Chapter 230

This competition was to select the best disciples, but from another perspective, it might be a stage for these disciples to show their capacity as well.

For the sake of their own future, these contestants were working hard one by one. From what Xu Ziyan had learned, it had only been a month but there were already about a hundred cultivators who had died on the arena.

Also, there were hundreds of cultivators who were seriously injured, some of whom had their meridians broken and their path of immortality was completely cut off. However, no matter how tragic the result was, there were still countless cultivators who went one after another to participate in the extremely dangerous competition.

The battle that Xu Ziyan was watching had become very tragic as well. From the very beginning of this match, the male cultivator was in a state of being suppressed by the female cultivator.

Xu Ziyan could see that the female cultivator had already reached the middle stage of Qi condensation, while the male cultivator was only in the early stage of Qi condensation. However, from the movements of the male cultivator, it was easy to see that he was an experienced casual cultivator, while the female cultivator was too rigid in her moves. If she had lower level of cultivation, she would be beaten up by the male cultivator long ago.

“Who will win? Brother?” Xu Zirong whispered in his brother’s ears.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him and said slowly, “on the surface, the male cultivator was suppressed without the ability to fight back, but…from the battle experience, he was much better. I also think that his performance now is somewhat strange, as the suppression of the female cultivator wasn’t even as strong as him. If I made the right speculation, the male cultivator must be setting traps for the female cultivator.”

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

In his eyes, he’d obviously known long ago that the male cultivator was more at ease than he seemed, although he seemed like trying to escape.

Because of the difference in cultivation, his spiritual power was much lower than that of the female cultivator, but if things continued the same way, the female cultivator might find herself not being able to catch up.

In fact, just as he had deduced, the female cultivator was very happy chasing at first, making the male cultivator in a state of embarrassment. However, she later noticed that she was running out of spiritual power, and she immediately took out a pill from her Qiankun bag.

Never would the male cultivator give her such an opportunity. There was suddenly a flash of sword light. And in order to defend against the list, the female cultivator could only stop taking the pill.

The female cultivator, who originally planned to block the male cultivator’s attack and take medicine to replenish her spiritual power, found that the male cultivator seemed to have gone insane. He didn’t care about leaving scars on his body, and he was just trying to stop her from taking the pill.

It didn’t take long before the female cultivator started to panic. She had spent a lot of spiritual power in chasing the male cultivator before, and now she had to constantly resist the crazy attack from him, making her spiritual power dropping even more severely.

The thing she hated the most was that – she clearly had a bottle of replenishing pills in her hand and she could resume 70% of her spiritual energy once she took it. However, she couldn’t do so under the frantic attack of the male cultivator.

In order to prevent the female cultivator from taking the medicine, the male cultivator opposite had completely turned into a bloody man. His face was pale, but his eyes were surprisingly bright.

There was an astonishing fighting intent in his dark eyes, and the determination that revealed from his eyes made the female cultivator panic, since she’d never experienced similar things.

Under the male cultivator’s life-threatening attack, the female cultivator finally lost most of her spiritual power, and all her moves became messy. Not long after that, the male cultivator slashed her arm and she couldn’t help but cry out loud…

The audience was stunned. Although female cultivators were generally weaker, it’s still rare to see someone cry in the arena. You’ve got to be kidding me!

After a brief silence, there was an overwhelming boo from the audience. Although men were supposed to be sympathetic towards women, one must be super cautious on the arena. Most of the time, they treated the female cultivators as their enemies; not a target to pity.

Besides, it had been more than a month since the preliminaries of this competition, and the group of viewers had seen countless female cultivators who were more ruthless than men. For a weak girl like this, it’d be better to give up earlier.

Although the male cultivator was a little surprised that his opponent suddenly burst into tears, he didn’t stop the long sword in his hand, while pressing it straight on the female cultivator’s pale neck.

“Ah!” After feeling some cold air on her neck, the female cultivator immediately screamed.

“Shut up!” The male cultivator frowned and shouted in a low voice.

The female cultivator whimpered aggrievedly twice, and did not dare to speak again.

They stared at each other for a long while and none of them spoke.

The male cultivator looked at the female cultivator speechlessly, while the female cultivator looked back innocently…

“Hurry up and admit defeat!” The male cultivator was speechless, he almost squeezed these words out of his teeth.

He didn’t understand it. Why exactly did this girl, who’d never been in any hardship, participate in this kind of competition where she could lose her life at any moment? It’s just a joke!

The female cultivator whimpered twice and said weakly, “I admit defeat.”

The nervous referee immediately announced loudly, “Contestant No. 637 has won this competition.”

The male cultivator took back his long sword and left without even looking at the female cultivator. His whole body was beaten by the female cultivator and he almost died of pain. That woman still pretended to be stupid, how disgusting!

After the game, Princess Yuluo sighed softly as she looked at the female cultivator who was still sitting in the middle of the field.

She turned around and said to a middle-aged guard behind her, “Guard Liu, please bring your junior sister back.”

The middle-aged guard turned and left the private room with a blank look, leaving Princess Yuluo with a helpless smile. The master really made trouble for her. This little junior sister had lived inside the sect since she was small and she didn’t understand much of what was going on outside.

And now, he was even more confused as to what his master was thinking. How would he let junior sister participate in the competition? Although her life could be preserved with the power of the Wei family, she wouldn’t be able to handle the defeat…

Guard Liu moved quickly, jumped onto the ring in a few steps, and picked up the female cultivator who was still in a daze and took her away.

Many people in the audience knew this guard Liu, and they immediately became curious about the identity of the female cultivator. It’s a pity that no matter who it was, they didn’t have the courage to gossip about Princess Yuluo. She’s the heir recognized by His Majesty, that is, their future queen, so how would they dare gossiping about the queen?

On the other side, Xu Ziyan was watching the game very happily, but Liang Wuxin, who was locked outside the door, was completely pissed off, but he couldn’t vent because of his level of cultivation. He could only kick the wall furiously and leave.

The two guards looked at each other and smiled helplessly. They were really impressed by their young master’s master, since he dared to vent outside another person’s private room. If it’s a cultivator with bad temper, it’s not strange that he’d be beaten up.

The presence of Liang Wuxin was just a small episode for Xu Ziyan, but he didn’t expect that that night, the Liu Guang sect received an invitation for Xu Ziyan.

“Is it for me?” Xu Ziyan was a little puzzled when he looked at the gilded invitation. It was the first time he was in the True Dragon City and he didn’t know anyone. Why would anyone send him an invitation?

When he opened it, someone was inviting him to a banquet the night after. He carefully looked at the inscription, which read “Liang Mo”, written in a messy manner.

“Who is this Liang Mo?” Xu Ziyan asked the disciple of the Liu Guang sect in doubt.

The disciple quickly replied respectfully, “he’s the Prime Minister of the Liang Dynasty.”

“Prime Minister?” Xu Ziyan was completely stunned. Why would the Prime Minister look for him?

The disciple was quite witty and he quickly explained, “the person who sent the invitation said that their master wanted to thank you for having forgiven their son for his behavior.”

“His son?” Xu Ziyan began to recall. Who’d offended him that day? Oh, it’s the young guy who tried to drive him out of private room.

Xu Ziyan twitched the corners of his mouth. This Liang Mo was really interesting. He didn’t take such trivial matters into his eyes at all, yet Liang Mo took the initiative to apologize to him.

In fact, this matter has been forgotten by him for a long time. In his opinion, the young man was just a clown, and he had not paid attention to him at all.

After putting the invitation on the table, Xu Ziyan said, “you can send someone to send this invitation back later. I’m busy recently, so I won’t bother you. By the way, I should go and talk to Liang Mo. Although I wasn’t bothered by today’s incident, his son really needs some education.”

Afterwards, Xu Ziyan took his younger brother back to his room. The main purpose of their visit was to cheer Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying. From the next day onwards, the two of them would have competitions one after another. Now that he’d got the time to, he wanted to give Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying some guidance.

Based on Xu Ziyan’s own experience, he might not be qualified to be the teacher of the two, but combined with the memory of the original body, he was quite sure that he could improve their combat power a little bit.

Cultivators usually rest through cultivation. Although Xu Ziyan loved sleeping, there wouldn’t be any problems for him if he didn’t do it.

It’s just—Looking at Xu Zirong’s resentful face, Xu Ziyan felt helpless. Even though they were young enough, wouldn’t it be too much to do it every night?

Teen! Do you know what it means by “self-control”? Or do I need to teach you again?

In order to prevent this kid from staring at him with that kind of resentment all night, Xu Ziyan simply ordered him to guide Jiang Ying.

The Lost Soul Spell that Jiang Ying was currently cultivating was actually passed down by Xu Zirong, and he was also a demon cultivator. Even though this Lost Soul Spell was not very demonic, it was still very different from righteous cultivation.

Xu Ziyan believed that there would be no problem in guiding Fang Tianrui, but it was more difficult to instruct Jiang Ying. After all, neither he nor his original body had ever come into contact with demonic cultivation.

The so-called guidance was something more than just talking. There were many tricks that had to be used in a real fight. Therefore, during the whole night, in the underground training room of the Liu Guang sect, the disciples started panicking after hearing the noises of fighting. They were worried that the training room would be destroyed if the fighting got too furious, and they naturally lost their sleep…


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