Chapter 223

Tang Tianlang continued to sketch, repairing the arrays that they had solved, while continuing to add new things to it. The times were changing, and so were the arrays. The content that was very difficult thousands of years ago may have become one of the basic arrays. If Tang Tianlang wanted to keep the secret, they would have to make sure no one would enter there.

Witnessing how Tang Tianlang added new arrays, Xu Ziyan hurried to learn aside. In his previous life, aside from the master who had passed away, there was no guidance at all and he even had to rely on some jade slips to learn by himself. If he wasn’t talented in this area, it was something that he could never achieve.

In this life, Big Foot Luo was his teacher, and he’s willing to teach some knowledge of arrays to Xu Ziyan. Unfortunately, Big Foot Luo tended to reveal too much of what he’d known, and he still didn’t have enough time to teach Xu Ziyan any advanced knowledge.

With Tang Tianlang as an example, he learnt a lot of things, it’s only that —

Seeing him constantly adding some small arrays with prank functions to the large ones, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but feel speechless. Thinking about what they’d encountered with Tang Tianlang a year ago, Xu Zirong lit a candle for his master in his heart…

——Then decided to shut his mouth tightly and never tell him the situation here. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After leaving the historic site, Tang Tianlang took out his cloud boat again, and according to the distance, he intended to first send Shao Xiuwen back to the Glaze Sword sect.

Before parting, Shao Xiuwen made sure to invite Xu Ziyan and the others to the Glaze Sword sect as guests. After Xu Ziyan accepted the invitation, he said bye to the enthusiastic Shao Xiuwen and returned to Liu Guang sect.

With Tang Tianlang, a nascent soul cultivator there, there wasn’t anything abnormal at all. After returning to Liu Guang sect without any problems, Xu Ziyan reported the situation to the head reluctantly, then he was pulled by the desperate Xu Zirong to a courtyard in the mountain.

In the name of “taking rest”, Xu Zirong pulled his brother and the two “took a rest” in the quiet room for almost two weeks. All the disciples who came to visit were rejected, besides Le Hu and Wei Qing. Everyone was confused, as they kept wondering where the Xu brothers had gone during this year, and why they’d need to rest for such a long time.

When Wei Qing learned that Xu Ziyan thanked the guests behind closed doors, he immediately understood, and he silently replaced the gift with a medicine to treat a certain wound. When Le Hu saw the medicine, his face turned extremely red and he beat up Wei Qing fiercely…

When Xu Ziyan could finally open the door and walk out of the small courtyard, feeling refreshed, he realized that more than half a month had passed.

In this short period of half a month, the Liu Guang sect unexpectedly fell into a frenetic atmosphere from the quietness when they had just returned.

Xu Ziyan was stunned as his master’s mouth opened and closed. He talked a lot, and the central idea was that “stinky kid, if you cannot rank the first three in the big competition, then don’t return and see me!”

“Wait…wait a minute!” Xu Ziyan stretched out his hand.

It’s not that he hadn’t understood, but things were changing too fast in that world. No matter if it’s the novel or his original body’s memory, he’d never heard of a big competition in the whole realm.

So…what’s it all about then?

Big Foot Luo realized that his disciple was still in a daze, and he couldn’t help but feel like training Xu Ziyan a bit harder. When he’s about to knock Xu Ziyan’s head, two tiny blood vines were ready to protect him. The message was obvious – “he’s mine and even my master cannot punish him!”

Big Foot Luo immediately glared at Xu Zirong: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻Stinky kid! I’m just going to knock him a few times and he’s not going to die from it!

Xu Zirong calmly used his eyes to fight with the master and he’s determined not to give way a bit.

The gazes of the two almost smashed into the air, and the scorching temperature was about to burn Xu Ziyan on the side.

_(:3∠)_, help! Master and younger brother are always fighting each other for small stuff like that…what else can I do…

“Meh!” At this moment, Snowball also came over to join in the fun. It grabbed Xu Ziyan’s thigh and pulled him to the side. Xu Ziyan looked at him along the way. There was a small calf several times the size of Snowball. There was also firewood that had been placed in the shape of a bonfire.

Xu Ziyan was about to kneel for Snowball. It’s ready to do anything for food, and he had no idea how it used its hooves to do such difficult tasks. Those firewood came from very good pine trees, each one had at least the size of a bowl, and all those firewood were chopped into wooden strips as thick as two fingers. When using those wooden strips to roast meat, they could enable the nice smell of the pinewood to infiltrate into the roasted meat.

Since the last time he grilled meat for Snowball this way, it became addicted to the smell and it’d go to the back of the mountain frequently. Those low-level monsters were all tortured to death. According to some side news, someone reported to have seen a large group of monsters moving away from the back mountain of Tian Luo Peak.

“Brother!” While Xu Zirong was “fighting” with Big Foot Luo, he also made sure to watch what Snowball was doing.

Snowball blinked, looking innocent. Xu Zirong and him looked at each other for a moment and fell silent. This guy’s brain was just full of roasted meat, and before filling its stomach, it’d surely not receive any more messages.

“Ziyan! I want the tenderloin of that little calf!” Big Foot Luo did not forget to fight for his own welfare while being busy.

“Meh!” Snowball immediately stared up like seeing an enemy, its small body firmly blocked in front of the calves, resolutely refusing to give up its legal rights and interests.

Big Foot Luo snorted when he saw it, and without entanglement with Xu Zirong, he lifted up the right foot with the big toe exposed, and gave it a light kick——

——Snowball started rolling away, and after a long while, it ran back in tears, and hugged Xu Ziyan’s thigh and stopped loosening its hoof.

Xu Ziyan:…

Master, is it really okay for you to bully my spiritual monster like this? For this bit of food, don’t you even need to care about morality anymore?!

“Brother, I want it too…”

Xu Zirong didn’t feel happy as his brother’s attention was attracted by those two guys, and he quickly grabbed Xu Ziyan’s sleeve and shook it gently.

Xu Ziyan stared at him blankly, as if he’s saying, “why are you here? Joining in the fun? Although I can’t stop master and Snowball, can’t I at least stop you?”

Xu Zirong:…



“Elder brother!”

t”Enough!” Xu Ziyan yelled as he couldn’t bear it anymore, “you all, shut up!”

The two of them immediately shut their mouths, and cast their eyes on him together.

“Snowball, get two more calves!”

“Meh…” Snowball yelled pitifully, Xu Ziyan stared, and immediately ran to catch a calf.

“Zirong, go and collect some more branches of the rosin tree.”

Xu Zirong dug into the woods honestly.

“Master…” Xu Ziyan turned to look at Big Foot Luo.

“Huh?” Big Foot Luo widened his eyes, raised his hand into a fist, and shook in demonstration.

“Master, please sit down…you can eat in a moment.” Xu Ziyan burst into tears and went to light the fire. Sure enough, a fist can solve everything. He could order Snowball and Zirong, but he could never do the same to Big Foot Luo.

If his master got pissed off then he would really be beaten…

The lunch ended harmoniously and successfully. Snowball finished eating with satisfaction and started rolling on the ground with its full belly.

Big Foot Luo was leaning against the trunk, picking his teeth with his legs crossed.

Only Xu Zirong was very considerate to help her brother dig a hole and bury the food residue in it.

“That’s right, master.” Xu Ziyan leaned close to Big Foot Luo, as he’d just realized that he hadn’t figured out what this big competition of the whole realm was all about.

“Huh?” Big Foot Luo raised his toes and his eyelids, as if he was asleep.

“What’s the matter with that big competition? How come there have been no signs of it at all?” Xu Ziyan massaged Big Foot Luo’s shoulders, like his maid.

“It’s all because of you, brat!” When thinking about it, Big Foot Luo was pissed off.

When mentioning it, he realized that he’d forgotten that it’s all caused by his dear disciple!

“Um…what does it have to be with me?” Xu Ziyan asked cautiously.

Big Foot Luo rolled his eyes and lowered his voice, “the news that you have brought back from the fighting tower has caused a lot of attention. In order to defend us against the demon race’s attacks, the Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect were planning to collect materials from scratch and to repair the Meng Path. Since the Xuan Yu realm was only a middle-level one, it’d be better to unite with other realms if there’s really an attack from the demon race.”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids twitched and raised his head to look at Big Foot Luo. Since it’s related to the fighting tower, he hadn’t told his master the situation about the demon race. He was originally going to report about it, but after he had just completed his “closed-door” cultivation, Big Foot Luo proactively mentioned about the big competition in the whole realm. He was completely confused and felt dizzy.

Big Foot Luo patted his head, “I told the old Lang about your incidents and he discussed it a bit with me and Baiqin. Finally, we decided to publicize the secrets of the fighting tower within a small range. All in all, the connector of that tower is ruined and it can only reopen after 20 years. Even if we say it, there won’t be much loss.”

Xu Ziyan thought quickly and nodded slightly, “I got it, so what about this big competition of the whole realm?”

“Twenty years ago, after your senior brother and the others came out of the fighting tower, they also mentioned the war with the demon race, but there didn’t seem to be any blood-sucking worms at that time.” Big Foot Luo frowned.

He didn’t pay much attention to the battle between the human race and the demon race that his disciples mentioned previously. After all, the Xuan Yu realm was an isolated one, and it’s highly possible that they wouldn’t be dragged into it.

But now the situation changed. With the existence of the blood-sucking worms, not only the enclosed realm would lose its security, but it might even be invaded after the demon race’s ambush.

It was definitely not good news for the local residents. Therefore, the Liu Guang sect and the Tian Yu sect took the lead and contacted the Ghost Door, Xuanyin Sect and Drywood Ridge of the demon race to discuss the big plan.

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