Chapter 233

“Oh? How do you explain that?” Xu Ziyan looked at the chubby cultivator in surprise.

Seeing that Xu Ziyan still had a kind attitude, the cultivator simply came over and whispered, “senior, this kid has been setting up a stall here for several days, but these pieces have never been sold. It stands to reason that such pieces would be sold for ten or twenty spiritual stones, but this kid said that his master picked up the fragments from an ancient battlefield at the risk of death, and he’s asking for ten middle-grade spiritual stones for each piece.”

“Ten mid-grade spiritual stones? What?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. He had to admit that this kid really dared to ask for such a high price. It was a hundred times that of the general scrap. No wonder it had not been sold for many days.

“Yeah, I also said that his price is too high, but this kid insists on it.” The fat cultivator also felt helpless, “he dared not mention this price and it’s probably because he doesn’t want to offend you. Please spare him then.”

Xu Ziyan smiled when he heard so, “he’s the one selling stuff, so he can suggest any price he wants. If I find it suitable, I’d buy it; if not, then I won’t. There’s nothing to blame about.”

The fat cultivator laughed a little when he heard so, but he was a little more relaxed. It’s really their small business, and they really couldn’t afford to be tortured by these seniors. A few days ago, a senior wanted to buy those fragments, but the kid refused to decrease his price even a little. It turned out that the senior almost beat him up, making him really speechless.

As the saying goes, there is still benevolence and righteousness if the sale is not successful. If you want to buy an item, you simply need to take out your money. There’s no reason to force the others to lower the price.

Fortunately, this happened in the True Dragon City, and the Wei family was there to control everything. If it’s a market outside in the suburban area, that guy might even kill someone to grab the treasure.

The cultivator who sold the stuff showed a grateful look to the fat cultivator. Thanks to the fat cultivator who took care of him those days, it’s already a blessing that he wasn’t sold by the others.

Xu Ziyan swiped across those fragments with his fingers. The fluctuations of spiritual power on these fragments constantly changed, but all of them were above the ordinary level.

In other words, it is possible that these fragments were brought out from the ancient battlefield, and their masters were at least some nascent soul cultivators.

Xu Ziyan’s heart jumped when his fingers swiped across a diamond-shaped fragment, and he actually felt a very weak consciousness on that fragment.

It’s an artifact!

Xu Ziyan looked calm but he felt terrified inside. Never had he imagined that he’d get so lucky, as he managed to find an artifact on a broken fragment.

The so-called artifact spirit is naturally the spirituality naturally conceived in the magic weapon. Generally speaking, the appearance of artifact spirit was very accidental, and the weapon capable of possessing artifact spirit was at least three times more powerful than weapons of the same level.

That’s right!

Artifact spirits are that deceiving!

It was so deceiving that Xu Ziyan had never seen any weapon possessing an artifact spirit in his original memory or in that novel.

In that novel, Bai Hua was welcomed and loved by anyone alive…

But even so, he had never had an artifact.

Hmm…if someone must say that he had something to do with an artifact, then his Aurora should be considered. However, it became just an ordinary sword in Bai Hua’s hands. In the novel and his original memory, Aurora had never been so lively…

(In Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, Aurora was jumping and running after his Green Night Divine Thunder and shaking. Strange, is someone calling me? Well, whatever, I might just play with my boss and the snail!╮(╯▽╰)╭)

The carrier of this artifact had been damaged. It can be said that he had returned to the chaotic state. He had to find another carrier, or he might not be able to hold on for a long time and would be completely annihilated.

Xu Ziyan felt hot inside, and his fingertips trembled unconsciously. He imagined that if his gilt-horned bow could possess this artifact spirit, then his attack power could even be considered as nascent soul.

He picked a few fragments at random, including the one with the artifact spirit hidden in it. Xu Ziyan looked pretty relaxed, “I just want these few pieces.”

The cultivator who set up the stall was stunned, and even the fat cultivator who came to join in the fun was also shocked.

To be honest, no matter whether it was a cultivator who set up a stall or that who joined in the fun, neither of them thought that Xu Ziyan would actually buy these fragments of magic weapons.

Ten middle-grade spiritual stones were equivalent to a thousand low-grade spiritual stones, which was definitely an astonishing amount of money for the casual cultivators who had just finished building base.

In particular, Xu Ziyan didn’t just buy one, but five, which were worth five thousand low-grade spiritual stones. This amount might allow this cultivator to reach the late stage of building base in one breath. This kind of cultivation was sufficient for these casual cultivators with poor aptitude.

At least they could go to a small city and find a small family to rely on, so that they would not worry about food and clothing in the future.

After swallowing his saliva hard, the cultivator said hesitantly, “you…really want to buy this?”

Xu Zirong’s facial expression darkened, “too much nonsense! Do you think my brother will cheat you?”

The cultivator and the fat cultivator looked at each other; the fat cultivator gave him an encouraging look. Then, he nodded vigorously, stretched out his hand, and took a small spiritual stone bag that Xu Ziyan took out.

He used his divine consciousness to explore it, and the cultivator suddenly felt his blood rushing up, his heartbeat quickened, and his gaze became straight.

“Um, little brother.” Xu Ziyan smiled very gently.

Obviously, this smile appeased the little cultivator who was very excited after harvesting a huge sum of money.

Then someone’s sharp gaze suddenly made the little cultivator even more nervous.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression changed and he glared at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong lowered his head silently and found a corner to draw circles…

After Xu Zirong left, it obviously relieved the cultivator a bit. He watched with lingering fears as he looked at the beautiful and incredible senior facing the corner and murmuring something. He had no idea about the cultivation level of these two seniors, as he already felt threatened after being stared at once.

“Excuse me, little brother.” Xu Ziyan showed his kindest expression.

“Senior, please say.” The little cultivator replied quickly.

“How…how do you sell it?” Xu Ziyan asked with a smile as he picked up the black token on the stall.

The little cultivator was stunned when he saw the token and his eyes were filled with memories, and after a while, he said with emotion, “this is what my master left in the past, according to him, there is a giant secret hidden in it, but it’s been so many years, I’ve exhausted all means, and I still don’t know what the use of this thing is. If senior likes it, I’ll just give it to you. ”

This little cultivator thought quite fast. Although his master said that it was a very valuable thing, he hadn’t noticed anything after so many years.

If it was before, maybe he still had ambitions and hoped that one day he could discover the secret of this token, but later when he tried to exchange this token for a place to join the sect, the people in those sects were all pitiful when they told him that there weren’t even any spiritual power fluctuations on it. Although he didn’t know what material this thing was made of, he was sure that it was definitely not an important thing.

After a few blows, he simply gave up. Even if this thing was really a treasure, what’s the use of it if he couldn’t use it?

Therefore, when he set up the stall this time, he simply sold the black token. It was useless to keep it around himself. It would be better to sell a few spiritual stones for some medicinal herbs to help him cultivate.

It was precisely because of this that he gave the black token so generously. Anyway, the fragments of the magic weapon that Xu Ziyan bought were enough for him to retreat and cultivate for a long time. He was naturally willing to use this seemingly useless black token as a favor.

Xu Ziyan did not reject the cultivator’s kind gesture. In his opinion, although the black token was attractive to him, it was not more beneficial to him than the magic weapon with the artifact spirit hidden in it.

To put it clearly, even if it was true that he had the halo of a male protagonist, it wasn’t certain whether the black token could be of use if there’s no opportunity at all.

Though the things that Bai Hua bought at the beginning were precious, if he didn’t enter those secret realms later, those things might just go unnoticed.

This black token now belonged to Xu Ziyan and it became a big potential. There wouldn’t be any big use in a short time.

He smiled and put away his things, and Xu Ziyan didn’t even bother to go shopping anymore.

His luck was good enough. And if things continued this way, he wasn’t sure whether he’d exhaust all his good luck.



Xu Ziyan sighed in his heart, he knew that something would happen after he got so lucky to get a nice item. In the novel, Bai Hua always had the help of his little Gong whenever there’s an incident, and Xu Ziyan could only rely on himself.

An old man wearing a blue-gray robe walked in front of Xu Ziyan with an angry look.

Xu Ziyan adjusted the expression on his face and asked calmly, “what’s wrong with this fellow cultivator?”

The old man waved his hand, and the momentum of his late stage of golden core immediately shocked some of the cultivators with low cultivation around him.

Xu Ziyan’s face darkened, and before he could open his mouth, Xu Zirong snorted coldly behind him, and he also showed a kind of momentum that’s not weaker at all.

“Golden core?” The expression of the old man on the opposite side changed and he was jealous at the same time.

The two people in front of him were too young and they already reached golden core. At this age, it could almost be certain that they would become nascent soul in the future.

This old man took more than 300 years to cultivate to golden core. If it was in the past, he would still feel quite proud with his cultivation level, but now he’s already overwhelmed by jealousy after seeing these two people.

When Xu Ziyan saw the old man across from him, he didn’t say a word and he just stared at him gloomily. Naturally, he wouldn’t waste time there. He, just took a sideways step to bypass the old man.

“Fellow cultivator, stop.” The old man’s pupils shrank, and the anger of being ignored immediately filled his chest, making him reach out and stop Xu Ziyan without hesitation.


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