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Chapter 224

After a long discussion, it was finally decided to make use of the big competition of the whole realm to distribute the benefits.

In this big competition, only the strength of the fighters would count. Although the demon cultivators would not fight against the righteous cultivators, but if the demon race was there, there would be no benefits for them either.

The demon race absorbed and refined demonic spiritual energy. Once a domain was occupied, the first thing to do would be to multiply the demonic star grass on a large area. The main function of this kind of grass was to transform the spiritual energy into demonic energy, and even a spiritual dragon could be transformed into a demonic one.

Once the entire domain was covered by demonic energy, even demonic cultivators had no chance of survival. After all, demonic cultivators were still humans. Perhaps their spells were dirty, what they needed to refine was spiritual energy.

For this reason, although there was opposition between the righteous and demon cultivators, they could only unite to fight against the demon race.

Even the monster race that has fought for so many years had become their preparatory alliance. After all, the monster race had to cultivate as well, and the demonic energy was not suitable for the taste of the monster race.

“Master, the solution for these blood-sucking worms wasn’t difficult. The blood nucleus used as bait is also easy to nurture.” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help being a little nervous when he heard the master mentioning the blood-sucking worms.

Big Foot Luo looked at him half-jokingly, “okay, I know that you’re worried about your brother. Don’t worry, even if people know that Zirong cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, no one dares to continue asking me. Also, that old guy is very clear about it and he won’t do anything against your brother.”

“Hehe, thank you, Master.” Xu Ziyan smirked and scratched his head, and he was really relieved.

With Big Foot Luo’s affirmation, he’s sure that Bai Hua wouldn’t dare to mention using Zirong’s blood core to seduce the blood-sucking worms.

“Okay, okay.” Big Foot Luo waved his hand impatiently, “all in all, you have to win some face for me in this competition, or…hmmm…”

Big Foot Luo tactfully used his “hmm” to express his meaning. Xu Ziyan wiped off his non-existing cold sweat and send his master back home.


As soon as Big Foot Luo left, Xu Zirong immediately rushed forward. Although he’s clingy as hell, he could still tell what’s more important. Just now, he was simply observing aside without making a noise, and it’s all because Xu Ziyan and Big Foot Luo were discussing serious business. In other times, he really wouldn’t care less.

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan replied casually, he was a little distracted because of what had happened just now.

When someone bit his ear lightly and sucked it in warm area, Xu Ziyan pushed Xu Zirong away while laughing, “what are you doing?”

“Why did my brother ignore me?” Xu Zirong objected.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes and replied, “don’t be silly! I have to ask where I should register for that competition, and if there’s still anything to be cautious about.”

He thought for a while before continuing, “since master wants me to rank among the first three, it means he has confidence in us. It’s only that I have no clue about this competition and I’ve got to ask someone.”

Xu Zirong silently swallowed back the words that he hadn’t said. He thought to himself, “our master wants you to rank the first three, not me. So what does it have to do with me?”

(Luo Dajiao: (#‵′) Stinky kid! Do you still want me to emphasize it? You guys always stick to each other, so can’t I see you both as a whole?)

There were not many people from whom Xu Ziyan could get information from, it’s because Xu Zirong was simply too clingy.

As a clingy, super possessive young brother, Xu Zirong tried his best to boost up his reputation in the Liu Guang sect. Any disciple of their generation naturally knew that there’s such a clingy kid in the Tian Luo Peak, who’s ready to stare at anyone with a sense of murder if he talked to Xu Ziyan.

No matter how beautiful that face was, his gaze was still as cold as ice. Many did try to approach him through Xu Ziyan because of his beauty, but they all backed off after seeing that cold gaze…

After several similar encounters, Xu Zirong’s reputation as a brother-loving pervert spread widely. Since then, Xu Ziyan had occupied an extremely embarrassing position in Liu Guang sect.

Anyway, except for a few acquaintances, most of the disciples from other peaks were used to walking around them. Especially after the recent times, the level of cultivation of the Xu brothers greatly increased. Those who had once been threatened by Xu Zirong dared not get close to them anymore…

After obtaining all the information about the competition from Jiang Ying, Xu Ziyan studied it carefully and was fully mentally prepared for it.

The repair of the Meng Path belonged to a top-level secret. If he hadn’t reported the news about the demon race by chance, Big Foot Luo would definitely not tell him the content behind this big competition. However, judging from the prizes, the competition wasn’t only there to distribute profits but to train the young disciples too.

Xu Ziyan’s analysis was correct, as the news that he and Lin Xiaotian brought back really shocked the senior officials of the Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect. Although the ones in charge of these two sects were all nascent soul cultivators, there were at least two or more deity cultivators behind them.

In the Xuan Yu realm, the cultivators of deity were like a kind of nuclear deterrence. If there was a dispute, they might not act themselves, but their mere existence was deterrence already.

To use a more modern language to describe it, it might not be useful with a deity cultivator, but you’d surely be beaten up without one.

Why is it that there were only Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sects as big leads in Xuan Yu realm, yet in demon cultivation, there were Ghost Door, Xuan Yin Sect and the Withered Wood Ridge? It’s only because there was at least one deity cultivator behind each of these sects.

Without sufficient deterrence, how could these sects stay at the peak of the Xuan Yu realm?

These deity cultivators were all old monsters who had lived for thousands of years, and everyone there had gone through trials and hardships.

Since they were able to cultivate from Qi refining to deity, they were naturally very talented people, but what’s more important was still their diligence.

Among these deity cultivators, one had participated in the battle that opened up the battlefield of the extreme west. At that time, she was just a small Qi-refining cultivator and did not play a big role. However, the atmosphere at that time still made her incredibly enthusiastic.

Compared with the cultivators in Xuan Yu realm today, not only were the current cultivators of lower level, but they also lacked a sense of combat!

After the Xuan Yu realm was completely sealed, there was only a battle with the monster race that lasted for several thousands of years. Many of the young people in the realm, including those from the two major sects, had an idea that battles only stayed in the extreme west.

It’s normal for cultivators to have disputes, but they could usually work things out through negotiation. That deity cultivator was very worried – if these people were forced to face endless fights, would they consider killing themselves before the enemies attacked?

Everyone knew that a cultivator’s temperament was the most crucial, and more people knew that the kind of cultivators who had been fighting for hundreds of battles on the battlefield was rarely crushed by the Heart Demon.

Temperament wasn’t only about a cultivator’s level of kindness; it’s also about his will, religion, etc. The cultivators in Xuan Yu realm lacked their will the most.

Thinking about it carefully, the previous ancestors indeed had inspiring insights. If there was no frontline of the extreme west, then the performance of these cultivators might even be worse. Under such circumstances, the demon cultivators might even be stronger than those righteous ones.

The elder of deity was quite worried of the current situation of the cultivators, and he discussed this with a few other elders.

At that time, the righteous and demon cultivation were discussing the distribution of profits after the Meng Path was repaired. After the decision of an elder of deity, he decided to launch a big competition of all the realms. The purpose was to distribute any potential profits as a winner, also to boost up the confidence of the cultivators.

This time, the big competition was restricted to the younger generation, and the age limit was set as below one hundred years old.

Xu Ziyan’s cultivation level wasn’t considered high in this age range, but given his age, it already shocked the whole Xuan Yu realm.

Most of the cultivators who were eligible to participate in this competition had already signed up, and each sect could use a messenger spell to share this list of this competition.

So far, the cultivator with the highest level was one of golden core, but he only managed to condense his core at the age of fifties, so he’s more inferior to Xu Ziyan.

In addition to the elite disciples among the various major sects, this competition also attracted a large number of casual cultivators. Although they seemed weaker, those of higher level, who enjoyed a boundless lifestyle, were also very competitive.

These casual cultivators even temporarily formed an alliance, sending their disciples to fight for potential profits.

Both the righteous and demon cultivators held neutral opinion to this. Behind this alliance, there was a casual cultivator of deity.

One had to be powerful enough to communicate with these big brothers. By depending on this deity cultivator, they had earned the right to the allocation of profits.

The entire Xuan Yu realm had fallen into an ecstatic state for this competition, and each sect was desperate to get their elite disciples to join.

Those little sects had long known that with their strength, it was impossible to have any say in this matter, and they didn’t even bother to think about it. However, they also attached great importance to this competition. After all, if there were disciples in the sect who’d won, it’d be beneficial to the sect’s reputation.

A small sect needed a good name to develop. And the more famous it got, the more disciples they would have. In that case, it’s also more possible to choose the elite ones.


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