Chapter 231

Xu Ziyan walked out of the training room contentedly when dawn came and the sun shone on the tallest tree in the courtyard.

Xu Zirong behind him looked resentful, while Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying behind him were both in high spirits and eager to try.

“Okay, you guys go to the competition later, I’ll cheer you on in the stands!” Xu Ziyan patted Fang Tianrui’s shoulder hard.

Fang Tianrui was about to smile when he heard so, but he immediately noted an icy cold gaze like a blade…

Fang Tianrui: …

Fortunately, Jiang Ying wasn’t as crazily clingy as Xu Zirong!

With sympathy in his eyes, he patted Xu Ziyan on the shoulder and said in a low voice, “You’ve worked hard.”

Xu Ziyan laughed and stretched his waist, “it’s not that bad, you all came to the Liu Guang sect with us back then and I didn’t have any chances to take care of you. It’s a precious opportunity for me to guide you, and it’s actually just talking a bit, nothing difficult.”

Fang Tianrui did not specify that he wasn’t referring to the guidance of the night before, he just patted Xu Ziyan’s shoulders, using his eyes to show his sympathy.

“Okay, let’s go. I read the information of your opponents. There is one in the middle stage of Qi condensation and the other in the late stage of Qi condensation, but they should not be your opponents. You can go back and solve it quickly.” Xu Zirong looked impatient. He waved his hand, if his brother didn’t insist, he would have sent them away long ago. They had wasted the whole night of brother, and obviously they were about to set off soon…

Jiang Ying looked at Xu Zirong with a stance of chasing flies, and drove his lover away from Xu Ziyan, secretly smacking his tongue in his mind. He had two souls in his body, while his possessiveness towards Fang Tianrui was two times more than an ordinary person. Even so, he wouldn’t be like Xu Zirong at all – wanting to kill everyone that got near his brother, however…

——In fact, this is the true nature of a demon cultivator. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Demon cultivators always followed their instincts. They did whatever they liked. Otherwise, how would he change himself into a woman to get Fang Tianrui? Later, he even resorted to coercion. That’s how he brought his wife home.

Who cares how the process goes, as long as the results are there?

“Cough, Tianrui, let’s go.” Seeing that Xu Zirong’s sharp gaze was about to stab him along Fang Tianrui, Jiang Ying quickly pulled Fang Tianrui and hurriedly left the Liu Guang Sect’s residence. Their competition was scheduled for the afternoon, but he would rather spend some time wandering the streets than endure Xu Zirong’s murderous gaze…


As soon as Fang Tianrui and the others left, Xu Zirong immediately changed his facial expression, put on a shy expression, pulled Xu Ziyan’s sleeve and started to act coquettishly.

It’s a pity that he used this trick too many times, Xu Ziyan already had a certain degree of resistance. As soon as he heard the tone of Zirong’s voice, he knew what this kid wanted to do, he decisively tugged his sleeves and pulled Xu Ziyan out of the door, “let’s go, it’s just in time for us to go shopping.”

Xu Zirong, who wanted to lure his brother back into the bedroom, looked really unsatisfied…

Xu Ziyan glanced at him quietly, and when he saw the depression on his face, he laughed, “stinky kid! I was tortured for several hours last time, do you think I’ll fall into this trap again? This isn’t possible! I won’t even go to a hidden corner with you anymore! I still want to see the competition!”

With his depressed younger brother, Xu Ziyan stepped into a street in the True Dragon City…

Perhaps because of the competition being held in True Dragon City, the market there was more lively than Fa’an City.

The shops on both sides were filled with dazzling goods, and the road outside was crowded with countless cultivators who’d set up stalls. All kinds of people were coming and going in these shops, and occasionally there were some disputes. There would be cultivators who managed the market to maintain order, so that everyone could enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

“There are quite a lot of things.” Xu Ziyan looked around with great interest, but so far he hadn’t seen anything he liked.

He was not used to using talismans in normal battles, and Big Foot Luo had already prepared a lot of pills for him. As for the arrays, all he had to do was bring Xu Zirong’s with him. After counting, the only thing he needed was a weapon.

Although the quality of the gilt horn bow that he used before was excellent, due to the limited material, it had affected his use. He was thinking about whether to buy a new one or buy some materials to re-smelt the gilt horn bow.

Just when Xu Ziyan was thinking about whether to go to the material store or not, a quarrel suddenly came not far away.

“You damn liar! Get my money back!”

“Hey! Keep your mouth clean, what a liar! You have to blame with evidence!”

“And you said you’re not a liar! The spiritual stone that you sold me is a fake one! How dare you sell me even 50 of them!” A cultivator in a gray robe held a fist-sized stone and was furiously roaring at a thin cultivator.

The thin cultivator looked weak, but he was super loud. He immediately shouted back, “you’re bullshitting! The spiritual stone was in excellent shape when I sold it to you! Now you’re saying that it’s fake, how am I supposed to know whether you’d exchanged it?”

Xu Ziyan leaned over curiously, it turned out that two cultivators were quarreling over a spiritual stone.

The cultivator in the gray robe was obviously pissed off. He didn’t even care about the spiritual stone anymore. He threw it on the ground and rushed to hit the thin cultivator. The thin cultivator didn’t want to show weaknesses at all, while the two refrained from using spiritual stone as they didn’t want the attention of the market’s manager. They just directly started fighting.

The surrounding cultivators burst into laughter, and even Xu Ziyan, who was standing beside him, couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Usually, when cultivators fought, most of them would use spells. It’s really his first time seeing cultivators fighting with their fists only…

They focused so much on fighting that they became inseparable. After a while, the managers of the market, which was like a troop, walked from the other side of the street.

“What’s going on?” The cultivator in blue clothes yelled.

The people who were watching suddenly dispersed with a bang, showing two cultivators with bruised noses and faces inside.

“He’s a liar!” The right eye of the cultivator in a grey robe had turned dark blue, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

The thin cultivator was naturally unwilling to be slandered, and immediately refuted, “the quality of my spiritual stone is only slightly lower, otherwise I would not be able to sell only 50 of them. It doesn’t make sense that this person said that I’m a liar after buying them!”

The cultivator in blue clothes frowned slightly, “enough! This is not the place where you can just make troubles! The market is just a place for trading. How dare you shout here if you don’t know what to buy?”

The cultivator in a grey robe turned pale in frustration when he heard that. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the rules of the market, but for a casual cultivator like him, fifty spiritual stones were not a small number. Originally, he bought it because it’s cheap, but he later found out that the spiritual aura on it was thinner than usual, and that it couldn’t be mixed with other ingredients.

He was just an apprentice in an artifact refining shop. He finally saved some money and wanted to buy some materials to refine a magic artifact and make a fortune. How could he anticipate such an unfortunate incident to happen during his first purchase?

But now that the leader of the guards in the market had spoken, it was useless for him to say more. He could only silently cover his stinging cheeks and drag his heavy body to turn around and leave.

The thin cultivator was naturally very happy when he saw this. He originally wanted to ask him for some medical expenses, but when he saw the glance of the cultivator in blue clothes, he swallowed the words back to his throat.

After all, there was something wrong with his spiritual stone. If the other party held on to it, there would be bad consequences for him as well.

After the dispute was settled, the cultivator in blue clothes left with the guards, and the abandoned spiritual stone was on the ground alone.

Xu Ziyan also followed over to watch what had happened, but after he came, his attention was always on the spiritual stone and he ignored the real fun.

Perhaps it’s an illusion, but the more he looked at it, the more he found the stone familiar. Um…to be more precise, it’s rather like a spiritual marrow stone.

Xu Ziyan opened his fingers slightly, and he immediately absorbed the spiritual stone into his hand. After thinking about it, he felt that it was very similar to the spiritual marrow stone that his original body had, and he decided to call that cultivator in grey clothes, who looked lost.

“That fellow cultivator, do you sell this spiritual stone?”

What Xu Ziyan had said immediately shocked everyone around him.

Although they often encountered unlucky people like the cultivator in grey clothes, it’s their first time seeing someone buying an item even after knowing that it’s fake.

The cultivator in grey robe stared at Xu Ziyan in a daze, “you… are you asking me?”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing, “you’re the owner of the spiritual stone. Who am I going to ask if I don’t ask you?”

The cultivator in grey robe suddenly had his eyes flashing, “you want to buy this spiritual stone?”

“Yes.” Xu Ziyan nodded.

The cultivator in grey robe hesitated for a moment, but he said honestly, “this spiritual stone can’t be used to refine weapons, since the spiritual aura inside is too thin. I only noticed it when I was trying to refine one.”

Xu Ziyan smiled, “it doesn’t matter, I just think this stone is similar in shape to a piece of jade I used to play with, but I lost it later, so I just want to buy it from you and make it as a souvenir.”

The cultivator in grey robe was a little disappointed when he heard it. From the outside, this spiritual stone was indeed lustrous and white, a bit like jade, but the price was very different.

If this person just wanted to buy this spiritual stone at the price of jade, then it would mean a big loss for him.

But after thinking about it, the cultivator in grey robe understood it more. The inferior spiritual stone couldn’t be used for refining. The stone was doomed to be ignored forever if he insisted on the same trick, so he’d rather sell it to Xu Ziyan in exchange of some other spiritual stones.

After figuring it out, the cultivator in grey robe nodded and agreed to sell it.


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