Chapter 232

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The group of people who were watching the fun also found it not interesting, and they left one after another. After all, they wanted to watch the fun, and this kind of transaction that was ordinary at first glance was really not worth their time.

Xu Ziyan took out fifty spiritual stones and immediately startled the cultivator. However, Xu Ziyan himself was not short of spiritual stones, and besides, this thing was probably a more valuable treasure, so he didn’t intend to take advantage of the cultivator. He bought it directly at its original price.

After the cultivator left, Xu Ziyan groped for the spiritual stone for a long time, but when he looked up, he saw the extremely flattering expressions of the shop assistants in the nearby shops.

“This fellow cultivator, our store’s magic weapon is on sale today. Cultivator, don’t you want to come and check it out?”

“Fellow cultivator, our shop sells all kinds of elixir. We sell all kinds that are available in Xuan Yu realm. You mustn’t miss them.”

“Fellow cultivator, come to our store and have a look, there are all kinds of talismans, including the lowest-level fireball talisman and the highest-level nine-turn 18-chain thunder talisman!”

“Fellow cultivator, come to see us…”


Xu Ziyan looked at those shop assistants with a speechless expression. At this moment, he only felt that he must have been labeled as stupid and rich.

However, after thinking about it, he’d bought a spiritual stone that had been abandoned, that’s why these assistants were all so excited…

“Ahem, let’s go over there first.” Xu Ziyan dragged Xu Zirong and hurriedly left the street with big steps. This feeling of being treated like a fat sheep really made him nervous, and he decided to hide away a bit first.

After passing by that street, no one around looked at him like an idiot anymore, and Xu Ziyan finally got slower.

“Brother, what is this?” Xu Zirong came over and looked at the spiritual stone that he had been playing with.

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved slightly and he said with a smile, “this is a spiritual stone, don’t you know it already?” Afterwards, he even gave it to Zirong for a look.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, took the spiritual stone and looked at his brother with a smile.

Although his brother wasn’t too demanding on his spending, he wouldn’t waste any spiritual stones either. That one could be only used to refine low-level magic weapons, and he wouldn’t buy it if there’s nothing special in it.

He held the spiritual stone in his palm, and used his divine consciousness to examine it carefully. Xu Ziyan watched the fun with a smile on the side, but he didn’t mean to give any hints.

In fact, he also wanted to see if Xu Zirong could discover the secret of this stone without his reminder, but the original body in his previous life was only aware of the ingenuity of this spiritual stone coincidentally. He wasn’t sure when Xu Zirong would notice it.

Xu Zirong carefully checked it with his divine consciousness. On the surface, there was nothing special about this spiritual stone, except that the spiritual power was a little thinner, and it was exactly the same as ordinary spiritual stones. .

But if it was an ordinary stone, how could his brother buy it? Therefore, Xu Zirong could only probe his divine consciousness into the spiritual stone more seriously.


Sure enough, this in-depth exploration made him realize the difference immediately.

This spiritual stone was just a low-level material. His divine consciousness of golden core could penetrate through the whole stone. However, he didn’t expect that he actually couldn’t penetrate the core of the stone, as if there was something else in it.

He glanced at his brother quietly, who looked at him encouragingly and he was more at ease. He used a bit of force with his finger, and the rustling gravel scattered from the surface of the spiritual stone.

Soon, the outer stone skin was peeled off, and the inside of the spiritual stone, which should have been jade-colored, faintly revealed a lustrous red light.

“This is…” Without the protection of the outer skin, Xu Zirong’s divine consciousness could penetrate into the core more directly.

Under the influence of his divine consciousness, the inside of the spiritual stone turned out to be a bright red transparent one. This stone exuded a very strong fire-type spiritual power, but this fire-type spiritual power was covered by a transparent layer outside. The matter was firmly sealed inside, and not a trace of breath could be emitted.

“Is this the fire-type spiritual marrow stone?” Xu Zirong looked at his brother in surprise.

Xu Ziyan nodded, took the thick fire-type spiritual marrow stone, touched it carefully, and said emotionally, “it’s good stuff.”

Xu Zirong nodded in agreement, “it’s really a good thing, but unfortunately…my brother’s attribute is thunder, so you can’t absorb it.”

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes at him, “what do you know about it? Do you think that I was referring to the spiritual marrow stone?”

Xu Zirong was stunned for a moment, “isn’t that so?”

“Of course not.” Xu Ziyan rubbed his finger on the spiritual marrow stone again, “Although this is a precious spiritual marrow stone, it isn’t useful for me at all. The real good stuff is this ‘film’ wrapping it outside.”

“What is that?” Xu Zirong asked curiously.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but smile, “it’s the powder of the heart-conscious grass.”

This time, Xu Zirong was really surprised. This heart-conscious grass was a very special kind of spiritual grass. It had gone almost extinct in the Xuan Yu realm, and only one or two plants like that could be found in the secret realm occasionally. It was a good thing that money can’t buy.

After someone took this heart-conscious grass, he could communicate with heaven and earth, making him understand the ubiquitous rules between heaven and earth.

When ordinary cultivators wanted to become nascent soul, in addition to the necessary accumulation of spiritual power, they also needed to understand at least one law of heaven and earth. If they couldn’t comprehend the law, it would still be useless with the largest amount of spiritual power. To understand it would be the most basic rule to become nascent soul.

The amount of spiritual power required after becoming nascent soul was stunning. If one only cultivated according to ordinary skills, he wouldn’t accumulate enough of it even after thousands of years.

At this moment, the superiority of the law of perception was shown. The more laws the cultivator perceived, the more fit his body would be to the heaven and earth, and he’d become much faster in absorbing spiritual power. On the contrary, the fewer laws he perceived, the longer it would take to absorb spiritual power, which would directly affect his attack power too.

And this heart-conscious grass could help cultivators to understand the laws of heaven and earth. First, it could increase the success rate of those who were not yet nascent soul by at least 30%. Second, it could make nascent soul cultivators understand even more laws of heaven and earth.

In a word, the heart-conscious grass was a good thing that even nascent soul cultivators coveted. If they could spend fifty spirit stones to buy a little powder of the grass, they were already very lucky!

After removing the ‘film’ on the outside of the spiritual marrow stone, Xu Ziyan continued to search in the market with a smile on his face.

At the beginning, they had unintentionally obtained the flying sword Aurora, and now they had bought this heart-consciousness grass. Xu Ziyan was so excited to have obtained two treasures unintentionally.

In the novel, Bai Hua had encountered a lot of good things in the market, and perhaps he’s under the effect of a male protagonist, he’d always encounter some good treasures when he’s with the three little Gongs.

What was described in the novel was that whenever there was such a nice treasure, there would be a reaction in Bai Hua’s heart, just like what Xu Ziyan was feeling at this moment.

_(:3∠)_Damn it, why do I suddenly find the black token in that cultivator’s stall so familiar? I even feel like buying it.

“Brother, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that Xu Ziyan stopped and staring straight at a cultivator on the side of the road, Xu Zirong looked at that cultivator with a sharp look while he was puzzled.

The passerby cultivator sneezed violently and he wondered why the temperature suddenly lowered.

“It’s nothing, it’s just…I think that black token looks so familiar. Let’s go and have a look.” There was a little fluctuation in Xu Ziyan’s tone. He’d always thought that any sensitivity in the mind must be caused by the male lead’s effect, but how come he’s feeling the same?

With suspicion, Xu Ziyan walked to the cultivator’s stall. The cultivator was only at the level of building base, and he realized that he couldn’t detect the cultivation level of the two in front of him. He instantly became very respectful, “two seniors, if there’s anything you like, I can give you a discount.”

Xu Ziyan replied briefly and looked at the stuff of his stall.

The cultivator didn’t dare to say much, and quickly took out a few good quality treasures from his Qiankun bag and put them on the stall.

This cultivator sold a wide variety of things, including magic weapons and medicinal pills, but the quality was average. They should be quite popular among building base cultivators, but they meant nothing to Xu Ziyan.

He checked it a few times at random, and noticed that in addition to the simple black token, there were actually a few fragments of magic weapons placed on his stall.

The so-called fragments of magic weapon were obviously the wreckage left by the damaged magic weapons. Under normal circumstances, this kind of thing was useless. However, the refining masters could still sometimes refine some precious materials from them if they got lucky.

However, it would be a huge bet. Not many people could notice the kind of materials simply by judging the surface of the fragments.

Speaking of which, it was quite similar to stone gambling in the modern days. Before it actually got refined, they could encounter all kinds of situations.

However, the fragments of the magic weapon displayed in front of him seemed to be of good quality. With Xu Ziyan’s cultivation, he could feel that there was amazing remaining spiritual power with these fragments.

He picked up a few gray-white metal fragments and gently stroked them a few times. He was not a professional refiner and couldn’t distinguish the materials inside, but he could rely on his spiritual power and confirm that it was an extremely powerful magic weapon before it got destroyed.

“How can I buy this fragment?” Xu Ziyan asked.

The cultivator hesitated for a while, and it seemed quite embarrassing to quote a price.

“So? You don’t have a price for that?” Xu Zirong asked coldly.

A fat cultivator, who’d set up a stall nearby, saw this and answered with a smile, “senior, please do not mind. This kid is just worried of offending you.”


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