Chapter 219

“What’s wrong, brother?”

“It’s fine.” Xu Ziyan shook his head and chose to agree.

Although he didn’t know what the other party had attempted, he never feared any challenge.

In a blink of an eye, Xu Ziyan’s figure disappeared from the room. Since Xu Ziyan often accepted challenges from the others, this scenario had never attracted anyone’s attention.

Only Xu Zirong frowned slightly, as if he’d felt something wrong…

As soon as Xu Ziyan entered the arena, he entered a state of combat instantly. The battlefield he entered was different each time, and the position he entered was always random. He had also seen a game where two fighters appeared back to back in the arena.

The distance was the key to the cultivator’s fighting method. The situation where two people are close together may only appear in places like the fighting tower.

Unexpectedly, it was a fierce competition, and the one who lost had to wait for a few years before entering the fighting tower again. The one winning would also need half a year to recover.

“Haha, cultivator, don’t be nervous.”

The thunder light between Xu Ziyan’s fingers crackled, but the sudden sound behind him gave him goosebumps.

In order to find the traces of the enemy, he maximized his divine consciousness. Under this situation, he still hadn’t realized that there’s someone behind him, so what kind of cultivation level did this person have?

Turning around silently, Xu Ziyan looked at the three elders standing not far in front of him, with an incomprehensible expression on his face.

Among the three people on the opposite side, there was one considered to be an acquaintance. That person was dressed in black and had no expression on his face. It was the same person leading them to the blessing meeting of the sacred tree six months ago.

Among the three, the first was an old man with a kind demeanor. His long beard and smile looked so respectful that people usually wanted to get close at their first sight.

There was an ordinary-looking but sharp-eyed middle-aged woman on the left side of the old man. She was dressed in a Taoist robe and was carrying a long sword behind her back. The long sword was faintly making the sound of dragons and trembling slightly in the sheath, as if it was about to burst out at any moment…

“May I know if you are…?” Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly, becoming more vigilant.

He had been in the fighting tower for so long, but it was the first time he saw a third person, besides the two fighters, appearing in this arena.

When three people appeared at once, he couldn’t see the strength of the other two. And if the other party wanted to play tricks, there’d be no way he could walk out of the arena alive.

“Dumb shit, come and explain to this little friend.” The old man turned his head and said to the man in black with a gentle smile on his face. “Hey, I’m getting old, I have to rest first.”

Afterwards, regardless of how the man in black felt, a cool bamboo deck chair appeared beside him with a wave of his arm.

The old man laid down leisurely, and in front of everyone, he let out a shallow snoring sound…

Xu Ziyan silently looked at the man in black who’s called “Dog’s Ball”, and he couldn’t control his laughter even though he knew that he shouldn’t.

Seeing that the face of the man in black turning dark really fast, Xu Ziyan could only turn away his face forcibly and his shoulders kept trembling…

“Have you finished laughing?” After a while, the man in black asked in a hoarse voice.

Xu Ziyan nodded vigorously, making an expression as serious as possible.

Just because of this “Dog’s Ball”, the serious atmosphere instantly eased up.

Even though the man in black was upset that his nickname became a tool to soothe the atmosphere, he had to agree that it only took the old man a single sentence to eliminate the defense for the other party.

Of course, the most important point is that the old man could be his grand-grand-grandfather, and he could only accept it with pleasure when his nickname was being called.

The cultivator in green robe didn’t intend to participate in the topic with the man in black and Xu Ziyan. She quietly stood behind the old man and slightly closed her eyes. She started releasing her breath of sword and started cultivating.

Xu Ziyan instantly felt shocked when he saw this. He thought that he’s already very diligent in cultivating, but his level of cultivation was really more inferior when comparing to this female cultivator.

He secretly admired the diligence of this female cultivator. After glancing at her for a while, he shifted his attention to the man in black.

In fact, what the man in black said was not a secret in the fighting tower, but these news were often circulated among some high-ranking cultivators. Xu Ziyan and the others only ranked the fourth level. If they wanted to know this kind of secrets, they would have to be hinted by high-level cultivators in the tower, or get recognized by the superior level.

The entire fighting tower was divided into three parts – the human race, the demon race and the monster race, and the higher organizations of these races were also divided into three parts.

According to the man in black, he knew that the backup of the fighting tower was composed of the three races. It’s funny actually, since the three races fought like hell outside, but in the fighting tower, these were usually peacemakers from the three races.

These people had mysterious identities, but among the three races, they belonged to the very powerful kind. They didn’t agree that the human and demon races should be fighting against each other to death, and they’d rather find constructive ways through negotiation.

However, although they were powerful, usually the major ones in combat took most of the advantages. Therefore, they could only temporarily hide and pass on the thought of peace through this fighting tower.

The two races of humans and demons had been fighting for so many years, and there were serious losses on both sides. On the surface, they had equivalent strength and there was no problem in continuing to fight for another thousand or eight hundred years. However, the reality is that dozens of realms had been destroyed in the flames of war! More large tracts of land were on the verge of destruction because of the year-round competition between the two races.

The territories became more and more broken, and the broken territories were not wanted, so people started occupying new territories.

If it went on like this, the demon race and human race would fight furiously for survival, and they might choose to be extinguished together.

It would be an unacceptable result for both parties, and that’s why the fighting tower existed.

Nowadays, due to years of fighting, it was basically impossible for the two sides to start peaceful talks. Even if there was, it wouldn’t be available for small potatoes like Xu Ziyan.

The reason why Xu Ziyan was called upon was because Xu Ziyan’s future development looked promising. They were all cultivators of Ascension behind the fighting tower and they all perceived things in the long run.

With Xu Ziyan’s current status, there was no way for him to influence the trend of the battle, but what if he was upgraded to nascent soul or deity?

Or what if there were ten people like Xu Ziyan?

Countless of cultivators like Xu Ziyan were nurtured and trained in the tower. Among these people, some of them died and some grew, some even participated in the big battle between the human race and the demon race. Some of the early trained ones had even occupied a relatively high position in either of the two races and they had enough say of important matters.

These big bosses wished to train as many of them as possible, just like spraying a large number of seeds. Once there was a real possibility of peace talks between humans and demons in the future, then these sown seeds could play their role and promote the peace-talking process.

After the man in black finished explaining, he quietly waited for Xu Ziyan’s answer.

It was of course beneficial to become such a ‘seed’, the massive resources hidden in the fighting tower were enough to forcibly push Xu Ziyan to the top of golden core.

In fact, if it wasn’t necessary to defend against the heart demon in order to get upgraded to nascent soul, or a certain opportunity had to be there to upgrade to deity and ascension, it wouldn’t be a problem to nurture several cultivators of ascension with the amount of medicine inside the tower.

Xu Ziyan became silent. He had to think carefully about such an important matter.

He was more interested in promoting peace, but it was another matter whether this fighting tower really represented peace. Although the man in black presented it nicely, he had to observe it more carefully before deciding.

“Huh… I’m getting old, I accidentally fell asleep.” The old man squinted his eyes, stretched his waist, and got up from the couch.

Xu Ziyan moved slightly in his heart and looked up at the old man, “what do you want me to do?”

The old man smiled and looked at him, “don’t be nervous, we are not forcing you to sell yourself.” After speaking, he winked at the man in black, who immediately took an inconspicuous ring.

“This is the passage ring of the fighting tower. As long as you have it, you can connect to the fighting tower. You can use this ring to enter the fighting tower at any time in the future. But remember to place your body well before you come in. You can’t even cry if you’re eaten by a beast!” The old man blinked, unexpectedly showing a mischievous smile.

Xu Ziyan suddenly didn’t know how to react. Both the old man and the sacred tree had a better sense of humor than his.

Xu Ziyan looked at the ring, pondered for a while, and finally refused the organization’s proposal.

Although becoming a member of the organization would mean getting a lot of help, there’s a lot to be paid back to the organization.

Xu Ziyan was a businessman, and he knew that it wouldn’t be a wise deal.

Regarding the things that the fighting tower could get for him, he could get the same from the various secret realms and treasures. As for the guidance of high-level cultivators, his master was a cultivator of nascent soul and it’s only one step before reaching deity. There’s no need to ask for help from anyone else.

After some calculation, he realized that he would only get limited benefits but he’d have to pay a huge price for it. There’s no way he would accept such a trade.

Besides, although the organization presented it well by saying that he could move freely, it’d be impossible to leave once Xu Ziyan got benefits from it.

However, Xu Ziyan didn’t refuse him so directly. He just said tactfully that he still had no idea in which realm he was in, and since he couldn’t get out of it, he wasn’t confident in himself fighting in a battle between the human and demon race.



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