“Brother?” Once Xu Ziyan came out of the arena, and Xu Zirong pulled his sleeves all at once.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

“Did they treat you unreasonably?” Xu Zirong looked a little uncomfortable.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while. It is estimated that apart from him, Zirong must have been invited by those people before. However, organizations like this usually acted arrogantly, and since they were always in a high position, they’d still act like being generous when trying to recruit someone.

The old man who came to invite him seemed to have a very high status at first glance, but this was also based on his identity as the Son of Destiny, but those who invited Xu Zirong were not as polite, and by imagining Xu Zirong’s temper, one could speculate what the result would be.

“It’s okay. How are you?” Xu Ziyan smiled lightly.

Xu Zirong looked relaxed and said lightly, “a bunch of weird people tried to threaten me.”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids jumped suddenly. He knew for sure that person didn’t get any benefits given how bad Xu Zirong’s temper was.

The facts were exactly as he had expected, but the way the other party dealt with it surprised him.

The next day, someone came to Xu Zirong to apologize and gave a lot of gifts.

Xu Ziyan smiled and accepted them. Although he didn’t plan to join this peace-making organization, he didn’t want to oppose these people either. Since Zirong didn’t suffer and the other party had indeed made a sincere apology, he would naturally not make things more difficult.

After this incident, Xu Ziyan once again plunged into the arduous battle. At the sacred tree, he obtained a bunch of purple night divine thunder. Now, those purple night divine thunders were under the guidance of his green night divine thunder and they were moving happily in his Dantian. Every time when he took action, the purple night divine thunders, hidden under the thunder-type spiritual power, would give him a big “surprise”.

After many battles, Xu Ziyan soon got his own title in the fighting tower – The Purple Thunder Crossing Cloud.

This name doesn’t sound domineering at all!

Xu Ziyan was depressed. Before, he used to laugh at Xu Zirong’s “Beauty of Blood”, and now he had to face the same…

Shao Xiuwen was envious, muttering something behind Xu Ziyan. All those who got a name in the fighting tower were elites among all cultivators. He and Lin Xiaotian obtained no title, but Xu Ziyan still complained about his.

If Xu Zirong wasn’t staring at him so fiercely, he would really want to beat Xu Ziyan up!

Although Lin Xiaotian wasn’t speaking, he expressed his support for Shao Xiuwen very well with his domineering eyes. As the closed disciple of the head of Tian Yu sect, he was a well-deserved elite.

In Xuan Yu realm, almost no other cultivator could surpass him.

Lin Xiaotian has always been proud, and of course, he had what it took to be proud as well. It’s very rare to see someone his age with such a talent. However, after seeing Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, his proudness was cruelly hit.

For some people with bad intentions, after being in a high position for a long time, they might do something wrong out of jealousy after such a heavy blow. However, since Tang Tianlang was the head of Tian Yu sect, how would he not realize how important a person’s character was?

Therefore, after Lin Xiaotian saw Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong’s amazing cultivation level, he let this matter pass after getting depressed for a while. Also, although talents like Xu Ziyan were quite rare in the fighting tower, Lin Xiaotian became a lot calmer after knowing how disciples were trained and educated in the super sects.

The resources of the Xuan Yu realm were naturally incomparable with those of those large sects. It was impossible for the treasures owned by the Tian Yu sect to be used by Lin Xiaotian alone. However, Lin Xiaotian wasn’t worried about it. He understood that those items were just of assistance, and as a sword cultivator, he needed firmer determination to have better development.

The elite disciples of those big realms could only say that their sects laid a good foundation for them, but it really depended on their effort to develop well.

Lin Xiaotian watched Shao Xiuwen and Xu Ziyan messing around and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Perhaps he’s too serious himself, it’s something that he would never do. However, it didn’t stop him from watching the fun.

Seeing that Shao Xiuwen became more upset and Xu Zirong’s expression became colder, Lin Xiaotian lowered his eyes slightly, trying to hide the fact that he’s happy. Well, although he’s not going to participate, there’s no harm watching the fun going on. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In the end……

Under Xu Zirong’s unbearable tolerance, Shao Xiuwen was firmly tied up by a blood vine and hung upside down in the corner of the room. Even his mouth was blocked, and he showed a miserable expression.

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong helplessly. Xu Zirong looked at him without any expressions and there’s fire under his eyes.

Xu Ziyan turned his face silently. Shao Xiuwen, I hope that you can rest in peace…

Shao Xiuwen: qaq…Xu Ziyan, you bastard who cares about your love more than your friends!

Lin Xiaotian drank his tea indifferently. He thought to himself, “well, next time you just need to be more careful when you get in touch with Xu Ziyan. Don’t get near his bottom and keep a certain distance whenever you are with him. Otherwise, you’ll be set up by that Xu Zirong again.”

The relationship among the four got very harmonious during the year. Even though Xu Zirong couldn’t understand the fight between Shao Xiuwen and Xu Ziyan, he wouldn’t really act violently. He would at most do it symbolically. Otherwise, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t watch Shao Xiuwen getting bullied aside either…

Quiet days always go by quickly, or in other words, for these four people in the Xuan Yu realm, one year seemed to have gone in the blink of an eye.

The flames of war between the human race and the demon race in various realms were still burning. Although the Xuan Yu realm was relatively safe and isolated, under the influence of this atmosphere all the year round, both Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian became a lot more cautious towards the emergence of the demon race.

Especially with Xu Ziyan’s deliberate guidance, Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen’s expressions were very solemn whenever they heard about the blood-sucking worms in the boundless void and the sneaky attacks in those more remote areas. After all, this realm was also a relatively remote place, and those blood-sucking worms were swimming in the void, and it all depends on one’s luck whether he’d be attacked by them. Who could then guarantee that there’s not a single dormant blood-sucking worm in the Xuan Yu realm right now?

After arousing the vigilance of Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen, Xu Ziyan achieved his goal. Although Shao Xiuwen was still a bit short, Lin Xiaotian had an important say in the Tian Yu sect. With their current status, it was absolutely impossible to cooperate in activating the entire Xuan Yu realm to find the dormant female worm. However, with their current foundation, they could still defend a little if they got attacked by the demon race in the future.

Besides, every time he heard those people talking about blood-sucking worms, he would especially ask them how to strangle them. Since they were semi-public news in the realms, those fighters naturally knew everything, and they explained in detail how to use monsters to cultivate blood cores, then lure and kill the female insects.

After confirming that Lin Xiaotian had heard all these things seriously, he was finally relieved.

In the original novel, Xu Zirong was besieged by Bai Hua and the others. The biggest reason was that they wanted to sacrifice Xu Zirong to save the Xuan Yu realm. Now that there was an alternative method, he would never believe that Bai Hua could still use it to threaten him!

On the day before the end of the trip to the fighting tower, Xu Ziyan bid farewell to everyone that he’s gotten closer with.

Over the past year, he had such a nice life in the fighting tower, and the biggest benefit was that he finally solved Xu Zirong’s biggest potential danger.

Those who had a good relationship with him all sent him invitations. Although the distance between each realm was quite far, whenever Xu Ziyan had an opportunity, he’d surely go and visit them.

Xu Ziyan accepted all these enthusiastic invitations.

The identity only circulated among the superiors. On the contrary, these middle and low-level cultivators didn’t even know what the big snail means. Xu Ziyan carefully developed his relationship with these people and it’s not a beneficial kind of relationship.

Finally, the time for departure arrived, Xu Ziyan and the others returned to their room and touched the ball of light with their divine consciousness.

Just like when they came, when they opened their eyes again, they had already returned to the ruined monument.


Xu Ziyan only felt dizzy and he couldn’t see clearly, and a ball of snow-white fluffy balls fell on his face, it then kept rubbing him back and forth, leaving a lot of hair on his mouth…

Xu Ziyan:! ! !


Immediately afterwards, there was another scream. Xu Zirong picked up a corner of Snowball with a look of disgust, tore it off Xu Ziyan’s face and threw it away—

——Ba Ji!

Snowball was thrown onto a wall that was half-collapsed, and its two sharp horns were smashed into the wall. Its whole body was suspended in the air, and it looked incredibly miserable…

Snowball: qaq! (Master, you don’t love me anymore!)

Xu Ziyan: =. =

Pink Hair squatted beside Xu Zirong with a calm look, raised its hind legs and scratched its neck. It knew that the idiot would definitely be beaten up by his master. It’s obviously asking for death after knowing how much Xu Zirong cared for his brother and it still chose to do what it had done. ╮(╯_╰)╭Pink Hair was so embarrassed with such a brother.


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