Chapter 226

“Hehe, everyone developed from a small role. Don’t worry, maybe you will have a big spiritual stone tomorrow.” Xu Ziyan laughed and joked.

The cultivator arched his hands upon hearing so, “I hope things will go as you’ve said.”

After finishing speaking, he knocked on the door of Qianwen Pavilion first, and in order to show that he had no evil intentions, he deliberately let Xu Ziyan and the others follow two steps behind.

Following him, Xu Ziyan walked into the small courtyard, and when he went in, he was quite surprised.

Originally, he always thought that the kind of place that sold news must be made particularly secret, that is, there would be a closed attic. He also assumed that there’d be a man in black looking at him silently and handing him a jade slip after he said the kind of news he was looking for.

It turned out the entire courtyard was made like a market by Yu Hao. Many cultivators were hustling and talking loudly, exchanging information at hand, without any rules at all.

“Yeah, isn’t this the ship’s manager? Why is he not satisfied with making a fortune yesterday, and he’s again here today?” A bearded cultivator patted the leading cultivator carelessly on the shoulder.

The cultivator who led the way was pissed off, “what do you mean by ship manager? I have a name and it’s Si Mao.” (which means “anchor” in Chinese).

The big man chuckled, “and doesn’t it mean the ship manager?”

A few blue veins appeared on the Si Mao’s forehead. It was himself giving such a nickname and it got even more famous than his own name. It’s even impossible to change it back.

“Get away! I have a guest with me today.”

“Huh?” The man with the beard noticed that there were two people behind Si Mao. When he saw Xu Ziyan, he nodded suggestively. When he saw Xu Zirong, his face showed a somewhat amazing expression, but it only lasted for a short while.

Xu Ziyan had been paying attention to everyone in the small courtyard. Since this man with a beard took the initiative to come up, he was naturally the target of his observation.

He was wearing very ordinary clothes, and his cultivation level only reached the early stage of building base, and the most important thing was that he did not have any identity jade medals on his body, which meant that he’s a casual cultivator.

He didn’t care about the other party’s strength either. However, Xu Ziyan felt shocked about the fact that the big guy immediately looked calm again after seeing Xu Zirong’s face.

Xu Zirong’s appearance was stunning, which can be seen from his reputation as the “fierce-looking one”, yet there were still people trying to please him.

Of course, those guys who tried to show interest to Xu Zirong were all “fixed” by him, but it’s common knowledge how gorgeous Xu Zirong was.

It was said that half the people were supporting Xu Zirong as the “first beauty” in Liu Guang sect, while the other half thought that it should be another female cultivator. When Xu Ziyan first heard this news, he almost burst into laughter…

However, Xu Ziyan paid a heavy price for this afterwards, and Xu Zirong also found those who ‘supposedly’ secretly supported him, and gave them a harsh lesson.

He didn’t care about those titles at all. All he wanted was his brother. He also wanted a face like his brother, a truly masculine one.

He had no idea how those people in Liu Guang sect thought, but after Xu Zirong taught them a lesson, his title as the “first beauty” became even more famous. Some disciples even ended up supporting him, instead of the female cultivator afterwards. Xu Ziyan sighed after knowing this, after realizing how sadistic these people were.

In the end, the title of the first beauty ended up belonging to Xu Zirong, and that female cultivator was so pissed off that she torn off many handkerchiefs.

The most funny thing was that later this incident even shocked the head of the sect. Cultivator Wuchen even rewarded Xu Zirong symbolically with a special spell, making his name even more famous among the superiors of the sect…

At that time, Xu Zirong’s face was dark for the whole month. Later, Xu Ziyan couldn’t stand it anymore, and he dragged Zirong into the secret room for several days before he returned to normal.

This big guy’s facial expression could return to normal so quickly and Xu Ziyan was very impressed by it. He thought that he wouldn’t be able to do the same…

(Well, he’s exactly the one who’s fascinated by Xu Zirong’s beauty and who agreed to a lot of unreasonable requests…)

“Um, may I know who you are?” The big guy couldn’t detect the cultivation of these two men and his facial expression became very serious.

“Huh, why do I want to tell you?” Si Mao snorted, raised his nose and pushed the big guy aside, leading Xu Ziyan and the others into the main living room.

When passing by the big guy, Xu Ziyan nodded at him again.

The big man hurriedly responded and he looked quite flattered.

He followed Si Mao into the living room of the small courtyard. In front of the living room, there was a huge water mirror screen, which was divided into two parts. There were news about people trying to get news from the Qianwen Pavilion and the hottest news on sale.

“It’s not bad.” Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up when he saw the screen. He didn’t expect Yu Hao to be so creative.

There was a group of low-level cultivators in front of the screen and each of them had a jade slip in their hand. They put it on their forehead from time to time and recorded some news there.

Several separate small rooms were opened on both sides of the hall, and each room was set up with an array to isolate the exploration of divine consciousness. It seemed that Yu Hao invested quite a lot in this.

Xu Ziyan nodded secretly, but wherever such information was sold, there must be extremely high requirements. Now Yu Hao’s stall was still small, and what he’d done was already something. He believed that once he invested more capital, he’d soon see the big frame of the Qianwen Pavilion that’s everywhere in his original memory.

“Two fellow cultivators, I don’t know if you want to buy or sell news?” Si Mao rubbed his hands and looked at Xu Ziyan, seemingly looking forward to something.

Xu Ziyan smiled upon hearing so, “oh? What good suggestions does cultivator Si have?”

“In fact, it’s nothing.” Si Mao scratched his head with embarrassment, “I’m just asking randomly. If you want to buy any news, please mention my name and a 10% discount can be given to you.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan understood after thinking about it, and immediately admired Yu Hao even more. When he discussed the Qianwen Pavilion with Yu Hao, he said something about the promotion of Qianwen Pavilion. It turned out that Yu Hao was naturally good in this and he could use the method so well already.

From their point of view, if mentioning Si Mao’s name would give him a 10% discount, it would certainly be an advantage. And if his name was recorded by the pavilion, he would certainly get part of the benefits too.

From the perspective of Qianwen Pavilion, they sold a piece of news. The three parties were profitable. Naturally, more and more people would become Qianwen Pavilion’s “salesmen” unknowingly.

Xu Ziyan did not disappoint Si Mao. Although he had no news to buy for the time being, it did not prevent him from seeking to see the master of Qianwen Pavilion.

Seeing Si Miao’s clear expression on his face, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but feel a little weird, “why don’t you look surprised at all by my request?”

Si Mao smiled, “actually, eight out of ten people who came to Qianwen Pavilion for the first time wanted to see the boss. So this request is quite common.”

“Oh? So you mean a lot of people have seen him already.”

“That’s not the case.” Si Mao shook his head, “the one you get to meet is the treasurer of Qianwen Pavilion. The real boss will never show up so easily.”

Xu Ziyan nodded understandably, and it seemed that Yu Hao had still worked out the old method of his previous life, positioning himself as a big shopkeeper, and let the “boss” hide behind the scenes to avoid danger.

Through Si Mao’s handling, Xu Ziyan spent ten middle-grade spiritual stones for the price of ten pieces of middle-grade spiritual stones, and was able to see the big shopkeeper of Qianwen Pavilion.

After calculating the price, he realized that ten middle-grade spirit stones were enough to allow an ordinary Qi-refining cultivator to live in this true dragon city for a year. It’s not cheap. But think about it, the treasurer of Qianwen Pavilion was very busy every day. If one didn’t pay enough, then why would he agree to see you?

Being led by a staff member into a small building in the backyard, Xu Ziyan finally saw Yu Hao in a silver-white robe with half of a black mask on his face.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“Why are you hiding your face?” Xu Ziyan asked speechlessly.

Yu Hao raised his head in amazement, he knew that someone had come in, but he hadn’t expected to see someone he knew.

There was a middle-aged man with a wide and narrow sword behind his back. The middle-aged man half squinted his eyes, as if he’s faking to be asleep, yet Xu Ziyan could very well sense that he’s a golden core cultivator!

And he’s even the kind who’s been through countless battles and full of sense of murder!

When Yu Hao saw that Xu Ziyan had come, he suddenly smiled bitterly, “can’t you see that I was forced?”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan curiously touched the black iron mask with his divine consciousness. However, it’s like having touched butter and just slid aside.

“Your mask is really interesting.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

Yu Hao looked bitter, “don’t make fun of me. You have to know that you’ve got only one mask and it costed me fifty high-level spiritual stones, that’s one-sixth of the 300 spiritual stones you gave me!”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan stuck out his tongue.

“You’re here to give me money, right? How did you know that I’d spent all my spiritual stones? Fortunately, you’re here, and if you are still not here, I wouldn’t be able to persist.” Yu Hao spread his hands helplessly.

“Is it really that serious…” Xu Ziyan said, feeling dumbfounded, “I still remember you said that you could sustain for a pretty long time with 300 high-level spiritual stones.”

Yu Hao pointed at the golden core cultivator, who was carrying a large sword next to him, “in order to protect my life, I specially hired this guy as my personal bodyguard. If this Mr. Lin wasn’t here, someone would have buried me alive already.”


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